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@icedoutomnitrix dm bruhany gamers awake rn? @icedoutomnitrix @babyv1llain @yyhaku wanna play valorant lol @wowi hey @juugginn try five more times @se1fcontrol i saw the f slur before i saw whos @ it was and i was about to go off LMAO @se1fcontrol jesus christ u gon get s worded again twin @gwopful things we did i would never tell twin 🤞🏾 @hi_its_sophs @scorpichloe what she do bruhcould never be me lol @coIIarplay i’m black @mowondor takes me twenty minutes to get them on just right lolme to @workingoncrying right before we leave the discord call @kanekislut i’m not even gonna argue about it like that’s just stupid lolthat doesn’t correlate like at all lol @tinastoopider good morning tina hru @irlsanri0 @ARIESV3NUS foreal like its not about catering to others it’s about not being a massive dickhead lol @gwopful @workingoncrying let’s do it lol @workingoncrying @gwopful hmmm do me next daddy @kanekislut i miss when men were just wallets @Froggy_Daddy_ omg kim ur so smarthow u go private with 12k followers bruh @globymyself aight i’m glad i’m blocked lol @globymyself i’m blocked lol ehat is it @specializasian ozen sounds nice @wuvIuv @workingoncrying stop @dayruins no lol that really pretty girl that called hubie uglythat girl softblocked me cuz chris follows me bruh i ain’t even do anything to her @sicccid yooo foreal??? @_cryingrat i ducking hate hummus LMAO but thank u @11111ngi foreal :(( @brghid this was the funniest one and i haven’t done that yet but i should LMAOO @sicccid girls are so lucky cuz other girls will actually do it :(( @alexa_elsharrak this one will get dixie for sure @Froggy_Daddy_ please @workingoncrying @cornh8ers wanna do it again lolhe’s talking about BLM in the video of course he’s crying??? all asleep because you all hate me okay @gwopful gwopful more like cumful @vawnvr dokey won’t let me in cuz he says everyone will bully mewho up lol @avaamorr6 @workingoncrying why do you doubt me bae :(( @Froggy_Daddy_ they so mean man @Froggy_Daddy_ DAMN THEY SAID NO @workingoncrying yes. @eellaaelizabeth here she go @Froggy_Daddy_ the paper one makes me laugh idk whythis some shit @workingoncrying would do lmao @cyberjuju deleting this app @faerytopia i forgive u baeno more videos of couples on the tl we have progressed past the need for videos of couples on the tl @faerytopia why would u do this to me @workingoncrying never talked to a white woman in my life @workingoncrying we fuck the same girls tho??? @potatop4ncake op ain’t really say nothing about roles they just said he was a indian version of some white nigga @workingoncrying i fuck hoes for fun dumb bitch @workingoncrying ur the same color as me bro bro @workingoncrying shorty i shoot people @h_ykes right?? @gwopful it was funny LMAO @gwopful that’s your lil bro now he not ur uncle no more @gwopful he the same one that said he wasn’t drunk he was intoxicated?why is white the default what the fuck of y’all can die or somethin idk @workingoncrying they can unfollow too lolgood morning to black girls only @celinesarras1 I FUCKING LOVE CHASE ATLANTIC OMGstill thinking about that fish @sicccid sup @sicccid oh fuck @sicccid yes. @celinesarras1 me too ahaha @celinesarras1 hii what’s up @sicccid okay good i guess u can stay bae @celinesarras1 i want her @eellaaelizabeth i- dm lol @sicccid not that picture.. @celinesarras1 he think u that fish from the video @sicccid yeah lol what’s up @eellaaelizabeth wyd @sicccid do u listen to bladeewho’s awake @kuwawaru not you lmao it was someone else lmao @venusiangirl meow @dayruins yes pls @dayruins sup twin @tityard you.muted lol @tityard @olivi___ @jiggIies @imnotkaia okay and? he’s gonna stay blocked nigga fuck @sicccid dm @sicccid ayo? @olivi___ @jiggIies @imnotkaia blocked @tityard no stop @workingoncrying ima facetime you and talk to her @olivi___ @jiggIies @imnotkaia get out my mentions 13 year old @bodejacat check dm @bodejacat the one that was eating the eeli block niggas if they get too aggressive in my replies it’s fun cuz i’m basically sayin “shut up bitch” @cunterweight i don’t watch porn calm yo shit nigga.