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ok yeah im going to bed i tried to listen to this nigga tory's album but i just cant man @XXL aint no way someone's actually going to listen to this entire fucking album @giannis34antent @SHREKRAP @XXL there aint no we only YOU @BlackySpeakz ong i thought he was gonna go live @freeroammm gn i hope the same for you too @GettinMoneyJr man it was just getting good as well man @Rbotron1 @s1eezisdead i guess he asked if kira responded & people sent him screenshots for those tweets unless he's unblocked @venoph ong @Rbotron1 @s1eezisdead i mean he cant really respond cause he's blocked unless he asks someone to screenshot the tweet & send it to him @pdotsully sup @uandme4life @PlutoUtng @iam_johnw and ive been blocked tooi wanna go to bed but this beef is too entertaining rn @Certified4PF same here haha @icedoutomnitrix help that man @hennygodjrsmith @postedinthecrib @icedoutomnitrix no hes never okay @s1eezisdead @Mistyears this the most entertaining beef on twitter ive ever seen @uandme4life @PlutoUtng @iam_johnw damn she really said blocked @kortXgal left cause it got that little horn @icedoutomnitrix @postedinthecrib LMFAOOOOO @StarTheSimp ong @saaaannnttii @GettinMoneyJr -bagless @killdremo imma probably go to bed man @s1eezisdead @dysflexiaa this nigga a whole ass youtuber @Mistyears @dysflexiaa BRO YOU GOING OUT SAD RN MAN @Mistyears GAWD DAMN KIRA @goon4brezzzy @Mistyears bruh you of all people should just sit there & not speakthe tl getting good rn kira vs vthere aint no way this nigga tory made people stay up just for him to drop an album @Mistyears @dysflexiaa BRO YOU CANNOT GO OUT LIKE THIS MAN IS THIS REALLY THE HILL YOU WANNA DIE ON? @icedoutomnitrix damn he just like me @StendoBans @ExtendoBans the whole gang is there @nxxtez for me its a couple hours but yeah @koordell bucket hat gucci bucket hat @RussianAlxnder @koordell this virus just gonna give us a round 2 @ChukaTheKid 64 @nxxtez mans went from rapping on minecraft beats to being on lyrical lemonade @realasysk 1 @JUICEMANx2 this exactly why i hate instagram niggas @xannyfeen same here @xannyfeen no sorry @dustyniglet aint that the same nigga who faked having corona @woopdy1 technically people in chicago could claim earl sweatshirt considering he was born here @liluziwhore she better tell her mama she love her @SteadyCam_ @C162X didnt you say his taylor swift tweets were Ls @thicc5yearold @vodkaonrice chicago baby @megcp13 what @C162X @SteadyCam_ would disprove @afemeje jesus for onceChief Keef @megcp13 lol @scumptious nevermind then you look nice @scumptious how old are you before i say anything @qwentinwithau i literally thought a meme account wasnt lying when they said a famous person contacted them @dysflexiaa just go back to typing like a normal person @lameassguy @ExtendoBans we've had enough @InsomniacBands @ExtendoBans 22 year old man @SavRealm stop sending question marks nigger he's very clear @killdremo could not be meman i really am stupid @nxxtez huh @icedoutomnitrix man @JaroWorlddd @aethelstann @icedoutomnitrix @this_vid nigga mentioning this_vid for an image @icedoutomnitrix really? @SavRealm aw hell yeah you in here too @dysflexiaa @Mistyears they sayin this you is that true @ExtendoBans did you get paid for this @ExtendoBans W @erectscrotum why @ChukaTheKid cause you need to seek it @ExtendoBans LETS FUCKING GO AUSTIN @Mufaa6 @ExtendoBans be honest is anyone actually going to watch that shit @HeadsUpBandsUp @SremmLifeK @Mufaa6 yeah like riley with lamilton @s1eezisdead mfs can actually think on what they've said on the internet for once @killdremo @s1eezisdead @playboicapalot oh thats why @killdremo @playboicapalot god damn dremo @realasysk hey
@killdremo you playing a dangerous game homie @gIocki i hope it ends man @afemeje thats exactly why he followed you @afemeje nah @killdremo why you name your headphones that @killdremo testicals? @s1eezisdead it better be good @kqsxvds it's always fucking tiktok niggas @DeliCheeze @NaRapist @fymjesse @afemeje if you wanna see the rest its right here homie @DeliCheeze @NaRapist @fymjesse @afemeje well damn would you look at that @nobodygotnext oh i just found out now @nobodygotnext what what's gonna happen at 8 @Eilonmusk1 @wowthatshiphop them joke songs are actually kinda good imo @snootid @curry2k_ @_Sereo_ @notsereo_ damn he cant even fight back @downbadglyph good wbu @afemeje nigga really thinks this an anime @koordell LMFAO @ExtendoBans cause they lovers literally @freeroammm hell yeah lets fucking go gap @koordell fuck mental health i need this app gone ASAP @RussianAlxnder @koordell mf like me would sentence him to 1 hour in jailbro what fans @torylanez its over for you nigga its too late @KILLSENJU ga