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@Hermit_Thrush @mattytalks @Lilililieeeee @MissTW1985 @SenMarkey John E Cakes wants us to eat cakeJust watched Fingers it’s pretty good I loved it @mattytalks @Lilililieeeee @MissTW1985 @SenMarkey She is poor I can tell @LuckyStubbs hubba hubbaI look so hot here$2,000 a month to everyone.
Retweeted by da badass @MissTW1985 @SenMarkey not my problem
Tell me politics brain rot hasn’t reached crisis
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Giovanni Poundcake is my new hook up
Why did they let her go on air like this? is everything a burden?Why is showering so hard? Why does it become a burden? @singingflesh faves coolTIRED: motor boating WIRED: motor buttingjust gonna leave this here..
@foucault_46 I get so angered when I see this on my screen
Not everything a woman says is worth responding to. Ignoring is a powerful tool.
Retweeted by da badass @LuckyStubbs Thank you! I’m surprised at how good it turned out :)this is the first hat I’ve ever made @Hermit_Thrush @bartsimsonreal @Hermit_Thrush @bartsimsonreal I saw what happened @bartsimsonreal lol nohope he sees this somehow
@FamousKeven Almond milk is the best of the pseudo milks IMOBills mafia has no limits
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I just did a subtweet on Facebook.. 😳if you see me follow meda badass#NewProfilePic @oldfriend99 this is so scary @oldfriend99 friendsterBut why some ladies are advertising that they need men,or maybe they are cruising us
Retweeted by da badassI love you
Retweeted by da badass @Fatgoldfish4 @DinkMagic I hate those with my life @Fatgoldfish4 @DinkMagic True it’s not, I was trying to be brave @Fatgoldfish4 @DinkMagic that’s a yes. it’s okay @Fatgoldfish4 @DinkMagic What about mine @Hatercles @Fatgoldfish4 lol wtffff @Fatgoldfish4 That show bums me out cuz I LOVE Madds Mikkelson but the rest is so bad @Fatgoldfish4 Exactly. I have no respect for that shit @adedeji_oyemade It’s entirely possible... they have a sickness of the soul @adedeji_oyemade Hanging out with my bf, he’s snoring @Fatgoldfish4 Also I hate babies and children being used to create suspense .. it’s cheap and hack @Fatgoldfish4 Did you like the first season ? @samelpan2 No the first oneban evasion is no joke (I have heard a lot about it from other people) @bonerhitler I reported itThese shoes are so freaking. Cute I swear if someone buys me these shoes I will work out every day @2MentallyNormal @urbearyspecial oh too old for me @adedeji_oyemade They’re NUTSO❣️😂😂 @adedeji_oyemade Ur up late! @MostEvilMan @adedeji_oyemade What time is it in Nigeria ? @whorevidal He’s half girl loltime to share a piece of cheesecake with a loved one @pathetic_bozo is big tech controlling your life just log off @pathetic_bozo Is that Spencer @Filth_Collins Tysm @foucault_46 Nice. I love getting celeb attentionFunny how no one was concerned about my friend’s freedom when Twitter suspended my friend susies account remembers when Anthony Scaramucci followed all of us @urbearyspecial @2MentallyNormal 😂 he looks good for 61I miss him @2MentallyNormal @urbearyspecial Lol how old is he?Can I be openly horny for Mike pence now
@foucault_46 The_donald2 @LuckyStubbs 🤪 @mattytalks yah Marty Takes @smallunnaturals he’s my side piece @LovePassant I can’t even imagine having the nerve it takes to be like this @LovePassant Normal decision @computer_screen vag liteMarty said he will smash the like button on my pussyMarty said he will put a flashlight in my pussyLMAO if you don’t operate on a 4-D consciousness
Thank you !! @foucault_46 you have a good point there
Lol an intactivist just blocked the camera on Fox News
Retweeted by da badassI wanted to say this earlier Mitch McConnell gave an gave a great speech this morning @BigIsraeliCock @zandywithaz She brought super covid to my state I will thank her when I’m dead!!!!!!!!!!!!I knew he would win #GeorgiansVoteRevWarnockAndOssoffToSaveAmerica @Hermit_Thrush I did not witness any, but it’s possible I was not meant towhy don’t people like jon ossof he’s such a cutie ☺️When does Westworld season 4 begin airing @mattytalks ❌❌❌
@mattytalks Actually I hate fraudGood evening fams ❤️❤️
Retweeted by da badassI@ going to vote rn. Will be on the lookout for any fraud @Iemontetra This is gorgeous I love it
Being a pussy is how you mess up your life.
Retweeted by da badass @variousmales legit thought this was from joe Biden for at least 60 secondsI got mail from the republicans AND Joe Biden #GApol #georgia