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Samuel Cullado @Cooleeauto Los Angeles, CA

Author of THE MANIFESTATION, CATALYST GIRL, and KOI POND; available now on Amazon. Seeker of beauty, lover of life.

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@Shelleighann 🎶 HE HAD IT COMIN 🎶 METROID movie, but it’s actually the musical CHICAGO @ScottWamplerBMD Terrific movie
this website requires so much lore to navigate if u missed a day this would make no sense to u at all
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado“My knife is not properly sharpened, but I sink it in anyway. I make a vertical, fatal slice. I remove my pound of…’s a reason mone of Trump’s cabinet members have ever seemed qualified for their positions of power: they are all actually cakesBetsy DeVos is really out here saying, “some of your children may die, but that is the risk...I am willing to take”, Betsy Devos today said "only" .02% of kids are likely to die when they go back to school. 😐 That's 14,740 children. ✏️Welcome 📚 back! 📝
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoSarah Palmer energy big, beautiful boy
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoIf the economic system can’t afford to keep little kids at home during a pandemic, maybe that economic system is trash
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Shall I die for Nolan or the Mouse? Why not both????A constant struggle between the cinematic milieu of Christopher Nolan and the emotional repression of Disney World… opening parks but not their corporate offices tells you everything you need to know about their values.
Retweeted by Samuel Culladome trying to find out if im a cake too
Retweeted by Samuel Culladohard to think of a more rock bottom place for a country to be than debating "should we send little kids to school during a pandemic"
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado being offended by the prospect of not having to be financially ruined by medical bills
Retweeted by Samuel Culladoever be singing along to a Florence and the machine song and then be like nahhh imma let her handle that 🤣
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I’m not posting this to make fun of this guy. This is the tragedy of 45’s legacy. There’s other screen grabs of Ri…
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @JakeBrooks665 It’s a generous trial period, I’ll give them that. And yeah I’m in no place to pass judgment on Dumm… too @JakeBrooks665 That’s honestly really great to hearThis scam of an app costs up to 8 dollars a month, meanwhile news about how much money it’s losing is absolutely freeDoes Qu*bi realize its content seems like a throwaway gag on Difficult People or 30 Rock? of a Movie on Sale @ThatEricAlper Moonstruck, just absolutely wonderful from beginning to endwe remained open during the pandemic because if we closed we would lose money
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We have lost more Americans to COVID-19 in half a year than we lost to 4 years of WWI.the show villain the actual villain
Retweeted by Samuel Culladoit’s that time again: time to show @RealChalamet my two DUNE memes
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@TheHorrorMaster An excellent and responsible choice. Cheers to you and the team! ☺️Why is 'religious liberty' so rooted in the freedom to discriminate?
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @llfcposterchild Jerry: All I’m saying is Gerrymandering deliberately marginalizes communities, and I won’t stand… you know the movie or actor that the podcast hosts are trying to remember the name of
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @llfcposterchild Read this in the voice of a very woke Jerry Seinfeld💚 MAXIMUM AESTHETIC 💚 is a poem about America.
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @llfcposterchild The absolute best reply
Tron 3 happening but it starring Jared Leto is peak Film Twitter monkey’s paw
Retweeted by Samuel Culladowe about to DIE die
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoWe’re literally living in an era where we can stream movies, music and sermons from home. Churches and theaters are…’ve gotta hand it to Quibi, it’s spawned some of my favorite content of the year (articles about Quibi)
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoI think about this all the time
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Retweeted by Samuel CulladooafmL
My plans 2020 would be better off if we got rid of the Electoral College.
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoAbolish the Electoral College. One person should equal one vote.
Retweeted by Samuel Culladoelon musk is a dumb guy’s idea of a smart guy
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no president next term, america need to b single for a while to focus on herself
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Retweeted by Samuel CulladoToday I want to honor the indigenous people of this land. Hopefully one day they'll have true independence. #stolenland
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoReminder that Fox News unironically stole for their propaganda the logo of Bioshock Infinite: a game about a xenoph… you a man who can do both
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoApparently all rust cohl had to do was tweet until the yellow king melted down
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoA quick July 4th appeal to work towards a democracy truly representative. A two-party system requires economic clas…
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @llfcposterchild Businesses when employees are struggling with mental health: “Don’t worry: b happy 😎🤠” Businesses… should not be the norm, but this is normal in America. Independence Day 🙁
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoEvery year, “independence” day becomes a bigger and bigger bummer. Don’t forget that you and your life are more imp…
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoI can’t believe I used to leave my house a 5 times a week. That just seems excessive
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado*alien explodes out of a guy's chest* RIPLEY (played by Emma Stone): Uhh, yeah, so THAT just happened
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Parks and Rec is Harry Potter for the Midwest is Best hiveRETURN OF THE KING’s runtime when Frodo says “it’s done.” off the HBOMAX ad with an Elmo jumpscare; absolute king move 👑Your own group of friends are probably much cooler than all the famous people you admire
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Okay these fireworks are somehow even worse than the usualsUs, saluting the flag before the game begins in the best timeline, hands on our hearts: “Ladies and gentlemen, ple… will always fight ppl who claim we're reopening bc Americans are spoiled & fickle, etc. Zeroing in on selfish ppl…
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UNCUT GEMS 2 but it's Guy Fieri instead of Kevin Garnett
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoBREAKING: #60Minutes investigation reveals Trump knowingly allowed flawed #COVID19 antibody tests to circulate, lea…
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Also Malcolm X told us the white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and…
Retweeted by Samuel Culladoreading a city budget will radicalize you
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @slimyswampghost Feeling like absolute shit, just want them backI kind of wish Christianity would have died in the States like it did in Europe, before half of it here morphed it…
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do you reckon theres a death toll figure that would stop covid being a culture war issue in the US or is it just th…
Retweeted by Samuel Cullado @dreifviews To quote Daniel Lopatin, “Ain’t gonna get there....but it’s a nice’s a nice dream.”I hear you say, we have to hold individuals accountable too. I’d argue throughout all of this we’ve put the greates…’s anti-citizen to blame each other for spikes in COVID-19 when there’s a fundamental lack of leadership from loc… @dreifviews Dude I concur so hard on both of these points. Gen warfare is just a foothold for oppressor BS, and ine… is definitely validity to the concern that algorithms make Z’ers slaves to capitalism. Thing is, Boomers didn… I just know we’re not putting our boomer clown makeup on and defining and limiting a younger generation by the m…
Breonna Taylor’s murder is not a joke. It’s not a meme. It’s not meant for your get clear skin tweet to go viral. S…
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoI just submitted "Benefactor" to Breakout Film Festival via!Hey @MayorOfLA, accountability goes both ways. Do the right thing and reverse the reckless reopening!It occurs to me that maybe he could uh close bars and salons and gyms @InglouriousJim I haven’t gotten to play the DLC yet, but it is impressive to me how they’re continuing to support… has become a cycle of seeing reports about how if you will in fact die if you jump off a cliff and then a few… me with “good news” about the virus until that news is a free, proven, and mass produced vaccine. “Good news”… 🙁 do I only believe working 40hrs is too much, I also believe kids being in school all day is absurd. That’s too…
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoYou can hire black writers even if the story is about white people you know
Retweeted by Samuel CulladoNot all of my questions were answered by the end (nor do I think they all needed to be), but by the end I knew one…