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TWO days til DEBUT Are you ready cause I'm kinda sorta but also not STARPY DEBUT!! ✨Nov. 27 3PM ET✨ #ENVTuber
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨[RTs💖] BFCM SALE! ✦ 15% OFF All ✦ Code: CAMPFIRE ✦ ✦ 20% OFF $40+ ✦ Code: SMORESGALORE ✦ PLUS New Items (Sk8 Pa…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨#Commissionsopen Send emails to or feel free to DM me with any questions!
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @TheActualCel hell yeah! it’s annoying to have to pretend like these things don’t happen to us in order to give the… oomfs, please unplug from this app if you need to
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨Hey, hi, hello 💞 Here is another picture of me, more Black mode fanart I love, and a big grin in the face of it all…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨💙 RT 💙 the kickstarter is live! i can't believe we made it, let's go even further! pledge while you can, not all re…
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Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨[RT helps me a lot ✨] 🌸 MAGICAL GIRLS PETS WOODEN PINS 🌸 Im in love with the wooden merch so I wanted to try wit…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨just say you’re a cloutless clown😎😏you ain’t got those sick exposure bucks so you’re mad other people dostealing this from oomf, but saying “you’re doing this for clout” isn’t an insult considering how clout can often t… @SUP3RK1R8Y them: get over slavery and the long last implications it’s had on society and the world we live in also… @FoolBrew that’s fucking ridiculous i’m sorry, they’re scared that you’re hot @FoolBrew kfbdkhdjd??? derangedlike y’all are pressed over a drawing event from almost 2 months ago but see no issue in saying “it’s just a drawin… the people still crying over blacktober, you know it’s almost december right? the niggas have moved on, have you? @aepoyi it’s the way that it’s no longer october and people are still crying over blacktober like it’s almost fucking decemberAntiblack violence // / /
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @FoolBrew For everyone reading: The Shan guy sounds either like a troll account or a completely deranged individual…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨If your response to the targeted harassment of Black women is to tell them "Just ignore it, Don't feed the trolls"…
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Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨anyways follow julie bc this is what 0 braincells does to a person devil is a funky little lesbian
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨yall were like “racism is very bad i will be a better ally for black creatives” and then ignored every time a black…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @SleepyMia145 @mmmeowdy i think they have a tendency to jump to conclusions, which is why they immediately privated… @SleepyMia145 @mmmeowdy mfhdkhdjdb???? WHYD THEY TAKE IT PERSONALLY AS IF THERE WASNT SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENING?? im…’t wanna end this year on bad terms with anyone so if you have beef with me, die
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @TaranzasWig hey please take care of yourself! you got this💖anyway, i’m going home for the weekend, maybe i’ll draw something, maybe i’ll go to jail for committing a federal offense, who knows @Orquidiart it straight up isn’t criticism but people would rather be assholes than just admit they made a mistake and move ononso for the love of god, shut up about not “looking adult”. there are minors who have the body of a teen boy’s porn…’ve gotten over it for the most part but things still linger. i don’t really like wearing things dont force the ap… never felt like i was “woman” enough bc i didn’t look like what these weirdos keep trying to convince me are “adu…’m going to get personal real quick bc it’s really starting to drag on me and piss me off. if you haven’t seen a p…!! hhhhh asking for help is so hard for me i hate this but i’m omw to go make a payment on my rent, and if anyone…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨give it up for day 4 y’all, i would expect people to get tired by now but i guess going out to touch grass is diffi… in my Ko-fi shop! A future comic I’m working on will require scenes with lots of books and potions so I wanted…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @Orquidiart it’s been 4 days and people are still saying that giving her wider hips would make her “adult” as if ev… @ddawnniee niggas be making thinkpieces on why i should feel bad for drawing a smaller bodied woman bc they mistook… @gwennie_tpooh not to be mean, but looking at their art, yeah. @danulmao are they trying to categorize...pronouns?Tw // transmisogyny How are you gonna fetishsize trans women and then block them for speaking out (Not directed a…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @ddawnniee i have to agree bc the way people are still trying to make it my fault they can’t see women beyond the s…'s gender is a sword.
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨I can’t stop looking at your Josuke piece and was wondering if you think he’s best JoJo — i!! love josuke a lot! i… @princessxemnas you logging into twitter dot com folks 🚨😱 the incoming admin wants to double down on the absolute worst of the police, military, and surveill…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @dumb_or the way they wanna go about it is just implying that women only look “adult” when they have wide hips, as… you think it’ll be a full week before people stop trying to make weird, bodyshaming excuses for why they saw a s… @HazelnutTart they wanna make it my fault that they have shitty views on what adult bodies look like instead of rem… @HazelnutTart it’s day 4 @SnoozingSpades watch them try and say it’s not bc she’s short but bc she looks small next her surroundings ... as… yes i’m going to subtweet: you only draw women with hourglass figures and huge tits, i don’t think i’ll be taki…’m sorry but if you’re going to tell me that it’s a “simple fix” to just change someone’s body shape bc YOU don’t… @illegal_soda ah yes bc a child has tattoos and there’s no such thing as small women. why should i change her size… a lil bit soft #AdventureTimeObsidian
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨Sweet PotaToad 🥔🍠
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨you guys know the drill!! if you're getting clip studio paint on sale for the first time and you want to learn how…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨you're laughing. their pogs were unchamped and you're laughing
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨my friends: .... O /|\ / | \ / \ me:… ended with marketability and shallow notions of professionalism. now being a dipshit is my best friend
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @ddawnniee @SA1NTCAKE she’s taking a break she’s goodReporting accounts that harass my friends like it's my full time job 💀
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ sexy barbie @ddawnniee oh that’s so fucking aggravating, what the hell?ur so cool i love ur art style so so much — aw thank you!! dudes be on twitter like “Man, I feel like I don’t have any friends, I’m so lonely, I feel lost, I don’t know w…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @sacsilo a lot really shitty comments from that account, i’m sure taking it down for harassment won’t be hard @ddawnniee fat fucking forehead kisses and a sweet ass hug and then spoil you @ddawnniee i guess i missed the sign up sheet for womanification bc i’m shaped like a rectangle and i’m almost 22
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨P I S S
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @ddawnniee literally my face when that weirdo said that to menot ppl thinking body shaming is constructive criticism eye
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @ddawnniee a girl literally said “if you gave her wider hips” as if that wouldn’t make her small anymore
Cool as ice. You’re cool and powerful! — i’m powerful!! i will eat a brick!! cool wtf — uhm no you wtf art is absolutely amazing and your personality is fucking badass, also you have an amazing sense of style!! …… wives wife-ing
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @ddawnniee literally would tell me “oh but she looks small compared to everything else” as if her being small is a bad thingi know nothing about vtubers but i like funy dog #rkgk @inugamikorone
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨i wish all trans men and transmasculine folks a very pleasant evening
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨So we have future calendar dates for #VisibleNonbinary for the next 12 months! 💛🤍💜🖤 I’m super excited to celebrate…
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨hey ur art style is poggers have a nice night — pog!! thank you!!, you are beautiful! — kfhdkhdjd thank you 🥺💖 i am but a simple artistic nerd with gay disease can’t target someone for no reason and then be surprised when you get in trouble for it. like what type of todd… @puppygirlfan84 please take a break if you need to tho, okay? dumb ass people are stupidly resilient and take not g… @puppygirlfan84 i truly think there’s some way to get this weirdo in legal trouble, this is very target and im gett… gosh who is this little man??? whats he working on???? 😳😳😳
Retweeted by certified negrologist✨(they/them)✨ @puppygirlfan84 oooh it’s a drawing, yeah but i can’t depict myself attacking elected officials bc then the governm…! i still have a screenshot of someone saying they love how i draw women and that was so earlier in my online e…’s ur favorite type of flower? — i like sunflowers! and lily of the valley flowers! i wanna get them tattoo’d b… im a new follower, ur art is super cute and im rlly sorry that you have to deal with so many rude people! …… @TheActualCel people have shown time and time again that they’re rather hold onto the idea that they’re right rathe…, i’m gonna run and get some raspberry lemonade and wine and just decompose for the rest of the night, let’s tal… think ur incredibly cool and i really look up to you! thats all :) — you’re so damn sweet sorry i missed this two… @Orquidiart some people on twitter have apologized and moved on. others still wanna act like being small is an indi…’s been such a long ass 3 days y’all...a long ass 3 days of people telling me my own body doesn’t have “adult pro… @TheActualCel like bro fr?