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fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on you. please stop fooling me. @bigdyke_energy Lol wtf
@weefrenchcow Omg @pomegranate_grl @mickynh im calling u mikey from now on. @heysupjen All the time @pomegranate_grl Bullies @pomegranate_grl i can come now 😎 @pomegranate_grl whats ur friend code!!sim said i wasnt allowed to post this but im doing it anyway. @spiritbread i’ll add u 2night 💓 @pomegranate_grl i have peaches can i bring them later @bigdyke_energy aiden zhane go home challenge
I thought bob dylan was dead @loopsnake Love that for you @neckh0le @arthiesux @FEMI9_ Aharthie has never left a tweet up in her life @neckh0le @arthiesux @xsqoof @as_a_woman @FEMI9_ Hi bb @arthiesux @xsqoof @as_a_woman @neckh0le @FEMI9_ I LOVE MY WIFE @gemstwin This same name situation is gonna get confusing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what the hell is this appMy Twitter Family: Parents: @s1mk4ur @pdpsvsk Spouse: @gemstwin Children: @bbyannie100 @graveraves via… @blutigkeit I loved pokemon lets go! as someone who was never that into pokemon until nowoh honey u got a big storm comin #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #ACNH uhhh... i found scorpion island... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH then annoying him further by hugging and kissing him as i apologise 🥺My daily quarantine task - forgetting i have a cat on my bed and kicking him into a new dimension @MosesSumney plz 🥺🤲you wish
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i had a dream that @MosesSumney roasted me on twitter @clydedied LOL
just did my skincare routine and jumped into bed, and my cat came up to me and licked it all off. @cyyyberspice Shes not wrong!perks of having nothing left to lose is literally having nothing left to lose!hanging out avec @_maemoi @arthiesux Shut upI really really feel for everyone who is faced with their life dramatically changing right nowcouldn’t keep working, couldn’t leave my house, couldn’t go to uni, couldn’t exercise, lost a lot of important aspects of my lifemy therapist told me today that the reason i’m not as anxious as i expected to be in these times is because i went… @marcmaronrawme omg literallyme to my uni: hey i'm really struggling, is there any way you could accomodate me in these ways? my uni: no, but l…
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You can get a haircut but you can’t stand within 1.5m of a grieving relative at a funeral.
Retweeted by ambercitaNot sure how but i accidentally left my phone timer on for 35 hours and for some reason i’m finding this the funnie… @rippingcones What the hell is wrong with you @indyarmstrong
#flexiblework has always been important, but especially now with #COVIDー19. We want to know how this affects you in…
Retweeted by ambercitaAre You Australian? Do you/Did you work? Please do this survey seen a pigeon literally fresh out of its egg
@sonidodesupply @acuteleaf @ossyosbert @polacheknews hey big eyes 🥺{ the sound of rain is giving me a small amount of peace and perspective, so i am getting off this app to preserve my sanity } @gemstwin It pains me that there are people who want four more years of himPollen still coming out during a global pandemic??? Bitch read the room
Retweeted by ambercitaClose the FUCKING SCHOOLS is a shambles: 👉🏼5PM Schools are closing 👉🏼9PM No there are not 👉🏼Shops are closing 👉🏼No they are not 👉🏼Ess…
Retweeted by ambercitaIf every time you do a press conference people are left more confused and more panicked, that is a failure of your…
Retweeted by ambercita @gemstwin I truly dont know how you’ve survived with him in charge for this long @gemstwin I feel the same about our PM, i legit can’t watch him speak lol. i just want him to close the damn schools already @pockybts @tiiffaanne @Baeejing Yes!!!! @gemstwin As bad as australia has it, you have it far worse and i’m so sorrythis is the ‘perfect’ situation for a government to show either how fast-acting and competent they are, or how horr… feel concerned about the mental + emotional impact this situation is going to have on us all @ch1ck7 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺this is the greatest day of my life
couple of dorks hijacked our date...
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Meditation makes me anxious. There I said it.
Retweeted by ambercita @femmocollective ME TOO! I hate being aware of my body toocommunal sink. wash ur hands. @bbyannie100 I hope he recovers quickly, thinking of u and his family/friends 😔❤️ @bbyannie100 Holy shit @pdpsvsk Omg who did u get
celebs be like
Retweeted by ambercitaNaming my animal crossing island “covid19”ive watched this 700 times. i physically can’t stop watching this. @s1mk4ur Im mad at this quiz because u say u dont like the heat????? U dont like beaches cause it gets too hot???????Can u imagine reading this tweet 10 years ago... squeezed every last pore on my face. Feeling #accomplished @lonelyspeck Im having this same issue. too much. everyone go away.(my switch friend code is 3626-1815-3403) @Amber_Coffman I would love this more than anything in the worldthis is anecdotes by joanna newsom therapist: your OCD is irrational The government: you must wash your hands 19 times a day or your dad will die
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My brother sleeptalks/sleepwalks and it freaks me the FUCK out. Stop it. @clydedied Fuck same @rippingcones cap- 🤢 capric- 🤮🤢 i cant even say it it’s too disgusting 🤢😷I dont really get why everyone’s losing their shit over this thread? Scomo literally doesn’t go to hillsong. That d…
Oh so WHO is recommending that we stay indoors and avoid socialising but when I was doing that unprompted for years…
Retweeted by ambercitaMy mum in response to this tweet: “i’m an aussie mother now. no more fruit.”FKSKGxmckdks @okaishawty @arthiesuxConfirmed case of COVID19 at UTS - thank god they decided to pause classes before they announced this lolNintendo is lowkey ecstatic that people will be self-quarantining at the same time as ACNH release @Brocklesnitch LMAAAOOOOO we’re all thinking it though!
@lonelyspeck SAME @graveraves Classes just got postponed 😍UTS HAS FINALLY SUSPENDED CLASSES @graveraves Lol replied to the wrong tweet - i really hope so 😔😔 it seems so irresponsible to leave uni campuses running as normal @graveraves Unfortunately my uni has made it clear that we’re expected to come to class as normal 🙃 so i will probably be leaving the house