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Duke Dinky Dong @CoomingAndGoing Planet of cum loving monsters

If you say anything about male gaze or think video games/animes are too sexualized then you should just block me by this point.

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@TheStrxggler Yes. @theWellRedMage along with with watch E3, buying overpriced shit is something else I dont get why/how people do it @_Umitagari whats her str dex con int wis and cha? @reddit_TLCM @GPrime85 lambasting this comic... uuuf swing and a miss. @kairyluminess smells bad.
@TheEbonyMaw being a woman is so hard, right? @terf_surf try earth without porn. good luck. @DecentPerv @ZeroT_H @ArchonOf frills get in the way are annoying when trying to feel the butt and boobs tho @Cthuhlu_0w0 @Bolverk15 @FireSisterBee do you oft think of how certain women use toilets? @TheStrxggler a titty streamer said this. a tity streamer said this... unironically @RAGS_Comix "did you know black actually invented dogs back in blah blah blah... d @WilliamAPittman @RAGS_Comix S+ for savage plus @with_rhymes to stop holding the puke back and just let it fly @S_Splitz @HeroAcaLs whats TL and fuck Arrow got me feelin them puberty hormone feelz. fellas know what I mean. @ThisisJCGreen Actively download emulators and roms. just do it. @cbr_ls @HeroAcaLs @cbr_ls @HeroAcaLs a 40 something year olf genius detective and master ninja vs some kid who ate magic hair.... I b… @ChristinaTasty they should have went all in with Fantastic Four instead of Avengers. Dr. Doom is one of the reaso… @ZeroT_H @ArchonOf Ok good thing this happened. PLEASE someone explain the maid fetish. im the opposite of a prude but I still dont get it @Woke_Misogyny this shit is like buying people with Pica extra couches. fucking not try to help cure the delusion but lets exacerbate it. @Sara_Akai_253 @ArchonOf SHHHHHHH! We are hoping they dont notice Sailor Moon and Samurai Troopers. we rue the day… @4chanGreentxts I scowl at your evil but acknowledge your cleverness @ZeroT_H did you know breathing air was stolen from black people. so was having a circulatory system. being white… @theWellRedMage what was the point ever?
@YtersBitching something genocide someething eradicate some transphobe @ArchonOf is this article from '98? @MrRandem its a musical... like.... just fucking watch it and enjoy and have fun. like how void of… @Bolverk15 @ArchonOf his use of "genocide", "exterminate", "exclude", and outright lies has gotten out of hand. @ArchonOf whitewash? what about blackwashing? what about how the game is made in japan?.... I Miss when gaming was… @Deggstar11 why is this fucktardery in my feed. begone with this please. @HeroAcaLs Journalism is dead. @GPrime85 to appeal to western audiences. @MarioAbu but pcs can do more than game @theWellRedMage every year im surprised people pay attention to E3. every year since it began. people just looking… @SophNar0747 I strangely agree @TheEbonyMaw "being a woman is so hard" mmmm sure.
@Schitting_rn @SophNar0747 because you cant legally marry someone who cant form contract. this must be some religio…
@MasculineTakes he waches tons of gay porn. got it.
@comicwaifus @dandonfuga @diabolumberto @atomhawk @iurypadilha @DCComics before they ruined her looks with "realism"we was and shit
Retweeted by Duke Dinky Dong @JustinWhang @Woke_Misogyny everyone views everyone as an object in one wy or another. these dildos think cause they wave a flag…
@ZeroT_H Well... The holocaust actually happened so...
@kairyluminess from boring to boo ya @doshitano11 Scarlett Johansen's next character she plays in a movie @Satsuyadan save points.
@SophNar0747 maybe i wanna try that series now @ChristinaTasty getting upset that weird people on twitter is like crying cause milk is white... oh wait... @mSperoni @ChristinaTasty @Woke_Misogyny here come the "annihilate"s, "erase"s, and "problematic"s @ChristinaTasty you may save money going prebuilt for now. buying used you could run into end of life stuff and min… @GoodGoyJr1 @CaranoStan3 @ShieldHero55 @thatstarwarsgrl @ZeroT_H woah look a bunch of dudes being normal dudes. not seeing any evil monsters tho... things that make you go "hmmm" @HeroAcaLs I Wonder if these people were hatched as 19+ year old joyless cunts instead growing up like us humans. @ZeroT_H @shoe0nhead for human dick. Ungodly defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take cock all day, all shapes… @shoe0nhead mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough… @shoe0nhead incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can… @shoe0nhead 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be able handle human dicks, and with their impressive B… @shoe0nhead :: Takes deep breath :: dHey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breedin… @OWL_fanboy @CherryBirdHorse @shoe0nhead i remember seeing this meme way back on my terato pages. I Think its meant…
@JimSterling this is what the far left asked for, enjoy your latrine you dug yourselves. @ChristinaTasty @amazingatheist dont chu know acknowledging cartels and terrorist organizations is racist and if yo… @RightWingCope not the original tweet but this comment tweet didnt age well long before it was just posted. gingerc… @amazingatheist can we get everywhere to stop chopping heads off first and eating fly burgers then circle back to the one world shit? @mate_doctor @Jackofhearts221 @CursedModernism @bruh5moments__ @terf_surf Last Name. the dingus, why use peoples with last names that obviously you can tell are irish or if they… @amazingatheist says the dude who would stay within the resort in mexico if they ever went. @Femboy_Forza
@ChaseFaceShow the wire isnt even braided. says zealio then advertises cherry. unless cherry makes zeals? @SHEENxGUNxNURSE @4chanGreentxts oi, fuck right @BadMedicalTakes mmm hmm checks out. @PatStaresAt Pokemon: America edition(fucking finally) @PatStaresAt fuck I Need this game
@4chanGreentxts wouldnt want a unfair advantage. playing on hard mode for the thrill. @terf_surf its memes' fault. not them. (sarcasm) @NinaSerafina the only answer is Silent Bob. @4chanGreentxts sound theory @robnmccormack @WaifuAlert @Sonicsaiyan07 why arent you? @TheEbonyMaw those are cans that they left too much drink in nd it hardenened over time and the bugs are nibbling o… @ZeroT_H damn you shower every day. it doesnt weaken your skin, maybe if you use hard hard water but no american ha… @transwomyn holy shit Rob Riggle is trans now? @terf_surf pretty sure everyone in 2021 can tell the difference between drag queens and heshes. @amazingatheist cant take a shit without eating food first. mind blown @Simmsyfart fair enough. I never really had a social circle so I Have no frame of reference. Also im not saying you… @Simmsyfart nah. there needs to be something to build from. theres nothing destructive about knowing your limits an… @Simmsyfart are you ever self aware of your very rare ability to draw something more detailed than a hand turkey li… @undeadscribe aside from third one this made me sad. I Understand how they feel. wish I Could help em @shoe0nhead why arent you using your conservisexual flag instead ma'am? @rickyberwick @OrdinaryGamers real mans PC. not asking permission, just big dick gorilla walking like Vince McMahon. @OrdinaryGamers says guy with his tower of 36 dollar a piece empty Tang tubs in every video. @theWellRedMage games dont have booklets anymore. @beltfedfanatic @FrizeUwU flan is fucking dope @Xer0Fall @FrizeUwU im fcking dying dude omg jeez @FrizeUwU
@4chanGreentxts "men are shit" proceeds to fuck on the first date....