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i need this as a netflix series 😭
Retweeted by CooperCurv, the world’s most trusted digital asset security platform, will empower enterprises to build the most secure w…
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Trying to create a file on Hedera? Here's a #JavaScript example! 👉 #hbarAre you new to working remotely? 🏡 Read my first @ThePracticalDev post 👇 all the numbers you see on those nifty charts are garbage.
Retweeted by CooperIf you find yourself compelled to bake bread, start a podcast, run an online conference, learn an instrument, start…
Retweeted by CooperInitial US jobless claims, a staggering 6.6 million last week up from 3.3 million the week before, and a normal wee…
Retweeted by Cooper @marciahofmann I was planning to be in Japan a few weeks ago.. Excited to go someday! @mattysino, an expert has weighed in
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Sandra the orangutang started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the C…
Retweeted by Cooper @IamNomad Insider trading!! 🚨Is it still election season, or...?New: Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Zoom, an ex-NSA hacker just dropped two Zoom zero-days…
Retweeted by Cooper @jsjoeio woah! best of luck on this journey 🙌
@0xholman @hashgraph Congrats Christian! Put it to good use 🥳 $hbar
“kiss me thru the phone” hittin a lil too hard during this quarantine
Retweeted by Cooper @chrisbiscardi @jlengstorf @partycorgipod I’d love to hear @jsjoeio chat about how learning Rust is goingTo play our role in helping with the Coronavirus crisis, OpenClass is offering free licenses to high school or high…
Retweeted by Cooper @azcentral Weren’t many told to stop testing? @azcentral *identitifed casesI'm grateful for Twitter. It turns out that Twitter can keep you informed far earlier, far better than official cha…
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To speed up developers solving challenges related to the #coronavirus (COVID-19), all Hedera Boost entries in that…
Retweeted by Cooper @tayloreddlemann @qnshalndsy Sorry to hear that 😔 Eggers is def a bit slow sometimes. @tayloreddlemann The circle is definitely a favorite! I actually just suggested it to @qnshalndsy the other day[meteor hitting earth] Dinosaur: oh no the economy !!
Retweeted by Cooper @EricRWeinstein And prevents everyone from trying to pitch in & 3d print/fab masks at home, wear bandanas, etc...Top AZ health official tells primary care providers: Stop testing for COVID-19, reuse protective equipment
Retweeted by Cooper @azcentral Oh no... 😷 @AuthorLMurphy I typically read science fiction, but anything you’d care to suggest!Any other book suggestions? 👇this is one of those details that a post-apocalyptic video games includes so you can see how invested they were in…
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So we’re gonna cancel student loans for all doctors, nurses, and other healthcare pros who are responding to this, right?
Retweeted by CooperFlorida’s problem isn’t New Yorkers, it’s their Governor.
Retweeted by Cooper @AhmedBaba_ Somewhere between 0-2 @alipasha Do you consider HCS appnets as already supporting DAML?JUST IN: 17-year-old who passed away in California after contracting #coronavirus despite not having any previously…
Retweeted by CooperWhat are you reading these days?
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Hmm yes fascinating
Retweeted by Cooper @mattysino This is super disappointing. @joshbuchea Apple's ARKit is 🔥 but I also love swift! @hannahzigs I’m right there with you 😔 We’ll get through it together @anthony_micmidd @wheresLINA she makes me so happy @Drewpizmo @jameshohmann We're just getting started, but I appreciate you admitting that.Instacart workers announce they will hold a national "emergency" walkout on Monday, demanding hazard pay and accusi…
Retweeted by CooperHospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients out of worry that trying to save CO…
Retweeted by Cooper @kaitlancollins Is this @TheOnion?What a front page
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@TheStalwart Does this account for inflation, tho?lol get rekt, efficient market hypothesis
Retweeted by CooperOr if you're building identity solutions on @hashgraph 👆The data from China is garbage, the data from Iran is garbage, the data from the U.S. is garbage. Just because som…
Retweeted by Cooper @San_person This should work 🤘🏼 Francisco knows how to get shit done 💩
Retweeted by CooperCurious about decentralized identity? Here's a great starting point! 👉 your first #HCS message in part 2 of the "Get Started with HCS and JavaScript" tutorial series by Developer Ev…
Retweeted by CooperWe have assembled a team of experts who are even now meeting to chart a course through this crisis
Retweeted by Cooper @sharat_suave @myearthid1 @Forbes @rshevlin @hashgraph @tanvi_ratna @Shaanush @wheresLINA @paulmadsen @jordanfried much coffee do you usually drink per day?AirBnB was fundamentally a financial play. Borrow long and lend short on real estate. It’s the same economics as…
Retweeted by Cooper20 preschoolers 100 execs in a on their 1st zoom working group 🤝…
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@momofblockchain @hashgraph Woohooo 🥳 congrats, the Hedera community is lucky to have you!
Retweeted by CooperOne of my favorite livestreams so far! Tokenized emoji trading on Hedera #Hashgraph 👀 Give it a watch & check out… @nprmusic, very excited about this 🎶 @shrinkthinks @histoftech I’m so sorry 😔NEW: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is delaying evictions for the state’s renters who are quarantined due to the coronavir…
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This one's a real head-scratcher.
Retweeted by Cooperwow this
Retweeted by CooperI don't know who needs to hear this but you can't print your way out of a pandemic
Retweeted by Cooper @scottwongDC How does this help small businesses?Any tips for cleaning a Chemex? ☕️something is wrong with this timeline
Retweeted by Cooper @nivey1120 @_ahoff I’m also glad they’re acknowledging it!Literally ever person in the United States needs to watch this. PLEASE RETWEET
Retweeted by Cooper @AhmedBaba_ & everyone with preexisting conditions, or would otherwise need medical care.. @ndrew_lawrence imagining @mattysino is throwing his tv out the window right about now... @gabriel_zucman @chrislhayes Don’t forget the cruise lines! @gabrielsherman Definitionally prioritizing profits over people’s lives. Insane. @ddale8 @AhmedBaba_ That seems like a bad sign.For the first time in history you can help save humanity by sitting on the couch, watching TV and surfing the inter…
Retweeted by Cooper @coinmetrics Very exciting. Congratulations! 🥳 @drvox @histoftech Sadly not. The fed gov is leaving a lot up to states, who aren't prepared. @paulmadsen Proof of quarantine.
Somebody called this Quarantine day 2 and I want to be the first one to let you know you late and you nasty
Retweeted by Cooper @thechaz @_ahoff I definitely agree. Most of the government doesn't, sadly. Delivery seems quite obvious! @ChrisBlec Do you trust those statistics? I recall having a million tests available, or something... @yashar Arizona is a stark contrast to California, among others. @_ahoff 2020: the year marijuana & liquor apparently became an emergency necessity on par with groceries & prescriptionsThe Zoom team raising a seed round 9 years ago: “By 2020 we could be a $40 billion company!” “What makes you thin…
Retweeted by Cooper @matthewstoller @twobitidiot Anyone who didn't see this coming wasn't paying attention.No matter what the president says, please protect yourselves and save your own lives and your loved ones. Do not ta…
Retweeted by Cooper @ddale8 holy shit"As the former Chief Software Architect at the Center for Disease Control in the Obama Administration, he [@jnasr]… @HHorsley And there’s still almost no testing. @hhariri @shanselman So sorry to hear that. 😔 @jongold GeniusAnother day of high volume with ~9 million transactions in 22 hours on the @hashgraph testnet! We offer the most r…
Retweeted by Cooper probably the best article I’ve read so far on Coronavirus that seems realistic without bein…
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