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@michaelmcgeebjj All information welcome. @MichealOMurchu yes, i read it in full.FYI
Starting a few minutes after 11pm #TonightVMTV BACK: @MiSheridan gives his thoughts on the new safety camera zones that were introduced this week. Will the…
Retweeted by Matt Cooper @brenos100 At the bottom of the poster. @thelegendtoby @sinnfeinireland everyone gets treated the same. I've used the word activist about people of all par… @thelegendtoby @sinnfeinireland in the time she was not an elected representative @Dermy21 you can buy what you want, but my conscience is clear... @thelegendtoby @sinnfeinireland No script. Don't be so paranoid. @Dermy21 seriously, every party has made that complaint to me over the years. You should have heard/read the compla… Corkmen going to have an afternoon in Kerry. You can join us, wherever you are from... @MarkFinn98 @spekofthedevil Do a google search for all I’ve written about need for social housing etc...🙄 @trendingie I’m not defending it, I’m trying to look into why it happens and how it coins change. But providing hou… @spekofthedevil Every time I defend property interests? 🙄 I suggest that you listen more closely, read more widely…🤔 @Mackey1981 Have a listen. It’s far more complicated.But would they have been built if developers didn’t know they had those buyers available?
@AJ_McLaughlin7 Ah now AJ, clean out your potty mouth.Looking forward to our 11pm start - all the major parties represented #TonightVMTV new health spot...’s our @lstwrd doctor on @todayfm now ⁦@doireannod⁩😡 Doireann O’Leary @doireannod joins us for our medical spot on @lstwrd @todayfm at 5.45. We’re talking about HPV vaccine. @stevepcarroll @CathaMacGiolla 🙄 @stevepcarroll @CathaMacGiolla Don’t worry Stephen, I take the job seriously but there are times when it is appropr… @stevepcarroll @CathaMacGiolla 😂😂😂 @CathaMacGiolla Not at all, had a great show😂
That shagging #LoveIsIand thing means we start #TonightVMTV three minutes late at 11.03 🙄 @susankilkenny we didn't😀 truth of it. One for @CalThomas and @marionmckeone later perhaps? @lstwrd @todayfm yesterday...discussion continues today on @lstwrd focusing on helping those at risk of suicide
Our big discussion #CarolinesLaw included... now... it's @conorAAIreland with us on @lstwrd @todayfm to discuss location of new speed camera zones on our roadsstarting @lstwrd @todayfm with @nickferrariLBC on the awfully sad premature death of Caroline Flack. Detailed discu… @kingstonpaul Cancellation not confirmed but Bloomberg reporting it is likely for non-elite runners. (Was not planning to go until 2021).
There’s a massive public backlash against tabloids over their coverage of Caroline Flack. There’s also a massive su…
Retweeted by Matt CooperI’ll be doing this again. Lovely crowds at it, getting bigger every year.
Love this 😊
Tonight we are hosting our annual gala ball with the support of @ClontarfCastle and @cooper_m as our host for the e…
Retweeted by Matt CooperScrewed Britannia yesterday for today BACK: @LauraByrneStory and @niallshan join us to discuss the stories making headlines this week, including t…
Retweeted by Matt CooperFrom earlier...cost of student accommodation crippling for many families. views @iniscomm @Michelle_Byrne_ @NewstalkFM it was @todayfmIt’s @lstwrd. Some well known guy on US tv got the full twitter handle first...’Cuiv though was happier earlier this week about the idea of Sinn Fein...😊 mark the anniversary of an awful tragedy.... you haven’t seen it...😂😂😂
11pm #TonightVMTV earlier... earlier, to mark the anniversary of the Stardust disaster... the make-up of the new Johnson cabinet bad news for Ireland? We have @nickferrariLBC with us on @lstwrd @todayfm now...first up @lstwrd now
@Ajam77Alan Wrong, I did loads of times. Both on tv and radio.Here we go at 11pm #tonightVMTV @UinsionnMac That was my suggestion to deal with negative equity, to avoid repossessions.LISTEN BACK: @eddireader joins us for the Culture Club to talk to @cooper_m about her favourite music, movies, TV s…
Retweeted by Matt CooperFrom earlier up next... of news to get through...particularly about coalition...😩 O’Toole and I are on opposite ends of the stage but we had a great chat both on and off stage beforehand. Be… forward to this in June. last night’s show. FF attitudes to potential coalition with SF seems to have changed since it won only 38 seat…
And much more 🎤 who got the units? up... now now... yes. @jonconnery67 @lstwrd @thejournal_ie Over the years I’ve been accused of bias by every political party. Comes with… @colettebrowne He said it publicly before the election too, the need for investment in public services. @pvdmeersch @IrishTimes @Independent @IrishTimesBiz Genuinely best wishes to all at @Independent_ie on the introduc…
Retweeted by Matt Cooper😂 @risteard69 @redcooneymush So?Our friends @irishtimes about Good and correct article by colleagues at other side of the Liffey.…
Retweeted by Matt Cooper#Election2020 complete... 39 counts over. Every count, all 160 TDs profiled, and how they were elected explained ..…
Retweeted by Matt Cooper @redcooneymush Any pub? No. Btw, he wasn’t singing a song. It was a speech. But nice attempt at distraction.In a nutshell. All those other issues get covered extensively by media. David Cullinane’s comment was covered on it…
Here’s our 11pm lineup for #TonightVMTV @padobbyn73 Maybe the person shouting “up the ra” hasn’t moved on? Which is why we’re asking him. @paulhogan7 Every party claims bias, almost always without foundation. @alexand53620026 @lstwrd @thejournal_ie You needn't worry. We'll continue to focus on housing, health and all the o… @padobbyn73 seriously and absolutely, it is newsworthy and not to see it as such would be censorship. @rlr1968 Looking back to what was said last night! @seamus147 @lstwrd @thejournal_ie I can refer you to my book "Who Really Runs Ireland?" You'll be much better informed if you read it. @paulhogan7 What bashing? It's reporting. The facts. Do you deny the evidence of the video? He doesn't. He was give… @buaman76 @lstwrd @thejournal_ie Will do 👍 @Antcon7062 Mute them. Way more fun. @shanemcguirk You should follow the story more closely before commenting perhaps. There was no song. It was a speech. @shanemcguirk @marktigheST @lstwrd @thejournal_ie Let others decide for themselves. You have a problem with that? @hill16_trueblue Explain to me please the relationship between a speech made by a TD and a piss take of a song in a comedy on BBC tv? @buaman76 @lstwrd @thejournal_ie Correct. Thank you.Point of information: he wasn’t singing a song. And this is newsworthy: to have censored coverage of this video wou…