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@andrholder You can ask for additional support through a reduced interest rate, if your overdraft is above £500. Th… @andrholder Hi Andrew, the changes we're making to our pricing structure are part of industry wide regulatory chang… are conscious of the needs of our existing #business customers in these uncertain times. @HarryBatesLtd 🛁 were f… @GoodPraxistIgor Hi Igor, I'm sorry you're seeing this error. Please try clearing your cookies and cache, also ensu… @pedalsgalore That's great, thanks for letting me know 🙂 - Chris @pedalsgalore Hi, if you use online banking you can change your address after logging in via your 'Profile'. If not…
@sparkynephilim No problem. We'll be here if you have any further questions, have a great day. 🙂 -Chris @sparkynephilim Hi Nadine, in most cases it will be right away. But you may wish to check with the Post Office if t… @ryanphsmith1996 Hello Ryan, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues using Live Chat. Please Direct Message me so th… @MartinKennaugh @coopuk I'll make sure your feedback is passed on Martin and I'm sorry if this has caused any inco… @MartinKennaugh @coopuk Hi Martin, when you make a payment to another Smile of Co-Operative Bank account and add a…⚠️ Fraudsters are heartless 💔 For tips on how to spot the warning signs of a Romance #Scam, visit our website 👇 #TakeFive
@MJHerbert Thanks Michael, we will pass your feedback over the team to help with future updates and changes. Any ad… @MJHerbert Page 29 and onwards of our user guide should help with searching transactions here:… @MJHerbert Hi Michael, the quickest way to view transactions is from the home screen - next to the account there is… co-operative values drive us to make society better for everyone, regardless of sexuality, race, gender or disa… @Stephen07072809 If there is ever anything we could help with here please don't hesitate to send us a DM. - Sean @Stephen07072809 I am sorry you're still having issues, all I can advise is chat's are getting through to us here s… @Stephen07072809 I am sorry for the current call and chat wait times, we will answer as we can. I can't access acco… @Stephen07072809 Hi Stephen, we've had no issues our end at all, and live chat is working as normal our end and cha… @paulchelt Hello Paul, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues accessing internet banking. Please Direct Messag…
@miselly501 Hi Eleanor, could you drop us a DM and let us know what type of account you have with us currently? - Sean @sparkynephilim It's 4pm! 👏👏👏 Have a great weekend! - Chris @DawnWestcott Hi Dawn, I'm sorry you haven't heard anything since applying. When did you apply for the account and… @fatboyfat Hi Phil, we don’t have any specific details to share at this stage but we're committed to delivering imp…'re delighted to announce the winner of the mobile app design competition, in collaboration with @McrDig’s… @gordonbruce7 Hi Gordon, could you please check your web browser settings to make sure it's fully up to date , you… @Red_Room_Gaming Thanks, I'll get this picked up. - Dan @sparkynephilim Morning Nadine, this is great to hear 😊. I know it's not 4pm yet, but hope this has the same effect! 👏👏👏 - Dan @Carlitofox Hi Carl, I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. We've temporarily reduced our opening hours du… @topes_lose Morning Mick, if you're still receiving emails from us, this would suggest you still have an active acc…
@ShepCircle Thanks for getting in touch with this, I'm glad you've found the feedback option. We've also passed this over our end. - Sean @penfold_amanda Hi Amanda, thanks for getting in touch. If you can login to online banking and chat to us via webch… @manondessauce Hi Alex, I'm sorry you've had problems connecting to our live chat service, it's currently available… @ShepCircle Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've passed it over to our development team. If you've a… @Hoodo0 Hi Chris, I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with Platform. This isn't the level of service… @blindvision2020 If you've already logged a complaint with us, the team will send acknowledgement within 5 working… @juliantempleman Hi Julian, I'm sorry you haven't received an update on your application yet. Can you tell me if yo…
@DoodsonMr I'm sorry to hear there's fraudulent transactions on your account. Our Fraud Team will do everything the… @Aidanjeal Hi Aidan, sorry to hear this. Can you DM us what's happened please? - Michelle @CooperativeBank
Retweeted by The Co-operative Bank UK 💙Throughout the pandemic, we were able to supply a significant number of #Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans, t… @RichardRandle18 Hi Richard, the maximum is £250.00 per day. Thanks - Chris @Kooteri Okay, please close the app from your recent apps before trying again. When the Face ID screen appears ther… @theboypayne Hi Richard, I'm sorry you're seeing this error. If you have entered all the details correctly then you… @Kooteri Hi, the app is currently available. What happens when you try to access the app? Thanks - Chris @thehouseofdoom Ah okay, it would be our Business team which would need to resolve this because we can't access ac… @Jordan_Lee @bauermedia @hitsradiouk Not long to wait now ⌛🙂 - ChrisWe're proud to announce that we are partnering with @CooperativeBank to launch Hits Radio Pride 🌈, the first dedic…
Retweeted by The Co-operative Bank UK 💙 @thehouseofdoom Hi David, I'm sorry for the wait over the phone, the messages are updated as quickly as possible. W… @martytyke Hi Marty, I'm sorry you've been left feeling this way. If you'd like to discuss anything that's happened…
@LoraKrasteva Thanks for letting me know you've managed to login. If you're not doing so already, please access our… you miss our free webinar. 'Adopting Digital Technologies for Small Businesses'? Watch the whole session in fu… @LoraKrasteva Hi Lora, we're not aware of any issues. Do you have the latest version of your browser installed?- Dan @SpringAndYou If you continue to have issues with being logged out and it's not caused by any of the reasons listed… @SpringAndYou We do have some challenges at the moment with customers using third party software with our SME bank… @SpringAndYou Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues. The system 'time out' has changed from 10 minutes to… @the_woodlouse Hi John, I'm sorry you're having difficulties, I've tried this on Firefox my end and it's working as… @edwards1oo1 You're welcome. Have a lovely day. - Sammie @edwards1oo1 Hi Paul, our disputes team can register a claim for you. You can contact them by logging in to online… @Katiekipper Hi Katie, thanks for taking the time to pass on your lovely feedback. I'm so glad Hannah could help yo… @nossy1996 Hi Gracie, you can't see pending payments currently but you're available balance is adjusted immediately…
ℹ️ To help us all stay safe, we're asking anyone who visits our branches in England to wear a #facecovering, unless… @ninjamonk I'm sorry to hear that Darren and I'll ensure your feedback is passed to our digital team. In the meanti… @cathrynsymons I'm glad to hear that. If you need anything else don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards - Sammie @blindvision2020 Hi, I'm sorry you've had problems contacting us over the phone. Can you please send me a DM with m… @cathrynsymons Hi Cathryn, our systems update from time to time and while updating some information isn't available… @MxNatSFord I'm sorry to hear you're considering changing banks. If you'd like to take a look at the current accoun… @michfizzyfeet Hi Michelle, I'm sorry to hear this. Are you getting a particular message when you try to login? You… @MxNatSFord Hi, it's not possible to set-up text alerts for balance limits on your account, but we do have an overd… @PaulGC84 Hi Paul, I'm really sorry you haven't heard any further. Can you please let me know when you first applie…
@madcow42 You're welcome. If you have any other queries let me know. Thanks - Chris @madcow42 Hi Sarah. Transfers can be made from our Cashminder account to someone else or to a company. We no longer… @Paulkemboi17 Hi Paul, we're The Co-operative Bank in the United Kingdom, was this message meant for us or Co-op Ke… The Co-operative Bank, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. 🌟 A shining example of this is coll… @Katiekipper Hi Katie. I'm really sorry to hear this. Can you please send me a DM to discuss this further? - Katie
@johnnymd19 Hi Johnny, I'm sorry you've had trouble logging in. Our app is currently available, can you confirm wha… @theusefularts We store your statements, transactions and balances for a maximum of 25 months, or from the date you… @theusefularts I'm glad this is now working for you. If you encounter any further problems, please get back in touch. Thanks - Katie @theusefularts The service is currently available and we have been able to access the site form our end, could you… @sazzysparkypops We're sorry for the inconvenience caused, we will pass your feedback onto Platform. Their office h… @theusefularts Hi, that is an incorrect link. Our Business Banking is currently online. You can access the link her… @sazzysparkypops Hi Sarah, we're sorry to hear that. Platform can help check the progress of this for you, all thei…⚠️ Take care when paying invoices, especially if you're asked to update the account details of a regular supplier o… @oneoftwomums Thanks for getting in touch, I'm really glad to hear you've had a great experience. If there's ever a…
If you're an existing customer concerned about #COVID19 having a financial impact on your #business, we're here to… @sand_larose Thanks for getting in touch Sandra, I'm glad to see you like the parcel :) I hope you all enjoy. - Sean @Katie90809331 1 working day from when the card is blocked. We're currently taking chats, are you logged into onlin… @Katie90809331 Hi Katie, I'm sorry you've had trouble connecting to chat. If you report your card as lost or stolen… many young people are #homeless in your area? Support @centrepointuk in their mission to tackle youth homelessn… @MHawkins78 Hi Mark, this account is with The Midcounties Co-op and you can find contact details for them here:… @SalkeyIan Hi Ian, I'm afraid we can't access accounts here to check if this has been received. We're aware there h… @EastLondonEagle Hi Doug. I'll ensure that your feedback on this is passed on. We have now fixed the issue and you'… @Sheldrake Here's a link to the online banking user guides this will run through what you n… @Nexusdog_UK That's great, I'm glad it's working for you now 🙂 - Chris @ChristineTacon Hi Christine, I'm sorry to hear this. If there's anything we can help with here, please send us a D… @AdeelArshad1 Hi Raja, was this one of our branches or a Co-op food store? Thanks - Chris @bridgetj76 Hi Jo, if you use online banking you can start a live chat and we can check whether it's possible to is… @Sheldrake Hi Philip, if you're changing the account details of the beneficiary this will be like setting up a new… @JUMPINSOUNDS Thanks for getting back to us Jamie. You don't need to register your phone for the insurance. Details…