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Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for same-sex couples
Retweeted by coop ledford @Bigmidsquad Looks like you've got some money comin' @Bigmidsquad Buckeyes with B1G Preseason Honors. Surprising Chris Olave is not one of them. @andypic17 Markus digs deep @CapIndustriesUS You literally just RT'd yourself. @CoopLed @jerseymikes
Retweeted by coop ledford @OhioStAthletics @jerseymikes Ledford, 15Crayola making gummy candy is honestly the weirdest part of 2020 so far. @andypic17 Just protect it before you connect it. @andypic17 Knitters to spitters, the two cats from Twitter. Can’t wait for the next Blobcast! My money is on @CapX15 tho @CapX15 @andypic17 @RollBlobPod @andypic17 @juliannee29 @CapX15 That looks fabulous mamaw Andy, I love itIf this gets 10 likes @CapX15 and @andypic17 will do a live freestyle rap-battle on the next @RollBlobPod @7larryd Preach! People just are not careful with their actions @juliannee29 @CapX15 If you ever hear them say “recording the pod”, it’s guy-code for knitting circle. No one wants… @nwbaird He's been exposed to a lot nastier things than Covid, and enjoyed it. @7larryd This reminds me of when the Browns forgot to submit the paperwork for the AJ McCarron trade. If they did s… to my wife when I really wanna stop into a local bar to pick up wings.
Retweeted by coop ledford @andypic17 Me either. Nothing wrong with it, and I know it hosts tournament games but I definitely don’t consider it to be the best in Ohio.Personally, I would put Villanova’s Pavilion over Penn, and Cintas Center over UD Arena. UD arena is nice but I’d p… @RyanFromCBus ink! of the most unexpected crossovers of all time. Love it tho
@jahr39 @justnfields Definitely could make that argument. OSU just constantly reloads. Super excited for Julian Fle… @RollBlobPod Would you give up Skyline for the next 2 years if it meant Xavier went to the Final 4 this season? @jahr39 @justnfields Definitely has some weapons! Olave and Wilson are studs, and the four freshman WR's all should… @jahr39 Absolutely loaded! Who are you most excited to watch? For me it's Wyatt Davis. Re-watched some film from la… @jahr39 I don’t envy you one bit for being there! Saturday will be sweeter than ever, can’t wait! @KeslingMark I was today-years-old when I found out you can play an instrument with a mask on.This was two years ago today- crazy to think Ohio State has lost just once since then. atmosphere will be a lot different for the Buckeyes in 2020.
Retweeted by coop ledford @ArrogantBuckeye said some of his confidence about getting 9 games in 9 weeks is because "The testing (frequency and protocols)…
Retweeted by coop ledford @Rockies June 14NBA players gonna be seeing this soon 👀 @naji_marshall you want to make some money? @CapIndustriesUS Couldn’t be me @davebiddle Hope he succeeds elsewhere. But how about we trade Ross for new uniforms?Elon Muskies @CapX15 Go Muskies @kirtapelpak @CapX15 @CapIndustriesUS elite @CapX15 @andypic17 @CapIndustriesUS Advertising tarp over the lower bowl this season. Tarp is for Cap Industries th… 🤔 what shall we tweet into existence today @CapIndustriesUS. Reply below with suggestionsHow much more talent does Clemson and Ohio State have compared to the rest of their conferences?? @OhioStateFB has…
Retweeted by coop ledford
@CapX15 Obviously a tough battle @CoachSteeleXU I have let you down this week in a heartbreaking loss @andypic17 @TheBrokenAnchor 😂😂 @TheBrokenAnchor Can’t do the hotdog...vegetarian @JNads11 Now that’s next level! Sounds delishSome things are worth waiting for the hell did I just watch? cheerleaders, no band, no Brutus at Ohio State games this year. Artificial crowd noise. This will be so differen… chili cheese SANDWICHES plus one chilito 🔥 looks like the Penn State game will be a 7:30pm start next Saturday. No whiteout, but still a night atmosphere in primetime.
Retweeted by coop ledford @andypic17 @CapX15 OOTD.
I can’t wait until the Cavs are good again. Watching highlights from the LeBron/Kyrie era. Miss it. @CapX15 Croutons are a wasteMy top 4: 1.) Clemson 2.) Alabama 3.) Ohio State 4.) Coastal Carolina
Watch Auburn still be ranked at 2-2Louisville’s uniforms look very Group-of-5-ish @andypic17 @MusketeerSZN This game could be 17-13 or 45-42, who knows. @jleehughes79 Notre Dame and Pittsburgh. Both good academic schools and fits in geographically. Penn State would ge… @blakehaubeil95 and @DChrisman91. Difference makers. being Lee Corso's neighbor today there will be just one undefeated SEC team. After 3 games last year, there were 5.ONE WEEK @JoeDGemma These are so clean. Script Buckeyes will always be my favorite, but these are a 10/10 🔥‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Please Help me wish XU’s Super Supporter @CapX15 a Very Happy Birthday. Your support is unmatched and v…
Retweeted by coop ledfordI don’t encourage plagiarism at all
@JpCarlesimo Honestly completely different. Hard to explain, but I think you'll like Skyline. @JpCarlesimo Okay but have you had Skyline chili? Because it’s not the same as like a bowl of chili most people are uses to @JpCarlesimo @NorwoodCappys @DFluckesFans @Skyline_Chili “Norwood Cappy’s” cmon @CapX15 another burner, really? @CapX15 This is innovation right hereDrew Lavender and Troy Smith @andypic17 @DFluckesFans @CapX15 **skeeted @CapX15 Cappy Birthday? @andypic17 Not verified- probably another burner accountHappy birthday to @CapX15 @Jmeyer1016 @andypic17 @CoopLed @DFluckesFans @juliannee29 @BurnerCaptain @FantaSpiked @Greg_Deye11 It was Bill Walton
Sitting here thinking...I’m glad Travis Steele is our coach. He’s the guy that will eventually take X to the next level @andypic17 Even if it’s 25th, it’d be awesome to see. Looking ahead, App State and maybe Liberty could be a challen… and can’t go to sleep, because all I can think about is how Coastal Carolina is finally going to be ranked after this weekend #GoChants @SCooper9 @CapX15 @jstufft20 @andypic17 @7larryd RMore from @CoachSteeleXU. Saying part of the reason why Xavier couldn't/wouldn't accommodate UC's plan to modify th…
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@dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin Facts! We can agree we have a great rivalry and it's good to get o… @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin Dude you're too much 😂 I'm following you because you gave me some… @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin Texas is a good one. They do have 89.6k twitter followers, 55.5k i… @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin There are not random, they are stats which are factual. Pick a "ve… @DFluckesFans @andypic17 @CapX15 E @DFluckesFans @CapX15 C @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin 2018 was part of the 2018-19 season. College basketball begins in… @CapX15 Coastal Carolina vs. Louisiana tonight! #RankCoastal @dresslerkr @cpbearcat @00havoc @Williams_Justin This is referring to the 2018-19 season, post renovation. All home… @cpbearcat @dresslerkr @00havoc @Williams_Justin Not making an augment, just dropping by with some things that are… @JoeLaughlin17 The latter @tsraleigh As a comedic genius- I enjoy his broadcasts