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Cour @CoperniCour Studying planets and shit🌈

she/her | Twitch affiliated trash gamer on the @kittycastmeow team | Space aficionado ✨🪐🌙

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Abolish ICE.
Retweeted by CourMelania & Dr. Jill Biden: The Tale of Two FLOTUS How it started How it's going
Retweeted by Couropen for a surprise @Novaleesi
Retweeted by CourSmall yet important PPE reminder that face shields are not as effective alone as you may think they are, they are f… if I had MONEY money, y’all would not recognize me when I’m done 🥵🔪🧑‍⚕️Studio Ghibli flowers.
Retweeted by CourPhysical books are superior. Very hard to keep focus with digital reads.
Retweeted by CourWe get a new president in two days 🥲Should I... start yet another anime... by the name of... Black Clover? @ElectraGames I will be this evening!! I have work and classes but sometime between 7-8 I’ll be on and raring to pl… so many beautiful humans exist and I’m just sad I can’t get to know them all.forget noah beck let’s talk about logan lerman
Retweeted by CourCute af!! 💛💛
Retweeted by Cour @CalcifersCastle You’re an exploding vagina candle? @kisekisymphony @VixiVulpixel the fanmade ones are literally this
Retweeted by Courit's so funny how many fan-made pokémon gender differences are Female Girl Animal when canonical pokémon gender dif…
Retweeted by Cour @gamecatt I know people who are literally buying pre-built right now *just* to rip out the 3080 because it's so dif…
Retweeted by CourI know I'm late to the party but f those guys making fun of the girl on tiktok for MAYBE getting a prebuilt PC... t…
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Retweeted by Courhi you cuties! I'm going live, feel free to come stop in and maybe stay a while?
Retweeted by CourMy sister streams too! Make sure to follow her for stream alerts!!
Retweeted by CourMY BEAUTIFUL WIFE <3
Retweeted by Couri am letting you all know that i still identity as hot!!
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Retweeted by CourTrump still refuses to concede, ignited an insurrection, & won’t attend Biden’s inauguration. Melania refuses to w…
Retweeted by CourPOV: you have just walked past a million dollar home
Retweeted by Cour-a BABY. It’s not her fault the systems flawed or the country fucked over its people. She’s a person who can do and… people are going to struggle. Other people are going to starve and die. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t p… if you don’t like it don’t follow her. I grew up without food and in poverty (and tbh still struggling week to w… obsessed with this lad ⚡️ #pokemontcg
Retweeted by Cour @KujoStrangelove I love variety, from heavy death metal to indie. I just don’t like country or folks music @KujoStrangelove I’m excited to see this list
Retweeted by CourI never hear concerns about how the McDonald’s CEO making $18,012,549 per year might drive up the price of a Big Mac.
Retweeted by CourCan't talk right now... doing e-girl sh*t
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Big Mac in USA: $4.80 Big Mac in Denmark: $5.15 McDonalds worker salary in USA: $7.25 McDonalds worker salary in D…
Retweeted by CourBored on a Sunday and did e-girl makeup .. I don’t know Her
Retweeted by CourShe hawt @ElectraGames @froggyvoid Hi I’m CoperniCour (pronounced Coe-pur-nih-Core) or Cour for short! I’m a 24 y.o. (She/he… follow froggy! They’re an amazing streamer who is just the cutest! @generalkaoslive @DeadByBHVR @bunny_ballball @MFox012 @iLouminati34 I call a spot next Friday kaos😭 @catp0wer @unnecessaryjess Me 3!!
Retweeted by Courplease don't forget disabled people when you're talking about minimum wage. we can LEGALLY be paid below it. there…
Retweeted by Cour$15 per hour? what’s next? basic human rights?
Retweeted by CourPlaying some valorant!!! comehang im bad just be aware
Retweeted by Cour @Shallelujah2 I love when anime openings/endings are a bop. Gives me life. @KujoStrangelove Yo cooking irl isn’t easy either, my husband can’t do it for shit. If I wasn’t here he’d eat ramen and hot dogs 24/7Men ain’t shit baby a vampire in the 1800’s and only wearing sexy corsets and pretty dresses sounds nice
Retweeted by Cour @Shallelujah2 Yeeeeee nice @CalcifersCastle @jkaymeow Peach likes it rough? @Shallelujah2 Eat your frozen goodies my guy. Or you know, order a pizza😂 @Shallelujah2 Alex, I have more respect for you now than I ever have before @Shallelujah2 But.... if they’re frozen.... and you’ve no power..........
Last night was a glorious time of women hyping each other up and I cannot even with all the compliments that these…
Retweeted by CourAnd I don’t want to push myself too hard the day before I go back to work classes/:Due to my chronic health condition and the fact that I’m not having a great couple days with my disease, I’m going… the best feature of iOS
Retweeted by CourTrying to get better at valorant 🥺
Retweeted by CourOmgggg @ColourPopCo I can’t wait for the Animal Crossing line, I neeeeeeed it
Retweeted by CourI am gay because it is convenient and fun
Retweeted by CourOr how about high risk and susceptible individuals who aren’t the age of 65+? I’d like my vaccine now, I’m disabled…, just FYI minimum wage is absolutely supposed to be able to support a person and if it had kept the pace with i…
Retweeted by CourCongress owes us like $16,000 for the 8 months they didn't help us, why are we arguing about $1400 vs $2000?
Retweeted by Cour @catp0wer Somehow I feel like @CalcifersCastle is the reason this happened but I can’t prove it @Shallelujah2 What kind of breakfast?"no man wants a woman who.." we don't care lol
Retweeted by CourPeople that say “listen to your body!” have never met someone with anxiety. My body tells me I’m dying constantly.
Retweeted by CourI’m actually a physics major!! @catp0wer @DukeRamze Like a fancy one @catp0wer @DukeRamze Get me a big ol vibrator @catp0wer @DukeRamze I have two from my ostomy sites, one is like a hole, and then I have on my bikini line what lo… @catp0wer @DukeRamze Exactly, if I had to date right now I probably wouldn’t know what to do because I hate everyon… @catp0wer You’re so beautiful and lovely and I Stan you so much Maddie💛 @catp0wer @DukeRamze I’ve recently been wearing high waisted sets and it’s helped me a lot! But if I didn’t have Co… @DukeRamze @catp0wer Also I’m pretty chubby so that doesn’t help either lmao @DukeRamze @catp0wer I think you look so beautiful!!! You’re so confident and hot and I love you!!!🔥💛 I also have e… I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot Kittycast girl shit.
Retweeted by Cour @AlexShelnutt Yeah I remember this. Had every one in Ocala shookUmmmm is it just me or are the Kitty Cast girls gorgeous!!?! 😍😍😍
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Ready to see my lash lady at the end of this month, it’s been TOO long🥲
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Retweeted by Cour💞
Retweeted by Cour @BobaBeech It’s the BEST @WendigoHunter1 Same!! At the end of the month I’m doing a whole revamp on my streaming setup from lights to camera… @WendigoHunter1 Either get a new game or get the capture card!! Personally I recommend both🤪☺️my two favorite lightweights 😊😊 happy new years everyone! 🥂🎉 #VALORANT #valorantart
Retweeted by CourGood read $1400 versus $2000 debate is tearing this nation apart. As such, to satisfy all parties, Congress needs to send…
Retweeted by Couri just got the vaccine and the microchip that’s now in my brain came with another free U2 album
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Retweeted by Courthank u pimp my ride
Retweeted by Cour @intergalacticem I hope they get it fixed soon though! Your car is such a beauty @intergalacticem Oh yeah for sure @intergalacticem I bet that’s the last time lmao @intergalacticem NO WAY @intergalacticem From curbing/scraping?😂