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how I have been explaining ACAB to white family members
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Why is it “second wave!” when protesting for Black people’s right to not be killed but not “second wave!” when thou… Markle is being hounded by the media once again for speaking out about Black Lives Matter and you’re still t… Boris Johnson, if I cover my face will you call me a letterbox, or is that exclusively for Muslim women?We are incredibly busy right now and really could do with bringing in some additional paid part-time help. We work…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹A Tory Minister just said in Parliament that they “have a record to be proud of” on race. Have they forgotten about… when 6 months ago UK cinemas banned Blue Story, a film made by Black producers and Black talent because it… Britain stop saying their anti-looting when they glorify an empire that looted $41 Trillion from India over 200 years
I’m getting messages from people saying they can’t see my tweets. I really hope Twitter hasn’t shadowbanned me for… Madeleine McCann is still being investigated after *13 years* but the police won’t be taking any action after a… parliament @JohnBoyega tells everyone to take a knee and says black people “I love you”
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹The only thing I want to share is the donation page of @ukblm - please donate if you can. Boyega at BLM protests in London. The pain in his voice.“Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always su… in Britain can no longer be ignored. #BlackLivesMattter
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹A man who spat at a police officer and joked about Coronavirus has been jailed for 12 months. Belly Mujinga, a bl…“The UK isn’t institutionally racist.”
Defund the Police. Chop the tree down.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹The UK government must immediately halt all sales of rubber bullets, tear gas and police equipment to the US and then ban it.Stop saying British racism is invisible. Did you not see Grenfell burn? Don't you know victims still haven't been r… can you post #BlackLivesMatter  and vote for Boris Johnson who said black people have “watermelon smiles?” Make it make sense!looking to find activists on the ground at BLM protests in cities in the US for a project i'm working on for…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Start your anti-racism journey by not supporting/voting for the party that deported Windrush citizens to their deat… MLK was assassinated, 110 American Cities started rioting, causing $47M in damage. On the 6th day of the riot…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹black screens don’t do anything for black lives.
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Infowars torched a homeless man's belongings to paint the protestors in a bad light. This is how low the right are willing to sink.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹GRENFELL VICTIMS STILL HAVEN’T BEEN REHOUSED. DON’T FORGET. KEEP SPEAKING UP. IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS.Angela Davis is one of the clearest writers and a lot of her text is available for free online, and it is often rel…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Wales has just given 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote. The young people will win. England’s next, let’s keep fighting.Why is Britain all of a sudden acting anti-looting when the British Museum is the most visited attraction in the country?
Say their names. This is the UK. Say their names. anti-fascist. Proudly antifa. Who the hell is pro-fascist?!?uk racism is not covert!!!! it is not subtle!!!! literally stop saying this!! go home vans are not subtle windrush…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Antifa doesn’t exist: it’s not an organisation. People are anti-fascist. Trump wants to be able to arrest anyone fo… the Metropolitan Police has arrested Black Lives Matter protestors over the last 48 hours in London for breachin… racism is not subtle and it is not only in the form of microaggressions. it is clear as day in grenfell, in the…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹I see people are angry at the protestors gathered in Trafalgar Square for #BlackLivesMatter but where was this ener… have gathered in Trafalgar Square in support of #BlackLivesMatter, kneeling and chanting “No justice, no p… in Minneapolis, I saw free hot food stations, mutual aid stations giving away diapers and formula, medic tra…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹is this moment radicalizing you? let’s get some readings lined up for you. a thread:
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹
This needs to be JUST as viral as the Target video.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹So much love to these young people who organised a #BlackLivesMatter protest in Peckham, SE London with chants of “… you’ve unfollowed me for sharing Black Lives Matter posts or for highlighting the racism Black people in Britain… isn’t a touchy topic if you’re not a fucking racist
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹I think a lot of British ppl say ‘the UK isn’t as bad as the US’ because black history is not taught in schools. Th…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹losing racist followers >>>>
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹If you want to donate to the legal funds of people arrested while protesting in Minnesota I am told this is the cor…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Statement from members of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs in solidarity with the family, friends and com…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹As my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Drive through testing site at Windsor is empty. @MattHancock what’s going on? the CEO of Target wrote a statement and basically said he can rebuild the store ppl care so much about and stand…
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So Madeleine McCann is still being investigated after *13 years* but the police won’t be taking any action after a… Korea has closed its schools again after a second spike of cases. They’ve had less than 300 deaths altogether…'s post explores the relation between inclusivity and reputation within academia, by discussing the habit to l…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Title: The Minneapolis Uprising
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹“At least we don’t live in America.” Belly Mujinga, a black woman transport worker died of Covid-19 after a man spa… NAME WAS BELLY MUJINGA SHE WAS A BLACK WOMAN WHO GOT SPAT ON AND COUGHED ON AND THEN DIED FROM COVID-19. SHE GO…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Stop saying British racism is “subtle.” Theresa May sent ‘go home’ vans to scare migrants, the government deported… are only two CNN reporters in Minneapolis. Guess which one’s been arrested.
Riots work.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹 @jaboukie points were madelooting target is unamerican. the real american thing to do is loot iraq iran kuwait pakistan yemen somalia syria a…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹One of the largest forms of theft in the US today is wage theft.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹The school I’m at, Eton, doesn’t open until September. So why is the government willing to risk the safety of state… Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹At 8pm tonight, these NHS doctors silently took a knee outside Downing Street with a sign saying “Doctors not Maryt… enough injustice, people riot. in riots things get broken. you can't argue it away at that point. proclaiming…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹The BBC is now headlining that “Eid Street Prayers were a serious lockdown breach” yet Dominic Cummings can drive 2… @KASHMlRl SameBlack people are 9 times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs in the UK. The main users of drugs are w… British media is reporting on US police brutality and racism as if we’re innocent. Let’s not act like we didn’t… really fucking hate racists.
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a reminder that black people do not have to be excellent to deserve not to be killed by the police.
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹1/3 of Americans didn’t pay rent in April. However, going on rent strike alone is dangerous. By joining a tenants’…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹“Do the best for your child even if it’s against the law” the PM says, but not if you’re a Syrian refugee drowning in the Mediterranean.The UK media love a racism story from the US. They don’t keep the same energy for racism in the UK
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Sharing because I’m happy and because all the EDL/Tommy Robinson fans who follow me will be angry 🥰 Ministers are sharing articles from the Sun. Don’t buy the Sun. Don’t read the Sun. Don’t share the Sun. Don’t…
Let’s take back control from unelected bureaucrats like Dominic CummingsThis is the heartbreaking queue for a foodbank in Elephant & Castle, Central London. This is what Cummings and the… you for all of the love you’ve shown me after I was dogpiled with death threats and racist messages telling m… DIVESTMENT ALERT! ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿 Following almost nine years of our #FossilFree campaign, @OfficialUoM have commit…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Dominic Cummings is being held accountable and is facing the consequences of his actions. He is not being bullied. They are not the same.DMA statement: “Dominic Cummings may be from Durham, but he is not of Durham. His shameful actions are an insult to…
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹notice how it’s okay to “follow the instincts of every parent” when you’re white and british but not when you’re a refugee and syrian
Retweeted by Hasan Patel 🌹Stop telling me to go back to Pakistan. I was born in East London and my parents are from India bruvYou can say what you want but I won’t be silenced. This is my country as much as it is anyone else’s and I will fig…
I'm getting messages telling me to "die" and " to make sure I'm in the UK legally" for opposing Dominic Cummings. T… Dominic Cummings, Resign. I’ll be tweeting this everyday until you do. Kindest regards, Hasan. @DarZakmak @chibiandchill I've shared this. I hope it gains traction now. Sending all my love.... just said he didn’t have symptoms and neither did his wife. So what exceptional circumstance meant he had… Airways is forcing its staff to sign new contracts that cut their pay by 55% or risk getting sacked. Make s… Dominic Cummings distracts the entire nation, it’s gone unreported that *1.5 million* people in the UK have g…| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| Unskilled work is a classist myth used by the rich to justify poverty wa…
Oh my god. These aren’t journalists shouting angrily at Cummings. It’s the public. that man called Corbyn? Yeah, he was called the most dangerous person in the country for wanting homelessn… minutes after the rogue civil service tweet the government has announced an investigation into who was behin… weeks ago a black man was *tasered* by the police in front of his terrified child for taking a “non-essential” jo… TWEET’s BEEN DELETED SO LETS DO OUR THING TWITTER