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Internet Video store clerk. Horror, film, journalism, psychology, art, philosophy, politics, science, satire, games, comedy, comics & the kitschy keen. 🐦🍳

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@ReturnIntoXero lol @SwiftofOpal ContentBe honest, if your company found your twitter would you be worried?If you donated to the gofundme for Heather, and you'd like to, send me a dm with your emails. Thank you.
Retweeted by Cord is bored. @halloweeeeeeee It really was. @ttrannasaurus Not you bb @veezy1690 From my understanding, he said he was going to kill people on camera. Whether or not he was grandstandin…
Seeing people who got completely obliterated in Youtube debates for years also get arrested by the FBI for storming… beats out Terminator 2. Thanks for playing. @midnightskies_x BDSM, chicken wings, snow. @ItsHailsOfZo I think she wants to send a personal thank you or something? She wanted me to gather emails haha @veezy1690 Uh...its Indian I suppose. I made it myself so I wouldn't classify it as anything but white.If you donated to the gofundme for Heather, and you'd like to, send me a dm with your emails. Thank you. @HorrorFanRyan @Spookyladyyy Maybe I can get into food photographyChicken curry for the game today. two children are fighting each other today. So, I'll pick my favorite child. Go Packers! I'm here
Retweeted by Cord is bored. @Seanofthethread People on twitter: Actually it was nice that he did that. Biff is the good guy!Saturday plans: @midnightskies_x Why you always gotta make me feel bad!?#CurrentMood @Vincefarraday1 I didn't realize you were a free speech crusader. I love free speech. Hence why I talk politics. Gl… @Angushorrorfan Probably. From my understanding she was also screaming and causing a disturbance over it. @Vincefarraday1 Why comment on a thread about it when you don't follow me? @JayRodz34, enough of that sentimental shiz. Back to posts about wieners and buttholes. @msfemfatale_ @DeathCursePod just generally astounds me how charitable and kind my little community is. It's overwhelming at times. There are… @IrishAngel_PW yup @msfemfatale_ @heyitsrobbie I'm good. Thanks for asking @Spookyladyyy Mos def. I'm just glad people came through.Brb. Gonna cry. @DeathCursePod *Nickleback's Hero intensifies* @DeathCursePod To be fair, I do wear a cape. And people in my neighborhood give me a lot of strange looks. But I ap…, you crazy sons of bitches. We met our goal! To all those who donated, I owe you something... sexual probably.… @themunnyshot Right!?'s funny about twitter is people think you get as angry or emotional about politics as they do. Honestly, talki… @heyitsrobbie @kerri_HD once you hit season 2 (my favorite season) oh boy. @heyitsrobbie @kerri_HD Yeah I've been watching it before bed for years. It's super wholesome. @heyitsrobbie @kerri_HD If it's the American Office, it's literally like my favorite show of all time. So good on you @msfemfatale_ @Seanofthethread Listening to it as we speak ; ) @thepissytwitt @marygar48875787 @RanDappazzo @roguefox413 @KatalinichKaren @LizaJoh24710290 @RachaelKHarper1 @evil_toast916#CinephileDogpileIf you wanna participate and are out of the US or don't have Amazon Prime, start the film at 7:00 p.m. and tweet al…, everybody! The link to the Amazon Watch Party is below. I'll keep the lobby open for a bit so everybody c… @heyitsrobbie My bad! I knew it was Australia. I dunno why I said UK! @heyitsrobbie We're watching Evil Dead 2 at 7:00 p.m. PST if you wanna watch along and tweet with us. I know you li… @heyitsrobbie noooo @msfemfatale_ @Seanofthethread As I'm an egomaniac, this pleases me. I will listen to it later tonight.Only $75 more to go until we reach our goal and this little yodeler guy won't poke your eyes out in your sleep! It'… $85 more to go until we meet our goal. We can do it! I know we can! @MrBlindPenguin He's my favorite @Sinnful_Redhead $130 more needed @SupGirl I knew you would know what I was referencing. My bb @MattHombreLobo @ChewableSmile Thanks a million a beer in the bath for Beer Fridays. This is the height of luxury! @ShayRaeInGame You can press play at 7 on your own? @ShayRaeInGame @RachaelKHarper1If you are interested in Evil Dead 2 Amazon Watch Party tonight, you need to have prime, a computer and be in the U… scream in this video @ziziofthedead Pretty good, dude. Gonna host an Evil Dead 2 Amazon Watch Party at 7PM pst. You should join if you h… it just me or does this woman look like every person's high school drama teacher? @ziziofthedead @Koutchboom @brackster81 Neat.
@brackster81 Thanks, dude! @brackster81 @Koutchboom Oh hey! I unblocked you so you can continue throwing your tantrum on my page if you'd like…$160 more and we meet our goal and help someone in need in the #HorrorFam pay their rent who has medical bills that… Yang walking around NYC like
Retweeted by Cord is bored. @DontFallAsleep9 one? @marygar48875787 Thank you! @Raptor_Judy So sorry. Lost two dogs of my own the past year. It's rough.$200 dollars away with just 2 more donations! @roguefox413 I'm learning about that in real time. I just blocked that person after a single response. I was good. @roguefox413 Yeah, and often their proof of their claims is a random picture from "somewhere." @roguefox413 It genuinely saddens me that so many of these people only get news from OAN and NEWSMAX without any sense of irony. @roguefox413 My favorite thing in life is when people who have "independent thinker" in their info do nothing but r… @midnightskies_x yolo @midnightskies_x @filmhurts Feel that. A lot of people are struggling right nowWe haven't gotten a single donation today. I'm getting pretty desperate, you guys... @neff_goldblum I'm a definite Shaniac.$300 away from the goal with just 20 donations. Retweet, like, contribute what you can. I'm confident we can reach… got a rat. Pretty excited about it @omaraubert You're a cool guy and not a dick. @thepissytwitt My go-to is usually Eden Lake since a lot of people haven't seen it and I feel that's a shame.Alright, gang! Looks like it's going to be Evil Dead 2 tonight. I'm thinking around 7PM PST. I will post a link to… @MrBlindPenguin @jessicagnarly That's not necessarily true. Remember that Trump pardons war criminals too.Ex-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder And 8 Others Criminally Charged In Flint Water Crisis during all the chaos and drama in the richest country on earth:
Retweeted by Cord is bored. @thehill What a knucklehead. @slothrop420 @MattHombreLobo Which beer are you drinking? I haven't had a beer in weeks and I'm jonesing. @MattHombreLobo Well, how many do you have!?