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@ContraVir I have not!#NowWatching #ScaryMovieMonth #FirstTime Child's Play 2 (1990) @FilmandPhil So confidently directed. Loved his previous film Upgrade too, but radically different in tone than this one. @shahtsee @hikaruyoumeno @thefilmbuff30 @stagescreen60 @sergioandreola @TimsWorld5 @ithrah69 @JHamBri @DemonDetention Moss just elevates the material so much. I think with a different actress it would be significantly… The Movie! A great flick. Leigh Whannell has been knocking it out of the park with confidently direct… @vamperini @Krueger1428E @BTheDaywalker @EddieBrockkkkk @MSideSpike @DrHerbertWest1 @SlasherCrystal @YannMetal666 @hansson802 Even Steven!Morning, twitter! Hope y'all don't have a case of the Mondays. was a good day.#NowWatching #FirstTimeEver #ScaryMovieMonth The Invisible Man (2020) @JayRodz34 Yeah monthly. Roommate pays for it @JayRodz34 I believe its 10 or 12 for 2 st a time @JayRodz34 They do. They give out free trials quite often. Use it for harder to find stuff @JayRodz34 Netflix DVD. My roommate gets them 🤷Incredible performance by Haley Bennett. Unpredictable parable about feeling shackled in a domineering relationship… @renae_marie1 @Romanemperor47 @FrankKane11 @CineStarFilms @voldude4life @Ashtonholmes @BrianMSammons @BuechelJohn #ScaryMovieMonth Swallow (2019) @slothrop420 I'll miss ya but just so you know made Banh Mi Bo Kho. A spicy Vietnamese beef stew. Never had this before! Yum! Lovecraft County eats! I had no idea which directors worked on this film going in so guessing correctly on two segments was a point o… @Fat_Male_Virgin 2nd favorite. But it was very similar to the Twilight episode with Will Shatner and the Dante one… for 4 with guessing directors with Dante and Spielberg. Dante's segment was leaps and bounds ahead of everything… Roommate: Dan Akroyd? He thinks everything in this movie is true.
#TwilightZoneTheMovie lol don't really see this segment being topped Dick Miller! #FirstTimeEver #ScaryMovieMonth Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) @slothrop420 Agreed. I was going to mention her last night when I was watching it but I plum forgot. @slothrop420 @slothrop420 You ever have matcha anything? It's kind of an acquired taste. They had matcha and apple pie kit kats. Very goodMatcha ice cream year ago I was in Japan and I can't go back this year, but we went to the Japanese market today and it was oddly… @CroweAlistair I cannot speak it. I'd like to learn though the Japanese Book Store nearby. Been a while wears masks in Little Tokyo weeeLol this episode @mela_acida Thanks I'll check it out!Just turned on the TV and I was immediately greeted with the Scott's Tots episode of The Office. @craiglayton07 Nice, man! Congratulations. No easy thing to do @neff_goldblum Yup. Hausu is awesome, twitter. Happy 18th day of #ScaryMovieMonth! @_duygukartall You're gonna love it then lol @MadisonSpring1 Only like 100Taped off the area pending further investigation. The poor girl. It's a cold and dark Barbie world we live in. and enjoyable movie, but I don't know how much rewatch value it would have because it's so beholden to the curr… The Hunt (2020) @neff_goldblum Agreed. Characters were not good#TCM2 The relationship between Leatherface and Vanita is almost like a really fucked up version of King Kong#TCM2 Caroline Williams acts her ass off in this movie. always appreciated the weirdness of this part Lick my plate, you dog dick!#TCM2 one of the best jump scares in horror Saw people's heads off all you want but the most disturbing thing in this movie for me is that guy pouring th… French fry stacking game is on point.#TCM2 I had one of those stupid hologram eye glasses this yuppie is wearing. My third grade teacher confiscated the… ah the Cannon intro. Always love seeing it. #TCM2 Caroline Williams wanted to make a strong impression at her audition. When called in, she went t… @MrBlindPenguin I mean often Kimchi is buried under ground to ferment then exhumed. I'd say pickles are zombie cucumbers. @jny8675309 I have seen a few eps of that show and I liked what I saw. I just haven't continued with it. @TyrsApprentice Had no idea. Is kimchi zombie cabbage?🤔 @TyrsApprentice Is that out already?#SeoulStation Korean zombies are way faster and capable than their American counterparts. They even got us beat when it comes to the undead.In a rather close race, Friday the 13th Part 1 ends up squeaking by as your favorite of the four.… @neff_goldblum It's a prequel to the film.
#SeoulStation Now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen any animated movies from South Korea except this one that I can recall. @HorrorLibrary_ Pretty much any public post I make, people that don't' follow me will comment some stupid bullshit.… #ScaryMovieMonth Seoul Station (2016) impressive anthology movie. Gotta love Clancy Brown as an old mortician named Montgomery Dark😅 as this film'… like it will be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 watch along at 7:00 PM pst. Use #TCM2 to tweet along with me! S… #ScaryMovieMonth The Mortuary Collection (2020) @JanTheMan2010 I remember liking Dead Snow @RachaelKHarper1 Cool! My roommate's dad made the model ships for that movie @slothrop420 Why, in your opinion, is Scream 3 the best one?I like everything aesthetically about it, the use of sets and lighting, etc. It's a unique and admirable departure… @jessicagnarly What time? @slothrop420 If I haven't seen it, it's new to me The new transfer of this movie is beautiful#NowWatching #ScaryMovieMonth #FirstTimeWatch Eaten Alive (1976) think this guy might be my favorite actor ever Rat
Retweeted by Cord is horrified. 🎃#CurrentMood @vamperini He's definitely my thought twin. He acts and says things like I do in every way lol. @slothrop420 Haha. I don't know if I've even seen it myself. I think I have and don't remember it at all. @slothrop420 Silent Hill is directed by a foreigner! @ladyazuI Like them both. Very different films @WinterStar21 When are you free? Ill be probably marathoning until 2 am pst tbh @StevenD53505389 Definitely underrated. Saw it in theaters and I was the only person in there @WinterStar21 Id say between 6 and 8 pst probably? Party Tonight? What y'all wanna watch? @jonhedrick Aight, I'll poll some movies to see what people are down for and then post about something later. @jonhedrick Mmm. I dunno. What's a good time. I literally have nothing going on today. I could literally do it at any time lol. @DeathCursePod @vamperini @JQuarmby @graeme_yard @Cheoko3Cheoko @chucky19882 @Razzlyxghost @DarkHorrorWorks @DesautelsJason I'm not entirely certain I've seen that one all the way through. Only bits and pieces.Will be free all day today if y'all wanna watch some horror moobies. @amieeemarieee75 @jessicagnarly @neff_goldblum @badtechno @therealjoebob @kinky_horror @LisaPortillo9 @langis941