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BREAKING: President Macron has just approved the identical rebuilding of #NotreDrame spire! cc @Solena_Tad
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @FatherLococo My favorite in our practicum was when a classmate just reaches over grabs the doll from the parents h… @FatherLococo I sit back horrified when I’m at a Baptism like that. I want to say, Father. It’s not that hard. Aim… @gmarcbentley @Vlinguist ¿Estás practicando hablar en Holy Family?Adoration all day today at Saints Joseph and Paul. Benediction at 5:15, Mass at 5:30. Come and pray with us! all day today at Saints Joseph and Paul. Benediction at 5:15, Mass at 5:30. Come and pray with us!… in Spanish this weekend. Pray for me. Estaré predicando en español este fin de semana. Por favor reza por mi.Thanks God. @ Saints Joseph & Paul Homily for this evening. Can we reach out and grab the hand of the Lord when our days get rough?
Camp favorites! Folk dancing. Pray for these future saints and the wonderful @grcycrc staff who served them at Gasp… don’t want to simply tolerate people; I want to love them. I don’t want to coexist with others; I want to be in communion with them.
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsFun with @grcycrc on the Go this morning at Saint Pius X. Pray for these future saints! you don’t often go to confession, try going once a month for a year. Then, ask yourself, have I grown in virtue,…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsThe reason for the visceral contempt for the Little Sisters is simply that nuns, by their very existence, are a reb…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @jfacemyer @CatholicMumma AfggghhhhIf I have to roll up my sleeves and duct tape this neighborhood back together again all by myself, I’ll do it.
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsAccording to my binoculars, Helen is stuck in her Adirondack chair. Hopefully, she’ll get some help. Time for tapioca!
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @CatholicMumma I’m dying. “And she petted me.” 😂 I saw mine last night. Her Mom told me: “Oh Snap, she didn’t know… homily from this evening
@larabel1 Donations can always be made, but the work of blessing things and praying with people is always freely gi… @larabel1 Whatever you like to do. I always start the blessing in the kitchen since it’s the “heart of the home,” t… @larabel1 I just blessed two homes in the past three days. Deacons can bless homes too! Although, I have a priest e…
My Catholic faith sustained me, especially the understanding that my suffering need not be pointless but could be u…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsLet’s pledge to be better. To share Christ with charity!
@FrTonyCecil 😂 I’m just a poor seminarian. 😂 @singnpik @FrTonyCecil 😂 last year bud“When God sees our sin He sees our pain.” St. Julian of Norwich
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @FrTonyCecil Ouch “acquaintance indeed...” @FrTonyCecil Like this @FrTonyCecil And a photo of me. 😢 @FrTonyCecil Needs more
How can I pray for you today? @ Saints Joseph & Paul @maggie_mcgowan_ @YearoutWilliam Best part is it was judged by a Canon and Civil Lawyer who is OUTSTANDING. His wig… @YearoutWilliam 😩 at least he didn’t pull me into it this time... he’s so crazy.My home parish has only looked like this for around 7 months, but I find it incredible that it feels more like home…
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If your conservatism isn't based on Catholicism sooner or later you're going to become a liberal, that's just the way it goes.
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No such thing as uncertain times when you have a good, solid Bundt pan.
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @BrotherAloysius Silence! 😂
BLT and a G&T. Great summer dinner.If I could bottle stupid I’d be a billionaire.
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsFeeling Franciscan today. It’s HOT outside. @FrTonyCecil This always always always warms my heart.
Celebrating today’s Saint with a glass from my favorite bottle of Cabernet! F. J. Serra. Saint Junipero Serra, pray…
Ordination to the Diaconate you disagree with anything the Church teaches, it’s you who needs to change, not the Church. Do your research…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsIt's always best to speak directly to the manager.
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Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, I Vespers live at Saint Meinrad
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsDon't forget to pray first vespers of Sts. Peter and Paul this evening - solemnities of saints trump Sundays in ordinary time!
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsMy homily for this weekend, the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Preached at Saint Stephen Cathedral, Owensboro.
@FrHilderbrand From a bathtub!One Thank you Lord, Thank you!“... so as I encouraged the people to not be afraid, for God always remains with us, I realized later in the day th…
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My Homily for today.
Rise and shine! And polish and buff. And scrub and disinfect.
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsOn June 19, the evening prior to future Deacon Corey Bruns' ordination to the transitional diaconate,…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey Bruns @FrTonyCecil @gregorykhillis Come visit me in the Boro on your day off and I’ll take you to visit one. @FrTonyCecil 😂 dying over here. 🤣 @FrTonyCecil Ouch. #Lies and #falsehoods @FrTonyCecil #standards @FrTonyCecil Not this seminarian. Only free dinner. Nice. Dinner. @FrTonyCecil @CounselofTrent 😂 Friends know friends. @FrTonyCecil It just sucks to have to move them all. @FrTonyCecil @CounselofTrent The Benedictine isn’t a secret. It’s a fact. 😃#NewProfilePic Homily for the Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
@danielross859 It hasn’t moved for the past hour and a half. I haven’t decided if it’s dead or alive... @BAHarkins It’s when a pipe sounds when the key isn’t pressed. So the air is “ciphering” or leaking out, causing so… @CounselofTrent DTM should be blocked. Ugh. Every time I see his name on a post I think: John 11:35Conquered the Wicks Cipher. Now I’m filthy and covered in dust. @CounselofTrent I reckon that’s a smart choice @omargal17 AMÉN @paterwillt I’ll let you burn down the offices... @teachcaudill It’s like something from a horror film. to play the organ. Finds out organ has a cipher. Tuner was just here last week. Time to change out of black cl…'s a GIANT 3" long cockroach thing crawling and flying around inside the ceiling light in my office. I was goi… Mass this morning at @SaintMeinrad for Trinity Sunday we sang one of my favorite pieces: "Holy God" arranged by…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsENCOUNTER — being a Missionary Disciple means we must not only must we reflect on how we encounter Christ, but we m…
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@FrHilderbrand Prayers for you!#ReadThis St. Thomas More - Letter to His Daughter Margaret - Crossroads Initiative“Nothing can come but what God wills. And I am very sure that whatever that be, however bad it may seem, it shall i…“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” - Ray Bradbury
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsWhat if, and bear with me, we loved our neighbor as ourselves today?
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsOur ultimate Marian Knight, Sister Norma has passed. President Elsener sends the following message to the Marian co…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsAs an Anglican I served in Saint John Fisher’s old diocese of Rochester. Shortly after ordination as a Catholic I l…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsStay with us, Lord Jesus, for evening draws near, and be our companion on our way to set our hearts on fire with ne…
My Homily from Sunday: Do Not Be Afraid @thomaspringle 😂 Thank you!! @iwastherealyeti Francis of AssisiSuch a blessed weekend! My heart is full. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. #Goddaughter is the cutest. #JustSaying @bthgt4 Thank you!
Give to your faithful, O Lord, a prayerful spirit of gratitude, – that we may thank you for all your gifts. @CounselofTrent Thank you! Know of my prayers for you as well!“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and yo…
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@CatholicMumma Thank you!!For the grace of Orders, thank you Lord. Help me to serve your people well. now available from Deacon @CoreyBruns's ordination to the transitional diaconate by @BishopMedley1. Please p…
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsPart of being a Deacon is the ability to give blessings!
Retweeted by Deacon Corey BrunsCongratulations, Deacon Corey! 🎊
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