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Cori Bush @CoriBush St Louis, MO

Democratic Nominee for #MO01, RN, Ferguson Activist, Fmr National Bernie 2020 Surrogate • I Am the People I Fight For • #fromProtest2Politics • She/her

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GOP Senators when there’s an election year Supreme Court vacancy:
I am voting early and in person so I can work the polls on November 3rd! What’s your voting plan?🚨 District Tour Day 2! 🚨 We’ve got 4 more stops on our tour today! We need all the help we can get in registering… moment solemn, the next fierce with words of resistance, tonight in #STL we honored the greatest advocate for w…
Retweeted by Cori BushOur movement has never relied on just one person. We must continue the fight. #RIPRBG
The voter registration deadline is on October 7th here in Missouri. That means there are less than 3 weeks to mak…, we lose $1,300 every year for 10 years for every person who isn’t counted in the census. Complete yours…🚨 District Tour Alert! 🚨 We’re heading to 8 locations across the district this weekend to remind folks about the c… @OfficerBlack @RepSheenBean @brucefranksjr @Ohun_Ashe @AnnieRiceStL @erincounihan @ewarren Yes! And this list ❤️#RIPRuthBaderGinsburg your work and legacy will be remembered.
I. I believe. I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win. Keep on fighting ✊🏾Tax the rich.L’Shana Tova to our Jewish neighbors here in St. Louis and beyond. Wishing you a year full of joy, love, and peace. Happy New Year! @CoriBush My daughter signing “Uptown Girl” in falsetto.
Retweeted by Cori BushMy ancestors were enslaved and lynched in America. Wearing a mask to keep our neighbors and loved ones safe in no…
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COVID-19 has only exacerbated our nation's mental health crisis. Mental healthcare is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right.Medicare, Housing, & College for All. A Green New Deal. UBI. Cancel student & medical debt. End endless wars. Legal… Twitter fam. What's something that's bringing you joy today?Parson’s attack on Black women died. Let’s evict him from the Governor’s mansion on November 4th.
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78% of the children who have died from COVID-19 in the US are children of color. The death toll for those under 65… a decent and humane society, NO ONE should have to overcome starvation wages, lack of health insurance, unequal… Green New Deal is not too expensive. What is far more expensive is allowing our planet to burn up, lives lost,…
Retweeted by Cori BushOur healthcare system is broken and killing people. Having insurance isn’t the same as having healthcare. We need…
Retweeted by Cori BushJustice means: 🚨 Abolishing ICE 🚨 Investigating & prosecuting ICE’s horrific crimes against humanity Justice al… blessed, beautiful, and empowered today. #BlackGirlMagic just won't quit!
The fact that we must say "quality" care shows everything that is wrong with our healthcare system. All healthcar… you, @CollectivePAC! Let's win this thing 💪🏾 they don’t bring charges, keep going. If you can’t breathe from the teargas, keep going. If people stop saying h… needed a good laugh this morning!“When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp. It w…
Every public school in the nation should have a community garden 🥕🥦🍅Our nation has been carried through the COVID-19 crisis on the backs of our childcare workers, who are primarily wo… Trump is the current father of racism. Big Daddy Bigotry. @AyannaPressley Every. Single. Word.Listen. Watch. Hear. Absorb. Act. Let this be your word for the week. Thank you @AyannaPressley 🖤✨
AshLee DeMarinis was a special education teacher in Potosi, MO. She told her sister she was scared to teach in pers… @GovParsonMO said that when kids go back to school, they’ll get COVID-19, but will be fine. While that's not even…’re ready! Are you ready? century poll tax👇🏿
Retweeted by Cori BushVote. But also, organize your workplace.Climate justice is a racial justice issue.
Retweeted by Cori BushNearly 80% of VA employees surveyed in July said racism is a problem at the organization. The Sec. of the VA (… you @MoDemParty it was an honor! you to Truman Dinner speakers @nicolergalloway, @alissiacanady, @yinka_faleti, @venglund, @richfinneran,…
Retweeted by Cori Bush @DrGenaLRoss @GiltGraves @GenaRossforMO6 I think there is a misunderstanding @GenaRossforMO6. I will dm you.Thankful for you @anthonyvclark20! @CollegeDemsMO Thank you! Let’s do this! @KieniaM @wecreeptoodeep I’m so sorry 😖 @RashidaTlaib So true @RashidaTlaib
Cash bail is ransom and must be abolished.I am a victim of domestic abuse and sexual assault. I waited as my rape kit sat on the shelf for months. I say vic… AND Cory in the house?!? I hope you’re bringing @rosariodawson, Senator! 😍
Join me tomorrow at 11 AM to stand with the union workers of AFGE Local 96 and AFGE Local 2192 to demand PPE, hazar… Meet-Up is happening NOW! Check it out here:
Retweeted by Cori BushMany thanks to @CoriBush & @BurtonRev for calling on Ameren to quickly retire its dirty old coal plants and invest…
Retweeted by Cori BushGoing to college shouldn't come with a lifetime of debt.The countdown has begun! 2 hours until our Midwest Meet Up! Our youth @C79th, @CoriBush, and @Booker4KY are in t…
Retweeted by Cori BushHey, Missouri. For every census that isn't filled out, Missouri loses $1,300 in federal funding every year for the… @SierraClub is proud to announce the endorsements of @CoriBush, @JamaalBowmanNY, and @MondaireJones — three c…
Retweeted by Cori Bush.@CoriBush has dedicated her life to fighting for justice and reproductive freedom. Don’t miss your chance to hear…
Retweeted by Cori BushWe also mourn the approximately 500,000 lives that have been directly taken by the unnecessary wars that we entered… also mourn the 192,000 lives that have been lost this year in our country due to terroristic negligence from the… 9/11 we mourn the 2,977 lives lost in the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center. We also remember that even…
Missouri, here are some important dates to remember: • Absentee ballots drop on September 22nd • The deadline to re… are not, have never been, and will never be people. Overturn Citizens United.You see the photos of the wildfires & rightly worry. What you don't often see is the pollution that leads Black peo…, they are literally showing their face. They care more about corporations than the very people they are sworn…
Retweeted by Cori Bush'St. Louis Superman' files legal claim against Phoenix police
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The proposed GOP COVID-19 relief bill cuts enhanced unemployment benefits in half. They're also pushing a bill th… PD was so close to covering up Daniel Prude's murder. I keep thinking about Breonna Taylor. They told us… healthcare system is so broken that I’m not even surprised that COVID-19 testing, which should be free, is bank… federal government subsidizes military weaponry to police forces, and Wall Street profits from our deaths. From… George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Derek Chauvin, @GoldmanSachs created a fund for racial equity. In 2… recently called the BLM movement “a watershed moment.” In 2018, they settled a massive lawsuit for pre… sell investors “police brutality bonds” to raise the money. From ’08-’17, Chicago sold more than $700 million… pay out hundreds of millions in police brutality settlements—in 2018, New York City paid nearly $237 MILLION… brutality will never end as long as Wall Street stands to make a profit. @PositiveRModels Love thisThere have been 7K cases of COVID-19 at MO colleges & universities. 1.5K cases at Iowa. 2K at Alabama. It's not ju…
@AdrBell @anthonyvclark20 I’m ready!With potentially less than a month til the census closes, more than 70% of North St. Louis remains uncounted. An… everyday that a grassroots congressional leader gets to talk to your class! Shout out to Congresswoman elect…
Retweeted by Cori BushHappy Birthday @BernieSanders! Thank you for always believing in me and having my back. You know I’ll always have y… @tishaura 😂 I know you doPolice violence is a public health crisis.
Retweeted by Cori BushLabor Day was fought for with protests & strikes. I celebrated by standing with Local 2192 of AFGE to demand fair c…’s the night! 🎉 Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at 7 p.m. for our live #BlackGirlMagic Q&A with…
Retweeted by Cori BushWhat big sis said fact that the census deadline was ever moved up during a pandemic is unacceptable. This is temporary for now, s…
This implies ‘Black Democrats’ and ‘the left’ are two distinct, rival blocs. Some of the most prominent, high-profi…
Retweeted by Cori BushThis Labor Day, I’m thinking of the @APWUnational. The dismantling of the Post Office is not just an attack on our… me? This Black Democrat is urging Biden to do the opposite. We need less Wall Street in the next administrat…
Retweeted by Cori Bush @DrGenaLRoss Congratulations as well!There could be dozens of qualified BIPOC candidates in St. Louis alone who would bring that change. So, where shoul… THIS Black Democrat. We don't just want Black leaders. We want Black leaders who will actually bring the chan… a holiday that was fought for by labor unions, I’m proud to receive the endorsement of @MOAFLCIO. can be really confusing to vote in Missouri. Some ballots need a notary, some don't. There's absentee-by-mail an… to a St. Louis legend, Lou Brock. You will be sorely missed.
Reject racism. Speak out against injustice in all forms. Stand up to hatred and bigotry. Use your voice, power, and…
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