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cori dauber @coridauber North Carolina, USA

Professor of Communication, Tar Heel, former visiting prof USAWC, co-editor of Visual Propaganda and Extremism, I study visual imagery in online propaganda

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I can’t decide if this is hilarious or tragic @azelin Nah, appreciate u doing the work
The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors This… who had a hand in Obama's Syria policy has no right to criticize Trump's policies in Syria, which are only s…
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@GlobalMedia_ Here she is! @GlobalMedia_ Lovin’ it so far😎Sigh. million people are jailed at China's gulags. I managed to escape. Here's what really goes on inside
Hey @GlobalMedia_ guess what was in the mail today? (and there goes my weekend!)advice please: looking for a good terrorism jrnl where notes can be read from the same screen as text -- and which…
New approaches to treating chronic pain include more support and focusing on overall wellness… think we all need a story like this today. Woman is reunited with missing dog 12 years later and 1,000 miles fro… They bluffed @ other @AmarAmarasingam I need a Twitter button for “Primal scream.”Over-under the Queen starts w/, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PPL DOING?”
2019 usual, worth reading all the way down
Don't forget: the Hollywood Internship application is due next Wednesday by 11:59PM! This internship is exclusive t…
Retweeted by cori dauberToday there was another far-right terrorist attack. This time in Halle, Germany. A white nationalist killed 2 peopl…
Retweeted by cori dauberProbably always the case, no?'s a torrent of mis/disinformation flowing out of #Syria right now. Might be an idea to pause before amplifyin…
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.@elilake speaks to the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces: "All the achievements for us that we accomplishe…
Apple Removes App That Tracked Hong Kong Police I'm old enuf 2 rembr when trade w/PRC was s… just spoke to a distraught US Special Forces soldier who is among the 1000 or so US troops in Syria tonight who i…
Retweeted by cori dauberWikipedia Wars? - BBC Click via @YouTube. China manipulation of Wikipedia
@BBCAMERICA brings on Ann Lee who actually says “anyone who is objective “ will say PRC “has their reasons “ 4 what… - 'It's a Strategic Win': Why Russia is Settling in for the Long Haul in Syria - "Russian military building bas…
Retweeted by cori dauberToday, I am announcing visa restrictions on Chinese government and Communist Party officials believed to be respons…
Retweeted by cori dauberChina has forcibly detained over one million Muslims in a brutal, systematic campaign to erase religion and culture…
Retweeted by cori dauberCredible reporting indicates that there is no plan to make sure the ISIS detainees in Northern Syria remain incarce…
Retweeted by cori dauberNow that Turkey has invaded Syria to attack our SDF partners, when will the White House cancel the @POTUS meeting w…
Retweeted by cori dauber...I'm also told that Turkish attack appears coordinated with the Russians. Russian-backed forces are mobilizing to…
Retweeted by cori dauber...And finally there is the scary issue of the thousands of ISIS detainees and families, who may be breaking out of…
Retweeted by cori dauberAnother position, voiced esp by IS supporters, has been to gloat at what they say is the US’s “using and then disca…
Retweeted by cori dauber“#Incels are a danger to society and to themselves. Technology has made the problem worse, but it can also help fix…
Retweeted by cori dauberGermany gunman 'broadcast attack online' and ranted about Holocaust, Jews and immigration'It Didn't Have to Be This Way': Just-Retired CENTCOM General via @defenseoneMy very brilliant colleague!
not untrue
Retweeted by cori dauberThis will be the faith of Kurds in Syria if Turkey invades. A disabled Kurdish child, his father, and grandfather…
Retweeted by cori dauber @GlobalMedia_ @iupress I'm checking mailbox everyday!Trump’s Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation little FAA direction, vaping devices add to fire dangers on planes Headline is inacc…
ISIS propoganda videos & personal data on dozens of French police officers found on USB drive belonging to Paris po…
Retweeted by cori dauber @Thurka149 Can u follow me back, I'd much like to DM w/u @Thurka149 u have some folks here in Chapel Hill who r rooting 4 more than u can know.Analysis | The Daily 202: Trump abandoning Kurdish partners in Syria sends a chilling message to every other Americ…
Man accused of killing 10 in Toronto van attack told police his ‘mission’ was ‘accomplished’ Denied For Javier Garcia, 22, Charged With Terrorism In Woodfield Mall Incident
This, by @gcaw, is a confronting (and beautifully written) account of what it is to work with/on execution propagan…
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Potential culprits in mystery lung illnesses: Black-market vaping products Now u start 2 w…
Boy am I bad about this one Limit exposure: Think of traumatic imagery like radiation -a toxic substance that has a dose-dependent effect. T…
Retweeted by cori dauber2. Be aware of the risk: Don't be cavalier with this stuff. There's a lot of bullshit macho bravado about. Trauma w…
Retweeted by cori dauber @charliewinter @HannahAllam @SeamusHughes @AmarAmarasingam @ChloeColliver2 @elananewman @alexdibranco What really f…
Thread: 1/ This is so important and recogniszble for many of us working with graphic extremist material. Mental hea…
Retweeted by cori dauberFor China’s embattled Uighurs, a bank transfer abroad can become a ‘terrorism’ ordeal Domestic terrorism, particularly white-supremacist violence, as big a threat as ISIS, al-Qaeda
A Bad Case of the Vapors our upcoming research project to produce a terrorism research wellbeing charter really matters. @Swansea_Law
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This is a well done and really important piece on the way visuals are mobilized: PLEASE do read -- and retweet!
The Chinese Threat That’s Hiding in Plain Sight via @BulwarkOnline
Vaping: A Moral Panic via @commentary
AP - Paris Celebrates its Liberation from Nazis, 75 Years On via @Militarydotcom
Retweeted by cori dauberCDC’s Bias Against E-Cigarettes Is Putting Kids’ Lives at Risk
There r "whites" & "Asians" in the gifted programs, no consideration immigrant status or income.Desegregation Plan: Eliminate All Gifted Programs in New York As slanted as all the NYT coverage the issue
@chtransit art on bus system classic CH lipstick on a pig. How about just focus on making experience less MISERABLE & forget the stunts.
.@coridauber and Mark Robinson’s @VOX_Pol Blog post ‘Terrorism and Technology: The Front End’…
Retweeted by cori dauber Some of u liked our short piece w/@vox-pol a bit ago: here is full length version; bit of a…
Philadelphia suspected gunman in custody after six officers shot via @CBSNews. He livestream it? Great
@amazon if I wanted to deal w USPS I wouldn’t b paying 4 Prime. Now I have no book & just an email from u telling m… headline may have become a cliche but that doesn’t change the reality of what’s happening in Syria, Iraq and be…
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Introducing the Center for Information, Technology and Public Life (CITAP) @unc!
Retweeted by cori dauberWatch @wral's interview with @alicetiara, @UNCDeptComm professor and @unc_citap researcher, about online extremism.
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Do not use the word, "manifesto" when u mean "screed," all u r doing is romanticizingWith so much focus on 8chan it's surprising to learn from today's @WSJ that the top social media platform used by U…
Retweeted by cori dauberNot sure "domestic" vs. "int'l" are working as bright lines still @UNC_Global @UNCDeptComm @unccollege cites our @aamattheis re her important research @MrMubinShaikh Yet we show his face too?
Terminating Service for 8Chan via @cloudflare Couldn't figure this after Poway?
@SocialSciNerd Fair enough I never make it to the out-w-family stageFacebook and Twitter tell me they have banned the sharing of the El Paso suspect’s statement of beliefs. Despite…
Retweeted by cori dauber5 years ago today IS began implementing its genocidal campaign against Yazidis. In a few days approx 3,100 individu…
Retweeted by cori dauber1. Hello everyone, I wanted to share what I learned from the more than 15,000 pages of ISIS documents that my team…
Retweeted by cori dauberSub-head all that's wrong w reporting these events @bjgalloway1717 a permanently lost soul (or hardened terrorists). Which is why minors usually not id'd. Maybe delete and just describe @bjgalloway1717 And u thought you'd post it? 1. It doesn't belong on the web, period. 2. Maybe don't ruin a MINOR'S… important reminder regarding the sharing of manifestos: “The Dangerous Spread of Extremist Manifestos” by…
Retweeted by cori dauber @Aldowyn @brianschatz @drvox No, it was an Obama grant & Trump admin just didn't allocate $$. GOP pressure had noth… STOP POSTING & RETWEETING THE IMAGE THE WALMART SHOOTER. Seriously if u wouldn't post the manifesto don't post the pic. @cjwerleman @AmarAmarasingam @MOI_QatarEn Shouldn't we b asking @StateDept to raise this?Maybe if they're trying "1 up" attacks STOP FRAMING MEDIA REPORTS AS WORST, LARGEST TOP -- your giving them GOALS u… @SocialSciNerd Do it, don't read it, go do fun vacation stuffWhether or not the manifesto currently being circulated belonged to the #ElPaso Paso shooter, I encourage the #CVE
Retweeted by cori dauberAn Uyghur man has been denied asylum by Qatar, Pakistan and Bosnia. Qatar, one of a long list of Muslim countries…
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Hey @foxnewsalert maybe don't let ppl wildly speculate about ISIS when it obviously ain't ISIS