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Cornershop @CornershopHQ London, England

Independent purveyors of quality music since 1993.

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Nice garden🧩 will not be able to stay home, brother You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out You will not be abl…
Retweeted by CornershopWe now have Hold On It’s Easy, our easy listening album back in stock - take relaxing further:…
#AThanksRob in which #brexit is burning. Now we will see where the truth was turned on. #lies #data #tory in which the government are in hot water 💦 prior to selling everything off. Can we now also talk… Soubry to @camanpour on @cnni : "There's real anger about this, the feeling that (Cummings) has lied. The idea…
Retweeted by CornershopThe very space being🦩, she’s like. A.L.F. We good, even better now thanks⛱ is, & aneath that exterior is a most formidable record label manager🧩 dgw- she looks like a sheep dog nowadays🎯 @CornershopHQ Sleep on the left side, leave your treat hand free...
Retweeted by CornershopIt does reduce one somewhat. I will pass that in to Celeste too🎯 disgrace. Always said Bernard Jenkin* would be Boris Johnson’s poodle chairing the only committee able to…
Retweeted by Cornershop🎯 Michael🎯 is the word⛱🎯🎯🎯🧩 @JonSavage1966 @ScotsPostPunk @hmvtweets @WireHQ @CornershopHQ Thanks for reminding me! #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Cornershop🎯🎯, that’s early stuff when we had to go to Europe mainland to survive as a group🎯🎳"Whether Cummings get ousted or not, is not the story. It’s cover for a couple of other stories that should have en…
Retweeted by CornershopAgain, the voice of privilege cannot believe that the top brass like Cummings needs to do anything more than tell a…
Retweeted by CornershopDouble helping
TODAY @TheFaceRadioBK it's Gaz spinning with Alfie at the controls with an exotic mix of styles @TheKinks
Retweeted by Cornershop#GaryGibbon has cracked it #DominicCummings the PM knew for a long time#DominicCummings using a legal loophole and create another by saying his Islington home was a target. Targeted home… Matt, eat Aziz cookies🎯 work #MayaGoodfellowQuite right⛱ is a fighting single shot🎯🎯🖍🎯🦋🎯🎯 for listening to us in your dreaming California🎯🧩 on Waldo🎯⛱
Looks great sideways even. We are very proud of it, & it’s knock on effects or roll off characteristics🎯🦩🎳’s a very nice canvas you made🎯🖍 Cow🎯 thanks for that Wayne but we didn’t release it🎯’t remember this, until you mentioned it. We had a few mixes done around then & didn’t release them🎯🎯 see, pushing that name to them so it gets logged & then you can get your write up on Amazon - good thinking.🎯🎯 @EconomistaFlait @ChileFne Big shots or not we are a music band from London England @EconomistaFlait Sorry this is Cornershop the music band from London England.
Double bonus🎯🦋’s simple & we feel that🎯 @melliesully @CornershopHQ A bit like #VirtualPubCrawl 😷
Retweeted by Cornershop @CornershopHQ It does ! 😂
Retweeted by Cornershop🎯🎯 you like that & haven’t heard our old stuff Jullandar Shere, Were In Yr Corner, Spectral Mornings, Free Love & t… looks quite majestic💣🎯🦋thanks Mel, there is a high Hammond noise that comes in towards the end, which always makes us feel someone has e… Playing Cornershop - Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III @cornershopHQ
Retweeted by CornershopNow Playing Cornershop - Highly Amplified @cornershopHQ
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For today's elliptical interval training, I finished Cornershop's _England is a Garden_:
Retweeted by Cornershop @Fdoyle My boys Cornershop were way ahead of the game on this one.
Retweeted by Cornershop#EnglandIsAGarden in which Dominic’s coming over like a duplicitous twat #isolation #tory #lies #data #rules Surrender May 20 Spotify Playlist (update) Ft. @Bully @CornershopHQ @medicinemenband @annietaylorband
Retweeted by Cornershop🧩🦋’s only natural 🎯thanks Rich @CornershopHQ It's 1pm apparently so set your alarm :) - link to follow later I'm told K xx
Retweeted by CornershopBrighten your corners: send a link, notices you are getting multi media Keith🎯 I remember the White Horse gig the most - our first London show, though we played another gig there a lit…
That is an astute call, one which we had not thought of🧩⛱ of love to Dr Allyson Pollock, she has outlined our predicaments with the on-going #Covid-19 crisis with great… work Fanny. We have had a surprisingly good amount of CD sales, it’s been a good format for us, especially as… Brian, that appreciated🦋🦋🖍🎯🐕 you Glenn🧩 Brian-& more generally do you think that should be the next single? 🐝 Keith, we remember Phoenix Festival winning your over & before we knew it you did the Covers band Cricklewood Co…💣’s a chemistry set - nice experiment🎯⚙️’s v good of Target🎯⛱ Angus, we are always glad when people like the album, a massive added plus🎯💎 Mr B, and good work @SeismicRecords that’s Edith🎯🎯🎯🎯 @CornershopHQ Bless you.
Retweeted by Cornershop @MildManneredMax @CornershopHQ I didn't realise there was any doubt on the matter?
Retweeted by Cornershop🎯🎯🎯🎯’s say it’s name changes every Thursday & the first Thursday it is called Edith. Then there is no need for a wh… right, anything could kick off whilst dishes are being done. Sometimes from the unsuspected person doing the… boyMoon, nice pic & funny sentiment. Rock on🎯🧩 for sharing Dave, & May all yr Thursdays be happy🎯🦋🎯💎🎯🎳, @themarkrad & @marcrileydj Show. We were pleased to meet you🎯 - Its Indian Tobacco My Friend via @YouTube
Retweeted by Cornershop @ThatEricAlper Somebody I sorta know once told what this song is for me so I go with it - Candyman by Cornershop
Retweeted by CornershopQuite right.🎯⛱💣 think so, good reggae shout Rieslingplatz🎯⛱💣