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Influencers during a pandemic be like “3 years since I first tried this makeup effect.”Small business owners making this nightmare situation work and getting work right now. Love to see it. @1Hummell Actually you can send less. I send people my $.02 all the time. @1Hummell Thank you!LOL @1HummellHow do I have 442 friends on Venmo and no moneyjust circled back on something and it felt fucking amazing. later today I’m gonna touch base. this feeling is what we’re all chasing.
Retweeted by Corri."If everyone could wear a face covering over the next 6 weeks we could drive this (coronavirus) into the ground," C…
Retweeted by Corri. @mflynnpete Lol @hashtagdion @katie_levans There’s still time to change her name to meatball @hashtagdion I saw the “retweet with comment” on your tweet actually, then looked around and found this on someone… @BirchCollective check out that battery it’s totally at like 40%!FINALLYYY from home Work from the office Work from my phone Work from the office Work from my phone Work from home Work from my bed
they put u to sleep during surgery bc the government doesn’t want u to know that ur actually a cake
Retweeted by Corri.If you cut into my black heart it's actually cake.
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@CLTdevelopment @TheTrolleyWalk @hashtagdion No jokes anymore? K @CLTdevelopment @TheTrolleyWalk @hashtagdion So you’d say that makes you an expert at losing followersGet after that influencer marketing biz as your 2021 gig. @ChrisMillerWFAE LOL tell me the facts @missmeghann Lol that would be creepyIs it just me or is everyone on here an expert?Is wandering through a nursery my new favorite pastime?Surround yourself with people that celebrate growth
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@mkobach I think the accountability piece was key for me: having friends check on me, telling me to stay on track. @mkobach Oh ok! Interesting. I’m trying overall to reduce carbs/gluten in general. It’s hard because pizza, pasta, bread, etc. @mkobach I did 3 days. I think I’ll do a 1 or 2-day cleanse monthly moving forward. 3 days was... 😐7. Drink water w/ electrolytes 8. Keep going 9. Drink more water 10. Tell everyone you know so they keep you acc… Go cold pressed because it’s the most legit (👀 Clean Juice) 2. Drink lots of water 3. Throw away all food tempt… so if you’ve ever thought about doing a juice cleanse, here are some tips from someone who should probably have died from one (a thread)I cant live if livin is without you @Spotify
When you’re 34 and everything has to be shut down. @katie_levans Every weekHappy birthday @katie_levans! Here’s a cat gif for you in lieu of your annual cat birthday party 🥳 @DresdenBlack I think it’s just angry 😡I’m not even hungry I’m just mad.So 4-6 is definitely the “why am I doing this”/angry part of each day on this cleanse. @hyggecoffeepot Obviously @NataTheScribe LOL 😂 I just thought I’d torture myself a bit more than a global pandemic, fiery country and economi… 3 and I’m so effing tired of juice. I feel better than yesterday, but I’m over it. @hashtagdion @BirchCollective Survived day 2 ✨ thank you for the moral supportThere's certain habits and behaviors of management and c-suite types that employees always gripe about. The questio…
Retweeted by Corri. @BirchCollective I really want food rn @MauraJudkis Happy day here are some dogs @1Hummell Haha I have not eaten food and am clearly slow/just catching on @1Hummell cashews, filtered water, maple syrup, Himalayan pink sea salt (fancy), vanilla, cinnamon. It’s actually good. @ErikPelletier I don’t hate it! @1Hummell Is almost milk not nut milk 🤯 @imappalling 👻“Off-brand”
@DianaRuggOnTV No my friend did and I was thinking about it! Haha @CLTdevelopment In my next life I will have a corgi. I just realized how cute they are very recently and I feel like I’ve been missing out. @corriasmith If I had a dog, it’d be a Corgi & I’d name it Corgi A. Smith
Retweeted by Corri. @alyssaruane pick me up I don’t want it turned into a candle or anything but it’s so sweet and is, duh, also attached to a cute puppy.Puppy breath is probably the happiest smell on the whole planet don’t @ me.Day 2 of Clean Juice cleanse. I honestly can’t believe I survived the first day. I didn’t cheat, I’m pretty impressed with myself. @LaVendrickS Copycat is topICYMI = in case you masked it just really like the back of the house too @1Hummell 2 more days 😐Day 1 of my Clean Juice juice cleanse and I didn’t die so I’d call it a success.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll be off of this fucking planet
Retweeted by Corri. @megangude @RebrandGroup You too! I get it— I should innovate to make it happen, it’s just out of reach. Next time! @lizzzzzielogan 😂I need like a 10-day nap. @megangude @RebrandGroup Yes thank you, Megan! Unfortunately, mid-pandemic and with such a short application window… @erperkin @thegreysavannah I miss every. little. thing.You can’t change people. You can only change yourself. @allieshea_jpeg Thank you for sharing!Still @mkobach @fast Congrats!KEEP GOING. @andrewhau @PiecesofRees @netflix @wmburke 👏 @acjphoto Happy day! @corriasmith I don’t think people actually get it. Do you just want to be excellent at your job, or is it a major l…
Retweeted by Corri. @benfromdetroit Hey my friends are sophisticated @katie_levans BW better have a real/non virtual party and I hope you’ll be thereFor the 20-29, what are you looking for most at your job? Please reply or DM. @katie_levans DO WE? the 30+, have you always been this way or did you start to care as you got older?For the $ only’s, please reply and tell me your favorite thing about your job or workplaceFor the Me’s, how old are you?Whose idea was it to put Allie and Winston together in a @netflix original movie as an argumentative but clearly destined couple?Renn fest is cancelled. This year is officially dead.How many of you actually care to do excellent work?
Keep your head down. Do the work. Get better. Rinse. Recycle. Repeat.
Retweeted by Corri. @_destuhnee_ 👏All the bad vibes are gone.“If people feel good about it they should do it.” - @realDonaldTrump @adoreadora This also applies to when things are too good :) TY! @jasonthomasclt in 2012 their weekly collection was $336k+ @cltiscreative @2HiLLs Jen is 😍 @cltfind I cannot move forward in the app process because it says I do not meet the requirements. Thank you! @choosesam 🖤Please reply with your personal mantra for staying positive rn ☀️ @heyitscalla @NataTheScribe Yes yes thank you! Creative thinking — I love it @heyitscalla @NataTheScribe I think my house is in the approved area but I like to do things on the up and up. It’s… @NataTheScribe I get it. It’s the rules, just sad bc I think it excludes a lot of businesses that contribute to the…