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@bradyocallahan @youranalogbuddy we got a live one here$1 pizza is for people who pay their own rent
Retweeted by Homme DeCorsomeone had chumlee do a rest in peace video on cameo, happy friday everyone
@thejoshpatten thanks, this helps! I'll check first thing when I get home from my job tonight to see if I get that… @thejoshpatten this is on the TV, yes?I'll try a pagan friend, thought I, since Christian kindness has proved but hollow courtesy.
Retweeted by Homme DeCorFolks what you gotta understand is back then we LOVED pennants. We hung pennants everywhere: on the laundry room do… i think buzzfeed news having a side page where they tell teens what kind of food they are is more respec…
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @youranalogbuddy You’ll find out at 9:05 ;) @youranalogbuddy I called in sick today and you know it, you don’t own me until 9AM “sir” @mileskahn Katy Hudson, Christian teen acoustic singer/songwriter, years before she would rebrand as Katy Perry
♫ feeling like my back is diseased need to jack right back into me gonna heal myself with my steez one syringe to h… @ActuallyCurtis Curtis, is it possible that they absolutely existed, and I am why they now, to us, essentially don't? @dynamoe equally tragic @heyKQ in practice, it was intensely sad!Dreamt last night that there were people called Culture Crooks who could steal the idea of something in culture, a… @seanporeilly 100% same but 90% the second oneAll Fyre Festival was was a bunch of Influencers being tricked out of all their money and stranded on a desert isla…
Retweeted by Homme DeCorthought about this tweet a lot in the past month
@cassidyrouth ah that's what I was thinking of I am so excited for golfI am so excited for that game where you play a rude goose @cassidyrouth @SlackHQ i think it's a beta you get the joke @cassidyrouth @SlackHQ it looks different on mine @mattklinman Looks like I get 7 or 8 after that first ad before the next. But there’s a “who to follow” and another stories panel in there @bradyocallahan right away ma'am @mattklinman 1 post, 2 storiesCan't believe people who need to be told "if a millionaire celebrity asks you to personally send them money on the… season of this would cost less to make than most network offices spend on snacks in a month. it's insane how amaz… @NotRubHarass Depends...are you trying to sneak into a government buildingCarnivale Carnivale Carnivale Carnivale’ll never convince me that William Barr isn’t Steve Bannon trying to Philip Jennings his way back into the White… speaking there HAS to be at least one Grown Adult Human named Solid Snake at this point @HalleKiefer what? kids love brownDid something change or were Skechers always Walmart shoes that commercials fooled us into thinking were cool? @KeatonPatti @youranalogbuddy guess you'll need to force us into telling you
@KeatonPatti @youranalogbuddy I too think you are the mean guyWIFE: you spend more money on that leaf blower than you do on me ME: regular unleaded gas gives Fall McCartney a tummy ache
Retweeted by Homme DeCorutterly mangling my face with a sharpened rock to own the libsif you think that's bad you should've seen what Clemson was served when they went to Frasier Crane's house @missbreton @DanSpenser @cassidyrouth @washingtonpost wait what the hell news folks, the burger place has talked about the president we have to leave this web site @eliyudin double everything cowardMr. Sad, sir, respectfully sir what about the men who defended those beaches? I suppose you think they were "toxic?…
Retweeted by Homme DeCorthe grand joke about this whole thing is that Abramson looks at a person like this and immediately assumes "unquali…
Retweeted by Homme DeCorSo badly wish he’d said that out loud so we could’ve been blessed with hearing the textbook “hamberders............… @mwidds It’s truly a miracle that the two of you found each otherOf course I’m laughing about Trump’s stupid fast food buffet but tbh a free Big Mac or two while I was on Harold Ni… @bransonreese I’ve listened to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge more in the last 3 years than every album released in that time combined
The kids are mad because they were fooled into thinking the thousand dollar swimming lessons they took would be eno… remember just two years ago when ucb all theatre meetings were just institutional scolding for not getting enough…
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @youranalogbuddy Whatever it is the world could use a few less of them and a few more “thank y’alls” @deray @nsilverberg Holy shit you simply must log off for like one minute per day @sasimons God almighty this attitude suckslemme just answer Mr. Robert's question right here: It's COMPLETELY disingenuous and is UTTERLY a "Fuck you" to sa…
Retweeted by Homme DeCorSee: hands, washing @youranalogbuddy @MrAlexisPereira Whatever the **** I want
Hot one out there today, @bradyocallahan marrying a man who pushes mongo on his way to say “I do”
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @DanSpenser @cassidyrouth Welcome to hell (we love you)! @kevhines @rysimmons @ShalyahEvans I haven’t read the books and LOVED the movie, but I think maybe more as a piece…
@TimothyPlatt Does it redeem me to say that I usually follow this up with a truly psychopathic version of twist and shout @TimothyPlatt Unchained melody @Annette26553338 @kathygriffin Re read my tweet
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @youranalogbuddy @kadyrabbit What a story
been thinkin bout this and only this for 6 days now @youranalogbuddy @vornietom @kadyrabbit @AliseNavidad bravely spilled a beer all over myself approx .05 seconds before this photo @vornietom @kadyrabbit @AliseNavidad i am freed @kaitlinfontana assumed u were talkin bout the molecules(Tidying Up w/ Werner Herzog) I hold the garment and it brings me joy, but I release it and realize this joy is fle…
Retweeted by Homme DeCor♫ niche better find me funny ♫this is what twitter is like to people who aren’t online all the time
Retweeted by Homme DeCorGonna eat the fuck out of some truly busted lettuce tonightYou guys sure are burning an awful lot of pics on your Closing Announcement posts that you’re probably gonna wish y…
@dynamoe when u fell from heavenfolks it's #NBA #ALL #STAR voting season and i come to you with a humble please @HannahAWright @kaitlinfontana @DanSpenser sameWhen the plan work :) you know there's a quick, easy, and zero extra cost way to send a few bucks Pat's way? If you have Amazon Prime…
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @HBO I want one please, my first name is BigpussyDid you know there's a quick, easy, and zero extra cost way to send a few bucks Pat's way? If you have Amazon Prime… hands on deck gonna need everyone to drop everything and keep me from reading this at all costs @youranalogbuddy tseries buy ucbFew people get the crossroads of tech and live comedy like Pat. If you need something to be better behind the scene…
How’s that chicken farm that got the hot chicks room sign doing♫ witch better curse my mommy ♫Stop saying you “belong” to a Harry Potter magic house unless you are a fictional character or @AliseNavidad has sorted youAnd now for my next act, my impression of a veterinarian’s office a good dream where Fred Trump let little Donnie play with his model planes instead of making him eat sawdust an… @ashleyn1cole holy shit
@30SECONDSTOMARS two assholes
@kaitlinfontana Sure seems that way until you realize that’s a scorpion’s poison they’re injecting :(It was the song oneDid anybody on the red carpet ask timothee if he liked my tweet about him on NYEStarted watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel this week and oh boy if there was a Golden Globe for most words in a script let me tell youI hope you were all following @schlife tonight because holy shit I wasn't even watching the show and that was still…
[riff from “Aqualung”] Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo
Retweeted by Homme DeCorProud to support Manhattan Mini Storage’s key role in the #resistance by hiding all my victims thereImo, the inherent unknowableness of other people is the actual ingredient that makes empathy important and valuable…
Retweeted by Homme DeCor @BenAStanton Boy is this an A++++ observation