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A look at the social platform TikTok in the world of professional sports; TikTok has a following which is 60% femal… our @CoSIDAnews congratulations for a job well done for 30-plus years to soon-to-be retiring @HofstraPride from @CoSIDAcadAA @NAIA @PlayNAIA Football Academic All-America® of the Year record-holding QB Hilton Joseph o… to @CoSIDAnews @NAIA Volleyball Academic All-America® of the Year @dwusports' Rebecca Frick; the biology maj… statistics shown at the @sbjsbd #SBJIAF today on the topic of USA sports participation and how it chang… so much, @mquin, for acknowledging our new June Stewart Leadership Series of podcasts & webinars. CoSIDA & coll… of 2): Here are our @CoSIDAAcadAA @NAIA @PlayNAIA Academic All-America® Women's Volleyball Team honorees, headli… of 2): Closing our @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® Football & W. Volleyball Teams announcements w/ @NAIA advice shared here on social media etiquette: of 3): Switching topics at the @sbjsbd #sbjiaf forum today. Session on inclusion (diversity education & mentorsh… of 3): Words from @NCAA President Mark Emmert on the NIL issues from the @sbjsbd @Learfield forum today: #sbjiaf
(1 of 3): Lots of important topics/issues being discussed at the @sbjsbd @Learfield IMG College Intercollegiate Ath… of insights here (from focus group studies) from @TimElmore as he examines the Generation Z mindset and how we… In our new @CoSIDAnews June Stewart Leadership Podcast Series enjoy podcasts w/ @NCAADIII @SpfldCollege Pre… of 2): Continuing new @CoSIDAnews June Stewart Leadership Series podcasts & honored to hear from special guest… style and how to connect with a staff which brings diverse ideas and styles into the workplace? Give th… annual contest via @helmettracker -- check it out and vote! out the Dec. 17th @captitalone Teachable Tuesday webinar as we prep for the holidays. Register for free! We'l… read (and advice and insights) from @lvanderkam on effectively planning your schedule/calendar and time.… the explosion of esports teams and competitions on college campuses, here's a look at the @NCAADIII a year for 2019 @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADIII Volleyball Academic All-America® of the Year recipient Sarah DeVries o…'s @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® of the Year for @NCAADIII Football @UWWAthletics Matt Anderson. A biolog… of 2): Headlining the @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® @NCAADIII Football Team🏈is senior linebacker Matt Ande… of 2): Announcing @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® @NCAADIII Football & Volleyball Teams today. Here are Acad… @MattNavarra and @socialmediatoday, Instagram is testing a new 'Layout' option in Instagram Stories -enabling y… important insights here about workplace burnout and culture, via @HarvardBiz #WednesdayThoughts reminder to continually share with all student-athletes - high school and college, via @fieldhousemedia:
Great honor for State of Connecticut collegiate student-athletes - the @HHCCourageAward - if you are a @CoSIDAnews for #TuesdayWisdom on the 'myth' of work-life balance, how people are adopting the concept of "work-life i…'s a #TuesdayTip for #SIDLife, courtesy of @Ensor: overviews of facts and myths in the PR/communications profession. What's true, and what's not? See the full ar… to our @NAIASIDA webinar presenters today on website design/layout: @DaleHLong85 of @GGCAthletics &… from attendees at @NAIASIDA website design webinar today: Is it easy to move data from one provider to an… @NAIASIDA webinar today: @Nick_McCutcheon - on student-athlete player pages, you can enhance stat functions… @NAIASIDA website webinar @Nick_McCutcheon- asked @PrestoSports to add a "scroll up feature" on our main page… @NAIASIDA website webinar: @Nick_McCutcheon of @GoUMDearborn -have worked w/ @PrestoSports in 2 positions. We… @NAIASIDA website webinar. @DaleHLong85: Nearly 70% of your audience will view yr website/social channels on m… @NAIASIDA Website Design and Layout webinar: @DaleHLong85 - Be strategic, responsible and responsive when meet… for our @NAIASIDA webinar today starting now on Website Design and Layout – What Are The Best New Design Opti… to all the #CampbellTrophy finalists, including all those who have earned @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-Ameri…'s @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADII Volleyball Academic All-America® of the Year Emily Conlin of @AUTrojans - HM All-Amer… from Brant Grisel of @ucwv_athletics, the @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® of the Year recipient for… us at 2 pm Eastern today, @CoSIDAnews members, for the Teachable Tuesday @NAIASIDA webinar. Register for free… of 2): Big congratulations to the 2019 @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADII Football Academic All-America® Team honorees, head… of 2): Today, we announce our @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADII Football and Women's Volleyball Teams. Congrats to the Vol… sends condolences to the family, friends and former colleagues of long-time member and @CoSIDAnews 25-Year A…'s a helpful, updated overview of all the image and video dimensions for the major social networks in this info… so much to our @CoSIDAnews members who turned out tonight despite inclement weather for the annual December… that at the top of the hour (9 pm ET/8 pm CT), join host @iamkelvinq for the weekly @SIDA_chat #SIDAchat.…
We've got our @Capitalone Teachable Tuesday webinar set for next Tuesday (Dec. 17th, 2 pm ET), @CoSIDAnews members.… on @CoSIDAnews @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAAVolleyball Div I Academic All-America® of the Year recipient Allie Barbe… read and #MondayMotivation: Via @RapidStartLdr who offers 50 everyday acts of leadership you can do that… ahead to 2020 with these emerging design/visual trends in social media...'t forget to join in tonight for the weekly @SIDA_chat, @CoSIDAnews members! Join host @iamkelvinq for a Twitter… of 2): Congratulations to our @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® Team honorees for @NCAA Division I Football.… of 2): This week, announcing @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® Teams for Football & W. Volleyball; today, the…, @CoSIDAnews members needing financial assistance to attend #CoSIDA2020 convention in June at @MandalayBay- the…, @CoSIDAnews members, to put tomorrow's Teachable Tuesday @NAIASIDA webinar (Dec. 10) on your calendar and…
From @CoSIDAnews' The Bigger Picture Blog, @beau_white writes on the group promoting @CoSIDAAcadAA M&W Soccer Acade… via @socialmedia2day: @reddit, the social news aggregation & discussion platform, now has more monthly active u… look at esports as a live-sports property. Common question from broadcasters (especially those accustom… trio is among the outstanding finalists for the 2019 @ComebackPlayrFB #MayoClinicCPOY award which will be anno… advice, guidelines, tricks and tips for engaging people with content in the @Instagram IG feed, Stories, and I… to put this Teachable Tuesday @NAIASIDA webinar (Dec. 10) on your calendar and register for free at the li… agree more about the way the @Panthers handled and covered the departure of their head coach this week... le…
From @AD_University, a great conversation w/ 3 @NCAA D1 Director of Athletics: @EWUAthletics @LynnHickey24,… about website designs today (check out our @NAIASIDA Teachable Tuesday webinar Dec. 10th on this subject &… made this announcement today, and are looking forward to working with @AthleteViewpt on our membership salary su… news for @CoSIDAnews members-which will involve your participation. As part of our advocacy efforts, the CoSID… read on having top-notch leadership strategies to execute difficult conversations. Like anything, succ… pros need a vast array of soft skills & people skills. This sounds so basic for PR/communications pros, yet it i… out this feature, via @D3Inside, on @CoSIDAnews member @JoeHutzler, Director of Digital Media at… at @CoSIDAnews sends their congrats to @DickieV for his four decades of broadcasting at @ESPN! We apprecia… from @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® of the Year for @NCAA Division I Men's Soccer, @WMUBroncos'… from today's @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAA Div. I Men's & Women's Soccer Academic All-America® of the Year honorees. Hea… read: FTC guidelines published for social media influencers, concerning how influencers must disclose t… key findings in the annual Muck Rack research on the state of journalism; learn how journalists use social medi… @CoSIDAnews members, check out the next @NAIA @NAIASIDA Teachable Tuesday webinar coming up Dec. 10th. Discussi… of 2): Concluding 2019 @CoSIDAAcadAA soccer honors w/ @NCAA Division I teams; the Women's Soccer Team is headlin… of 2): Congratulations to our @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAA Division I Academic All-America® Soccer Team honorees, just an…
Terrific read on expectations w/ examples of the kinds of expectations that may limit our success. See advice of ta… appreciate this shout out for @CoSIDAnews members from the one-and-only legend, @DickieV, following a hoops… congrats are in order for long-time @CoSIDAnews member @lsukent, the Sr. Assoc. Athletic Communications Direct… @Twitter is rolling out a new camera tool to enable users to capture Instagram Stories-like images, complete w… from @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADII Women's Soccer Academic All-America® of the Year Charlène Nowotny of… out the perspective of what it means to be a @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America honoree. Hear from… of 2): Continuing today's @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADII Academic All-America® Soccer Teams, congratulations to the Wome… of 2): Today's @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® Soccer Teams announcements are for @NCAADII honors. First, bi… research shows that we process visual content within 1/10 of a second; 65% of people are visual learners…
From @nytimes comes this positive #GivingTuesday2019 piece on sports philanthropy by former female athletes who are… here comes the rise of @tiktok_us in pro sports mostly - college athletic departments to follow?'s a solid idea about creating engaging social posts/graphics and analyzing their impact from @CoSIDAnews membe… assist your social media planning for 2020, @Twitter releases its 2020 marketing calendar of special days - you… working environment preferences are .... according to a new survey of 1,500 employees by Resume Lab via… 🎥 from our 2019 @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADIII Women's Soccer Academic All-America® of the Year Shannon Reagan of… 🎥 - possible via @BlinderHQ - w/ @CoSIDAAcadAA @NCAADIII M. Soccer Academic All-America® of the Year recipien… of 2): Congratulations to @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® @NCAADIII Men's Soccer Team honorees. Team is led… of 2): Today, we announce our @CoSIDAAcadAA Academic All-America® @NCAADIII Men's & Women's Soccer Teams; congr… to @CoSIDAnews' Goodwill & Wellness Committee vice-chair @MeganAJameson for her prompt in the spirit of…
Looking ahead to #CoSIDA2020 convention at @MandalayBay in June, we've opened our @CoSIDAnews Convention Attendance…