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Amy Ferguson @coskier61 Colorado, USA

Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Co. 🐶🌲🪐🌎🚀 old enough to know better, young enough to enjoy

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@seanmmitchell Well said Sean. I’m not sure I would be so calm @Hein_The_Slayer @BarkMSmeagol @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog @tesla_truth Be nice if they could practice on him. He’s such a lovely chap😬 @shehady @Tesla Not a scratch @troyryder What a cutie❤️ @28delayslater @o2bdutch @28delayslater @APanikova @BrandenHunt @HiggsbosonW Besides he’s so chill @ajsdevodent @vincent13031925 Finally a true value price on a very conservative side.#LovelinessBreak
Retweeted by Amy Ferguson @DOfaquarius Need to diffuse some lavender Essential oil tonight 😊 @mrkylefield @cleantechnica Breathing NO2 so good for you 🙄. take a look at the REAL world we are living in @ray4tesla BEV’s slowly coming along @Hein_The_Slayer They just do not understand the man. They think he is like everyone else. @mickoz @SpeedflyChris @fam_sarrelly @angie_rasmussen @jan7681 Well said @alexfromapex @angie_rasmussen @jan7681 Good point. @BarkMSmeagol @kenklippenstein Ouchies. You do find the good ones don’t you😁 @WholeMarsBlog You forgot ice coffee and water on the right @DOfaquarius I keep waiting for its wings to move upwards @latestinspace @biogirl09 You say how wide I wonder how deep? @MetFlexHealth @latestinspace 😂😉 @Kristennetten @biogirl09 @elonmusk Nice thread everyoneKick back in a comfy chair with a cold drink and absorb the view @LeonKauffman @TrevorMahlmann That is so quaint and pastoral it doesn’t look like a photo. Nicely done @NASASpaceflight @biogirl09 @BocaChicaGal @TheFavoritist @fthemt @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal @TheFavoritist @elonmusk You put a Raptor under one move them around and try… @Hein_The_Slayer Good thread 👍🏻 @forstall_ @WholeMarsBlog 😂😂😂Aaron Greenspan illegally misappropriated the brand and assets of his 501 (c)(3) charity to insure private benefits…
Retweeted by Amy Ferguson @JohnnaCrider0 @zshahan3 @elonmusk We were here first. Decoder ring?? Maybe it’s under the seat @TeslaHistorian @BradMunchen I’m blocked and I never said a word to the man. @ThirdRowNikola Give me a compelling reason other than your gifs. @elonmusk I was AMAZED!! Great Q2! @S_Padival @elonmusk @freshjiva @flcnhvy @RationalEtienne @chrish7985 @rlyrlysryDave @kthalps Is he 12? @flcnhvy @elonmusk @RationalEtienne @chrish7985 @rlyrlysryDave They just jump to the highest bidder @kenklippenstein Would be integrity to say it was a photo bomb, like she had never done that before. But then you d… @elonmusk @chrish7985 @rlyrlysryDave Just when the sound was only crickets @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk @tesla_truth @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog @tesla_truth Only ten....that’s generous of you. @jpr007 Bradmunchen
@aurux @WholeMarsBlog I need every IQ number I can keep. Best not to watch anything related to hydrogen safer that way @aurux @WholeMarsBlog Now I’m glad I didn’t listen I just looked at the pictures 😂😂 @KMorakalis @WholeMarsBlog Or beside you on the freeway @SkepticalSinik @kopebrian @clintfranklin22 @brain0nfire @ZONEPHYSlCS @ArtifactsHub Goodbye everybody I've got to g… @ThirdRowNikola But...but Kenny always gets killed😳🤣🤣 Elon gets more than $10 million from his tweets alone! @d4t4wr4ngl3r @wadeanderson Very ninja like answer @Hein_The_Slayer @LucidMotors Love your passion😃 @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk Samsung SDI and SK Innovations also @WholeMarsBlog @elonmusk Lg Chem isn’t the only one in South Korea ramping up battery production @jrosinski97 @StaceyR28715306 @elonmusk @RationalEtienne @SpaceX @hogdexter I think sells them. Might be wrong 😬Oh Yeah @tesla4the @PicklePunchD @mikeinmaryland_ @Tesla Because the shorts don’t fit so well anymore @Teslarati Koch’s planning to spend 10 million a year against BEV. Elon gets 5 million worth in one tweet. The rest… @ThirdRowNikola Or’re going to kill Kenny? is a must read 😳😳 @Hein_The_Slayer @LucidMotors Tesla doesn’t have too much to worry about then @ajtourville @RyanChandler85 @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @iliketeslas @ARKInvest @ShadowMusk @ajtourville @RyanChandler85 @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @iliketeslas @ARKInvest @ShadowMusk @Hein_The_Slayer @LucidMotors How much though @EthicsGradient @elonmusk @TrendTrader007 @terribletrader_ Or they’ll end up in videos like this😂😂😂rt if u smiled
Retweeted by Amy Ferguson @brookec_4 Awesomer?? @ThomasM____ @Teslarati Sometimes they break @Teslarati Hope we get video. It’s such a rare occurrence @ken_kremer @PortCanaveral Love the pics! @CodingMark I’d join, I like Norman @ajtourville @RyanChandler85 @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @iliketeslas @ARKInvest @ShadowMusk @ajtourville @RyanChandler85 @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @iliketeslas @ARKInvest @ShadowMusk @Nikola_Truth If anyone is getting paid, I want to know right now. I got no money during Teslaq/FUD wars and I refu… @KiwiEV You go to the trouble of making videos? I assume they need some editing. All you really need to do is take… @LabPadre Love seeing them babies come in! Do you know what this means😳 @KiwiEV And I know you’re resisting. @ajtourville @RyanChandler85 @28delayslater @Nikola_Truth @WholeMarsBlog @iliketeslas @ARKInvest @ShadowMusk @Genesispo1 @Hochsoldat @ZONEPHYSlCS @AMAZlNGSCIENCE 😳 @KiwiEV You do have this funny little sense of New Zealand or versus America, humor. You need to capitalize on it!!! @GlandalfB @Healthcare_Boy @kiltmonkey @ZONEPHYSlCS Crazy stuff. Glad there isn’t a lot of it😳No you can put the two pics together. Imagine warm sunshine and a gentle breeze on your skin @romn8tr Going to post the other half @KiwiEV No on the Amway sorry even the accent can’t get me to buy Tupperware or Amway......however @d4t4wr4ngl3r @wadeanderson Wade does this make us ninjas? @d4t4wr4ngl3r @wadeanderson Oooooo I made the cut!! @d4t4wr4ngl3r @wadeanderson Should have made it 420 @Sublux8tor @wadeanderson I provide I’m using GIFs and wit. And the occasional retweet some thing about Tesla or Sp… @wadeanderson Ok Wade I only asked for 100. @calgarybourbon1 I was in a glider once it makes you feel like you’re flying. No engine noiseif y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated
Retweeted by Amy Ferguson @elonmusk @DblockWWT @RationalEtienne Gold fringe flames! Who could resist? @KiwiEV Gavin, I’ve told you the gold mine you’re sitting on. Don’t stand up yet the paint isn’t dry. You just don’… not a photographer but this view just makes my heart feel so warm and happy. To the right is Boulder @SkepticalSinik @kopebrian @clintfranklin22 @brain0nfire @ZONEPHYSlCS @ArtifactsHub If I'm not back again this time…
Bringing. ....not sure what a brined rear would do/be🤔 @mike_zimon @Nikola_Truth I think this sums it up quite well, don’t you think? @RealTeslaNorth Wooo$1208 @KiwiEV @ArrayManta If you can remember, drink a glass of water for every drink and you won’t get so dehydrated and… @Genesispo1 @Hochsoldat @ZONEPHYSlCS @AMAZlNGSCIENCE Why scary? @TheFigen @d4t4wr4ngl3r Think I liked the older version. Way more comedic @SkepticalSinik @kopebrian @clintfranklin22 @brain0nfire @ZONEPHYSlCS @ArtifactsHub Mama, life had just begun But n… @SkepticalSinik @kopebrian @clintfranklin22 @brain0nfire @ZONEPHYSlCS @ArtifactsHub A little high, little low Anywa… @KiwiEV @ArrayManta I always forgive. Plus you’re way to funny not to