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Cosmonaut Marcus @CosmonautMarcus The desert planet Arrakis

Previously @Cinnamonghoul • I talk about movies and yell at video games for a living • he/him • @cosmovarietyhr is the channel I made (avi by @SUMMONFISH)

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@guroiishi NINE FOOT SEVENI’m gonna just vibe like this on my streams from now oné has some of the best visuals. his visual game >>>>>
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusOh what’s this? A fun original movie for once?? SIGN ME UP BOY mind it got blocked againMight fuck around and reupload the Mario brothers picture showI personally cannot wait for Fantastic Beasts 3Some people are mad about what I said about JK Rowling in my new video. You guys should be aware that I plan on usi… thread is incredible. Completely unhinged
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @Bridoof I only just now realized he’s pogging @nerdlifeisbest Yes felt that these characters truly embody the Cosmonaut Spirit ™️ STOP THE VIDEO ISNT READY AAAAAAA
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusHey guys my next video is gonna be my 1mil video. So please get the channel to 1mil soon. Because I will be very em… on ig made this charlie fancam for @CosmonautMarcus and I didn’t see it until just now so here’s some te…
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @ginkgocrown Was I wrong
I actually don’t even fully disagree with this sentiment. I think a lot of narratives rely too heavily on grey mora… original movie........I can’t take it anymoreThey’re gonna make her into some over the top psychopath when in the original she’s just a normal rude white woman… @pkliightning @Bridoof @kwehzy You don’t NEED ARMS @ElvisTheAlienTV Amazon has lots of stuff. Ebay is great too and you can usually get stuff really cheap therestrong new meme template
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusOh no no you aren’t going to bait me that easily polygon @Astrogentt Ok but what if she is too good and gets banned all the time @hauntedflwrvase Do....all stores have this @Bridoof @kwehzy XCOM SONA XCOM SONA
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @TheSphereHunter But then I have to buy it again............ @kwehzy No!! It’s cool!!! @TheSphereHunter This looks......cute....... am I gonna have to play this again @PumpkabooGf I don’t trust mfs who don’t have a twitter account. That means they got shit to hide @PumpkabooGf What’s his name I just wanna talk @_dalton____ Brave words this one is parody but I need to see proof right NOW @_dalton____ Do you think differently? fails to kill me TikTok genre of “white woman condesendingly points to text that proves how ignorant and stupid she is” is one t… about him on this special day #MidnightSun
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @TheSphereHunter @swilsonstew He is everything to me @x__ciara__x I was seriously about to tweet the exact same thing. It reminded me of that too @mementomort1s Same I can’t manage to get invested @ElvisTheAlienTV Also I better see painted minis on your ig @heghegpegleg Check amazon for mini brushes!just once I’m begging liberals to acknowledge widespread and violent systemic racism as being a deeply ingrained pa…
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@ElvisTheAlienTV Welcome to hellcurse you @CosmonautMarcus for getting me into 40k
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @JaredKarunahar1 You can’t prove thatJust give Ellen’s show to me and you will not regret it @ezsinclair We love self love here
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusI’d I had it my way we wouldn’t get any more ever again but whatever 😔I’m actually really happy Marvel movies are delayed. Disney was just gonna keep pumping shit out and now they’re fo…
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusHEY!! You!! Go watch my new video!!!
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusNormalize saying "I dunno, that movie just didn't quite do it for me" instead of saying "that movie was bad"
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusLMAO OH NOOOOO @EmmaLangevinXO Andre does NOT COUNTIt’s 2020 what self respecting people are still watching talk shows on television @pls_ignore_me4 I love this!!Nigga went doo doo outta his dick broThe master race 👌🏻 @xo_pinkishheart That’s how I sit in my gamer chair idk what ur on about @xo_pinkishheart BUGGY SLAPSI genuinely think America would be at least 5% better if Facebook did not exist @itbunnygirl2 @xo_pinkishheart Tis the season for everyone to get into one piece @xo_pinkishheart LIVE TWEET YOUR REACTIONSWATCH MARCUS’S VIDEO OR ELSE Warhammer is actually really cool guys I swear. I’ve been converted and so can you.…
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @colinjcole Yes @BeefCrumbs @cosmovarietyhr IKEA @Bridoof 😳🙈🤗The keen eyed cosmonaut viewer @cosmovarietyhr
Retweeted by Cosmonaut MarcusWatch the video before I combust @ginkgocrown Thank u 🤠🤠🤠the avengers endgame crowd cheering video except it's little women when bob odenkirk shows up
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@ginkgocrown god we are dealing with enough shit right now man @itbunnygirl2 Also can you send that sabo pls @APHOBlAKILLS I am adding a fart to my soundboard right as we speak @APHOBlAKILLS This is my favorite videothey made a right-wing version of The Onion and conservatives still have only one joke 😭😭
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @LackingSaint I think we should hear her out @Jackson_DML @JaxtheRox Close. Warhammer.This video deadass took me a month to finish. If you guys don’t watch it I think I’ll simply go supernova @itbunnygirl2 LMAOVideo is 98% done. Should be up tomorrow evening if all goes according to plan. @VatsOfGoop YesI never a single image off of my phone @Astrogentt This would be......big @lewdkarose Happy birthday!!!! @ginkgocrown
I could do this but I am far too busy VIDEO: The Ideology of Apocalypse talking about takes a deep breath fallout, mad max, gurren lagann, stephen k…
Retweeted by Cosmonaut Marcus @Steve_Lmns Np I’m glad to explainThe guy made a living bullying people on the internet, and then the second he gets bullied one time he gets so emba… @Steve_Lmns It’s concerning that you need to ask this