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@TheTopViking @DarienBMG we are gonna get u out of this drought brother just hold on a little longerthe world if myfavstrash never put his greasy ass fingers on this app @notcrypticno unfortunately @notcrypticno whywhy am i in the carti subreddit.why are they posting this in the carti subreddit. @FavsPriv yeah @SippingSemen @limbolul eye drops @vodkaoatmilk anyone in a ratatouille costume gets an 8th of that pressure @vodkaoatmilk handing out delta 8 gummies on halloween @j4zzyko why @playboicarti good morning jordan! boy, it sure is nice out. Any plans on dropping the album today? take care. @lledrook at the very least one of those dimmer switches @lledrook i miss being awake during gamer hours cause it’s not a problem then @MyFavsTrash @playboicarti hey it’s me again. i’m going to bed, any updates! No rush! @playboicarti haha hey carti how’s the album drop comin along? @xoupgone @waifuouo @Hauntterr
mom hassan and nicki minaj are fighting on the timeline again make them stophey @playboicarti i got a work meeting at 1:30 so could you drop the album around 2? that would be dope. thanks again!
Retweeted by dãn @MissRohtos if i die in a fist fight on the road ill die happy @FavsPriv bet i’ll definitely take a look at itare you kidding me @FavsPriv yeah you can, i just took a template off of google docs. just keep it short, but use lots of numbers and… @MissRohtos hey sorry i was late i continued to brake check them the entire time @FavsPriv hey @FavsPriv ok @FavsPriv “i would rather drop dead than let costcobackwoods help me with my resume” @FavsPriv yeah i can help @micheIIe_obama what are you saying liam @micheIIe_obama nice grammar @notchaselyons can they remove the winter update @qcures @littleteasers cant wait until the cartel captures u
@KaleiRenay BAHFJDKLEODL HAHAHHAA WTF. *Waiter comes in* “What can I get you” *you* “Yah can I have, Cumsock…
Retweeted by dãn @IcyVert heyyyy @TheTopViking no thanks i just ate @xoupgone @brenbrenlul this ain’t even a competition bro @sonicx161 @fre2chini he got the church cafeteria chair bro lmfaoooo
Retweeted by dãn @TheTopViking i cannot believe this app tonightwhat? @notedub let them all know @LazasBautista can’t relate @TheTopViking im so fucking excited for this season now man @TheTopViking didn’t see anyone throw for 5 touchdowns 🥱🥱🥱 @Josh_Tried i spoke too soon. @Josh_Tried can’t wait for third part of this trilogy. @SippingSemen YOU MIGHT DO IT @Wis_Priv it’s mesmerizing
@Exocism_ how’d u mess this up @xoupgone this shit is disgustingly foul and racist @Pro_SakaiTama i basically wasn’t home for almost 48 hours @IcyVert @BoyOneDrrPriv oh that’s what you meant ishan i thought his dumbass just hit tab a couple times before he started the tweet @Pro_SakaiTama this in fact did happen @BoyOneDrrPriv >.< @IcyVert i am also at my limit but kid cudi said keep moving forward so we must @BoyOneDrrPriv probably something racist @IcyVert sup guy how’s school @playboicarti COME ON DUDE DO@SOMETHING
Retweeted by dãnme when i guess the password to my own email @CrypticNoHoes $COSTCOBACKWOODS @CrypticNoHoes ghostwriters deserve to get paid too! @IcyVert sad. @CrypticNoHoes can i hold $100 lol @notcrypticno i’m done with this app and im driving the 9 hours to find you tomorrow made a rollout announcement for his birthday and y’all thought he was dropping LMAO
Retweeted by dãnmaybe the real playboi carti album was the friends we made along the waycarti will send me into solitary confinement minutes @marcu5y how u holdin up @notcrypticno hang in there buddy only 16 and 3/4’s more games to go
@cxnmxn LMAOOO @cxnmxn @Browns sko ducks @cxnmxn @Browns wait! @cxnmxn @Browns at least you got ohio state! @IcyVert @notedub LMAOO @reallygraham_ stay mad @alvaro_1629 this has been the best football weekend in 10 years for meSLING DAT THANG JABOOO 👏 55 YARD TD TO HARRIS 🔥 #GBvsNO | 📺: FOX
Retweeted by dãnjameis winston is the second coming @qcures @JhbTeamm my impact
UPSET! No. 12 Oregon defeats No. 3 Ohio State
Retweeted by dãn @TheTopViking SKO FUCKING DUCKSFUCK OHIO STATE LETS GOOOOOOO @CamWayneT real asf @cambopx @cambopx can u buy me a drink
@IcyVert LMAO@it is @IcyVert does the flag still go back to the whole among us thing