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Countess Bathurst @CotswoldLadyB Cirencester, England

Former High Sheriff of Gloucestershire 2016/17. Supporting our Police, Emergency Services, & Armed Forces. Tendency to be somewhat forthright... 🐝

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@dombrewer Something like that - bickering is another good choice.. @dombrewer Sprottling... I cant watch another minute.. x
@chimneyservices Amazing! Hope you managed to return it to the wild ok. @DiannaDelicious My deepest condolences. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel. I’m so, so sorry. An unsp… @IanMCalvert @WYP_CNewsome @WYPDogs @CornwallDogs @AlStewartOBE @Jan_Leeming @_HelenDale @MorrisseyHelena That’s incredibly clever. @garethreynolds Couldn’t agree more 😊 @garethreynolds Thank you. I hadn’t realised swine flu, or any of them to be honest, had reached pandemic status. I… @FIONACole11 Huge aren’t they? @VeryGameGirl @MarkWroxham Fabulous. @CAOSArchieOscar Wow! @_Oraya_ I’m so excited! That was definitely it. What a thrill. Thank you. @MarkWroxham Thank you, but not QUITE. It was extremely large and the markings were a tiny bit different. I’m almos… @stokietom Really?? What an extraordinary remark. You don’t know me and if you did, you’d realise I’d say exactly t… @g0lfp Ha ha - thanks. @shellbrown28 We thought that, but unsure which one.Can anyone identify this ENORMOUS moth? Probably about an inch and a half to 2 inches long. Looks like a Vulcan bom… @garethreynolds I need educating. What were the pandemics? I didn’t know there had been that many? I’d love you to save me googling it. 😊 @garethreynolds Hmmm. Not so with you on that one Gareth. So many different viewpoints. I wouldn’t have had his job… @JLlewelynBowen Just been told this is from 2019 and nothing to do with Covid xxFYI - I understand this interview is from 2019, and not associated with Covid. However, my sentiments remain exactl… @PaulRey75 Very well thank you! 😊 @debatesrus @DawnWestcott @MattHancock So I understand- but the sentiment remains the same. @PaulRey75 Interesting. But what I said still applies - indeed it gets worse. @DawnWestcott @MattHancock Very good point.This amazing gift to The Gloucester Foodbank shows what massive hearts our @Glos_Police and @Glos_OPCC have. It’s n… isn’t an interview, it’s a deeply unpleasant lecture. The media no longer report news, they shout at their int…
@Stinkrat8 @ShappiKhorsandi Dora will be Minister for the Environment (she eats everything - very eco on recycling.…
@FELICITYCOBB2 Not good Felicity, and of course very upsetting for the owners of the vehicles. Not a happy thing to… work. many names. TOO many names. And this week, another officer, Sgt Matt Ratana. May they all rest in peace - may we… @JLlewelynBowen Happy birthday to a really rather terrific Godson. See you later.. xxxxx
@WiggleTheDog I'm so pleased to hear that - I'll tell Rosie, she will be thrilled :) @WiggleTheDog Best coffee in Cirencester at Beano In The Park!! A bit biased, but as it’s my baby, I’m allowed. Did you have a cake?? 😉Absolutely delighted to offer support with @jomach to @GWAAC at the opening of their new shop in Westbury on Trym,… fun! 😎
An incredibly sad day for our country & our #PoliceFamily - my thoughts are with the officer’s family, friends & c… @JohnGrugan That would frighten the horses...
@jenniferhotspur Yes. Leave. 🤷🏻‍♀️Great team effort 👍👍👮‍♀️👮‍♀️ Highly Commended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Retweeted by Countess BathurstI am beyond proud to be President of this exciting new orchestra. While present circumstances have meant a slightly… @SallyRose49 I love those nostalgic postcards from yesteryear. Reminds one that buildings & trees just quietly rema…
Looking forward to seeing your amazing hard work. An exciting step for you all @GWAAC @ColBowler @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5Press @BorisJohnson Ohhhhh, I see... I was a little surprised.. @ColBowler @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5Press @BorisJohnson Mr Bowler, I am not, & never have been, ‘ra… @campbellclaret @BorisJohnson With the greatest of respect Mr Campbell, are you not being a little over-dramatic? C…
@delboyrid Got to be done... 😉Just to take your mind off things..... #covidbriefing #Covid_19 #Lockdown2 a look at this page from @Glos_OPCC
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @TheHillsCountry Don’t. It’s charming. @VeryGameGirl Oh, I’m so sorry. It is the absolute worst decision. But the kindest. Sending love. X @lisa_melvin Blue spinach... @Carti_Mandua A break is a good plan. Empties the head a bit. 😉 @CotswoldLadyB @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5Press I was invited randomly to do a home #Covid_19 test ba…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @OldCiren @ElizStJohn Would love them Robert. Thank you!!
@TrooperSnooks Ouch.. Feel better soon. to be out in the sunshine 🌞 Cirencester looking lovely & the market was quite busy which was nice to see socia…
Retweeted by Countess BathurstEvery hour, five people in the UK die from sepsis, yet it's still known as the silent killer. We've teamed up with…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @CotswoldLadyB @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5Press I requested a postal test I had some mild COVID ‘ish…
Retweeted by Countess BathurstAre we seeing this on the news and in the media. No? I wonder why... #hostilemedia @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @stephaniemain2 Ha ha - loved that and have immediately stolen it. 😊A moving tribute to the brave men and women of the RAF (and 16 nations) who contributed to success in the Battle of…
Retweeted by Countess BathurstWe love to share this beautiful place with our community - thank you for reaching out, & for loving it as much as w…
@ElizStJohn You too. XxFor our Swansea @DIYSOS we really need a large telehandler with at least 6m reach or a mid size mobile crane ASAP now or tomorrow Help!!! 🙏🏼
Retweeted by Countess BathurstHappy birthday PD Quest. Xx @shelleyroo19 Loveliest answer - thank you.Could not be more of a pleasure x for the diary. Saturday 24th july charity gig, sunday 25th charity football match. Cirencester. Theme is youn…
Retweeted by Countess BathurstSelf-confessed addict to a beautiful #sunset. The #autumn evenings are especially stunning.. @siobhanx3 @123traceylou You are an absolute star Siobhan. So many, who frankly have a lot to be grateful for & for… @FsnbfRoszell Awww thank you ☺️ @123traceylou @siobhanx3 That’s amazing 💖 @ElizStJohn That is such a fabulous picture. Looking forward to meeting him and seeing you, very soon xxxx @Itsmygameblog 😂😂 @HRH_BorisIWS With you on that - although I don’t mind it as long as it’s very vintage - but Toffee Vodka? Yum!!! @Grandma_Bobbins Fabulous coats! @CAOSArchieOscar Gorgeous!! @kn29180903 Hurray!Right.. I know everything is a bit rubbish at the moment, so let’s start some happiness Please share with me somet…
@buffery628 Perfection.. 😂 @MarkWroxham That is SO interesting. Thank you 😊 PS: Not entirely sure if she is still a thing... 🤷🏻‍♀️ @MarkWroxham I genuinely did not know one could do that. Love to learn how. Sorely tempting. @rockanroldie I see your point, but I also think the media have an awful lot to answer for as they are incredibly h… @InspEllson Very well and remaining unerringly positive! 💖 @DavexPatrick I did not. What a coincidence. 💖 @Itsmygameblog 💖💖💖💖On this glorious morning, I read #Twitter & my heart sinks. It’s getting more toxic every day. I know we’re frustra… @ElizStJohn Cannot wait!
@4405matt Im so sorry. X @bbclaurak I’m quite shocked by this tweet, from a seemingly respected @BBCNews journalist, who by using these word… @17thCenturyLady Complicated...
@itjustjo Gosh. Has it been a year already? I remember when he left, it was a sad day. 😞 @mrgallnc2 Just done a quick google search on them (I recommend you do that for any company you haven’t heard of, B… @LesleyBrain That would be wonderful. Sadly we don’t! @MegsNewshound @LesleyBrain You would be absolutely welcome to swing by and visit me. You let me know. 💖 @MegsNewshound @LesleyBrain You’d never do that little one. 😊 @LesleyBrain Retweeted for you xCan anyone help with a camper van? 😊 @mumtokitsi Will do. 😊
Twitter do your stuff We @DIYSOS are in desperate need of a timber supplier double quick to support our Wales build RT
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