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Countess Bathurst @CotswoldLadyB Cirencester, England

Former High Sheriff of Gloucestershire 2016/17. Supporting our Police, Emergency Services, & Armed Forces. Tendency to be somewhat forthright... 🐝

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@denny_robert @engcountrylife That would be wonderful.I've just made a donation to this wonderful charity. It literally saves Asia's dogs from being stolen, beaten, abus…
@denny_robert @engcountrylife .... annnnnnd done... 😉 @jamesmartinchef Well, I think you should come to see us, because quite simply we’d do it for charity, which would… @KenGoodwinITV Well done Ken. Bless him. @ZenMorin @mickbland27 @K9Finn @OliverHealdUK @kayenightingale Same here. 💖 @Elizabe28594095 @Carti_Mandua @patel4witham @ChiefGlosPolice @Glos_Police I understand that. It does seem strange.… @Carti_Mandua @patel4witham I’m in total agreement. And you definitely have to break some (in this case possibly a… @Elizabe28594095 @Carti_Mandua @patel4witham Oooo steady there.. The Chief Constables have an incredibly difficult… @patrushkaz @wossy @officialronnies @ronniewood I would if it was worth it - the thought of travelling back in time… @MarcherLord1 That was very funny. And I know you far too well to even begin to believe you’re not a thoroughly good egg. @patrushkaz @wossy @officialronnies @ronniewood No. Don’t belong to any clubs. Not in London enough. @char_000001 @LozzaFox Oh.... 😳
I find it deeply worrying that anyone would do such a thing to a living creature - and even more so, that it be to… @JohnHuxley6 @ugetconsultancy @LozzaFox Play nicely children please. Remember #BeKind @JoAdams2019 Thank you - and you're quite right, my heart goes out to those who have been so badly affected. Dredgi… @CreativeChic_ Hilarious xHow BEAUTIFUL!! @BlackElk1 A little less scary - thank you for asking! @LozzaFox Who's Dave?My aunt always used to teach me - 'If you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything at all.'
Bless them. I’m so sorry to hear this - they have been the voice of the other passengers & he’s always remained so… @1GarethWynJones That doesn’t look good.... 😳 @kennixtonsheep He’s rather lovely... 💖 @TheOnlyGuru The simple pleasures in life are always the best. And many of them involve being with, and enjoying th… duty Area Manager has attended a Tactical Coordination Group Meeting this morning, working in partnership with…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @LouisePritcha71 Louise - we are soon launching Cirencester Park as a wedding venue. Would you be interested in goi… @KevinBr84455082 It was beautiful.
@pcbeardface @LushLtd Yep... shoplifting incident in Gloucestershire will be treated seriously, regardless of the value of the stolen prop…
Retweeted by Countess BathurstCongratulations to all - but Nick, do not downplay your role in this, which is immense. You’re always very humble a… - not sure anyone would want my voice to be amplified anymore - it might frighten the horses.. 😉 @AliceAnniesGirl Absolutely!
@loweroddfarm They are everywhere. Happily the house has gates... @anthea_bailey I’m busy updating them... @Brookranger Pinocchio - absolutely no doubt.. Pinocchio... @g0lfp You must visit! @andytude I heard that too! Wondered if it was the wind rattling the window - it’s now blowing a gale and LASHING w… @charliecooper11 We’ll be there Charlie x Well, not THERE in the recycling centre.. That’d be a bit silly.. I mean… @g0lfp You must! They do wonderful dinners every other Saturday. And the Butterfly Room is for B&B. I’m fully plann… @aNorthernGarden I love that one too. Just fabulous. Another of my favourites. @g0lfp It was, and it absolutely broke my heart, but I knew it was for the best. The toughest decisions are the one… @MarkFrancis1974 I put my fingers in my ears for both. I get SO cross and have to repeat to myself over and over ‘… @aNorthernGarden Oh noooo! It’s one of my favourites.. 💖 @g0lfp I don’t Steve. The mileage and lack of ability to manage what turned out to be a truly dreadful management c… @inhoclocus2 @MailOnline Well, if the BBC are trying to encourage the government to keep the TV Licence, I’d imagin… @MarkFrancis1974 And?? @SimonScottuk @andytude Evening Simon.. 😊 @andytude You’re very welcome - please tell all your friends! 😊 @Lushlabs Ah yes, I’m a member of The ‘Never Seen Bambi’ Club, and a fully signed up devotee of The ‘Never Seen Wat… can go one better - we have a website! 2 here in the Cotswold (Nr Kemble - very rural an… - seen it so many times. Still makes me weep like a baby. 🙄 Especially when those stupid ignorant… @patrushkaz That’s what I said. I think the level has gone down a little now.. Thank Golly gosh... 🥺 @badgerwatcher1 @HubboldJohnson @GlosPCC @Glos_Police @Glos_OPCC @RSPCA_official Yes. I hope they hand it in to a s…'s the cast list for today's show - @ThangamMP @GlosPCC and @ShelfordMark talking drugs, policing, closing cour…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @TheOnlyGuru I’m very sad to hear that. 😢 We’re entering a whole new era of mental health, I’m not sure why, but th… @mbooton @ThorpeLynden Ooops... @Bee_Wiles1 @GlosterEd That might be put back into service soon... @badgerwatcher1 @HubboldJohnson @GlosPCC @Glos_Police @Glos_OPCC Oh my goodness, I SO agree with you on that. But t… @ElizabethW859 @Change Awww - thank you. 😊 @1GarethWynJones @ElizabethW859 With pleasure.Heading towards 35,000 signatures in just a few hours. There is a big swell of feeling about this, the public are s…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @badgerwatcher1 @HubboldJohnson @GlosPCC @Glos_Police @Glos_OPCC The facts presented & indeed claimed by the group… @1GarethWynJones You have no idea how badly I want to say ‘Which bit Gareth???’ Oh gosh darn it - I did... 😬😬 @ElizabethW859 @Change Do you have a link to the actual petition please? Don’t have time to scroll through them all!! 😊I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously considering building a large boat.. This was the scene at my Holiday Cott… @CotswoldLadyB There is a petition @Change ( About the press behaviour. In less than 24 h…
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @LozzaFox This will be interesting. And while they do fabulous dramas, the news media has become so biased, it’s ab… @badgerwatcher1 @HubboldJohnson @GlosPCC @Glos_Police @Glos_OPCC How do we know if it’s a male or female? So until… @rockanroldie Ha ha - the Bake King.. I’m after a special cake for Lord B’s birthday.. 😊 @ElizabethW859 Apparently you’re right. The Press have become really unpleasant & it seems, on occasion, they turn… @__The_Sausage__ @Brookranger That was my immediate guess too..I wasn’t familiar with #CarolineFlack, but I’m very sorry anyone could be driven to suicide by the cruelty & viciou… dog must be found so we can all be assured it is safe and well. In Gloucestershire @Glos_Police and @Glos_OPCC
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Update: apparently this poor dog had already been a victim as it’s owner was convicted of terrible animal neglect (… @PrincessofWails @SusanUnderhill7 @finnforchange @1GarethWynJones Poor animal. However, I still hope it is found an… @CotswoldLadyB @finnforchange @1GarethWynJones
Retweeted by Countess Bathurst @wickham_jen @1GarethWynJones @Hunting_4truth Thank you for that. Clearly more to the story than meets the eye, but… @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one… @70Frances @1GarethWynJones Not sure, but I’m imagining it is not having a very fun time. @Simulasoph I do know what ‘ellipsis’ means - and I also know what ‘impertinence’ means. I suggest you look it up,… @1GarethWynJones Thank you Gareth. Awful thing to happen. @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP If that is so, should we all abstain from our jobs b… anyone help look for this sheepdog? He has clear markings & looks terrified. I don’t know what area, but some p… @Stevefalco60 @wollastonhall @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP I don’t mute people if they have something construct… @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP You’re welcome, although I’d be grateful if you coul… @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP My husband is a man of total integrity. He is litera… @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP I absolutely can. But I can also absolutely assure y… @wollastonhall @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP I always promised myself I would not get caught up in a debate abo… @shepherdess1993 @cider966 The poor creature, I am so sorry. 😢Dog owners. Keep your dogs on a lead when walking near livestock... PLEASE.. Do you want the responsibility and hor… @wollastonhall @Stevefalco60 @SaveCirencester @CliftonBrown_MP Thank you for your consideration. But I’m not sure w…’d be more than welcome to come and view the plans for The Steadings in Cirencester. I may be biased, but I genu… @wollastonhall @SaveCirencester That is something I know nothing about. I’m not part of the process, so can’t comme… @The_Bakeking Ooo ok - didn’t see that? I’ll have another look, perhaps with my glasses on this time...I sent you a message via Instagram about a week ago. No reply. Is there a better way of contacting you please? Than… @HowardKoch_UK @MargotLJParker I absolutely agree with you. However, having visited China briefly recently, & seein… @GlosHorsePol Aww Teddy - Happy Valentines Day (a bit late, but never mind), you big handsome devil... 💋 💖And by the way, this is in no way belittling the damage a storm can do, the floods & properly damage, (and that asp…