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@bilsvuitton omg Plzzz don’t tell my mom Plzzz i’m Sorry @bilsvuitton hypebeast @lemastersmp4 WHY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE THAT CARTOON SHARK FROM THAT MOVIE @huttcrfly THIS IS SO FUNNY @babybenzradio omg yass eat that shit up @babybenzradio what flavourhey everyone, right now on my depop 100% of the proceeds of ANYTHING you buy will be donated towards a state bail…
Retweeted by vivian 📌 blm @hersgolden IM SO PROUD OF U BESTIE I LOVE YOU @inurify @hqydens LMFKSKCJD I CANT @Igbtsofia so proud of u i love u so much! @Oally4 @wqllows LFMKSKFLSKDMFN ur definitely right @wqllows I THINK @SUGARClNEMA omg dm the fbsTHEIR INSTAGRAMS @SUGARClNEMA HELPPPTeagan Cullen-Norris, Connor Walsh, and Simon Wootten ARE THEIR NAMES @huttcrfly NO I DONT KNOW THEM IM TRYINF TO FIND OUT WHO @sofiavinyls someone leaked it it’s going around but we have no clue who they are @hersgolden @s NO THATS WHAT IM TRYING TO FIND OUTTWITTER PLEASE DO YOUR THING THESE KIDS ARE IN 12TH GRADE AND GO TO HUMBERSIDE IN TORONTO @hersgolden ew FRICK THEM BOOOO @sofiavinyls such a bop 😍😍😍 @hersgolden WAIT WHAT DID THEY DO @babybenzradio does he only ever tweet the words “fake news” and “china” @CorinnaKopf these !! @babybenzradio blue > red @yeriurl SO PROUD OF U <32 @filmouts that you can sign #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by vivian 📌 blm @xbiebermuch @Leo_jaei @prettyoddcth @carovizzz @addicted2CORT @cynspo pls pls not only let me know if i’m missing any but also if any include misinformation @hurtstereo @joseromeroiv @n1co9le @julietnsfw @PastelDoie here’s a really extensive thread !! @thehippiebarbie @hood_herron
@nari_cb LMAOO if nobody else is it’s up to twitter @nari_cb omg the difference in the two @JakeWebber9 please spread these links @callmemonny @amezzzzzzzzz @PaulaaCeee @jesse_corrales @JOYOUSSEAVEY @1PRETTYPERSO @ColtonPappas @melaniethiel13 i have this full petition list if that helps: @megareecespiece @heartcuIt @everytimeIy @wasvvas @ahbahdommage @path2misery_ @vangpachia4 @sofiasgummybear @hazzakiwii @waltdibneyworld @_mikajayne @fallingsuggs @buccibarnz @itsalisha_YT @oneruel please share this will ALWAYS be here for all of you. if you ever need to dm to rant or talk or anything, i will be here. your own… @littlesabrinam1 @aliceshermione @lilgapshawty @clairo !!! @clairo can you share this petition thread by any chance?? a lot of these need more signatures @clairo love you @yasley929 yeah i think ive gotten all of them (if not most of them), i also update regularly so please be sure to check! @yasley929 @dethiree1 @sadboysgerald @peakygods @hollandsfreckle so many in here need more! @ARlANADY in this thread! @tpwkreema @mindofmiloo @rivtclub @stupidemobitch1 @kodzumee @dauntedpuss @needdyariana @txttospeech @jkggug @bvbbline @LilianaEllen_