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Terror Billy @councilofDeen Montréal, Québec

j'emmerde les faschos, les enculés en fred perry bref, la droite entière. si tu crois que ta gueule de guimauve est opprimée, tu peux niker ta mère. they/them

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@neptunedunny He's perfectly symetrical but then again so is my kitchen table. @thatcountryjew Hey man, i know the struggle. Id tell myself that if i could go one hour without than i could do a… @iamspartacus13 @RobAnderson2018 @AOC Seconded (Signed by a former dishwasher/ prep cook/ line cook at Grizzly house, AB) @catgirlserpaz @damexpatr "You'll do irreparable damage to your body" ok and you got a dream catcher tattoo. Sit down @JohnLyonTweets @UncleDuke1969 You stop seeing them after a bit. Like I'll brush my hair and be like oh thats right… @shortraccoonboy You're a child. Get off twitter and learn some manners because you will get eaten alive with that shitty attitude @clintoris This is it. This is your masterpiece @nolifeneet @EdmontonAgainst "Cuz I did the research" oh ok he can't even read @LockWilford I make art and comics please notice me will never take seriously someone who calls me a "commie" and means it as an insult. @skxnninvrskinny For real! Men like that fucking hob goblin never had a conversation with any woman and it shows! @WednesdayLa Again but way louder this time @KimberlyNFoster Honestly theres no better way than to gently poke inside the shell but at ond of the limbs opening… @hoe__no You decided to get help, went to the doctor, went to the pharmacy and got your antidepressants. Thats 4 re… @knerbin Twitter for artists is a gut punch so Im here to tell you you're doing great. You should ink it itll look dopeEvo Morales reads @ElonMusk's tweet before a crowd of thousands, "We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it."
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@HaydenLewis1114 @GageVermillion @emarixnax @Sully @treasurenohemi For someone who complain about "people getting o… @CatFrills @Potatopolitics Guess why ive started sewing. Thats right, ive been one rocket step ahead this whole time @HaydenLewis1114 @emarixnax @GageVermillion @Sully @treasurenohemi On our reality as white people you mean. 🙄 do better. @luz_tho @thinkublu @treasurenohemi Look. Black people shouldn't have to spoon feed you an explanation even if you… people dont have to justify their humanity for the sake of "education " @HaydenLewis1114 @emarixnax @GageVermillion @Sully @treasurenohemi You're really not listening are you? I asked tha… @UghBtsv @maidentaeyong @canyonheatblast @KokkoTherfae @_miichaeljohn @aftee_jay @treasurenohemi @ej_xcvIII @UghBtsv @canyonheatblast @KokkoTherfae @_miichaeljohn @aftee_jay @treasurenohemi You dont really want TO change. 🖕 @RedSquareBear @treasurenohemi A dialogue and conversation can certainly start when you arrive with opinions backed… @RedSquareBear @treasurenohemi Its literally at the bottom of the picture??? My point being you can do your own res… @gamoran_simcha @treasurenohemi For sure nobody should dictate what you should find offensive or not. And again wha… people literally create a world in which we have to "transition" as quickly as possible so we don't get hatecri…
Retweeted by Terror Billy @yedoye_ @one00__ @thinkublu @sedcounty @mikeymaduros @treasurenohemi K bye @RedSquareBear @treasurenohemi Ok but you can google it. Here. @luz_tho @thinkublu @treasurenohemi You can google it. Im aslo not a native English speaker, no one speaks English… @thinkublu @treasurenohemi Ill give you the benefit of doubt @gamoran_simcha @treasurenohemi Ok sure but my point is that white people should listen instead demanding that blac… @ej_xcvIII @treasurenohemi Here. No more excuses for you. @maidentaeyong @UghBtsv @canyonheatblast @KokkoTherfae @_miichaeljohn @aftee_jay @treasurenohemi Im a native french… @_miichaeljohn @BlueJohnXD @aftee_jay @treasurenohemi You're not the one being oppressed and instead of making it a… @aftee_jay @BlueJohnXD @_miichaeljohn @treasurenohemi You're doing exactly what I asked ( politely) not to do. You'… @mikeymaduros @thinkublu @treasurenohemi Relax. It's ok. Im sure you didn't have malicious intent @sedcounty @one00__ @mikeymaduros @thinkublu @treasurenohemi I AM FUCKING WEEZING IT'S PERFECT 😭😭😭😂😂 @glovesupmelody @treasurenohemi Interesting that you assume im doing this for approval. Leads me to believe you can… @glovesupmelody @treasurenohemi Ok so you don't have a point. Got it @ej_xcvIII @treasurenohemi @gamoran_simcha @treasurenohemi Ok? @Sully @treasurenohemi Im not American, Matt. Listen instead of wining @_miichaeljohn @aftee_jay @treasurenohemi Im not even a native english speaker and certainly not American and I fig… @wtallen0808 @thinkublu @treasurenohemi Im french and i figured it out with google so there goes your excuse.the tax the rich sweatshirt...ppl are like not ready for the reality that fair wages for garments (& sustainability…
Retweeted by Terror Billy @El_Binario @ItsBarbie304 @_slimarella_ @itsirabro Im so sorry you went through this. Fuck I cant imagine how hard that mist have been @damexpatr The dude needs an EpiPen like now @picxperf_ @browndirewolf True! Its so easy to chip away at the real human tragedy by choosing to use more clinical words @mikeymaduros @thinkublu @treasurenohemi I appreciate your input, I do but I am not a "he". @thinkublu @treasurenohemi I didn't either because im a native french speaker but guess what? Google is free. See h… @bear_criminal @LLW902 😭😭HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! @thinkublu @treasurenohemi Obviously she doesn't mean it in that sense and obviously those who bring it up are bein… @bwilkins0518 @typbrunette @IfNotNowOrg @MaraWilson Brian doesn't get the reference @IolaElla I have zero nostalgia for those days. @WednesdayLa THAT'S NOT WH- @WednesdayLa YOU REALLY DONT @clintoris You're a pioner you've discovered 120 new ways to make ingrown hair so much worse @treasurenohemi Can my fellow white people on this thread please stop saying shit like "i don't know what it means"… @yedoye_ 🎶Its a harlot life for us🎶 @the1janitor "Feminists blood boiling " mmmkay just say you hate women and go @NeolithicSheep Days gone: unsolved mysteries. Yooooo that title slaapppps @Skoog I cant believe im asking this but is it liquid or just really frequent? @coldbrewedtool Dead or alive, all cops are bastards @userjaymes Thats like... sexual assault of a duck and yes I really hate to be the one to point that out.
@868nathan Aaaw they're such good friends @socialistdogmom Im obsessed with your boys and i think you should post more pictures of them
Retweeted by Terror Billy @kthorjensen Dishes @JRobb773 can you use Microsoft excel? @868nathan Aaaawww thats so wholesome @tgracchus1848 I mean it's kenny Arkana but whatevs @ICONOCLASTIAE @n_laila_ The two 'n' are silent @M3rcaptan I dont come on this site to be viciously attacked @jackies_backie Again, I hate it when men
@yedoye_ Its a sucks @MuskTillDawn Coming at me with real violence here @UncleDuke1969 @rn_murse ...lunch?Urgent need for media attention. 60 year old man returns from Guyana and is detained without heart medication for o…
Retweeted by Terror BillySpotify is like yooooo bitch you've been rocking it to humpback whales this year!!!! @della_morte_ @skxnninvrskinny Help im uncomfortable @neptunedunny Men coming at you with nothing but sheer audacity @MistressSnowPhD I AM WHEEZING 😂😭😭😭Personally id rather be labeled as androgynous rather than nonbinary. @bainard @PhilanthropyGal Bro this meme is the only silver lining of this shit tweet. see you later alligator crocodile: [frustrated sigh]
Retweeted by Terror Billy @Skoog Of all your jokes this is my favorite. @damexpatr "I feel so betrayed " This ain't about you, boo!today is the only day you can post this
Retweeted by Terror Billy @thatcountryjew I MISS TENNESSEE BBQ I CANNOT GO ON
@clintoris Cool👇👇👇👇 @uca_ls @notyafeminist @BasedJane Age of consent is 18 if the offender is 3 years older than its a misdemeanor but… @xgloyards @BasedJane Dude, do they not have synapses where you come from? @xgloyards @BasedJane So the fuck what? The tradition of protecting pedophiles and predators who are famous is alive and well.