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@officialDannyT @jericollage70 @Nickelodeon Congratulations @Yoru_Akumu HiI swear Rem and Ram have two of the most iconic designs in all of anime
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart Caeser @Grid_Glxy Good morning @Abykvn Good morning @rod_flare I found your avatar/profile picture91. Max Mittelman - Saitama (One Punch Man), Ryuji Sakamoto (Persona 5) and Kousei Arima (Your Lie In April) Late Birthday Maxey Whitehead 🎂 @PingShortex Good morning @callmeedarkk Congratulations 🎉 @emiIiasupremacy Good morning @Giovanni_Brooks Whatever I find in the fridge90. Colleen Clinkenbeard - Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood), Eclair (Kiddy Grade) and Erza Scarlet (F… @SarahWiedenheft Excuse me @ronan68977484 I don’t know I am the wrong person to ask. I am not watching this series. My only suggestion would b… first of all why not credit any of the other VA’s. Second no disrespect to Zendaya but if you were going to re… @migesama @SharpestSniper @ZeroResurrected @NoContextXB @hishikawalight Lol Gurren Lagaan isn’t even from anime gam… @kyokonice Yes @migesama @ZeroResurrected @SharpestSniper @NoContextXB @hishikawalight And I can tell you haven’t changed one bit @EmiliaStimp @ZeroResurrected @EmiliaStimp Good night @poke_retro @LauraPostVoice @anairis_q @chrisedgerly @kellengoff @JamesMathisIII @KaijiTang @That_Fu @poke_retro @LauraPostVoice @anairis_q @chrisedgerly @kellengoff @JamesMathisIII @KaijiTang @That_Fu @OtakuLachie Probably forgot why I made my account in the first place @JohnThePro7 Good morning @CEOofLowQuality 👍👍89. Kelly Sheridan - Sango (Inuyasha) and Nana 'Hachi' Komatsu (NANA) @SparklingYuuta Happy Birthday 🎂 @SaulHater210 @AndrewSchroy @aranbeik @AndrewTalavera4 @EnglishLeo @OPP_2K21 @DeeJaySkullsVO @skyetennyson
@AdmittedDaisy36 Subways and Burger King @SkiniMini07 @VAJerryJewell Congratulations @childishgamzeno @VAJerryJewell Congratulations @SuzieYeung @VAJerryJewell Congratulations on your first movie lead role @TheHowardWang @VAJerryJewell Congratulations on your first movie lead role. @FQ1023 @ronan68977484 @ToddHaberkorn And the last character he got to be Tom Kenny’s brothers which is also funny… @FQ1023 @ronan68977484 @ToddHaberkorn This is from the Ben 10 reboot where he voiced Grey Matter, Tetrax Shard, Sla… Tara Sands - Circe (Generator Rex), Mokuba Kaiba (Yu Gi Oh!) and Anna Kyoyama (Shaman King) Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Wasp / Janet Pym (The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes), Sora Takenouchi (Digimon), M… John DiMaggio - Jake the dog (Adventure Time), Bender (Futurama) and Golgo 13 / Duke Togo (Golgo 13) Kaiji Tang - Osamu Dazai (Bungo Stray Dogs), Owain (Fire Emblem) and Hendricksen (The Seven Deadly Sins) Veronica Taylor - Ash Ketchum (Pokemon: Seasons 1-8), Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Moon: Viz Media dub)… @emiIiasupremacy Have an amazing day @CEOofRukaGang @RoboKnightShow @spacek1rby Have a great day as well @yrfreakyneighbr @Escaflowne2001 Cool drawing @Tony22u Good luck next time @Abykvn Good morning @ronan68977484 @Adamngibbs Dororo the dub for that came out not that long ago @ronan68977484 @ronan68977484 @MammaMiaNotter @ronan68977484Happy Late Birthday @OgieBanks 🎂 @Yoru_Akumu CongratulationsHappy Birthday @GoodOliviaHack 🎂 @HeroAcaLs Nope @2seokmygem @Abykvn @brentmukai @BrittanyLaudaVO @MattShipmanVO @KochaSound Congratulations @Ariluvsanime @saucenaopls @Ariluvsanime Good night @poke_retro @__UBERDUCK__ This is so creepy @CEOofLowQuality Congratulations @HylianRailgun DisgustingCleaning the swimming pool [Original]
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart CaeserRegrets [Your Are My Regret]
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart Caeser @Grid_Glxy Congratulations @HylianRailgun @TwitterSupport Wtf 🤬 @CEOofCastoria Good morning is anime with the prettiest female characters in my opinion
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart Caeser @Tony22u
Who is your favourite English dub voice for Detective Wataru Takagi (Updated)?I might need to do this poll again cause I just found out that I didn’t include Bill Townsley for an odd reason @Ariluvsanime late birthday @MacnicolPeter 🎂 Birthday @Adamngibbs 🎂 @skyetennyson @Adamngibbs I almost forgot he was in the hero mask redub @FutureDream1997 @DorothyFahn @DeeJaySkullsVO @trelltastic67 @AndrewTalavera4 @ryancoltlevy @SaulHater210 Birthday @severelylindsay 🎂 @VioletsRailgun 🙏 @Ariluvsanime Good morningHappy Late Birthday @CPucelli 🎂 Late Birthday @jessicadicicco 🎂 @Ariluvsanime Okay @Abykvn Good morning is your favourite English dub voice for Kamen Yaiba?Who is your favourite English dub voice for Ginshiro Toyama? @iSaintsreal Good morning @emiIiasupremacy Good morning @PingShortex Good morning @Markusreader232 A mixture @SenpaiYsl I am very sorry this happened to your account. I really hope you can find a way to recover itFuck this shit, man. 🥲😭 RT FOR MUTUALS 🗣🗣
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart Caeser @jedfarcry223 What breed is your dog? @SenpaiYsl What the f😡😡😡k Why on Earth did they suspended your account? @Karo1444k You look great 👍 @rubylovesanime It’s amazing especially since it has Laura Bailey in @AniMeForLifeBoi Good morningーこの絆で生み出した伝説ー
Retweeted by Lord Sieghart Caeser @AlenaWidowVlogs @CaseyMurdoc7766 @Fersuke_Uchiha @HylianRailgun Good morning @TMXSWAG Sorry @CEOofLowQuality @batkaitom @rod_flare @Josh_szn2 @Abykvn 2/4 are my mutuals