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Wideboy theologian. Hierarchical communitarianism. Fully automated electro papalism. Laments for London. Views my own. Obedience is freedom.

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Been thinking a lot about this.
Being on the wrong side of society is so often to be on the right side of history @CapelLofft @fjruizortiz They're full lockdown!
@johnhwd Yes, just the potatoes, no gravy. Ideally leftover potatoes. It's nice, honest guv @johnhwd John, we agree on so much. I urge you to reconsider. @re_abi @RoyalInstPhilos @MissZarifi Could do a whole module on this 😉 @johnhwd Goes nicely with with roast potatoes thoughSocieties do not and can not reset. They can be formed, and occasionally transformed - but attempts to reset always means they get malformedI've seen it used of the economy, arts, education, media etc - Jacobin impulses everywhereIt says a lot about the collapse of historical consciousness that the term 'reset' is liberally applied to socio-po… great challenge of the epoch is for people to go from being soi-disant to soy-distant
Detail was just thinking about how many things have gone wrong this morning, when an email arrived with this typo
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @johnhwd Bad manors"Siri, what's my ideal job?"
The great change in the English landscape was from white roads to black asphalt.
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @dcntrrr The elongated yellow pill
Me, having just returned from a meeting in which I spoke at length about the importance of maintaining optimum admi… @giantgio Vibes
Ghost ships 🖤
Peak britpopper moment seeing a Huddersfield Northern Soul Boys t-shirt earlier in, err, North London ✊👍🇬🇧, there's no such thing as a marriage take - only a marriage give, oh yeah
Reviving the old tradition of #ff #followfriday to recommend you follow @daily_barbarian and @Counteredlogos, who b…
Retweeted by Jacob PhillipsThe Newman symposium at @notredameaus with @proinsias87 @Counteredlogos @AnthonyFisherOP and others. Very exciting!
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @AdamCC92 Short, sharp, unapologetic honesty. @MeisterWarnberg This game could continue for many weeks @APDeBattista @MeisterWarnberg Definitely an improvement on the original @MeisterWarnberg "Imagine the world were one big Oratory" @omnialnchristo He has looked upon His servant in her lowliness @TomGourlay Certainly, v happy to
@SSBullivant Funny you should say that...How it started: How it ended @TomGourlay Thanks Tom! Would be great to meet in person
Supralapsarianism @CinqueTerreCC Look forward to seeing you there @CinqueTerreCC 7am, sadly!
@EdmundPAdamus Thanks!I think anyone can tune in to this webinar I'm speaking at this Friday on Ex Corde Ecclesiae and St John Henry Newm… @ryanmhuber This image of DB is something else 💥
@silabreH @planninganon A peculiar locution at the best of times @planninganon I saw a lot saying 'fam' for a while. Also 'lads', surely not American.Jacob Phillips agrees with me and I have never met anyone who is a more legit theologian, admirable Catholic, and a…
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@jmrphy I do. It's a quote that's difficult to translate but is either, 'A God that is there, is not there' or 'A G… @jmrphy Ein Gott, denn is gibt, gibt es nicht, yo @jmrphy Meister Eckhart yo @moveincircles I wish I could say the same. I've often joked about turning up after school with cans of full sugar… @moveincircles Exactamondo. And a good analogy because parenting has that signalling dimension, the disapproval and… @daily_barbarian @SamuelBiagetti Such a great piece. Related also to this point @arisroussinos WoahIn case you missed it, truly haunting essay by @Counteredlogos
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2020 @HistoryOfStokey There was a big rave in a warehouse on this site in spring 1998, just before it was demolished @m4ttjames Congrats 🎉
Really very excited about tomorrow's inevitable Guardian thinkpiece about why Johnson, Bolsonaro, and Trump got the… @TheSimonEvans Don't rain on my sanctimonious paradeNature is healing to be part of the Christian Heritage Centre's upcoming online colloquium on John Henry Newman. Featuring t…
Retweeted by Jacob Phillipsgoing inside a bookstore today for the first time in months. God is merciful
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @ProfJCharmley Too kind, bossI should be in government seeing as I can maintain such a low R number of retweets @TomGourlay @wipfandstock Look forward to reading thisI wrote about Angels and Demons for @im_1776
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @dcntrrr I've been campaigning against 'fun' for years @dcntrrr It's the 'having fun' that's most frustrating
@clockworkwhale @im_1776 Thank you. @Sharon_Kuruvila Thanks. Will read. Disturbing. @Sharon_Kuruvila Where is this from?"The working principle of a malevolent is always to make evil appear as good, so these temples are signified by a w…
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @tirian84 @im_1776 Amazing @FrJamesBradley This is well-deserved and a great choice @m4ttjames Leading by example, but hopefully not every morning!IM-1776 is a new "post-liberal" publication—neither woke leftism nor reactionary conservatism. The opening series f…
Retweeted by Jacob PhillipsI wrote about Angels and Demons for @im_1776 fact this was quite a normal start to the day until recently is something.Quite chill on the big working from home debate until stuck on a train early this morning due to a points failure,…
praying the psalms becomes so much better when ur life is in ruins
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I endorse this
@SalisburyJohnof Just a local East End thug, by the sounds of it @NikkiAnghileri That's our 5 year old, honest guvSt. Mary's University best kept secret - Chapel in the Wood built by Horace Walpole in 1767 @YourStMarys
Retweeted by Jacob Phillips @dcntrrr Oh, Eddie
@NMRatnam This is impressive @NMRatnam Of (pre-critical) night @NMRatnam Oh come, ImmanuelI know civilisation is doomed but I chilled with a two week old puppy yesterday study on being human @johnhwd @byzantinepower Yes! M11 Claremont Road was another good one which also played on old English tropes. Ther… @newmultitude @byzantinepower Will check it out, thanks. Thompson is a really good example of someone who uncovers… @newmultitude @byzantinepower Earth First were involved, but funny you should mention 'The Battle of Newbury', as t… @newmultitude @byzantinepower Earth First are definitely on the pipeline, yes @Paracelsus1092 @byzantinepower I'll let you know when I've done it. Got some very solid examples.The fact a mind as noble as @byzantinepower would tweet this, calls me to get on with that piece I started about ho…