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@DannyBKelly Adam Gase @SethWalder Oh ye. well on sunday out of 11 personnel, Adam Gase brought someone in motion. The first iteration of…
@JPPelzman I know they are both "slot" guys, but if Crowder is avail on Thurs, Jets need to use motion or other cre… Hilton's grandma calling her grandson after he still sucked despite her pep talk
Retweeted by Lou RecuperoScore a free custom pair of @newbalance sneakers. 👟 #THXMetsFans For every 1,000 RT this gets we’ll give away a p…
Retweeted by Lou Recupero
@DarrylSlater I wonder what the odds are that at season end, the 49ers will have the most victories at MetLife than… @Joerb31 Unblocked, chance to keep the Jets on game. Throws shoulder at ground, doesn't even draw contact. Terribl… @JPPelzman Remember, Darnold is undefeated when throwing a pick six on his 1st pass of the game @DA_Osorio It is a new twist to the offense... In all seriousness, that was a bad throw.. but since no one ever go… @MonikaElling @MartyJGardner @vamosdavid @Q8princess21 @ibstatguy @KenPecus @rolandgarros @RafaelNadal @nbc @JeanEdwardsWine So I know you probably love all of your "children" equally, but I really think the 2018 is my favo… @JeanEdwardsWine Fresh Mozzarella and tomatoes with an olive oil drizzle... Mmm mmm good @GrnLakeGirl @ibstatguy @NWTomLee @nvwineandcigar @JeanEdwardsWine @SeagreenWench @JohnMFodera @BartlettBacchus @Dracaenawines Very nice @ibstatguy @NWTomLee @nvwineandcigar @JeanEdwardsWine @GrnLakeGirl @SeagreenWench @JohnMFodera @BartlettBacchus
On tap for the evening #wiyg... @NWTomLee @nvwineandcigar @JeanEdwardsWine @ibstatguy @GrnLakeGirl @SeagreenWench @srecupero @NWTomLee @GrnLakeGirl @SeagreenWench @ibstatguy @nvwineandcigar That's almost as bad as a team losing Syndergard, Stroman, and Cespedes @NWTomLee @GrnLakeGirl @SeagreenWench @ibstatguy @nvwineandcigar Well the 2019 Nationals might have a thing or two… @ladihawk120 @XYX9999 @notcapnamerica Now that's a fire @nvwineandcigar @GrnLakeGirl @NWTomLee @ibstatguy @SeagreenWench I know i didn't have any fun... @GrnLakeGirl @NWTomLee @ibstatguy @nvwineandcigar @SeagreenWench The always brilliant Wen is right once again... th… @JohnMFodera All boxes checked. Please go be
@MartyJGardner @ibstatguy @KenPecus @Q8princess21 @vamosdavid @MonikaElling @rolandgarros Thanks Marty...
@MartinoPuccio @RapSheet Everything about him is doubtful @PFF_Sam The best thing i read all week was Sam Darnold with a higher grade than Allen's breakthrough 400 yard game… @genymets Well... he did play varsity... I mean come on that has to count for something right?Josh Allen had a career day. And then Bills fans were upset on the internet about Allen’s @PFF grade. So I talked t…
Retweeted by Lou Recupero @BenRothenberg what were the numbers for the 2020 US Open? They should look to mimic those protocols at Roland Gar… @DWAZ73 He must have been lonely out there @winelib_jim Baller Rose there Jim... very nice!!!
@JEichmann83 @xboxlivealboogy @Coupe_60 @MikeClayNFL Sam Darnold looking for his Wide Receivers during the game..
Retweeted by Lou Recupero @xboxlivealboogy @MikeClayNFL Well looks like Berrios is on for a lot of action then... Lawrence Cager and Donte M… @MikeClayNFL Jets say hold my beer as they trot out their healthy WR corp: Braxton Berrios Chris Hogan Josh Malone… @DA_Osorio I see what you did there... 🤣🐚.@BigTicket73 is the league's best rookie and the @nyjets best football player...this is my favorite player in the…
Retweeted by Lou Recupero @HistoryandWine @Wine_com Did you order the Cat-ernet Sauvignon? @srecupero @DA_Osorio C'mon D.A.: Q. So calling pass plays on 3rd down where your receivers run routes short of the marker is… always learn something interesting from your writeups John.Had never really considered that "in the southern most… @BillShaikin @jorgecastillo @KershsChallenge I would try and buy it and drink it really soon.... Reviews say it is…
@Wassamatta4u So you can watch the end of the Mets game
@AmazinAvenue Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick? @N12jamiestuart look couldn't just about any even mildly competent coach win with a guy like Tannehill... @FitzGSN_ Blast, Belly, die and pop pass baby... They know its coming...let them try and stop it 😎🏈 @N12jamiestuart I'd even settle for going a little spread and trying for some quick hit runs behind a pretty effective Becton at LT... @N12jamiestuart How about going more 2 or even 3 TE sets with Griffin, Herndon, and Wesco... Maybe run Herndon up t… @AbbeyMastracco I believe the 2020 metaphor has the plane crashing into the MRI truck... @SethWalder somewhere in Florham Park, Adam Gase is vigorously shaking his head and screaming "No, No, No why are t… here's an ad for you: Sen. Kelly Loeffler's new spot is all about how she's "more conservative than Attila the…
Retweeted by Lou Recupero @BannedAnth @JacobRubashkin ummm Duh...its not the "Constantinople and Rome Virus"...try and keep up @RVacchianoSNY Perriman is the only one guy knew how to run a damn go pattern? What about sending Herndon down the seam on occasion? @smartfootball well in fairness... not many people have ever seen the things he has already been busting out... @JacobRubashkin Wait... this is a commercial by Loeffler's campaign? Sheet...I thought this was an opposition commercial... @MMehtaNYDN Interior of rebuilt line did not play particularly well yesterday. I particularly thought Van Roten struggled @Toms_in_Raleigh @GangGreenNation thanks - i had actually forgot he was on the staff... @GangGreenNation on merit he should be fired immediately, or at end of last season if a time machine can be found.… @GrnLakeGirl @NWTomLee @nvwineandcigar @SeagreenWench @BartlettBacchus @ibstatguy That is pretty good... i like thi…
@JetsAndJollof Well he was trying to get his punt team better position @DA_Osorio Evergreen Tweet @DA_Osorio How about 17 secs D.A. @DA_Osorio 1:45pm or 1 minute and 45 seconds? 🤣🤣 I actually think this is a 17-13 or so game...either direction.… @jetswhispers Interesting since Gase steadfastly refuses to get Darnold out of the pocket where he is most effective @JetsTheory @MadGoodKS @GangGreenNation I would try and spread them out a bit and then pound Gore behind Becton to… @JerryBeach73 Pretty much everyone other than deGrom they have trotted out there this season has pitched like #2..
@GangGreenNation I have this one as low scoring, let's call it 17-13 Jets...Nines strength is running the ball and… @JohnMFodera Wow, I did not know that it was from there. Made me think of your review of Azienda Muschi Alti ... @RealWineGuru @ReverseWineSnob Have long considered this one of my favorite pizza wines at a great price.Jump pass pop with 2 downfield laterals for a TD
Retweeted by Lou Recupero @sfru Exactly, we are the runaway winner in number of deaths in the world... @NWTomLee @nvwineandcigar @ibstatguy @GrnLakeGirl Not everywhere ...😒
@jetsfan29 @alltwentytwo @CYJpod There were a bunch of low bad snaps all game if you watch. It was like watching Spencer Long @DalyDoseOfHoops that made me legitimately laugh Jaden... @fbgchase They need to cutdown on the pre-season...Great article John... and sounds like a great producer... Not sure if I could find how to order from their website…
@fakequinnsmith @A_M_Ford @cbass99 @RussoHockey I thought that meant that you were both small and big, no?
@cbass99 @RussoHockey So he can breath on land and underwater? @rickyoung66 @PaulRieckhoff @RexChapman Exactly right...assuming kid is truly 6, playing up might not be best thing… must have told #Dodgers manager Dave Roberts to stick to Sborz Rojas on status of Jed Lowrie: "I have no idea who that is." #mets! We're taking home the #BudLightCelly of the week! #JagsCelly @TalkJetsRadio That would be the move for sure @BleacherReport @coachdwes What kind of clown league let's a kid that big carry the ball...
@joe_manniello You sir, are no Francesa!!!! @artus_ac @ddale8 I would bet that comes in somewhere near his career average though... @SeagreenWench I am truly sory about that...Even Jacob deGrom gives up a run every couple of games... @FiveThirtyEight Sorry, but if you are not going to mention how much more explosive US trees are compared to trees… @GangGreenNation Coaching Staff gets a strong nomination as the team did not come out to play in any facet of the g… @friscojosh Well certainly in the 1st half while Pierre Desir was trying to see how far off in coverage he could pl… @SeagreenWench @campochiarenti Reports on the internet say they worked with a new trainer over the summer and are i… @RandyMueller_ Multiple expected win %'s calculations all showed going for it a virtual wash over kicking the FG in… @ddale8 in all fairness, it was a pretty long run on sentence... @CauseWereGuys @ChrisWasky I think that footage may be doctored @NYPost_Brazille You forgot to mention Healthy play caller is Adam Gase @Jason_OTC @SethWalder Don't forget about the inability to get a play off before the 2 minute warning as well... @pfref seems as if the teams for the other guys on the list had far more success... Wonder if that is an outlier, o… @ibstatguy @KenPecus @MartyJGardner @MonikaElling @Q8princess21 @vamosdavid @usopen @rolandgarros @vika7 I also pic… @FO_ASchatz Somewhere in Wisconsin, Aaron Rodgers is just smiling and nodding .. @SethWalder Going for it would have seemed to be the play there, no? @MartyJGardner @ibstatguy @Q8princess21 @KenPecus @MonikaElling @vamosdavid @usopen @rolandgarros @vika7 🤣🤣🎾
@MartyJGardner @ibstatguy @Q8princess21 @KenPecus @MonikaElling @vamosdavid @usopen @rolandgarros @vika7 Wow, they…