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Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @CouRageJD

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@GabeJRuiz @TinaKitten Wait I thought Tina did this Gabe?! @_xDeath @_JosephGreco_ @Yankees They call me the fat Ohtani. @RivingtonThe3rd @Yankees My friends from home can vouch for me I’m not lying!!! I also didn’t start to begin the… @Yankees, I’m going to the game on Monday at the stadium. It’s time to sign me to a 1 day contract. I batted… @JhbTeam @TinaKitten Sorry, I can’t help you. @TinaKitten It is time to get you verified. @jacksondahl @TheMaelk @100Thieves I RAN OUT OF SPACE @kyedae Use me as a "I wish I was cool like Kyedae" button @Yankees Not even close! @JhbTeam @100Thieves Largely due to you, JHBTeam! You're cool! @Sparks_MFR @100Thieves TRUE. Ran out of characters LOLIn the last 2 weeks, @100Thieves has -Won the LCS Finals -Finished 1st in our VCT Berlin group -Signed NiceWigg -S… @hitchariide BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @sapnap @Valkyrae You own the company! @T_Munch3 @GameFuel W - followed! @Blackbeard Happy birthday! @RealMichaelKay "The Oriole highlight reel could be on Tik Tok." LOL
@100Thieves @Nadeshot @brookeab @TinaKitten @Valkyrae 100,000 likes and we sell the pink 100T sweater?? @TubboLive @TinaKitten @Valkyrae @brookeab @fuslie 💫recycling💫 @TubboLive @TinaKitten @Valkyrae @brookeab @fuslie I don’t see what’s wrong? cupcakes are SO CUTE! @TinaKitten @Valkyrae @brookeab @fuslie @100Thieves @Sykkuno @TinaKitten WHY DID I NOT KNOW SYKKUNO WAS COMING?!
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @Sykkuno Are you here?!?!??!!WELCOME @TinaKitten TO @100Thieves! @sapnap Yo @Valkyrae @TinaKitten @brookeab @100Thieves ICONIC @TinaKitten STAB ME TINA!!!! @100Thieves @TinaKitten BANGER VIDEO ALERT!For some people the prank war never ended. How @TinaKitten joined 100 Thieves:
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @100Thieves @TinaKitten Tina, I accept your apology for defacing our compound. You no longer have to go to jail.Welcome @TinaKitten to 100 Thieves! A longtime friend of the family, Tina's ability to light up a room with smiles…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopWant a fat juicy ass like @CouRageJD? CouRageous Sherbet is back and available in sugar free & regular. Head to…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @GameFuel Unless we sell out again and make it permanent and I get 50% ownership of the Game Fuel brand?You guys showed it so much love, we knew we had to do something special to thank you. Both Regular and Zero Sugar…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @olecraig_ WI HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. LETS GOOO @CouRageJD
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopWE HAD A GREAT we're bringing it back!!  CouRageous Sherbet is being restocked one last time NOW!   We'r… @TinaKitten VALO HEAD POPS STREAM TITLE?! KEKWHUGE Announcement at 11 AM PST. Going to reveal it live on stream. Don't miss it! Watch here: @MargamingOG @GameFuel W @MrAdamAp @Enable Well, that’s a given. An “unfathomable” 40 straight wins is deserving of less than my achievement… @eMattCraig Happy birthday handsome @drdisrespect @NICKMERCS @DrLupo @PlayApex Is the game working today? @TannerSlays LMAOOO bro I love when you pop off @NiceWigg Thank you brother! Feels really good @5uppps Wow this means a lot coming from someone as handsome successful cool well liked smart quick witted charisma… @ImperialHal LMAO @Maven @ornelasalberto1 @Flash_v9 @Ehyoscotty @JakeSucky Man, I went back to this thread to find the guys tweet say… @draynilla Had to make you proud, dad! @FaZeBlaze 😂😂😂 @Nadeshot Thanks, brotha. Had to do it @MJCheen Bronze to Masters = ✅ 2 weeks ago, a Reddit hate thread about me got 8,000 upvotes and thousands of comments… @PlayApex Ranked should have team KP. I shouldn’t have to force myself to make a dumbass play for KP just because… @Respawn @PlayApex This was a lie
@Respawn @PlayApex Apex tweets and says everything is fine. Me 2 minutes later: @Yankees Man is playing out of his mindHUGE APEX UPDATE!!! Time to check it all out. Also, 1,000 points from Masters in my solo challenge! Watch here:… @Valkyrae @100Thieves Rae STAB ME!! @Valkyrae @100Thieves @brookeab @100Thieves Brooke SHOOT ME!!! @100Thieves W. LET’S GOOO100 Thieves Open World Collection 9.18.21. 12 PM PT. Choose your path and explore new real…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopYou all should watch this right now. One of the funniest sketches in SNL history. Cancer. RIP. What a shame. @DEADLINE Damn. He was incredible at what he did. What a shame. RIPMight be my new favorite picture of all-time 🥺😍 @5uppps @100Thieves @TinaKitten 5up it was sooo messed up what she did. @drdisrespect Jesus Christ, Doc. You deserve some extra Vaseline tomorrow. @heymattnguyen @100Thieves Ohhhhh @KarlJacobs_ @100Thieves Karl, I’m not even kidding. She punched me in the face and then vandalized our building!!! @TinaKitten @Nadeshot Tina - I DEMAND YOU TAKE THAT DOWN NOW!!! YOU'VE DEFACED THE CASH APP COMPOUND!
@Quackity @100Thieves @TinaKitten Thank you, Quackity. Let's make sure she is arrested for her crimes! @100Thieves ??? Hello??? @TinaKitten what did you do? @Yankees Thank God @NiceWigg W @jurd I remember getting clowned for streaming and building my brand in Black Ops 3. People were mad at me for grin… @Respawn @PlayApex Can Respawn can we make it so I can armor swap off my teammates instead of grabbing their armor… are BACK! Starting my stream with a special guest today. Apex Predator games all day with Wigg and Tanner… off the craziest work month: -140 hours streamed -10 videos filmed for 100 Thieves -15 uploads on my second… @IamTrevorMay GGs, Trevor. Hopefully the Mets and Yankees both make it to the World Series I'd be down @ItsEvanTube Kaya Toast It's soooo good. really named my new dog after food... I'm so fat. @Yankees Rough few weeks. Great series with entertainment throughout. Let's bounce back next game @MLB This game is actually insaneWhat a productive week away from streaming. -Filmed 7 videos for 100T at Creator Camp -Filmed a handful of videos… @timthetatman No thanks, Dent.Baseball is better than football.
@Hiko GOAT @nitr0 @GambitEsports W @Asunaa W @Hiko Have my children.LET’S FUCKING GO! 100 Thieves Valorant show incredible resilience and win the series! I’m literally shaking. That was so intense. #100THIKOOOOOOOO😍 WHAT WAS THATTTTTT OH MY GODDDDDTwitter, Meet Kaya. I’m officially a dog dad. Watch our first moments with her and the 100T house reaction:… VIDEO IN 1 MINUTE. Meet my new puppy 🥺