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Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @CouRageJD

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Supermodel? No. Streamer. I know, right? Kill record here: Twitter, Today is the day. Today is the day I set my new Warzone kill record. I got 9 hours of sleep, feelin… @MLB F @jordanfisher @IJasonAlexander @BCEFA Soooo good
@cloakzy Dude what?! NOT AT ALL!-Riding in the back of an ATV -Enemies start shooting us -600 meters away No problem 🤯'm in the #CashAppPayDay event! A day of live programming featuring a CouRage & Nadeshot Show, musical guests, t… @GameOfThrones No shot lolTied my kill record with 27 kills... Push people in a building, they call in a precision air strike outside so I r… @100Thieves @CashApp WBirthday in 9 days! New apparel launch and birthday celebration stream in 13 days! Birthday theme has been added… I’m going to be dead serious with you guys I’m going live in 10 minutes but I’m currently in my shower butt as… @cloakzy @timthetatman @NICKMERCS Look at this fish I caught in 2007 to only @timthetatman, @NICKMERCS, and @cloakzy! I hope you guys get a great night of sleep for another… @DrLupo LOL bro it triggers me so much @SMii7Y This is true I’m still on the side of the mountain @LudwigAhgren o7 @Maven LMAO I did something dumb to put myself in this position. @Swpah thought it would be funny to just clip it o… me you play Warzone without telling me you play Warzone...
@banNickk @GameFuel 10/10 @timthetatman This shit was so hypeno anti cheat?? fine, I’ll do it myself...
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @kyedae @100Thieves W @100Thieves @kyedae WWWWWWW WELCOME!!!!Welcome @Kyedae! Kyedae is our first VALORANT streamer and international creator. We love her bright & positive pe…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopIn game event for Warzone has been announced!!! I’m hyped for it! Playing with Turtle and Bald today! It’s a clo… @the_higster @Jomboy_ @Yankees Shit... @the_higster @Jomboy_ @Yankees LMAOOO @OctaneSam Hello??? @Yankees W @OctaneSam Yessir @H3CZ W - also, lemme invest. I don’t smoke weed but I believe in the 36 year old phenomBaby Liam and his Uncle Jack... Name a more iconic duo. @Yankees I’m getting a Kyle Higashioka tattoo on both of my ass cheeks. @Yankees I'm getting a Kyle Higashioka tattoo on my ass.
@NICKMERCS Bruhhhhh I pooped @Asmongold It’s a game changing experience. 2 PC >>>Great week of streams ahead... You can win $500 if I don’t set my new kill record. Watch here:… @Lazarbeam I’m not a fan. It stinks. I get what they’re trying to do. Unfortunately, Fortnite was already lacking… @MLB @Yankees Ayy can I come throw out a first pitch? And then maybe get an at bat or in the game... @Pineaqples Jesus I know Stone Legion Generals is tough but don’t let it make you want to start a new lifeSetting my new Warzone kill record this week (27 kills is my previous record) If I don’t, then I’ll give one perso… @Symfuhny Insane.Holy shit...what an unbelievable performance from the Toronto Ultra. FaZe looked untouchable coming into this week… @GabeJRuiz This will forever be one of my favorite shootsWe had an interesting conversation on how to get a mattress to the top of the roof for the @CouRageJD + Ariana Gran…
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@nitr0 W @100T_Esports @Hiko @nitr0 @JoshNissan @Asunaa @ethanarnold @FrosTvsYou @100Thieves What a week @100T_Esports @Hiko @nitr0 @JoshNissan @Asunaa @ethanarnold @FrosTvsYou @100Thieves W @ethanarnold Bro - good shit. W @JoshNissan @XSETGAMING W @Hiko W @Asunaa W @100T_Esports @ethanarnold Bruhhhh @ethanarnold you’re my dadFunniest Warzone Tik Toks of ALL-TIME! Now live on my main channel! Just planned out all the content for the next… @Yankees I swear y'all are making me age twice as fast @AustinOnTwitter @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @100Thieves Please don't curse! It's heck! @Hiko Not at all! @KarlJacobs_ @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @100Thieves TY Karl <33 @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @100Thieves Nice ear, Rae!! #OnlyEars #OnlyHands100T x New York Times! Let’s go! @Valkyrae @Nadeshot @100Thieves @NoahJ456 This is photoshoppedToday I’ll finish recording Step 4/50 on @CouRageJD’s art piece. He’s episode one of a new Art Series coming to the…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @LudwigAhgren Enjoy... @REALMizkif Baiting replies worked perfectly My punches would slip off your bald egg head @Asmongold Had you on the list but then decided I’m too big of a fan to fight you @KarlJacobs_ Karl I didn’t add you because I’m scared of you @Symfuhny You’d be that pillowStreamers/YouTubers I could beat in a fight: Nadeshot, Ninja, DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, Symfuhny, Nickmercs, xQc, Symf… @GabeJRuiz So goodI've recently realized how much BTS we have that everyone hasn't seen, here is Jack's and Rae's reaction to her sla…
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@NICKMERCS W @_CaRtOoNz @100Thieves This wasn’t a actually happened @scump ❤️❤️ bounce back brother @CODLeague Crazy100T house reacts to OpTic vs Rokkr 🤯🤯🤯 (camera turned on right after we screamed) @CODLeague @AccuracyLA @ROKKR @OpTicCHI JesusOMG ACCURACY OMG OMG WTFFFFF @Nadeshot And hit 10 million views in a month on the channels... WSold some hoodies and beat Envy all in the same day. Who knew you could do both?
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @100T_Esports @Hiko W @nickpearson727 W - followed!! @RealTomCrawford W @bloomer_jacob W - followed! @PlantanoMan W @JoelCameron23 @Nadeshot @Valkyrae WWWW @jalenives @100Thieves @Nadeshot @Valkyrae Crew neck is my favorite. The quality is mind blowing @The1AndOnly383 @100Thieves Followed - W! @Mitch_Griffin01 @Nadeshot @100Thieves WBRAND NEW 100 THIEVES APPAREL DROP! “Enter Infinity” releases in 6 minutes!! Don’t miss out on this. Be ready on… Thieves Enter Infinity Collection Today. 12 PM PT.
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @brookeab Cuties!! @QuarterJade LMAO holy shit this is gold @OpTicHishmeh It'll be in the "Live Stream" playlist tomorrow when @Swpah wakes up.Tonight's stream was one of my favorite of all-time. The vibes were high, so many laughs, fantastic drinks, and gr…❤️ Family Dinner ❤️
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopAll the roommates have hacked my stream’s time... Chef CouRage is back All the roommates are here My parents are in charge
Drunk cooking stream at the 100T house with my parents, Maddie, and the 100T roommates! Making: Chicken cutlets Pa…