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Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @CouRageJD

I love soup and Chipotle. | @100Thieves Content Creator | Creator Code: CouRageJD | Business Inquiries:

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@CrankGameplays Happy birthday, brotha!!! We gotta get games in soon.I entered the empty room by myself. On the admin table, it said there were 2 people in the room. But I was by mys… finally saw Tenet. Wow. That was a lot to take in and overwhelming to say the least. As always, Nolan leaves you… @jzpr W
I’ve been alive for 26 years... I’ve never played a single Legend of Zelda game in my entire life. Today, that ch… @TwistedTea SAME @cloakzy @TwistedTea @NICKMERCS @Swagg Okay that hurt... @_BattMaker <3 @TwistedTea @NICKMERCS @cloakzy @Swagg W. Dennis is a turtle. I'm taller than Nick. I'd cross up Swagg on a basketball court.Excited to announce that I'm partnering up with @TwistedTea, the perfect drink to turn up when gaming! To celebrat… @Bricetacular W @timthetatman lol fat @NICKMERCS @cloakzy This is littttt boys @ChandlerHallow Why aren’t you verified lol @verified hello @fuslie LOL you’ve been the star of so many of my clips recentlyNew sponsor announcement at 10 AM PST tomorrow 👀 Another crazy day. Love you all. The grind continues. @scooterbraun @ArianaGrande @justinbieber @SB_Projects W. All incredible stuff too. Congrats to everyone!Don't say anything just RT if this is you on Among Us... Twitter, In 20 minutes I'll be playing Among Us with: @Nadeshot @Valkyrae @pokimanelol @Corpse_Husband
@Enable W @Behzinga Bro I'm crying like a baby watching you hug your mom after completing the marathon. Congratulations on an… @Fwiz Ah yes another common W. Good response after the craziness I saw on my timeline earlier lolHmm... Breath of the Wild playthrough on stream starting tomorrow? Drop a like if you’d watch 👀 @ZackTTGamer W @bugha @fivebelow Wow this is dope. Well done @CashNastyGaming Bro you look so mad at the end of that 100T x 2HYPE collab hahah That shit was intense @mikemajlak Means a lot coming from you brother! A rising tide raised all ships. Everyone else grinding and working… @PlayApex W. Well doneI impersonated @Corpse_Husband on Among Us and WON... I nearly lost my voice for this video 😂 New video here:… @100Thieves @official2HYPE @totinos This collaboration was so awesome. @fuslie I WAS SO UPSET AT YOU FOR NOT GOING IN THERE Then I saw that you were and it made sense LOL @oreeeo W @JamesCrowder @MamaPriestahh W @day9tv Crazy to think I’ve been watching your streams/videos prior to getting my first gaming computer in 2011. Yo… @Froste ... @Class @100Thieves @CashApp People are voting and we got GGFroste mud wrestling Mako in the background 😂 @100Thieves @CashApp W spam in the repliesProud to be a member of @100Thieves. @CoupleK2 Nope! In the last week on stream I’ve played Among Us, Warzone, Fall Guys, and Rogue Company @CouchSportsAdam I stream and upload daily on my main channel. But there are so many things I want to do but would… IS GOING ON!!! Second channel is picking up steam!! New main channel video in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Time f… @bnans @LuluLuvely It’s the truth @Jack_Septic_Eye You did, Jack. You did. @Jonsandman Love it bro! Crush those videosSwpah and I are in the zone. -2 straight 12 hour streams -Last two main channel videos = 1/10 -Last two second cha…’M SOOOOO MAD RIGHT NOW... @Lazarbeam WNEW PELOTON RECORD SET AGAIN!! I’m in my zone right now. Feeling great everyday! Now giving away 30+ cases of Gam… @Ninja @Average_Jonas @Twitch @PayPal W @MrBeastYT Thank you ❤️😂 Still getting comments 2 years later LOL and Britt met through my streams/community years ago and are now expecting a baby together this year. Another… @GameFuel @Yassuo Yayyyy
If you like candy corn, then you should be thrown in prison.It’s an extra special edition of #GameFuelGameNights tonight on stream! Playing Among Us with fellow @GameFuel par…’m officially retiring from Warzone tournaments.I played Among Us with Mr. Beast and if I survived to the end I won $10,000. Go watch on his channel! was the most fun I’ve had in Warzone in 3+ months. Legit can’t wait to play more of the Zombies mode tod… @scump @InfinityWard Wish you would actually game with me @scump @InfinityWard It’s seriously so awesome. Only mess up is no quadsToday was just an incredible day from start to finish. Who watched the streams today? Gotta follow some of you gu… @CallofDuty Why did you do this to me... @CallofDuty Ayo what @mikemelinz @LEGIQN I’d be sooo down! Not sure if Jordan playsJust crushed an awesome workout! One of the best days in recent memory. New merch finalized, Chipotle card, insan… @ChipotleTweets Love you @NoahJ456 We’re both crushing, brother. Love you too jackass! @Swpah
THANK YOU @ChipotleTweets!!! Another year of free burritos. Who else needs a Chipotle Celebrity Card? 👀 This is t… @Swpah GOAT @Purplecliffe Congrats this is so awesomeThe new Warzone Zombies mode is absolutely one of the best limited time modes EVER in the history of Battle Royales… @mikemajlak Nearly died on stream @ChandlerHallow This is messed up lolHow it started How it's going
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopI might get DMCA banned from Twitch...The new Warzone Zombies mode is INSANE. Just watch and RT... @NICKMERCS @InfinityWard Yup - it’s so goodWHY DID CALL OF DUTY ADD JUMP SCARES?!?!?! @100Thieves Thank you family!!Congratulations to @CouRageJD on reaching 3M YouTube subscribers! The CouRageous have never been stronger! 🥳
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” DunlopCongrats Uncle Jack! @CouRageJD
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @Activision @CallofDuty @InfinityWard HOW ON EARTH DO YOU RELEASE ZOMBIES ROYALE AS ONLY 3 PEOPLE?!3 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you to everyone for supporting the dream! We took a leap of faith last year… @jordanfisher @Verizon WThe Haunting of Verdansk update goes live in 2 hours! Playing with Skinny Tim, Forehead, and Pencil! 3 million su… month coming up for @100Thieves! -One million Instagram followers -One million YouTube subscribers -750,000 Ti… @100Thieves @Mako @Froste @Class @Avalanche100T @Valkyrae @brookeab @Nadeshot @LoganDodson @jacksondahl 100% success
@KarlJacobs_ No root me onThese next two weeks: -Streaming -Working out -Eating healthy That’s it. Time to grind. $25,000 Among Us tournam… @100Thieves Today’s content house video we filmed should hit 1 million views if the title and thumbnail are good. Calling it now.Connor didn't have to say all that LMAO a super valuable YouTube lesson yesterday. In the first hour, my video was my worst performing of my last… @KarlJacobs_ @ChandlerHallow K A R L T H R O W SI’ve never played Breath of the Wild. I’ve been itching to play a single-player game on stream. Who would watch? @astroblastmusic @H3CZ Throwback Thursday on this one! @DaithiDeNogla WHAT! I’m Uncle Jack to another wonderful baby!!! This is so exciting. Couldn’t be happier for you b… @Class @ChrisO2_ And with him having more YouTube subscribers than the entire Mob combined x5 it seems like everyon… @Class @ChrisO2_ I always liked that hot tub more than I liked you @ChrisO2_ @Class I beat I can beat the Ender dragon before you guys @McCVRT So dope!