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Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @CouRageJD

I love soup and Chipotle. | @100Thieves Content Creator | Creator Code: CouRageJD | Business Inquiries:

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@Asmongold AwesomeI couldn’t wait till the morning to post. I wanted to do something for Jack and Maddie as maddies birthday was yest…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @AbbyTheMS @MaddieM Wow this is beautiful and my day is already made. Thank you so much, Abby!! @swingyplays Lowering caffeine intake Disconnecting from phone a bit more When having a panic attack do “grounding” exercises @SteelerBW We got it on Sunday @ActualIyCasey I wonder if they’ll post it lol @ActualIyCasey I have them the most boring replies everFor the first time in my life, paparazzi just ran up on me after a dinner out in Beverly Hills... They asked me ab… @MaddieM wtf just happened lol @ScottGandhi I completely agree it needs to be longer. First thing I felt when playing the other day that I would bleed out so fast @RichWCampbell I need rank 3 then I guess @RichWCampbell I have no idea Paul if you see this tell me the answer
@BajheeraWoW @RichWCampbell Smhhhh @BajheeraWoW @RichWCampbell Horde >>> @ConorMcuagregor @RichWCampbell I hate long CC effects. Being feared for 7 minutes it feels like isn't fun @cloakzy @RichWCampbell I can't wait a me @BajheeraWoW @RichWCampbell Bro I'm so down. I hate WoW PVP. Teach me to like it. @RichWCampbell I need to get Blood of the Enemy. I hate WoW PVP. I need battleground gods to help me. Who can help me? @pokimanelol Happy you're doing this for yourself! I think so many creators are struggling without have those oppor… @StanzelCasey Yup!Decided to take off from streaming this morning to enjoy Maddie’s birthday with her. Trim down if you missed it o… @Asmongold No mail muncher? ✅ Cock ritual? ✅ Malding? ✅ @muselk @FortniteGame W @Fwiz 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 @NICKMERCS @MaddieM @H3CZ @MaddieM YURRRR @NoahJ456 W @Ninja @DrLupo 🤯🤯🤯 @CallofDuty Hey guys - I look forward to being the new superstar striker for the Verdansk Football Club but my jers… @DexertoMike @MaddieM Chicken ParmesanHappy birthday to the most unique, hardest working, and independent woman I know! Thank you for always pushing me… @TypicalGamer Update nights are fun! Haha good shit brother🤯🤯🤯 New Warzone season looks super promising What a fantastic day from start to finish. Love you guys. Goodnight! OF DUTY: WARZONE SEASON FIVE LAUNCH STREAM!!! Let’s check out everything new. GET IN HERE AND RT!!!… TWITTER?! WHO IS AWAKE?! STREAM GOING LIVE IN 45 MINUTES! @BlessedMMA @RogueCompany Yo! I'll DM you. I'm playing again next Monday!
@ScottGandhi Game is great man. So excited for its future. More this week! guys have been begging me to play it. Can’t wait to hop into @RogueCompany with Franklin the Turtle.… @CaptainSparklez @GetSpectrum They are the worst ISP in America. It is legit disgusting that they are only in busin… @shroud SHINY @MLGSundance @DanRyanOGRE1 @TomRyanOGRE2 @Nadeshot A bunch of GOATs. Happy birthday @DanRyanOGRE1 and @TomRyanOGRE2 ! @Yankees Best team in baseball @Froste Who does he keep doing it folks? Brilliant!Tomorrow is going to be a CRAZY day... 10 AM - 2 PM PST - Warzone stream 2 PM - 4 PM - Rogue Company stream 5 PM -… @hitchariide Me reacting to OpTic’s newest uploads @jjm4x You’re a wonderful man @MattKan59344689 Gang gang! @H3CZ I mean shittttt I might!!!In case you missed it... I've officially launched a second channel! So excited to put out more videos than ever b…
I’ve been keeping some secrets... @Classify Bro - Don't stop now. Keep going. YouTube is more about momentum than anything. Keep keep keep going. @ShotByCam @lammricky @PlayVALORANT @100Thieves @Nadeshot @juliawu DopeBig big day today... Announcement in just over 2 hours. Make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on. @YesTheory @MrBeastYT @Casey GG @Fwiz @kelly__dunlop @Nadeshot Too fun @HaleyHey_ @Nadeshot W @kelly__dunlop @Nadeshot What a fucking awesome night this was WOWVerdansk will never be the same. Season Five arrives on August 5. #Warzone #ModernWarfare
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @WillyrexYT CONGRATS!!!Happy birthday to one of my best friends, @Nadeshot! Crazy to look back on everything we’ve done together. From br… Shield ✅ Gas Grenade ✅ Molotov Cocktail ✅ @CouRageJD's girlfriend trolled him with a hilarious #Warzone class…
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @MattMrX Starting my mythic group with my boys from home, some viewers, and my old WoW buddies this week. Excited to try to get Ra’Den down @100ThievesLive @Arkhram1x @Falconerrr Beasts @IamTrevorMay Yes, Trevor. Yes. @Yankees Best team in baseball @Yankees Aaron Judge is a glitch in the system @Big__Jerm <3Birthday stream is LIVE!!!!! Come and hang out: Right now with @CouRageJD!
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop
@brookeab We’re all here with you, Brooke. This too shall pass. @hitchariide @Con12345678900 It’s crazy broHey guys - today is Connor's 13th birthday!!! @Con12345678900 Going to be gaming with him for a couple hours! Co… girlfriend picked my class on Warzone... Absolutely insane video. You guys will love it. ALSO - huge announcem… 5 PEOPLE WHO RETWEET MY NEXT TWEET GOOD LUCK @NICKMERCS W @timthetatman @SypherPK @CallofDuty Guys guys guys let’s just all upload it at the same time together @SypherPK @CallofDuty Stop that’s my upload this week @ShyoWager @Ballatw @GoldenboyFTW I still watch almost every tournament. As of now, I wait in the shadows ready to… @Ballatw Yeah I know it’s tough with how it is during COVID but man... Fortnite was a near perfect spectator syste… @cloakzy I can’t really speak much on other stuff. I just strictly mean from a viewer standpoint. The spectator cl… @GoldenboyFTW Yeah that wasn’t fun hahaMan...Fortnite as an esport has so many awesome personalities, cool story-lines, and great young undiscovered talen… @scump I miss you so much it’s ridiculous. The sun feels colder. The days feel longer. The pain feels greater. My body yearns for yours. @SypherPK @Bounty Lit @scump Lemme cast it again @TomRyanOGRE2 What does the caption mean? @cloakzy @Asmongold Wanna come @aydan @Asmongold 473-ish! @Asmongold @Asmongold Join my mythic raid group this wednesday help me dude @BasicallyIDoWrk Yo so we did that Peloton ride but I just ate an entire chicken parmesan and pasta so I think it got cancelled out @FaZeBlaze I need a drink lol @Yankees Best team in baseball @Jomboy_ I'm fully clenched right now lol @Avalanche100T @Classify @TheMob RIP 🙌🏻
we’re done with warzone... @BasicallyIDoWrk Me right now you’re not riding your homies- I mean riding with your homies in 2020. I don’t want it. @CouRageJD
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @Fwiz @Symfuhny He said “This keyboard is clean compared to my last one...” I’m fucking done dude @TSM_Myth COVID20 bout to start in the 100T house basement... @TSM_Myth Bro...I walked in to joking play on his stream for a second... Put my hand on this. Legit covering mysel…