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Pain. Pain is all I feel. 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 33 seconds on stream. 0 wins. 6 losses. Deranked from Platinu… life, there are many defining moments. Your first breath. Your first birthday. Your first love. Today, we have… @ParadoxQJ Hard worker. Humble. Pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working together on a project sometime soon @BasicallyIDoWrk Sorry - I was only looking in the mumble settings on discord. I didn’t realize Minecraft setup had… to let people down. Minecraft proximity chat wasn’t working. Going to pick new teammates and join the Purge… dentist said my teeth are looking good. Now, I finally join the Purge. All hell is about to break loose. I ha… @punchale “No further comments at this time.” @hitchariide Excuse me?
@punchale LOL @Walshy @Nadeshot Like this is even a questionPlans for today: Valorant stream - now until 3 PM. Watch here: Dentist - 3:15-4:15 Joini… @Asunaa You need me? @100Thieves Book me for an episode of TBH with JHB. I’m ready for the worst on camera appearance of my career. @JhbTeam... @JhbTeam Because of this ugly ass selfie I’ve now upped it to 2,500 likes. @JhbTeam If this tweet gets 2,000 likes I’ll be a guest on TBH with JHB
Stomach has been bothering me all day. Just not feeling up to force out a long stream today. Going to play Valoran… @NickAllen @MiltonTPike1 Watching this court case... Kiki really should see a doctor about he inability to remember most things LOLSeptember 21st: 229.2 pounds Today: 215.0 pounds Throughout life I’ve always battled my weight. In previous diets… @100Thieves @JBLaudio @RohnJobinson @JhbTeam Oh god... @cizzorz WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… @PacmanJT @NICKMERCS YESSS HAHAHAHAHA @NICKMERCS BRO YOU'RE LEGIT WIDE NECK REINCARNATED HAHAHATomorrow, I join the Purge Minecraft server. Saturday, I’m filming a cooking video with Maddie where we try to mak… @timthetatman Wtf? I’m reporting you. @brookeab @Symfuhny Well...I didn’t want to burst into your bedroom with this clip 😂 I just know the room down the… @JKap415 @wolfiecindy Dude I can’t believe she finally noticed your name. You two should go for a wonderful excursion in LA. I will drive.@Symfuhny 😔’m not going to lie. We got our fucking nipples twisted on Valorant all day. I need a drink. @timthetatman I deranked to plat 1. Worst day of Valorant I've ever seen. Can't wait to play more together.
OKAY WE WON 4 UNRANKED GAMES AND THE BUG IS GONE Ranked climb to Radiant begins again @RiotNu @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT Please hack my account and fix it please I give you permission @RiotNu @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT Any way to fix currently?Here we go... The Road to Radiant continues. Don't miss this @timthetatman placed silver KEKW. Just wanted to rem… @tommyinnit Bro...500,000 viewers. W @Maven LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @FrankieTripi716 @dannnmoreee I mean...normal boring political things aside. You just might not agree with me on wh… @dannnmoreee Couldn't agree more. But one man actively stirring up controversy, underplaying a pandemic, and inciti… thus...the globe breathed a sigh of relief.There have been a lot of good days and really bad days across this year... Today, for me personally, was just one… @Tleebsdesigns This is dope!! @timthetatman Dude...
I ranked the BEST Among Us players in a tier list... This one is spicyyyyy Watch here: @cloakzy Love you dude. Sending your family my love @kelly__dunlop Happy birthday buttface @ZooMaa Damn. Some of my favorite moments in CoD history come from you, Tommy. You’ve been an absolute beast acros… @Banks Come play sometime my brotha @Asmongold Goals @TipsOutBaby ❤️❤️Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful sister, @kelly__dunlop! The greatest joy I have is being your big brother. I’v… @Chen Thank you for carrying me @Enable Got placed in Gold 2 earlier. Now Plat 2! You? @Hiko Learned from you, teammate. Lemme know if the squad needs a fill if someone can’t make a game @Jonsandman Wow that’s quite the GIF @Froste Yes it was my little kitten! @ElevateFN Hope all is well for you, brotha. @DrLupo Did I make you proud, papa? @jacksondahl I'll play a game lolTomorrow 4:30 pst
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@Electra @Fwiz I DONT KNOW @LEGIQN YESSS DADDY @QuarterJade Idk what just happened I blacked out @itmeJP LOL @GoldGloveTV I’ve been exposedOh. My. God. said I’m trash at Valorant so now I’m going to push to Radiant. Repping extra @100Thieves today to give me… @IamTrevorMay .444 AVG 8 game hitting streak Starting first basemen 2 walk off hits Born with the clutch gene Highschool baseball icon @dizzy Good to hear, brother. Welcome back. Taking care of yourself always comes first @Fwiz @Nadeshot Road to Radiant begins tomorrow.Tom Brady is the GOAT. There is no argument.I miss seasons 1-4 of Fortnite. We were so spoiled 🥺
@100Thieves WOOOOOO @closerlol You’re my fucking DAD. @lisadunlop87 @jordanfisher This must be your proudest moment HAHAHAHA @brookeab I'm more afraid of you than Mason so that checks out @brookeab I had a dream last night that I was playing Escape from Tarkov and you were an enemy alongside another st… @xWill23_ @AddisonRose7 @garcibaen That little row is Fire, Addison > Courage > Jace > Charles. Its beautiful @JacobWolf Guy has me blocked. Interesting LOL @Class I’m doing this tomorrow. You inspired me. @TmarTn Dude...I couldn’t agree more @timthetatman @Ninja Let’s all play Valorant together this week @I_AM_WILDCAT @JERICHO Down @Fwiz @Nadeshot @SnakesJR @Chen @ArshpaI I was just playing with my boys earlier! I’m down! @Ninja Bro I'm nasty at it wtf 1v1 me $1000I have never been so bored of videogames in my entire 3 years of full-time streaming. Anyone else feel this way?… @lazaro @AndrewYang Vouch.
@KarlJacobs_ @pokimanelol @texasboidreamin This is adorable. @BlessedMMA BROOOOOOOOOOSaturday Morning Cartoons "I Don't Want It To End" Featuring @Valkyrae
Retweeted by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop @Gigante Really?! That good? Shit I need to watch @KarlJacobs_ @Quackity Karl don’t tell Q but I think you’re handsome @Quackity Hey Q don’t tell Karl but I think you’re handsome @Trainwreckstv 😂 @TwitchPluto xoxo @CohhCarnage I’m just trying to be like you one day, Cohh! @Fwiz @Twitch HAHAHHAAH @Twitch LOL - this was a great idea by you guys. Love seeing a year in reviewThank you ❤️ What a monster year on Twitch. I’ll never forget this for the rest of my life. for free. Sit back. See if you win a bunch of money. BOOM. Enter now: