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Hello, I have big boobs. The end.So I kinda used your Nintendo Switch controller as a vibrator and now it doesn’t work anymore… @Evanit0 Wow @OnTheDownLoTho Wheel of fortune? @TheThankfulDead not cgi, andrew garfield can do that in real life
Retweeted by FeFe @zentreya @JennaLynnMeowri @BrianTsuii @sei_soy 😮 @Nux_Taku I have boobs ok…! @Shibukaho @Crunchyroll Lets goooo!! 🎉🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻🖤 @youtooz AYEEEE YOO?? @zentreya Please get your ass off my face I can’t breathe @TGreen102 SHUT UP @shadowworrier1 No u didn’t @Retro_Bro_ PAINFuck~ @tabakko Hyde please don’t do this to me 😤👀💦 @nyyxxii Hello my name is FeFe & I am apply for the role of “girlfriend” @Saejima_VT if @CovfefeChan was a vigilante #FeFeArt
Retweeted by FeFe @kashyyemo favorite big breasted punk BICH is awake!I WAS HAVING A SUPER HORNY DREAM!!! WHO DAFQ JUST WOKE ME UP??? @Evanit0'll cosplay as Fefe at a convention for 10,000 likes.
Retweeted by FeFe @OnTheDownLoTho Bro relax! Super Mario Bowling & Sonic ping pong are coming in 2022 @Evanit0 You were saying?'ll marry the first person to cosplay me at an anime conventionDear @McDonalds, Please bring back the Gamecube kiosks to your restaurants. I would really like to play Pikmin 2,… @ShepardFin Best reply Attack on Titan illustration
Retweeted by FeFe @Vynthel @Lost_Pause_ I almost choked to death on C*m @Evanit0 @el_XoX34 Same @Lost_Pause_ One time I wasn’t @emmalangevin Wait I’m confused? I could have sworn Twitter rules clearly state you are not allowed to have Nice Fu… @im_soul_reaper OH NO🤷🏼‍♀️ @fizzlf YES PLEASE
@zentreya I’m horny @KeinaNate That’s actually why I didn’t focus on becoming a “Vtuber” I focused on becoming a “content creator”, whe… @Petra_Gurin If you’re not a psychopath why are you yelling in all caps? @LichVtuber 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @nyyxxii Only if I can take a sip and spit it in your face @AsianGuyStream @Nux_Taku @Co_Mill Mood @OnTheDownLoTho SEGA FUCKIN KILLED MARIO @Nux_Taku @Kwite But I enjoy being yelled at and sexually harassed by foreigners 🥲 @HMKilla Dr Strange had a cold & when h sneezed it accidentally tore the multiverse @Nux_Taku I’ve defended your micro penis for years & this is how you repay me? @LuckyBonez YES 🙇🏼‍♀️ @ShikiMiyoshino I relate to this so hard 😓 @shadowworrier1 I already know ur dick size @Petra_Gurin You can’t see me 😈 *steals ur ice cream* @InfernoOmni @Evanit0 @Kwite I mean if I was monitized on YT & was a better streamer I’d probably quit @Evanit0 @InfernoOmni @Kwite Are you on the sex dungeon waiting list? @InfernoOmni @Evanit0 @Kwite How am I supposed to pay my 8 bedroom 6 bath 6 cat garage mansion with a pool golf cou… @kureijiollie 👀 @OnTheDownLoTho @SEGA @kb1140 Smart last time he cooked for me I was sick for 5 days @TOrlando478 👀 @Evanit0 @Kwite Honestly I like working 😂 being busy keeps me happy mentally @ZaFooFooMan that’s says my boobs are small, probably have a small penis 🤷🏼‍♀️ @nyyxxii Now I can afford to take you to McDonalds! 🙇🏼‍♀️🖤 @Kwite Yeah that’s why nux is always yelling at me to quit 🤷🏼‍♀️ @Lost_Pause_ Yubi @PerryTheBerry1 No I made him up for the purpose of the joke @IRLMassGaming All three @Baka2041 …WOOF 🖕🏻Told a coworker I was a Vtuber, the first thing they asked was if I was Korone, being a responsible adult I did the… @pokimanelol Hope you doing ok 🙇🏼‍♀️ @LilybelleVTuber 👀 @GFuelEnergy …I’m 5’2”… @CcScienceTeam Never pregnant forever breed @Kendall99666055 I love jojo @shxtou @Girl_Dm_ As your only true friend on this bird app, I will unfollow you at 99.9k followersI’m basically if Raven Rule34 Art came to life and started a career as a Vtuber @LadyLunairi @aicandii Raven is life @TGreen102 i mean...yes @baovtuber thx for the free food babeIf you're going to call me "baby girl" at least spit in my mouth & pull my hair— I mean first take me to dinner. 😳 @Enenra_Lockhart You shouldn’t lie @TGreen102 AY YO? @zentreya Just @ me next time @InfiniteZBladez 😳 @endersmithgamer this isn't about me ok @MAMETCHl HELLO QUEEN @femnotboyjj sorry can't hear u @TheThankfulDead bro i was just over here praying @shadowworrier1 hey this isn't about meYo why ya'll so Horny??? SMH @shu_yamino i...what @Shadowflare64 @Nux_Taku HAAAA @ellyson15410347 aww...wait @ItsValeriaKitty 👀
so uh that I made 2 @snuffyowo @AvionnaVT @Virgil_KoMETA @AkaneVT @cuppachae @AkamiChiyo @ChrisSama77
Retweeted by FeFe @zentreya @haruka_karibu awww kawaii