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Master Shake @cowgirl_bebop Not in the playoffs

I like shooting off at the mouth about hockey. Bison. Hoosier. I'm a lawyer but this ain't legal advice. #exjw

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@Jaffney_Quinn take these bozos for every DIME @FrockYeah Amor Eterno! @CathyStanleyCA @bigcomedown The rescue didn't do anything wrong. They aren't the ones under scrutiny here and don't owe you anything i follow this one wig vendor on instagram that goes on live and tries on the wigs to show how they look on
Retweeted by Master Shake @FrockYeah girl you a real one! @FrockYeah the song lowkey slaps tho! I'd stream it lol"Big. Boi. Grillin' on the roof." @BlueFoxNorth @bigcomedown She's also a murder risk to black men in NYC @heyjulieann no you're right, since that was the entire beginning of the exchange. she thinks that she and her dog… @heyjulieann They would rather have us killed than to follow the very rules they constantly accuse us of breaking.How many black men have been killed due to some white woman's weaponized tears? @Robertwaldeck @RichSeviora @eugenegu Who are you to tell him what was a "dangerous error"? He wanted to share both… know Abuelita's novela is getting good when you hear a sudden "PENDEJA!!!!!!!" coming from the other room.*Hurricane Katrina has entered the chat*
Retweeted by Master ShakeTaec's recent playlist consists majority of 2PM songs T____T NOW WHOEVER SAID HE LEFT 2PM, FIGHT ME
Retweeted by Master Shakeand when the world needed them the most, they vanished
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@sidsoriginaljaw hopefully they say yes! Because there's no reason why water coming out of your faucet should be ho… @sidsoriginaljaw Can you turn down the temp on the water heater? Mine used to be scalding too but then they just tu… what is this bird's malfunction??? to 0 real quick
Retweeted by Master ShakeRemember when they had Junho in that damn purple wig?BRADEN HOLTBY WASHINGTON CAPITALS JERSEY $50 (WOMENS XL)
Retweeted by Master ShakeOk Taecyeon: BIG Jun. K stan he is! more st. louis blues 🚫🚫🚫society has progressed past the need for st. louis blues 🚫🚫🚫
Retweeted by Master Shake @KrejciAssist @tarboxbarbb @junotheleafs @RangerProud @reporterchris @ColinSNewsday Any plan that relies on 100% co… @KrejciAssist @tarboxbarbb @junotheleafs @RangerProud @reporterchris @ColinSNewsday Some of these same players show… no one in DC acknowledges any of the Expos history, so I'm gonna go with the duality of the colors of Max Scherzer's eyes instead.
Retweeted by Master Shake"You guys need to let us know if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms, OK?"
Retweeted by Master Shake @tarboxbarbb @KrejciAssist @junotheleafs @RangerProud @reporterchris @ColinSNewsday How could you ever prove that they lied? @KevinHussey4 @HeatherCardona @reporterchris This is the same league that had multiple mumps outbreaks. Players sho… @OVECHKlN "I thought it was just my allergies!"Self-administer? LMAO has the NHL ever met NHL players??? @mcheller oh bless you! @mcheller Hi! Could you remind me where this clip is from? @_ChrissyM870 I've been lucky enough to have been quarantining with my family for a while now. But yeah I'm concerned about the crowds. @KuzyBeCackling I am but a simple woman....yes, we can. if you don't..... looks so skinny :/ and silk sporting dress, 1885-88. The MET. This dress would have been worn for tennis, yachting or general…
Retweeted by Master ShakeTBH I've been out a lot, but mostly in the car. I don't think I've spent more than like 8-9 days straight in the ho… @2pmsofficial part of me wanted to legit shake him while reading that LOL! stop saying that you're sorry! @Ryokonic I refused to put my work email on my phone for exactly this reason; you can never truly unplug. Any time… @vranaenae correct.they can carry they wack asses right back to NYC if they hate it that much fucking worst. Get the fuck out of here
Retweeted by Master Shake @hotteststell Minjun whined about something I can feel it in my bonesRemember when Wooyoung started dressing like he was headed to a timeshare in Boca? Shuffleboard Chic.
@the_MIEDE @Oladayo_ @_ademidun @KicksAddiction If you don't like the time your partner makes for you or their hobb… or not, I couldn't live with somebody who did this to me. IDK where people get this idea that they have the ri… @fefydislikesya1 @Jaffney_Quinn I would absolutely flip if a man did this to me while I was playing a game. @Oladayo_ @_ademidun @the_MIEDE @KicksAddiction Then she should just leave. Turning off games like that is for chil… high school we were 7:17 to 2:10. @the1myounger @menshimihas @jfreewright So the answer is no, then.B2K fansites. Also when I first starting reading/writing fanfiction. West, watching in his living room, ejected Park Suk-min.
Retweeted by Master ShakeNigga if she ain’t let you take the car just say that
Retweeted by Master Shake @coolaszdude03 @i_am_kenjiclark @PrettyboiiDB_9 Shit even I don't be waiting 7 hours in the hair salon."Feels like I'm wearing...nothin' at all, nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!"
Retweeted by Master Shake @sungjin_S2 Fresh vs bottled is like the difference between heaven and hell. I can't stand it from the store, but r…'ve been down in Florida with my Abuelita for about 5 weeks. She's been teaching me how to cook all the family rec… @KuzyBeCackling The people demand itBrunch today: mango fresh off the tree, coconut water (also fresh off the tree), refried beans, crema, and hard white cheese 🤤this one too, also 31. I don't understand when the aging process is supposed to begin. symbol of dining freedom???? god does anyone sniff their own farts as much as Americans do?“This Is SportsCenter” commercials never get old 🔥
Retweeted by Master Shake @SportsCenter This is my favorite one 😂
Retweeted by Master Shakethis man is going to be 32 in a month. HOW????
Retweeted by Master ShakeHalf-mourning dress, 1872–74. The MET.
Retweeted by Master Shake @KateMonster08 I never used to, but then I once managed to get like 7-8 sets or really expensive bed linens for fre… what are the bears doing???? @FrockYeah right??? or like a horcrux.I will never get used to tomatoes on cakes and in fruit platters. would have a god damn golf wang doll in his house @mircifer i'm screaming!!! @mircifer oh nooooo lmaooo! @NJDMakeMeDrink there's really no other option. Those are just the best 3.1, 7, 12. Period. @SaraCivian Luxury cars are a sign of wealth but going out and getting one you can't afford is nothing but trouble.… @mutt0311 @SaraCivian because the rich love to exploit their workers? @SaraCivian too many people out here confusing the things they need with the things they want. Society would immedi… get him outta here 😂 @Thomas18084241 @preciousbeyond I don't think you know what the word "claim" means. @foardeetou @ZackSohn_ @SaraCivian no, like things that you obviously either can't or won't actually understand. I'… @SaraCivian BUT MUH ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! @foardeetou @ZackSohn_ @SaraCivian Imagine thinking this made sense. Even if this math was useful (it's not), there… should they have to explain themselves? @CandiceTanishaB Uh uh i don't like thatNichkhun calling Wooyoung "Young-Young" is cute as shit @suspendedcoach @Nationals I regret NOTHING!!Chansung, Nichkhun, and Junho those who have ever attended a KBO game: What's your favorite food to have at the ballpark? Before I moved ba…
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@Marisa_Ingemi Yes to both.I'd say I'm a 5 CAPITALS JERSEY $45 (MENS M)
Retweeted by Master ShakeBitches be sleeping on me but be claiming they woke 😛
Retweeted by Master Shake @FatouSadio The first thing that went through my mind was "I'm too black to not love a BBQ" LOLwooyoung-ah PLEASE