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CozyJozie // Priya @cozyjozie aussie πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί priv @downbadpriya

F/A VALORANT caster/digital artist ❖20❖ worked with @knightsgg @SpotlightPLTFRM πŸ“· πŸ‘Ύ ⏰

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@Perkzxo Poggers @flexinja @Average_Jonas @ChrissyCostanza @IAmAlanWalker You can still HEAR the tilt from that game πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @sadprofi @tacularr WTF fuck you D: @NotReduxx @Nurfed @ethoz Affection 1000 @MonsoonGG 0_0 @PureRedfish GULA GANGGG @tacularr YEAH THAT'S OKAY LET EM EAT THEY HUNGRY @tacularr WTF WHY U KILL THE BEAR? D: @westjett1 THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE CODE FOR THIS! @Hariboee @PurpleT_Twitch Anyone that says otherwise is a psycho @TeamFuegoVal @PeachiPies @NilaOCE @Immikatie @mayuoce @cnniex Who is the graphic designer and please give them a raise 😩😩😩 @billiebaby_ God can you please step on meif you have anxiety, open this
Retweeted by CozyJozie // Priya @Jonesy840 the 5 stack days lmfaooo @LilT0T0 i deleted tiktok just to perma use twitter LMFAO @nicolethepeach you are the definition of swag @frostyZK poggers gaming gamer @koalanoob @iGumdrop thank you for curing cancer and saving my pc from a fire!! :D @MoonKillerYT LOL THE EDIT @sfX_x1 hppy birthdayyyyy!! im broke LOL @shoukrrrr HEADPHONE WARNING HOLY SHIT @cowffeeeee deez or joe? @902Creed I MISSED IT WTF D: @hurr2cane_au how do u keep coming up with these πŸ’€ @uwulittlebunni yeah NA immo looks fun as @MercuryCasts frrrr low elo in oce is fun as @ilyeeet are you in oce??? half the low elo games are just a troll LMFAOO @ban4na_cs @andyykb @bertyzipperboo @sinisterrOCE @Kiyooocs bruhhhh not the tags LMFAO @kissubie wait i wanna try that @oni_core Looking through the comments coz I have died so many times from being too impatient holding angles, looki… @Beyblade_Val ong @InfrequeNtcs @andyykb actually based, remix the cover please @andyykb AND WHY IS THIS JUST SAVED AND READY TO SEND? πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @andyykb STOP ANDY AUHSKHFGDHKZDFILDUJ @mythicaaaa I cant constantly be the one trying to hold all the positive mental attitude in the team, its exhausting πŸ˜ͺ 2/2 @mythicaaaa I get that but these people I have played on my main with are toxic too, to the point where no ones hav… @_novaVAL not in my experience ive found, its legit like these people arent having one bit of funAnd people wonder why there are so many damn smurfs tooI love getting those super wholesome teams where everyone hypes eachother up and is having a good time. Low elo is… @alexismarieNY fracture too... @Nighty10k LOLLLLLLLLLLL @Nighty10k its dead as hell LMFAO @Perkzxo pog the whitecat skin @weirdoliv UR SO PRETTYYYYY @jellyDval the laughs at the end LMFAOOO ur actually cold @RealMoonChopper THIS IS AMAZING MEL LMFAO @Nadeshot I wasn't ready for this reality to be on my timeline @OfficialBoaster "WHO IS BOKUNOPICO" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @YinsuCollins @OfficialBoaster Whoever has hacked it is a comedic genius @Average_Jonas Well thats a long-winded way to call you daddy @ethoz those are two completely different things LMFAO @foxwounds BORK BORK BORK @TeoRiooo yeah some days i literally dont talk and go streamer mode on my main coz rank is full of toxic people wit… @Nurfed LOL i do this with my cat whenever he meows @sullycasts but they so cute tho @realmocking @GeorgeCGed thats a verified mocking dub @chloe_hime7 @RealStrongLegs πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ @RealStrongLegs chloe gaming @chloe_hime7 @tacularr u reporting all ur imposters @root7K THESE PEOPLE ARENT REAL πŸ’€πŸ’€ @chloe_hime7 say less i gotchu @GeorgeCGed i love the british accents im hearing @Rewind1K Who is glaive fan? they are the best @Rewind1K NONONONONONO @sfX_x1 ppl like da pepe hands @9zamm i comment on alot of shit LMFAOOO @ImDevin__ that includes comments and honestly i have no ideaI just took a look at this months analytics and holy shit what happened o_o @The_KingLIVE ACTUAL BASED TWEET @azulacasts Its the most majestic thing ive seen on valorant
@RemValorant unlucky ahaha @UprightFool @RemValorant AYOOO 10 bucks for you @ToKacey @SierraDawnx3 ???????? @aEvilcat the algood is beyond his understanding @ImDevin__ @xtr_cs @RemValorant counter ratio + upload videos again + copium @KingFPS__ why u gotta attacc me like this @xtr_cs @RemValorant @ImDevin__ ah yes the most insane valorant pro @Phyyy_Y NAH 3RD TIMES THE CHARM BAHAHA @seangares wait hollup @hurr2cane_au @PlayVALORANT treena yoinked my heart sorry @killAlot_TV @PlayVALORANT ???????????????????????????????? @mulancholy1 @PlayVALORANT TYHANK YOU CUTIEE @ebifried1 @PlayVALORANT LETS QUEUE SOMETIMEE, i got a gold alt @AriuhhYT @PlayVALORANT thats actually nuts, congratsss fortnite gamer @amilathushara11 @HitBox_Hiros @PlayVALORANT LMFAOO okay cant get too ahead of myself, more like road to staying in immortal @cloudyy_oce @PlayVALORANT AWWW THANK YOU JAKEEEEE :D @riyadmsk @PlayVALORANT some of those players in silver be demons tho no joke @WrystBreaker twwwwwweeeter @WrystBreaker discord is not the plc to mssg me πŸ˜“ @bayleerowz OHMYGOD YES PLS @P4RlS1 @FyreRode a solid 9 inches 😈 @DellTero whats the fundraiser??? and 1. pear has hella cake 2. doggo is swag and i wanna pet it @HoRiZoNinKR @PlayVALORANT my biggest learning curve was definitely just learning crosshair placement and learning… @pl1xxval Happy birthday chrisss!!!!! @jellyfish_val LFGGGGG IRENE UR SO GOOD @solfwi_ Yoooooo guy is cracked :O @hikarival You be spraying your whole clip and painting the mona lisa around someone @Veyumii Only if you have a steady hand lmfaoo @currydtx Yeahhh I've dodged that map a lot of times now