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Cozz 🌟 @cozzlol zorbzy | renuity

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@aspectslawl yeah they blow @aspectslawl every other one sucks @aspectslawl ???
@JayFNBR the 100, interstellar, avatar the last air bender, peaky blinders, inception @LuxunFn @TSM_Commandment ur so crazy @vanilllaz i’m ngl this was ur fault @andrewwXll @aadxmr mute bro @KeenySZN ok sorry @aadxmr @aadxmr nobody’s scared of you shitty wager kid 🤡 @KeenySZN @KeenySZN @KeenySZN @indiefoxxlive @Amouranth @andrewwXll @BlizyFN you make me hard @Kehnys_ why is your first tweet sarcastic @Kehnys_ are u trolling
@grahamx_ @OfficialTeam33 @RevoJLR literallynew cozz skin @mellxos @MrBeast v @aadxmr @CatGamerOP @Reetlol XTRA Donuts @StayKazed def not bruh🙏🏼 @qasruh ????????? @CrmznFN @TeamDelirium vouch @La1em this shit took off tf @Trizkoh @TurtleTavernTV 🤡🤡 @Trizkoh @TurtleTavernTV i agree with this guy @DeyyFN 60 😐 @itsfreddylol @RodlinOT @Goldwydd @TeamAssaultGG ur comp team is sum butt i’m not gonna lie freddy @RenuityFN @VxnYT what 50 😂 @RenuityFN @VxnYT what 70
@RenuityFN @VxnYT thanks for the 10 🤣 @FaZeSway ur so sexy @AydenWrld @FRChronic w @FRChronic @AydenWrld W @RenuityFN @VxnYT on god this is cap @kadenoxx on god broMamacita💃 - @onymousr @trexfn1 @notbajo oh shitshow the angles right 🐬🐬 @grahamx_ @BigShotWRLD LMFAO @Ajerss wtf i thought you were controller @anoklol that’s a thing tf @anoklol actually i dink bodied you with an aug out of the car @toptimal2 @HiggsFNBR i agree @aadxmr earnings check 🤡how are servers so bad i feel like im on 100 ping @cooper_fnbr can i buy your optimized mousepad
@andrewwXll @BeckTHD sussy @BeckTHD g pro super light @dracxyz @faxuty @Cava_Official @VxnYT vouch🚨$2000 3V3 ZW TOURNAMENT🚨 6/21/2021 5PM PST! REPLY WITH YOUR TRIO FOR A CHANCE TO PLAY! MUST RT & FOLLOW…
Retweeted by Cozz 🌟 @andrewwXll @salvoFNBR can u rail me 😩
@AggroSkolzy deactivate bro @SaizuHimself @strazx6 @vorx022 @Peachesfnbr i get like 15 it’s the same shit @cooper_fnbr oh fuck @strazx6 @SaizuHimself @vorx022 @Peachesfnbr i’m good on cali but i win 10x more on oregon my playstyle is ping reliant @strazx6 @SaizuHimself @vorx022 @Peachesfnbr which is why oregon is the only server i’m crazy on and i’m shit on east @Eclipzyy yeah but if your replacing your main drive then you’d need to install windows to ur new one @Eclipzyy yeah @BeckTHD aren’t you supposed to be an igl 🤡 @cooper_fnbr nobody sells mediums @Investbtw 😐gonna have god aim 😈 @andrewwXll super light @LiquidDL @LiquidDL ur shitty ass mic @moonyfn hbd moonshit @BeckTHD @Rubenlmaoo @slaysfn @toptimal2 @BeckTHD @1Tidal WEIRD! @toptimal2 @BeckTHD @1Tidal am i allowed to key for no reason @Hantao yo
@irimXX air 58 is ass + its heavier and wired @irimXX irl @khoshy @phrazn model o wireless has stupid amount of latency i legit looked at all the options its not looking good @khoshy @phrazn ive looked at it before the size + shape isnt for me @cooper_fnbr idk the website wasnt loading for me last time. but even if i do wait a month for the next drop its no… @phrazn @khoshy i use superlight but i want a lighter mouse @khoshy yeah exactly i play 9 800 @khoshy whats ur sens @cooper_fnbr the only way to get it off a drop is if u have a bot the website doesnt even load and when it does everythings gone instantly @khoshy no like the wire gets in my way @khoshy i cant use wired micedo i waste $470 on a finalmouse starlight @KeenySZN no they're least not her...her voice makes me think...think about life, I love her crispy cute v… @J2YHS @RenuityFN i too havent recieved my invite and j bought in for $30 as well! please don’t scam me renuity 😞steamy stacks in trios w/ @wavyjacob1 @aadxmr @hexvvs @moonyfn @aadxmr @Plxt8 @xoStreak 2v2 us @BusAogg 💀Cozz isn’t Cozz without _______ @CodeBrux bro ur fucking crazy
@jabaims where do i get it from @EpikWhale @Cented7 @KeenySZN LMFAO @Y8WSHl 😐"Draw Match" LMFAOOOOOO EVEN HE WAS SURPRISED 😭😭 @aykedfn in the gym