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@SLAMnewswire The Lakers have to accommodate Dion? 😂😂😂 @TheMariaShow_ That's crazy. @Mike_Bresnahan Don't need to give that game away... @Butterfly_424 He only played 34 games with Lebron. He was up and down when Bron was out; had some good games with… @Ryguy613 @Butterfly_424 Did I say it was a possiblity?
@Butterfly_424 They are still ignoring how he didnt mess with Lebron. So you want him instead of Bron? I wished la… @TheMariaShow_ How many games has he missed triple doubles by 1 reb/assist? @bballbreakdown @Joshywawalters Says the guy who posted a 45 year old Kareem moving around like a mummy vs Vlade an… @TheMariaShow_ Zach Lowe...😂 @LeBronFactory @yellowsrone @TheMariaShow_ This is 1991. It doesn't sound like Jordan is complaining at all, huh.… @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory @TheMariaShow_ Here's a very interesting read as well... @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory @TheMariaShow_ And let me pull up the article of Jordan complaining about the pistons trying to hurt him. @LeBronFactory @yellowsrone @TheMariaShow_ But they told us they could do anything in the "rough and tough" 90s.… @BenGolliver He and Rich went to a Duke game, but it was likley just Rich who's actually met him during recruiting. @Drewsnavy33 @EricPincus No. They can sign him as long as he was waived by march 1. @BleacherReport Casuals will say, "what about jordan?😭😭😭" Jordan didn't play 17 @Butterfly_424 @Joshywawalters @bballbreakdown Bron proves a lot of his breakdowns are biased... @Butterfly_424 @AustinJSanchez Better shooter. Defense about even, imo @Butterfly_424 Vogel is going to wait until his job is in the line to change it.🤮😂 @Butterfly_424 Bronny better @TheMariaShow_ @yellowsrone @AndamoJoey @XavierRooks @jameswi76997743 @_KarateChris Meanwhile, Bron gets killed for losing vs the… @yellowsrone @AndamoJoey @XavierRooks @jameswi76997743 @_KarateChris Okc had the talent, depth and homecourt advant… @NateDuncanNBA He's carved out a very solid career. I'd have to say borderline HOF. @yellowsrone @edWoodwardceoW @EChoobaka13 @gustavoaps7 Shit, but lebron will hear about forming a superteam with Ma… @yellowsrone @edWoodwardceoW @EChoobaka13 @gustavoaps7 KD to the warriors eliminated any margin of error. Even he… @yellowsrone @edWoodwardceoW @EChoobaka13 @gustavoaps7 And still scored 27 a game with shorts cutting off his circu… @yellowsrone @edWoodwardceoW @EChoobaka13 @gustavoaps7 Bron doesn't deserve credit. I could plug in Kelly Tripuka and get the same results.
@Jrockboxing @AlBernstein It's what the causal fans are drawn to. Floyd would have been gone awhile ago with a loss on his record.🤷🏾‍♂️ @richarddeitsch @GordyMegroz ARod knows his baseball. I wish the NBA had someone like him to break down the game an… @Vitricate They haven't watched him. They've watched highlights of his failures. @TheMariaShow_ I guess giving the MVP to Freak from the first game hasn't increased interest. @_JasonLT Kobe didn't pass, bruv @yellowsrone @ThatBlameGuy @Jody_McFly And if he would have made a speech and cried like Jordan...They would have s… @AnotherNBAFan I compare Lebron vs versions of himself, not other players. #GOATvshimself @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory @emanuelcgodina If LeBron had the "killer instinct" and was "ultra competitive" like…
@resist_blue @rosa65737772 @VargasKimberly_ He believed he owned the helicopter, but they usually hire companies to… @MJGoaT4523 @Rachel__Nichols Because his Hall of Fame speech was a dumpster fire @BleacherReport @pugboxing Wtf? Just say you lost and come back stronger. @RomeTrav Yet Stephan A Smirh said Lakers are better off with Magic than Rob🤮🤮🤮 @frenchblacks2 @TheMariaShow_ He has no insight with Klutch or Lakers. @JCrossover His offense is inefficient, his defense is atrocious and Portland won't make the playoffs. @Derrick_MSU_106 Jump... @threevincenzo Bucks have played only 20 total games vs winning teams while the Lakers have played vs 27. The East… @yellowsrone @Fred66x @UndisputdGOAT @Jumpshot8 Slots opening up with those 3 senior front court players leaving.… @yellowsrone @Fred66x @UndisputdGOAT @Jumpshot8 Footwork isn't good enough @TheMariaShow_ Thing is, they also forced him to make plays for his teammates down the stretch. A part of his game that still needs work. @_JasonLT Smirk is from the nervousness of knowing he really doesnt want to take the shot and that his legacy is on the line. @DarrellColema20 @yellowsrone @TermineRadio U fall for the same cliches the hot take shows provide for casuals to c… @DarrellColema20 @yellowsrone @TermineRadio Deeper shot? @DarrellColema20 @yellowsrone @TermineRadio Lol. Bird had wide open shots from 3. He couldn't survive in today's… @TheMariaShow_ You can tell when LeBron washed him in 2018 that his nice attitude negatively affected the series.😂 @TheMariaShow_ Service with a smile @yellowsrone @DarrellColema20 @TermineRadio Why does Justin do the same back in the day physical/tough play BS? Th… @yellowsrone @DarrellColema20 @TermineRadio Bird shot (2) 3 pointers a game for his career; and that's with being w… @MollyJongFast Thank you, Joe Biden.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 @UnwrittenRul3s And SGA would be the Joe Ingles to Paul George. @HShnick @LeBronFactory You casuals just don't understand the game enough. But hey, thanks for your reply, Billy. Here's some cookies.🍪🍪🍪🍪 @MuellerSheWrote Let's see how CNN and the NY Times try to play him out as the victim. @Butterfly_424 Maybe Frank had a talk with him. Kinda odd that Caruso saw his minutes slashed while playing thr cel… @MaskedIrving @TheMariaShow_ @NBA Ref is considered live. So Brown touched the ref when he was out of bounds... @Butterfly_424 Just have to brainwash Rondo into thinking he's playing the Celtics. @WorldWideWob Quick. Now do Kuz.
@UnwrittenRul3s Terrible by missing layups and free throws down the stretch. @Butterfly_424 Lakers won't see the Celtics again until next season.😂 @LeBronFactory Can we talk about how Smart being camped out in the lane not guarding anyone would have been an illegal defense in the 90s? @yellowsrone @zackg611 @AdamSchein Steve, you're funny. Celtics ain't making it out the East, so it's no point on debating. #seriestied😂😂😂 @LeBronFactory AD almost gave the game away with those missee layups. @Butterfly_424 @1968soulpower I guess he's too wide open on his shots?🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ @goat_money_ He's basically fat lebron @AlBernstein If he doesn't, he will locked out of big money fights for years. At 34, the time is now. @yellowsrone @Jody_McFly Yeah, it looks like his foot hits before the pass... @yellowsrone @Jody_McFly He takes another step and then passes it off instead of going for the up first the shot. @yellowsrone @Jody_McFly That's a travel... @VanLathan @ringer Wilder has a rematch clause. He needs to exercise it, or he may be locked out of the big money fights for years. @UnwrittenRul3s Casual fans in both sports couldn't tell you that this wasn't an upset. @TheMariaShow_ I'm just saying...look back at the narratives from the beginning of the season. @TheMariaShow_ Funny how he was Jordan at the beginning of the year @apdrich9 Both whipped Tyson @TheMariaShow_ @shesforRussy They will be joking for seeding the rest of the year. Both could best clips, imo @TheMariaShow_ @EugeneNayvelt @UnwrittenRul3s I was answering the cap spike situation getting Kawhi to the Bucks.… @EugeneNayvelt @TheMariaShow_ @UnwrittenRul3s People also gotta remember that Steph was gonna bargain contract beca… @TheMariaShow_ @UnwrittenRul3s Cap wont spike like that again. Silver wanted to smooth the money out for more year… @TheMariaShow_ @TheMariaShow_ Yes, while being up in the series 3-1. This isn't slander, we all saw it. Just like we saw Leb… @TheMariaShow_ He quit in the 2nd half of a game 7 while perfectly healthy.🤷🏾‍♂️ @TheMariaShow_ @zx600 @klay_hive @DdaGOAT_19 @TheNBACentral And a young team like Sac just exploited Lou on the def… @TheMariaShow_ @zx600 @klay_hive @DdaGOAT_19 @TheNBACentral Shit, more like #connect4 @keithboykin That means trump wins easily🤦🏽‍♂️ @TheMariaShow_ @zx600 @klay_hive @DdaGOAT_19 @TheNBACentral Kawhi feeling that pressure. He knows they don't have e… @TheMariaShow_ You saw that too, huh😂😂😂 @TheMariaShow_ And Clipper cant slow the game down or make them play their way because they don't have great inside… @TheMariaShow_ Houston beats them. They will male PG and Kawhi play at both ends with their scores and ball movement. Rockets 4-2 @TheMariaShow_ @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory Yeah, but those empty stats don't get guys paid these days. At least the… @TheMariaShow_ @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory He probably did thinking he could show out and boost his value. Clippers… @TheMariaShow_ @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory It's possible his actions last summer and a poor showing with the clippe…
@TheMariaShow_ @yellowsrone @LeBronFactory I've been saying this. He's going to have to play real basketball in ord… @TheMariaShow_ But when it came crunch time, they had no one who could get them a sure bucket in the paint and the… @TheNBACentral What's the "Best player in the league" doing passing the ball during crunch time? #nokillerinstinct