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@ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium Kuzma, too. @SayNo2Dumpy @NBCNews @MeetThePress It was never about Patriotism for anyone in this admadministration. @ReliableSources @davidzurawik "Credibility"? @ComplexMusic 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢 @LeBronFactory Quick... cue the several Jordan Meltdowns vs the Pistons that his stans never talk about @amjoyshow @TiffanyDCross I'm sure megyn kelly is free @NBCNews @MeetThePress Had no problem going after Obama, though... @AaronBlake @JohnJHarwood He's basically saying he doesn't want to ruin any business opportunities by speaking up. @SethAbramson Sounds like #ConDon45 dictating what went on in Trump Tower from Air Force 1.
@shaneharris Have there been any confirmed US casualties? @oldmanebro Guess being w/ Roc Nation Didn't help him... @taniaganguli Trip was always a bad idea... @SethAbramson Yet, Notre Dame wants him to speak at its law school.🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ @davidaldridgedc I always felt they had the best rotation in the league. @renato_mariotti Thus, Prez is another unindicted co conspirator?
@KendrickPerkins Yes men were just as prevalent in your day, Perk. @KatiePhang And his dissent was quite delusional. @neal_katyal Don't see why they would take this case @ArashMarkazi Bronny will be the most hyped high school player in history. @ComplexMusic @PUSHA_T @HBO Keep it @BillKristol The Senate will never move against him.
@MeekMill "Starting"? @davidenrich @carlquintanilla @DeutscheBank @realDonaldTrump So all of that litigation for nothing? @stevekylerNBA Exactly. This is why I don't understand some of this media guys going after the players. Some I rea… @JacksonPeters00 @richarddeitsch It's extremely baffaling how these reporters are going in on the players. Look at… @Bakari_Sellers I think they should move off of him @JacksonPeters00 @richarddeitsch *they're* Like this reporters want them to be harassed or whatever? And you know… @renato_mariotti Sounds like a Pre-Barr investigation. @richarddeitsch What do you want them to say while their in a foreign country? @renato_mariotti 1.5 billion payment? Sure, Jan. @RioH95 @Luketuc57920589 @BoxingKingdom14 He lost, right? Yes. So again, he lost a majority of his biggest fights,… @RioH95 @Luketuc57920589 @BoxingKingdom14 Peterson, canelo, prescott, danny Garcia. Who were is other big fights? @RioH95 @Luketuc57920589 @BoxingKingdom14 Again, Khan has lost every big fight of his career. He can't follow game… @RioH95 @Luketuc57920589 @BoxingKingdom14 Maidana completely changed his style when he got with Garcia. Again, you… @sportswatch @HowardBeck So it's the NBA player's duty to speak on foreign issues as well? @RioH95 @Luketuc57920589 @BoxingKingdom14 You're talking about a fighter who's won all of his fights. Vs a fighter… @Luketuc57920589 @RioH95 @BoxingKingdom14 Yes, a lot of casual fans here. Floyd could time him and knock him out f… @RioH95 @BoxingKingdom14 Sure because it's not like Floyd doesn't know how to time speed, right? @Prime_LeBron They had that slow-mo highlight of him hitting the step back in warmups like it was going to be #revengeseason @BoxingKingdom14 But Bud made easy work of him... @davidfrum @MalcolmNance They're not patriots. John Kelly was never a Patriot. Mike Flynn was never a Patriot. No… @3Point_Centric @_cavenaghi_ @Rachel__Nichols And #ConDon45 isn't helping the situation. @Rachel__Nichols They should just leave... @THR @rihanna She's arguably the biggest star Roc Nation has. This is very telling. @harrylitman Joking about what our democracy has become under this administration isn't helping. If you haven't no… @VeniceMase Dodgers have had shaky middle relief and closing for the majority of Roberts' tenure. This loss isn't even surprising to me. @Rachel__Nichols They shouldn't be there. Especially when you have that traitor in the White House needling the sit… @4lisaguerrero I never liked bringing starters into late game situations. @VeniceMase Then you want Jansen to save a close game, too?🤦🏽‍♂️ @PettyLavine @AndyMPok Battle of the benches? @JRubinBlogger @AP Go away, Bernie.🤦🏽‍♂️ @AndyMPok What's it say about the Pelicans that they still got blown out? @JamarAlexis @KendrickPerkins I mean, this comparison is an insult to people who actually watch games. This is a "Casual Fan" take. @JamarAlexis @KendrickPerkins Perk seems to be getting worse with his takes... @NBCNews Tells the grieving widow of a slained black soldier, "Well, he knew what he signed up for..." #rememberthat
@AndrewBrandt What do you want them to say? @VeniceMase Early vacation. @NBCNews Go away, Bernie. @tylerprosper_ @oldmanebro Because drake doesn't Deal with them regardless, so why not take the focus of of him not… @MuellerSheWrote The guy who fabricated the Fisa warrant fiasco with Nunes. @gotravelgear @MuellerSheWrote @AshaRangappa_ @CuomoPrimeTime @quinncy CNN is just as bad as Fox for normalizing th… @MuellerSheWrote @AshaRangappa_ @CuomoPrimeTime *legal and analytical mind* @MuellerSheWrote @AshaRangappa_ @CuomoPrimeTime It's ridiculous having this legal and mind debating this BS on TV.…
@JemiKingBron Lebron 5 rebounds?😂😂😂 @KendrickPerkins I think this is over Perk's head... @matthewamiller So the Justice Department's duty of loyalty is to the president? @Mahomes4Prez This is the same guy who was going to build his entire platform at ESPN as Lebron being our Muhammed… @MuellerSheWrote It was never about patriotism, securing borders, the economy, global warming, etc. It was seeing… @Splatypus76 @jilliansw @jess_mc He have a heart attack? @justinbaragona Yeah, the Gov seems to have changed his tone.... @AlBernstein I believe they are banking on Derrick Favors. @WorldWideWob Looks like Craig Ehlo/Danny Ainge guarding Jordan @jimrome Please no "They did this in the 80s/90s and today's players are soft" takes. @AlBernstein With Strasberg?🤯👀 @SethAbramson They leaked it Rudy, et al. @AlBernstein This was always a bad matchup for Dodgers due to Nats pitching @bball_ref So, his season just started? What's all the buzz about him being the top pick come from? @AlBernstein Clippers have no interior presence on offense and defense. They have no true PG. @AlBernstein Al. Lebron, the best ever, has his most versatile teammate ever. It's the Lakers.
@___UNKNWN___ @jessewashington @KingJames Or better yet, ask Jordan. He's an owner and one of Nike's biggest endor… @___UNKNWN___ @jessewashington @KingJames He was ready for the smoke, but #ConDon45 wanted no parts of it. @___UNKNWN___ @jessewashington @KingJames Dude called the president a bum and the #ConDon45 did nothing. @___UNKNWN___ @jessewashington @KingJames Lol. So Bron has to worry about the people of China as well? @jess_mc I agree. He's almost 80 and you actually have to consider his health for office. @YoungSunGode @ComplexMusic It's like saying this is the same Kanye who said "George Bush doesn't care about black people," right? @ComplexMusic Does he even know that the Republican Party then is what the Democrats are now? @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber So just think what Putin makes him do, Ari. @ErikLambert1 Is he back next week? I haven't heard any reliable news. @ErikLambert1 They don't even trust him throw it 15 yards down the field. @ErikLambert1 Bears would be best to move on from him. He's a draft bust. @ErikLambert1 That "mobility" is the reason why he's on the shelf. @exavierpope Wonder why...?😉 @VeniceMase It's over. Washington is just a bad matchup because of their pitching. @ScottMStedman Explains all the Rick Perry slander...😆
@SportsTVRatings He's only as good as his offensive line... @ringer Better than the Bears @neal_katyal It was always faux patriotism... @ezraklein Battered spouse syndrome @lafix @PhilipRucker @michaelscherer @mviser Here we go...again. @ChrisLu44 He's punking the media