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Cpman/Frato @Cpman_ Fort Lee, NJ

Anime/Wrestling/Las Vegas Raiders/NY Yankees. I write Youtube Scripts and edit Youtube Videos. I run @mashedops. Discord: Cpman#0217

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I resized a Kabutops sprite, look at him have finally learned a very very basic bit of photoshop. Finally, I know how to video edit and do very little thi… finally have the ability to schedule tweets, so here is one. I'm scheduling this at around 9:30 PM on May 28th. @wresnocontext @fayejackson419 I've "wrestled" Faye several times for Pro Wrestling Magic, and have never beaten he… @metahulk98 I accidentally left him in the sun for too long and now he looks like this @BurningAegistxt SWEEPSWEEPSWEEPSSWEEPSWEEP SWEEEEEEEEEEP @nekomega can't believe just how stressed I am that I slept from 6 to 2 despite only being a little tired. So much work to…
I've never listened to Run The Jewels before, but decided to listen to this new album for whatever reason. It was pretty damn good. @FateSteelTaylor Tanaka just threw a Maddux that only took 66 pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates in PA on 6/17. Pirates… I just wanted to enjoy Jesse and the Rippers
@SnowyNix Ah nice the promised neverlandI wonder if things are going to get to a point where people are going out to kill protesters, rioters, cops, and ra…'s crazy to think that it's the people who always hated DomeKano that are laughing at what it became while the pe… fucking hate Domestic na Kanojo
what if this was the time when some immortal being of massive power just revealed itself to the world @notverybased Hesh, Danny Tanner, Captain Marvel, and Darcy from Thor...what a familyI wonder, with all the work I have to do, if I can plow through all of Fuller House just before the final few episo… @Trickywii Best thing I ever did with my life was add sauteed mushroom and onions to like, everything. I need to ad… @BurningAegis Yeah, that's what a tiger would say when given the opportunity @BurningAegis Its going to EAT YOU
@value_replay One of the reasons I find Saekano Flat to be so great is a lot in due to the discussion of talent and hard work and what not. @dome_mousou この場所は合法的に desire to get out of this country before it burns to the ground from either its people or its government is jus… Naruto OP 6 Song: Tower of God
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @tgfe6279 isnt this the popular opening of the anime domestic girl friend?
oh no Im watching the episode of Full House from season eight where they try to comprehend why the park was vandalized @ghostkokiri Ah yes, that is indeed an understatement. @BurningAegis they're trying to warn you of what is coming @MysticUmbreon94 bro you smoke weed? I thought you just smoked noobs in games bro come on bro damnA beloved part of the Tanner family 😭 birthday mercedes!! here's the result from my stream today :3c #FireEmblem #FireEmblem3Houses #FE3H #風花雪月…
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@tgfe6279 Yeah Jack, go fuck a duck! @creamedkearn The Summer: when everyone suddenly owns a water bed @creamedkearn I've skipped past my own sweating and have entered that point where everything else feels like its covered in sweat instead.Is this the point Im gonna turn to? Start having NHK World Japan on my TV while I do shit?I went and got my AC from the basement. I didn't want to pull it out this month, but I inevitably felt I had no cho… humidity is just so bad, I want to sleep dammit @MakeEmFlinch Let a man dream 😭 @MakeEmFlinch Still out here PTCing to the fullest 👊Im gonna stay off twitter for a bit.Toradora! Opening 1 - PURE PARE-DO by Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, and Eri Kitamura 🎶
Retweeted by Cpman/FratoThe nights are long, but the years are short when you're aliveI really hope I can get out here sooner rather than later. I need to work harder. I need to work harder to broaden my horizons.
Happy Birthday @ShaKing807, have a romeo of a day would like to confirm that I still feel rather positive about watching this and again wish it had been longer so… need a gif of Ganondorf stepping through a portal at the beginning of a Smash match @BurningAegis Oh awesome, I was wondering why I had six missed calls from my boy NoahIm confused as to why it's so warm now when it's been cool all night.Wow, that was pretty good. I didn't know what I was getting myself into with this and I really enjoyed it.'m gonna do this too I can't wait to answer like four of them
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @aeoneris lil cheemzetRemember the doge Cheems? This is him now after losing some weight! Congrats to him!
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @BurningAegis man what FLAVORS?Logan, you still have time #LOGAN #QuarantineWatchParty
Retweeted by Cpman/FratoThe first 3 pages of the script... #Logan #QuarantineWatchParty @ComicBook
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Giancarlo Stanton is making a run at the record, hitting his 40th homerun of the year on June 1st vs the Angels.God, @EdgeRatedR seriously has some of the best nicknames in wrestling history. The Master Manipulator, The Ultimat… Mutant Ninja Turtles
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @taiyoumarii Too much. @taiyoumarii 私はブドウですman I've cracked 37 homers in Giancarlo and it's STILL May @OutOfContextEv2 put together an extremely shonen mash up for the next tweet over on MashedOps in hopes that this boosts the popularity of the account.
Visuals: Fire Force OP 2 Song: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
Retweeted by Cpman/Fratoハピバ~~
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @TAC_Adventures Barakamon is a very nice anime, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can recommend you 3-Gatsu no Lion, there… @TanookiKuribo This morning at about 7am I was laying in bed trying to get some sleep and heard some sort of electr… walking on Maury’s stage to prove I’m not the father knowing damn well I didn’t pull out and the mf looks like me
Retweeted by Cpman/Frato @kitchiwitchi I bet it's a work, I never buy retirements anymoreRey getting ready to pull out the Salmon mask All for One vs All Might @Dick__Tickles just goes to show how much I like One Punch Man then lol18. Toradora
@TanookiKuribo God, I miss the WB 11 @KahunaofRoute12 okay you do it too The World God Only Knows Konosuba Blend S Soul Eater17. Saitama's One Punch capabilities Citrus15. Makoto Shishio of Rurouni Kenshin14. In my opinion, the best designed character is Goku in his SSJ form. It looks so cool and is definitely iconic,… Many people have said this before, but I've seen a lot of the emotions I've felt in my life in Rei Kiriyama fro… @SnowyNix do it Nix do it 👀Cpman x Black Eagles starts nowLADIES AND GENTLEMEN JAMES PAXTON HAS NO-HIT THE HOUSTON ASTROS #PS4share
Can't wait to make Edelgard think I'm on her side. The fool.Im pissed off that I drunkenly bought White Castle last night mostly because it was just a waste of money. I was pi… @BurningAegis yeah I'd agree, I think you're an 'oh no' too12. Super Saiyan.11. Steins;Gate10. I would make Citrus not Yuri9. Kirino Kousaka of Oreimo @DougThePos fuck yeah bro @DougThePos big fucking dinck fucin msicomCUMCUMCUCMCUCMCUMCUCMCUMCUMCUMCUMCUMCUMCUCMCUMCUCMCUMCUCMCUMCUCMCUMCUMCUCMCUMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCUCMCU…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…