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Time for Techno Dub Wars into the mix: WEED THE MIX that is. TONIGHT on Half Baked BK. @halfmoonbk
New mix premiering on @halfmoonbk : A journey into weed ft some weed sounds weed songs and critical information aro… to listen to a C Powers track in this wonderful GETME! Guest Mix by Nikki Nair! So do it now. GOTME? can't believe you turds are making me listen to the fka twigs album. hating every flaccid second
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @nsig_ Delete this and the 'scene' please.Light that single UP @drvmmy Check you out big money pit master!Hello world!
Hot Newdles out now! Crispy Golden Others in dripsauce with fried @DjGear_official
@halfmoonbk @DjGear_officialThe flashing of black and white these Sandpipers display is caused by their black backs and white chests. Coupled w…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @SoDrove We live in abnormal times :(Deconstructed club? What is that like some kind of open face sandwich?
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces🖲TODAY 3PM-8PM PST🖲 ⁣ ⁣ Live broadcast from @stellaremnant_ ! Featuring sets from @ryan_deepclub ms_ed_ an_expresso…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @whichisnotsaid I also put "danger" in the "E.R." so step offf @whichisnotsaid I put the "E.R." in "danger"
I can't help it I love this damn charlie xcx lpI also detest the revisionist take on the history. Squid Stretching
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @Taylor_Hugs They should be made with sweet potato if you ask me. @NicholasBoyd We r bb
Dont be shitty and ignore the Shite Premiere of the conversational-banger Return Burn (ft. Professor Pump) from the…
FYI a woman in Italy told me it's healthy to eat pasta every day as long as you only eat lasagna on the weekends I…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @advanceddirt Omg. Thats absolutely horrible. I hope you are ok. I cant even imagine how id feel... @JASSSON Sooo goodEl Salvadoran Trans Leader Jade Camila Diaz Murdered via @Planetrans
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @trancefem Yay! We doing this then? If your down then I super super excited! 😁
@KevinGreenspon @shornsilk The real error was I must have over-sprayed some lube at some point and didnt realize it. @KevinGreenspon @shornsilk Yeah I thought 1 day open was enough. :/Palestinians killed so far: 24 Israelis killed: 0 But you'd never know that from the headline.
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesGetting word from my @HousingHumanRt team mates that Long Beach and Alhambra both passed emergency moratoria tonight!
Retweeted by Cici's Peacesenormous rally against the coup today in El Alto #BoliviaResiste #BoliviaUnida #Evo #EvoElMundoContigo
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesAfter sprinkling some bleach on the sidewalk, the sanitation team took off, leaving behind trash just a few feet fr…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @shornsilk I cleanded it. Tested it. Then it no work.... in I didnt fully dry it before plugging it back in :(Gardena tenants fought for and won an eviction moratorium in their city tonight!
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesAnyone in LA have a spare mixer? for a promoter in LA who wants to collaborate on another dance party fundraiser for LA Tenants Union. Bar or club type thing.
In DTLA, students who've walked out today in support of #DACA
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesBbbbut there are tens of thousands of brand new accounts speaking perfect English while claiming to be Bolivian. Ho…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesBusted. Ass. Toaster. @abergermd Literally about to turn it on then i see the "16hr ago" ....fuk @melinavguez Fuck that boomer/lib ass bootstraps narrative anywhere it pops up. Its always a tool to legitimize neolib trickle up economics.I really really hate the "look at this immigrant they did X,Y,Z so they earned their right to be here" narrative be…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @prionflux Maybe because it's so plausible and primed to happen here after say a certain person were to be elected?Tell Dak He Needs To Come To Baltimore For A Sec To See Some Moves 😂🙌🏽 #ondeck #baltimoreclub #2Step
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @trancefem Me neither. Whats going on? @ryan_deepclub 😢
Anyone have a dj mixer I can borrow 😢 😢Yes. I see it too.
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesHR Departments are unions for the boss. Change my mind.
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesStep up 2 di plate with my own noodles @AshLauryn313 Congratulations Ash!“This Is a Military Coup”: Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns After Army Calls For His Ouster…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesIf hard work = wealth, all of our mamas would be rich. I’m waiting for you all to understand that.
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesPSA keep an eye out for this trigger happy fascist. Fuck Pinochet. Rest in power Los Desaparecidos de Chile! ¡NO PA…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesSo it seems like Don Jr’s book tour is going well
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesCut a new mix called “Integrated Resource Plan,” up on my soundcloud. Assembled from the spooky, strange, and cereb…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces
@trancefem @nyquilsunset LSD music is weird. Like ill listen to LSD things ive made and laugh my ass all the way offThere is a clear and undeniable pattern of @jacobinmag publishing attacks and dishonest criticism 'from the left' a…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesAll marxists and anti-imperialists should be vocally outraged by the forced resignation of Evo Morales
Retweeted by Cici's Peaceshetero cis woman: I love getting "topped" by my husband Scott
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesThe same thing could very well happen here if Bernie wins (and doesnt make enough concessions to capital). @nyquilsunset I have but cant rEmember which ones. I do remember the ones I started on LSD @glorbis Or for dog owners who just say "nah its ok shes harmless" when their big ass dog is not on thw leash and t… female white supremacist went into a Popeyes using the N-word at the employees.. and she ended up getting a Grand…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesThis collab I did with CH Rom from 2016 is still fresh: 2 100bpm vocal edits, RnB Vocal House (ala Prince & Revolut… police are terrorists and torturers.
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When I say that this baby slapped him with the hands of Harvey Milk and EVERY ancestor at Stone Wall....
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesYes PornHub is free PornHub also allowed child porn verified a underage girl doesnt take down stolen content allow…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces100%“The West is not in the West. It is a project, not a place.” Edouard Glissant
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesJay-Z in 2009: This is the death of autotune. Me in 2019:
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesATLiens: get out there and be loud ok? bunch of LA workers were unceremoniously fired for unionizing this week. Garcetti has been silent on the issue.…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesFuck yah yall did.... @extinctdaemon Yup. I suspect this as well for LA. In places like GA one has to be pretty dedicated to the idea due… @feedmewithyour_ @nyquilsunset I feel you. 33 and have to work at 10am tomorrow so not as bad but I definitely feel for you.
DAnCE mY pAIn AwaaAY / iVe gOT (car) PRoblEmSSome STUPID ass computer glitch in my car is what allows the state to punish me for someone else's shit work. Looki… @basilionichols Wait. Is this an HOnEST conSUMer RepoORT?“Customers reported that they sometimes heard Smith being beaten and screaming for his life.” For 23 fucking years.
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @nyquilsunset @aerielist @directorysvc Omgerd .. I finally get to hear Ciel play a set IRL thank you Directory Service!
You're hired / You're fired /.....You're hired / You're firedYou're hired / You're fired. You're hired / You'… to its website, the self-brand's mission is: "To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one bas…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @BigGlitch1 The Official "I'm not apoligizing for (toxic topic) but also im actually apologizing for (toxic topic)" Bad ManI hate that we have to make this argument, but... every homeless survey I've seen for any given community shows tha…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesI just want to go run but this air quality is not going to let me do that @nsig_ omg "Spleeter" is a name that will live foreverThe work and stress of many organizers and tenants continues to yield results. Power to the damn people (capitalist… @nsig_ what vocal separator thing???? plz show mee @basilionichols No one will make any money tho 😨
Thank God for sports photographers.
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesSomething is going to have to give
#Chile 04.10: Cops attacked with molotovs in #Santiago's Plaza Italia in response to the massive police crackdown o…
Retweeted by Cici's PeacesSuper happy to share the @lechugazafiro of Ma Sha Ru's "PCCCC" ⚡️ Thank you @InvertedAudio for the premiere. Near…
Retweeted by Cici's Peaces @extinctdaemon Wow. Thank you. Thats my hero right there. @Joey2lanes Yes. And same.