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The NEW main of Craftydemoncat. Expect more art and a lot less retweets! Go to @craftydemoncat2 for that.

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@ZOMCREEP12 I’ll try, hard to do @ZOMCREEP12 What do I do if they’re the ones to engage @ZOMCREEP12 I’ve tried, I stay pretty much the same, because lord does my family know how to piss me off for a long time.Whenever I get really angry, my head starts to hurt and my throat begins to tighten up, which I’m not sure is a goo… than the fact my cheek hurts, life is good @ayylmaotv @parapadarappa33 Cherrita looks cute, Murap just looks evil.Dunno where else to respond, so I’ll do it here. I don’t think I’ll do commissions, ever. Because I suck. @Tsukento @woomywommy Fuck, too late for Vandread. @Corona_Bot__ FUCK WHY @ZOMCREEP12 Yeep @ZOMCREEP12 Epic. Does she get cool gem powers. @ZOMCREEP12 Sayori is Steven’s sister? @NebbyChan @_SrPelo_ What he gonna do @Flipipu__ I’m cheering for ya @NebbyChan I would play with you if I couldI can’t find my drawing pen @Corona_Bot__ @PeanutButterGmr
@FrickEpic That’s also a really good game! @mayu_miyu_chann I can see that! @mayu_miyu_chann That’s pretty funny :) @ajplus Not to be a downer, but why does it say Africa? @ZOMCREEP12 Damn, it’s be all rightAnyone know how to find the script for DDLC? @TheWolfmanHulk @RoonKolos *gun* @TheWolfmanHulk @RoonKolos No I think we’ve had enough of your jokesMaybe I should finish the game? Who knows.I found a renpy game I didn’t finished and it mentioned two characters, Queen Apala and Servant Lavinia, so I decid…
Some more example:, if you’re making a fictional story, make sure to end it in the most depressing way possible. Tears of fans fuel creators. @2hufag9 All of the aboveBtw that’s a hyperbole, my mom has never told me that no one loves me. Everything else is true.My mom: don’t be mean to people, that’s bad Also my mom: yOU FUCKING BITCH YOU RUIN EVERYTHING NOBODY LOVES YOU @ZOMCREEP12 That make sense :/Anyone know any platforms where I can spread my art?
@Cloudee_Boi Where’s Franklin??More of my redesigned calakian fellows!
Random concept I made @sycned Angy @alyoanimation @RubberNinja I’m looking forward to it! And your films here too! @alyoanimation @RubberNinja I’m learning to be one. I’m not a SCAD student, but that school is the one I hope to attend. @alyoanimation @RubberNinja ? @alyoanimation @RubberNinja So you’re from SCADBUMP @EmberTheFlare FSorry if the hand is a bit weird @israelizreal Mufasa disturbs me, but damn Scar be looking good.Soccer Duel! (Inspired by a scene in Harry Pootter)
DRAWING IS HARD @jal_srl @watery_day Real Pollution HoursAAAAAAAAAH M U G another one! Woo I’m busy! @savisavichan @2hufag9 EXACYLY!!! @TheClayThompson It’s 1! @Iamcatdoodles Sorry @nnonapplicablea Adam Sandler and War.....interesting to the point where I don’t feel like mentioning everything el… @Iamcatdoodles DeadThe first Ice Age movie is the only good one.It took me like, maybe 4-5 hours to make @Inkplasm Cruising on down Twitter Feed, you’re relaxed and feeling good yeah!~Arcade Date~ Oh look, a drawing with a background! I was gonna add more detail, but it’s getting late and I was g…
@OctoLolbit Get out before some spooky monster comes after you to consume your soulWorking in a drawing that ISNT a character on a white background, for once @chrismecham @Public_Citizen That wouldn’t be healthy. Just the guillotine will suffice. @Whygena Fuck that’s goodBaldi @VelarnSelthrim @AltHistoryHub GameStop?I will remake this. Also, sorry if I’m spamming your feed, I’m just bored.I HAVE FOUND WHAT MAY BE ONE OF THE EARLIEST DIGITAL DRAWINGS I’VE MADE AND HOLY PURPLE CATS DOES IT SUCK.’m feeling nostalgic, okay??? more old drawings @charamells @mana_chan__ I want to be friends with him, he looks so smart and formal shit this is the earliest drawing of Crafty that I have on my phone and gOD IT SUCKS @LewisvilleISD @CastleHillsES @ParkwayES @TimberCreekES @McAHighlander As sweet as that is is it still a good idea to be out and about? @DeadMii Damn you’re a good artist. TEACH ME.Give a warm welcome to King Khalex, the most uninterested monarch in history. is my last name, Santana, trending. Help I’m fear. @ZOMCREEP12 Yeah, I think it looks okay so far (gotta color everything else in as well). Random fact, that right th… @Lightblades88 @CursedMario @tenmikoangie @tenmikoangie @woomywommy F E A R @ZOMCREEP12 So far, I’m not sure what to think of it @ZOMCREEP12 Yeah, I’ll see how much I like the look of it. Thank. @ZOMCREEP12 These two are characters from a game I want to make (still haven’t made any progress) and I want to mak… redesigning old characters!
PREACH IT MATE @OctoLolbit It’s been a while, Scott!Drawing takes a long time @ZOMCREEP12 I don’t even remember why I drew it but I’m glad I didMy kitty cat! @Gaia_Comics HELL YES ILL HELP MATE. Gosh, I love creating fictional words!THE INTERNET HAS GONE SHIT