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His Excellency, President for Life, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire

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@ThisDood987 Thank @ThisDood987 I wasn’t getting notification from you either, and I was counfused when they stopped coming. I just as… @ThisDood987 Oh no, no muting. Idk what happened. @ThisDood987 It’s strange @ThisDood987 Yeah, they are. We went to three Walmarts and one Academy @ThisDood987 My mom bought it at Walmart. It was the only one left (for some reason people seem to think that Bikes cure COVID) @ThisDood987 The bike or hat?Got a new bike yesterday @Cloudee_Boi “ B U T “HELL YEAH I PASSED MY LEFT HAND IS ASLEEP @putridpeaches F @8bit_Spazzy The next Smash Bros DLC is that the world of god @Bigfoot12305 THROW IT BACK IN THE ALLEY THROW IT BACK IN THE ALLEY THROW IT BACK IN THE ALLEY THROW IT BACK IN THE… #under1kgangHello #NobodyArtistClub , I am Craftydemoncat. Only have 50 followers so I think this hashtag perfectly applies to… @holidayhearse I get that there’s a lot of very BIG artists with millions following them, but thousands are still pretty big. @holidayhearse Me with only 50 followers seeing people with thousands of followers using the nobodyartist hashtag
2020 a little bit with the watercolor tool @woomywommy Ah good to know, thankOne of few times when I was happy with me momMy school is asking parents if they would like their children to attend in-person class or online class, and my par… @squimpus No, Bonnie comes first. @NebbyfromTwiter Here’s mine
@NebbyfromTwiter *IMMENSE FEAR* @blueBORG16 God I wish that were meI sort of want to see @AltHistoryHub cover the original COD Modern Warfare trilogy, it has an interesting story.Third redraw redraw a REALLY old drawing @SMM2_bot Depression be likeIf there was a sort of Nuremberg Trials-sort of thing but in the modern day, with American leaders on trial, how ma…
every copy of mario 64 is personalizedSo anxiety caused forgetfulness and confusament. That makes sense in my case.That or my games. Idk, something.I’m wanting to start working on DMC as soon as possible to attract a fan base as soon as possible to get some money… @FrickEpic TRIPLETS BORN, THE THRONE AWAITS @NebbyfromTwiter I do care, especially about how you’re feeling. If you’re not gonna draw, that’s fine. Do what you feel like doing. @blueBORG16 No
@ZOMCREEP12 Ah thanks mate. I saw some tutorial for hair so I did it, and I decided to add some scales because she’… @ZOMCREEP12 IN MY OWN MOVIETristan is a cool guy, trust me. @ZOMCREEP12 No offense taken, of course I’m awesome. I get it, new people can be fun. @tyler3doyle6 @woomywommy I’m not gonna rt but I still hate that fucking bastard @ZOMCREEP12 Dunno if I’m part of the friend group, since I don’t talk really, so I’ll be applying my resume here.
It’s important @NebbyfromTwiter Huh @UniWiz666 AYE AYE CAPTAINInka, Wilhelmina’s friend do I hate Texas these days @shslRedditress @skrub_deku I’m clearly not as good as the other people here, but I still can draw on a phone!
Just learned that there was a virtual pandemic in World of Warcraft. @ItsAlexLuckey It’s something to do during quarantine, at least @hakureistar456 GIRLS @pull_lemons @AjackDolan Is there an issue? @_AlexHirsch @Radrappy Gravity Falls and Amphibia are some of my favorite shows these days! @_AlexHirsch @Radrappy Fuck yeah! Can’t wait! @nzar3k @Ayyarrdiaz @DeddoRain
@RoxieLolbit Damn. Imagine loosing all your power on night 1 because you’re paranoid and an absolute scaredy cat. Haha couldn’t be me. @thedeadpoolguy1 @Corona_Bot__ Not sexually @PKBanjo You make weird alien animals @Kellytasticty I’m gonna guess the only CN show I watch, Gumball @Inkplasm Government response to COVID-19 be likefUCK @Ayyarrdiaz @DeddoRain Oh yeah that is so sudden. Don’t expect it.There was an explosion in our house Then it was on fire We saved our cat and snake But nothing else I have nothing,…
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Apperantly there is such thing as an in-universe JK Rowling?? She is a muggle that somehow knows about the wizardin… @Byte_404 PerhapsMy dream went from “Cars mafia mystery” to “playing sports underground”
Willa!’ve just realized that I’ve never drawn a character’s backside. @RaionArt you’re still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this tweet. I would just like to see how much common…
Retweeted by Craftydemoncat @NebbyOnTwiter Damn. It be like that sometimes. @icedcitruss Personally, my favorite character is Jasie. Him being an asshole who tries to be distant is something… @icedcitruss Not gonna lie, this is pretty interesting stuff. I would like to see more of the world, like how these…
@ToonTK_Official What happened?Note, using the funny coffin dance music is not a good idea think I can safely say we are heading to become the next Venezuela @sycned Now THAT is epic!Apples are tastyPetition to banish Alabama to the shadow realm you get an ad calling you to go shopping at a mall during what is essentially the second wave of a global pandemic.
WHO GIVES A SHIT! @icedcitruss I’m the interested!Playing A Hat in Time bois! @DeadMii ......watWhat is it with Toy Story characters and not letting Woody explain himself @ThisDood987 Thank ya mateMiss Deadly Fate
@TheBelieverMage @DeJ40592566 @themeatly I’m in love @themeatly Not a trace, of doubt on my mind! @nobudyknowsme @Gaia_Comics I wouldn’t judge tbh @Gaia_Comics *few days later* “BREAKING NEWS!!! MOON SUDDENLY STARTS MOVING CLOSER TO EARTH AT CONCERNING SPEEDS. WE ARE FUGGED.”A Vixie Universo