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Crafty Glass @craftyglassldn Walthamstow, London

breaking and making glass in E17. next shop update: Tuesday 24th November.

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@saturrrday I’ll make one the size of my big headMy mums just asked if I’ll make her a sprout for the tree and I feel like politely reminding her that when I sugges… @alicemjslater Is it a maths game?Last one for the night, I’m tired. @PoppyCocktails They’re already sold I’m afraid! I’ve dropped two batches so far.🎨*poltergeist voice* They’re heeeere a world we are living in where I have received texts from three different people saying ‘tier 2 hunni!! 🥳’
🥬the artist/the art🥬 brain: you’ve got loads of work to do, don’t think about anything new yet My heart: make Greg Davies and Little… is ready. 🍞 one done. 🐶 @kissakerho 😭meI don’t get to use it very often but it’s exciting it when I do. IT HEAT GUN TIME Crossing leaf pre orders will be dispatched soon! 🍃 @Tighe_er Chocolatine Bakery on Wood St!A little treat for the sprout machine
same energy > 🥴 @SexAtOxbridge Am I wrong 🤷‍♀️Havent managed to learn a single name of any of this years GBBO contestants so I’ve just referred to them as The Li… are a handful of trees left and that’s it! You lot are so great!! I’m going to try and do a few more drops be… yes I just managed to buy a @craftyglassldn sprout – this year's must-have Christmas item
Retweeted by Crafty GlassYay, I have a @craftyglassldn Christmas tree 🎄 on its way! They're so pretty!
Retweeted by Crafty Glassi got a @craftyglassldn robin 😍😍😍 so pleased
Retweeted by Crafty GlassFor your Christmassy stained glass needs 🎄
Retweeted by Crafty Glass3 minutes !
Retweeted by Crafty GlassAlso for ppl in different time zones, 8pm is in half an hour! 😂 @no_ham_ Yes exactly 😚If you’re a bit worried about pieces selling out, I recommend doing seperate orders! Just use the code MULTIBUY whe… @Frantasaur I have one and can tell you doing it by hand is much faster! They’re good for shapes with very straight… @SexAtOxbridge 😘😘😘I don’t want everything to sell out before I can get it but I also want everyone to know about this shop so I’m put…
Retweeted by Crafty Glass @fearn_b Honestly I think the prosecco will only propel you to sprout successDon’t forget my shop update is this evening at 8pm! 😘 lots of christmassy bits and also some other bits! All nice I promiseWhich is what the solder sticks to. Too much and you have a thick line of solder, too little and it looks really un… don’t think there’s any one stage of making a piece of stained glass that doesn’t take a long time and there are… @alicemjslater @alexrclements the 1975?Ignoring the dirty window, I am obsessed w my lil @craftyglassldn lemon 🥰🥰🍋🍋
Retweeted by Crafty GlassFirst batch are gonna be dispatched this week 🥰 @TobyilikeCATS There’s a biscuit decorator I follow on insta and she’s always wiping her digits all over the bics and I hate it @TobyilikeCATS It also sometimes involves them walking down about four flights of stairs and I just wonder who’s ID… else ever sit and wonder how you safely send a decorated cake in the post or is that just me @floppypaxman Currently just Greg for me but I’m dreading the James Acaster series 🥴 @hello_antonia Welcome to the surprisingly big club
@daisykmsp I’m also going backwards! Eek nooo that’s the worst. @samdee42 Hmmm yes a good idea! L*u S*nders, just find her really gratingSo I am, as we all know, smashing my way through Taskmaster and I’m feeling sad as I’ve realised I might need to ab… about him ❤️ @tiltwithlips Oh my gosh!!!!Bobbins etc
@alicemjslater :)LIME CHOCOLATE?? What sour faced little toad came up with that @jesshigham_ This is the very tweet that inspired my anger @robcryptx AN ABOMINATIONActually no I’m not sorryOrange flav chocolate is the absolute worst sorry. @BethMcDragon Thank you! It’s from their fancult shopAlso I found a fossil! @knives_chau 🥰🥰 @Higsonlich He taught me how to make stained glass too!!This weekend my dad and I have built a little office in to the corner of my very small room so I have proper place… just told them Tesco’s are using Britney for their Christmas advert done of these for a while. 🔥 @ohitore Honestly I’m feeling nervous about things going back to ‘normal’ @thepinkdoor3 Omg I’m so excited hahaha @tuesdaythealien I’m so pleased with my purchase 🥰 @CharlieEdmunds I don’t speak of or have anything to do with the other oneBought myself a little treat to see me through the run up to Christmas in the studio 😁😁😁
@jaffacakespider You’re not alone. @kathleen_m_book Fight you for himSaturday night baybeeeeeee @Nommski You betcha 🥰 @kidgorge0us There will be egg @Nommski Tuesday evening!There will be garlics in the next update ❤️ @TobyilikeCATS Handheld!!! Screen feels like a special treat I do it so rarely haha @nnaturenurture Working smarter would mean never getting in to stained glass in the first place lmao @Nommski They’ll be back 😎I’m putting a second batch up on Tuesday evening in my update, pleeeeease set an alarm if you’d like one! They’re going live at 8pm.Me thinking about all the sprouts and all the people @craftyglassldn I’m READY
Retweeted by Crafty GlassHave already set an alarm for 7:55pm on Tues so I can get on all devices Glastonbury style to attempt to buy a…
Retweeted by Crafty Glass
@Tighe_er A very good friend @lucid40 Ohhhhh my...’godI’m not sure if I might have developed a small crush on Greg DaviesSo I watched five @Maiabuildsbears So pleased I got one!!😮 I just got a shipping notification from @craftyglassldn
Retweeted by Crafty Glass @CuriosE17 I think I’d rather leave this year behind than remember it 🥴ALSO!!! If you are sending an order straight to a pal/fam, put THEIR name and address and then YOUR email so you ge…, I’m guessing lots of ppl won’t be able to see pals/family this year so please don’t hesitate to ask for a per… next update will be next Tuesday (the 24th) at 8pm! Speak now if there’s anything you’d like to see specifically…‘Just one more Taskmaster’ she says, before watching another three @hnnhkndrck @19930823 @sighhstudio Thank you 😘 @julings A real hit!!TOAST watched a video of someone patiently hammering a heavily scratched piece of glass to get it to break and it to…
Okay you first also Chris saw it 🥴🥴🥴🥴