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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take-Michael Scott|comedy genius|5’4|

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@MichaelSule10 @zaegatsby @pelicansfan13 @TheHornyPoPo I didn’t even say anything to this tweet , no idea why I’m @ @TheDukeeee @HoodiePierre @CIarkOprahSide YOU , you are the issue @TristanGHill Ur gonna get quoted tweets from people u have never seen before calling u an animal or some shit @diickachu @CryptiicNo In his bedroom @CryptiicNo How much Lego can u fit up their? @longneckedbeck Well... hope ur having a good day @CrypticNoOnee @CorinnaKopf u scared our boy for life , ur for the streets @Certified4PF 2 @HoodieSmart YeeeeeSome of my #MilesMorales pictures I took , not the best but 🤷🏻‍♂️ @TristanGHill I’ll invite myself @TristanGHill We playing this @spaceisa Idek why I said this , I was half asleepRIP Maradona Fuck 2020 @criizum I’ll send the 💵💵💵 later tonight 🤝This is the one , like and retweets 🧢🧢🧢Why do so many people go on blind dates? I’d prefer to be able see on a date🤷🏻‍♂️ @spaceisa 😣It will be 2016 in 1 month Think about that @crunchytitty This is sick @CryptiicNo BREAKING: Twitter user cryptiicNo, has been posting false information, do not trust anything said , more news to come @iHaveNoHoe They got a Spotify partnership if they can get discord aswell that would work so fucking well @mynameisalliyah Have a good night alliyah @marcxsy Jesus Christ @carboxylace @wtfKobra @H2GJohn Typo’s are a common mistake @marcxsy @g7byy Extendo has entered the chat @jeshvs I have never interacted with a female before @CodasticShock @CrypticNoOnee Sorry my dog was on my Twitter , my b @DomerGraduate @CrypticNoOnee Lol... @CrypticNoOnee Anyways how’s everyone’s day @CrypticNoOnee Imagine flight in bed @snootid Now I want a McFlurry @postedinthecrib Y’all use toothbrushes? @CrypticNoOnee Finally using ur influence for something goodIf I see a single “2021 is gonna be my year” tweet I know we are fucked @CrypticNoOnee Thing like the 65th tweet about u calling yourself out @TheHornyPoPo I see these tweets and continue to use this app
There’s no way she’s serious @ceobabatunde @CrypticNoOnee @Valkyrae @Alythuh That ain’t always a good thing as we seen @CrypticNoOnee @Valkyrae @Alythuh Rae was better than Corinna anyways @JoeyTheSuperJew Holy shit I don’t know why I’m just seeing this but congrats this is amazing @VisionEfects It’s like after the first 3 movies I think (the old ones ) @postedinthecrib This is such a random tweet with no context 😂😂 @VisionEfects Yeah been wanting to watch s2 I’ll probably find it somewhere else later on @VisionEfects I just wanna watching mandalorian but I ain’t paying for another month 😂 @marcxsy @g6byy @snootid @bobbyscott04 Ik but u can’t use the same card for each trial I thought @CryptiicNo She’s one of the people who’s just always been bad af @bobbyscott04 Don’t u need a card for it ,Anyone got a free disney+ account 😭😭 @CryptiicNo U can tip people now? Tf @CorinnaKopf Speak to @CryptiicNo @TGMDrew @CrypticNoOnee @CorinnaKopf I’m good homie @CrypticNoOnee @CorinnaKopf I’m good homie @bobbyscott04 Ur looking at it , u gotta rt @CryptiicNo Like team 10 girl?It will cost you $0 to RT my work @CryptiicNo Nah I’d never do that to king cryptic @CryptiicNo Give me one reason to not block u for this rn @CrypticNoOnee “I’ve only set a few tasks for u to do -8 different essays @TristanGHill Starting to think I’m simping for the wrong side to get political or anything but holy shit Michael could do whatever he wants to me @goon4brezzzy We enjoy bullying u @jeshvs Sounds like a normal Monday for u Jackson @TristanGHill I looked at this and thought everything was normal 😭 @marcxsy Thought he would take a break or something, that apology tweet he made seems like such bs now @marcxsy Is he still tweeting? @cuartocore @TristanGHill Weren’t u the guy who stole money from a children’s hospital?Finally Got that @TristanGHill follow 🔥🔥so I’ve officially hit rock bottom of Twitter @TristanGHill I don’t but the CRAIG11 would love a follow @g7byy I went my whole day without seeing this tweet , my day was going so well
@Strolific Assassins creed would be fun to watch @TristanGHill Can I move in with u @BL4ZIN_ Appreciate comment very muchHow the fuck is she a comedian when she’s tweeting this @100GEY @luiisloll Nah he just hates uStill can’t get over this really being Elon musks kids name
@koordell @mialovesbread @dogstatic1 ☝️ @mialovesbread @dogstatic1 Nah it’s not bad but it just ain’t true :) @mialovesbread @dogstatic1 Tf is this @CryptiicNo @Valkyrae “I’m good homie” @BlocChop @CryptiicNo @BlocChop @CryptiicNo @CryptiicNo U got the follow But at what cost @CryptiicNo @nereusjean @CrypticNoOnee No @mynameisalliyah Seriously keep us posted please @mynameisalliyah Can’t wait to see them , keep us posted @CrypticNoOnee Jk L , lol @CrypticNoOnee Cryptic we are here for u , if u ever need to talk @CorinnaKopf I need help @CorinnaKopf Yes ofc queen @Certified4PF U know Twitter is down bad when he’s TRENDING IN THE US @Froste Froste for the children #2020 @Certified4PF People are so quick with this lmao , I see like 10 of them in 5 minutes @Certified4PF @CertifiedYSL Damn this @CertifiedYSL guy is funny af , everyone should follow him @alvarovsdaworld No way 😭😭 @ExtendoBans More than a little far **