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Craig Shapiro @Craigeshapiro West Hollywood, CA

Proud Rhode Islander now living in LA. Article “oriundo” now in @racqetmagazine, winner 2018 Audience Award for best documentary @bfffestival

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National hero and Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson on why she refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “I have a…
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#girlweekend @ Miraval Resorts @seth_shap that was a joke but not surprising from a bum know nothing like @ColinCowherdAre we fucking done with “give him a chance?” Trump is an authoritarian tyrant, who has managed to consolidate pow…
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@camdasilva @TheHerd you sound like a guy that never played sports. oh wait..... @EricRaskin slap at @realDonaldTrump. duh.god i miss Justine Henin’s backhand. That’s all. #tennisSo much of the Trump administration is Trump creating crises then partially solving them. The travel ban, trade war…
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@SamGrothTennis @WTA @BenRothenberg @ATPWorldTour curious, what’s the discrepancy in golf? Isn’t the LPGA practica… @ringer @HKSurrey Tessa. 🏆CHANGE THE PRESIDENT!
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @NBCSPhilly scummy move dropping. @MollySullivanTV right when the team got good.I’ve seen several tweets comparing this to Nazis / The Holocaust and saying things like “this is how it begins”. I…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroThere is no low to which this coward Corey Lewandowski won’t sink. This man should not be afforded a national platf…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroTrump's tweets are riddled with typos, spelling errors and incoherent statements. Putting aside everything else, is…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiroi kept saying over and over that their campaign echoed and mirrored the Nazi blueprint, certainly this week, couple…
You were penetrated?
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @tennisquine 22 double faults between the 2 of them, guy not ready to play tournaments, but i guess you start somew… @tennisquine he fought hard, the “bah” was re the quote about not playing Wimbledon, and as far as i could see Kyri… @BenRothenberg bah. he might be done after today. wasn’t even walking well.God bless them.
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @bgtennisnation was a joke, Andy walking terrible, Nick just awful, couldn’t even tank some how let’s guys like @NickKyrgios thrive. If this was basketball or hockey, he’d have been sorted out a… level performance training this past… his campaign for the presidency, Trump was obsessed with attacking Angela Merkel for showing compassion to r…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroBehold the MAGA trifecta: racism, fake Christianity, illiteracy. #MAGAt
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What amuses me about this whole controversy is that it is likely there was not a single person in the White House w…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroTrump in July 2016: “I alone can fix it.” Nielsen on Trump’s immigration enforcement approach: “Congress alone can fix it.”
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroBeen looking at trudys_underground_barbecue pics… @racqetmagazine you’re gushing. 💰💰💰Who wore it better: Children detained in McAllen, Texas or Ivanka Trump
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @racqetmagazine nobody believes me when i gush.Extremely entertaining tennis-esque listen, featuring the brain trust of ⁦@racqetmagazine⁩ and the unusually cerebr… are a liar and have sold your soul to awful people. You know the right thing to do. He humiliates you in meet…
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This is the face of a man who was not loved as a child.
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroTrump, who has continued to claim Democrats are responsible for his own policy that he has pressed his DHS secretar…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiroain’t winning a thing with that haircut @neymarjr #CopaMundial2018So Trump can unilaterally pardon anyone, absolutely pardon himself, impose his will on DOJ, ban all Muslims, levy a…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroA couple from the archive. Happy Father’s Day. distraction alert: Trump holds children hostage for political gain while his longest serving campaign manag…
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Rudy Giuliani needs to #fallback or rather "crawl back" - @StretchArmy His re-emergence "is like post-traumatic s…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiroamazing it took a year and a half for the press to call @realDonaldTrump a liar. and he didn’t even flinch, the si… @StretchArmy aioli=mayonnaise. I mean. @StretchArmy Donkeystan. unbelievable
Scummy creep Rudy Giuliani hit an all time low… @BillSimmons 200 % @loudibella @NasSad to see so many intellectually dishonest folks who think pointing out incorrect facts and blatant misconceptions…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @Acosta should be given the pulitzer, the Peabody and every award there is for journalistic integrity, for calling…
@bgtennisnation 100 %. stupid talk. boring too. @bgtennisnation Bradder why you deal with all these donkeys? you gotta curate.Throwback. Assume some sort of ADPi Phi Sig… story about the graffiti party that was held in advance of the demolition of the Roland Garros media center.… @bgtennisnation what a jerkoff, who are these bums?? @bgtennisnation ridiculous the crap that comes your way.
After a couple days of Trump's Singapore show, we now return to regularly scheduled programming.
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These two schmucks. #unreal #terrible @racqetmagazine. This one. @racqetmagazine i remembered another, John Newcombe had a great logo that incorporated his moustache.“Now we are seeing Trump unbound: a president increasingly confident in his own damaged instincts, untethered from…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroI'm calling it now. Robert Mueller's investigation will show that several GOP Congressmen and Senators were co-con…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroDisconcerting to say the least to see POTUS shaking hands with the thug Kim Jong Un and saying he’s “honored.” Will…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @ChrisCuomo @dennisrodman disaster. Hope your ratings were good because that was a disgrace to @CNN
@danrafaelespn who gets it, Showtime or HBO?but the tax cut.’s come to this...
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @racqetmagazine THE BJ on the Fila Borg gear is the only one. 🏆🇮🇹And you are a man of very bad manners and obviously a douchebag. I blame your parents for that
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroSammy's Flowers on #Yelp: I have ordered flowers for my girlfriend from Sammy's many times, and they have gotten me… is unbearably enjoyable.
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @Woodsy1069 @espn seems ridiculous Jim Gray inducted.ROC Beverly Grove on #Yelp: I have only been to their restaurant on Sawtelle, but I have ordered from this Beverly … a gas station, a guy comes up after seeing my "FUCK TRUMP" sign: Him: You know why we love Trump so much? Me:…
Retweeted by Craig ShapiroThere’s an answer to all this stupidity. We control the future. All we need to do is show up & vote. That’s it.…
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@Hurleytennis @racqetmagazine haha. 🧢TRUMP disgraced the Presidency and the United States at the G-7 summit. From his slovenly appearance to his unprepa…
Retweeted by Craig Shapiro @ryansongalia not a good boxer. middling, a notch better than a club fighter.Hopefully we never see Jeff horn on tv again 🙏🏼
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@TennisInsideOut @A_Gallivant was clearly grinded into dust, tired +nerves then lost 6-1