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I like to dress as Michael Myers and film myself. All videos are my original content

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#Ghostface messing with an injured #MichaelMyers #Halloween #HorrorCommunity #HorrorFamily #MutantFam @Shudder
Retweeted by StabbyTimeTV #StabbyTimeBunch @SkyLark82 thank you!! @coldflamingo77 yes a pretty nasty one but I'm up and around @coldflamingo77 Back hobbling around at my day job so it’s much betterHappy Birthday Keith!!! @HeSlimedMe__ @Shudder No swiping @HeSlimedMe__ @Shudder Now I know you have one as well @vamperini @Tanja89172701 I try to bring joy 1 Stalk at a timeNever interrupt #MichaelMyers when he’s watching #TheLastDriveIn #Halloween #MutantFam
Retweeted by StabbyTimeTV #StabbyTimeBunch @CellarDwel13r @Shudder I’ll be back up by HalloweenWhen I hear Laurie Strode is babysitting #Halloween #Halloween2020 #MichaelMyers #MichaelMyersMonday @Scarypumpkin311 @1carolinagirl @RealMMyers78 Great job @maisonblanc_ Thank you @amieeemarieee75 The dead have all the fun @Glenda_tweets @Shudder Sure would help me stalk fasterTomorrow, 10/19/20, is #MichaelMyersMonday and it's Michael's birthday, and its also the two-year anniversary of…
Retweeted by StabbyTimeTV #StabbyTimeBunch @BiIItheButcher @Shudder Don’t mess with #MichaelMyers injury or not @Scarypumpkin311 @RealMMyers78 @1carolinagirl @TommyDoyle47 Can’t wait to see it @wanttobeleavin I think we win Halloween @har6968 Life is much more enjoyable now @MMortemm Always good to unplug @Carrie52943264 Utterly fantastic!! Congrats @HorrorLibrary_ I love a good Hoe-Down @Donnyd76 It’s ok we can be a dirty secret @MMortemm Remember to breathe it does get better @eveinflow During @aivilomj Do I know you from Slasher?? I think we did @wanttobeleavin My step daughter loves them!! She’s dressing as one for Halloween @Leash_Canada Happy Birthday!! @HorrorLibrary_ You got me @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder That’s ok I live in a bubble @DevernePersonal I try very hard to produce content that entertains @lianardone Thank you @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder I can’t skate which is surprising because I’m Canadian @DevernePersonal I like to believe I’m the best kept secret on #Twitter @Scarypumpkin311 @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder I might have to do this to him @Donnyd76 I love my wife @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder I wish it was injured doing something cool like speed skating and NOT fake falling off a skateboard @DevernePersonal I’m not use to having another icon so I thought you were commenting on the roommate one. Thank you for digging them!! @TentativeRope66 @Shudder Last time I list a room on #airbnb @TifatheTank @Scarypumpkin311 @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder Well lucky for you I do have 2 feet @Scarypumpkin311 @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder She is my Number 1 Fan @DevernePersonal Oh my bad I thought you were commenting on a different video. I’m an idiot @Ghost_Face_266 No Cheeto’s for you!! @TentativeRope66 @Shudder Can’t a slasher eat his cheetos in peace?? @Gould_A_T Thank you @TifatheTank @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder Not a prop I sprained my ankle last week making a video
@eastcoastxray Yup exactly @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder Now I know you must have a Dora blanket as well @eastcoastxray I guess I need to get my head out of my phone @StaceyBuzzActor @Shudder Bomb shelter sized bag as well @eastcoastxray Trust me if I knew it was happening I would have been there @Yakker4L26 @Shudder No one has bought me a Halloween blanket yet @Phantomknighttv @Kenute48210 @Shudder It won’t keep me down long @Naomisp22562993 Appreciate I wouldn’t be here making these #MichaelMyers video if I didn’t @Richard99627679 @Shudder Glad you enjoyed it @notsomeonesbot @Shudder You think he would learn @DrHerbertWest1 Just wanted to put the foot up and relax with @Shudder @Richard99627679 @Shudder Just another pandemic day @shell062598 @Shudder It’s my remake of Perfect Strangers @JTHM777 Thanks for retweeting!! @ItzBhukki Thank you!! @Raiton08 She’s starting to enjoy making these as much as I do @shell062598 @Shudder I need to screen my roommates better @Raiton08 Has help with this one My wife makes a pretty good GhostFace @MikeConnorsNJ @Shudder He’s a horrible roommate @BettingInHeels @Shudder Can’t a boogeyman just enjoy @shudder in peace?? @AmyC616 @Shudder Teleporting helps with the ankle @Fiercelove4real Thanks my friend @Raiton08 Definitely one of my more elaborate videos I have a lot of hidden jokes @wanttobeleavin It took a bit at the early months to get her to embrace it. Now she’s all right in with me!! @blackdemasque That is amazing!! It takes a lot of inner strength to beat that. I’m extremely proud of you @mdisaster212 @Shudder I glad because it’s easy to explain if people seen that video as well @wanttobeleavin My wife did awesome as GhostFace!! @mdisaster212 @Shudder She did one hell of a job on my nails. They were done in August @ClubMorbid Hey I love my Dora blanket @thesirenvenus Appreciate it! @wanttobeleavin You think GhostFace would learn @mrwolf414 I thank you for the retweet!! @BottineauLeo @Shudder And I finally got the Bob kill into one of my videos @AndrewS82805912 Today is all we have @mdisaster212 @Shudder Not going let a sprained ankle stop my videos @graeme_yard @Shudder GhostFace is always messing with me @AndrewS82805912 You’ll get there!! @mrwolf414 @Shudder A lot going on in this one @BottineauLeo @Shudder I hate GhostFace @NOthUmeroUs @Shudder Dora is my comfort blanket @mela_acida @Shudder Don’t know why I said he could stay here#Ghostface messing with an injured #MichaelMyers #Halloween #HorrorCommunity #HorrorFamily #MutantFam @Shudder @eastcoastxray And I wasn’t invited?? @LethalWolf3113 Awesome my friend!! I’m proud of you!! @scoota912 I’ll be there in 14!!! @Lisacaines841 Story of my life @DeathCursePod @StaceyBuzzActor Sober buddies!! I like the sound of that @PaulMiller1313 Awesome my friend!! @StaceyBuzzActor I’m just thankful you get to watch me on Twitter and not on an episode of Intervention @StaceyBuzzActor Best thing I’ve ever done @eastcoastxray It’s much better today!! Thank you for caring @KristinaArntz_ Thank you!! @epjeanne I’m glad I chose this family to be apart of!!