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Craig Pittman @craigtimes St. Petersburg FL

My new book CAT TALE coming in January. Prior books: Oh, Florida!, The Scent of Scandal, Manatee Insanity & Paving Paradise. Enviro reporter, Tampa Bay Times.

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.@CathySalustri, author of the #Florida classic "Backroads of Paradise," says my book CAT TALE made her cry: " The…, #Florida! Customer, 69, waiting to pay in @Walmart check-out line grows impatient with how long it's taking, pu… to @abigaildisney for sharing our project. She's been an advocate for worker pay. Disney is largest local e…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanOh, #Florida! Winner of city council race turns out to have a felony conviction & hasn't had his rights restored, b… check: it was about treason in service of white supremacy.
Retweeted by Craig PittmanAnother #Florida mayor has joined a national group of mayors to coordinate efforts to deal with the rising seas and… answer to @MuckRack Daily's trivia question: OperationThis 1950s ranch house tells the story of #Florida's boom-and-bust real estate cycles. via @susanskate#Florida corrections officer posts racial slur including N-word on Facebook, says she thought it was OK because she… should start the roundup with the more dangerous snakes in Tallahassee.
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @JimJm1660 @TomFitton @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump You got all that from one tweet? You should hang out a shingle in Cassadaga.#Florida, Land of D'OH!, man. @David_MinorKY @TomFitton @RudyGiuliani @realDonaldTrump All I said was that if we don't know how they were obtaine… @Survivor_JohnS @BlueAngels @RealNCIS @USNavyCNO I spent a lot of time at PNAS when I was growing up. My best frien… cops made an arrest in an unsolved murder case after the suspect’s print was found on a discarded bag of C…, #Florida! Pro tip: If you want to hire an inmate to kill 5 people & feed their bodies to pigs & #alligators in…'s Turkey Point #nuclear reactors get unprecedented federal approval to operate through 2053 (assuming sea… mass shooting at #Florida's Pensacola Naval Air Station, report says at least three dead -- including the shoote… @SterlingKBrown movie "Waves" was shot in #Florida, features scene at famed @WeekiWacheeSpgs mermaid show.… @RunRichRun You find weird news wherever you find people. It's just that you find MORE of it in #Florida, and it tends to be weirder.#Florida @GovRonDeSantis announces new #python-hunting contest, tied to #SuperBowl in Miami -- and gets a souvenir…'s #FunkyFriday, y'all! The one & only Frankie Beverly of @MazeMuze turns 73 today, so here's Beyoncé's favorite… @TheBookMaven 1/2way thru AMERICAN SPY by @thrillkinson & starting MAKE YOUR HOME AMONG STRANGERS by @crucet #FridayReads @PGuzzoTimes There is, sort of. Slack me.Let us now praise #Florida! @KristinaWebb @Tim_Dorsey OOoo, I am so jealous that you got the @Tim_Dorsey! @tvjedi Nuh-uh. @StyleAmom @Nestle Well, not me but the editorial, you mean.
When people say "hug a #journalist" this is NOT what they mean. @TamaraLush @thepennyhoarder @chriszuppa I do miss working with him on stories. @amznsdbfo @LRiverwalker @LeChatNoire4 1998: Gov. "Walkin'" Lawton Chiles, aka "The He-Coon" was the last Dem gover…! @ALA_Booklist gives CAT TALE: THE WILD, WEIRD BATTLE TO SAVE THE #FLORIDA #PANTHER a starred review & call… @LeChatNoire4 It's not "both-sides-ism" to say that both parties have screwed up. That's a proven fact, just like i… the head of the #Florida Transportation Builders Association, ex-DOT boss @APrasadPE, tells people at inf… @danfagin NOT TO MENTION PRINCE! @LeChatNoire4 I'm not helping anybody destroy #Florida. I'm just telling you, as someone who's been covering this s… @LRiverwalker @LeChatNoire4 Not what I said. Not even close. I said Dems put off dealing with big issues back when… for Podcasters! (Oh, and radio too). h/t @TomWJones @danfagin Or Aretha, Queen of Soul.Enviro and civic groups announce they have banded together to try to block construction of three expensive toll roa… @LeChatNoire4 I'm talking about ALL major issues, not just #climate change. When the Dems ran the state they put of… @LeChatNoire4 Not just the GOP. There's a loooooong history of #Florida lawmakers from BOTH parties kicking the can… of the things you learn (if you didn’t already know) in this author’s most excellent “Oh, #Florida!”
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @JeffYoung8 You don't think that piece of art has a peel?NOTE: Walt Disney flew over Central #Florida and selected the swampy site for his 2nd theme park on Nov. 22, 1963.… in #Florida art news. now. People need to leave our wild peacocks alone. There's nothing quite like driving down a highway and seeing…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanTHIS @fineout Evergreen #Florida tweet.#Florida, ground zero for #climate change -- and the place where legislators routinely put off making hard choices… answer to @MuckRack Daily's trivia question: Both actors played the character Reggie Montgomery on the now defun…, #Florida! Someone has been pilfering peacocks and the people are PO'd. h/t @ChristieZizo @JudsonCarmicha1 @erinfranczak22 Cops are following up so we'll see.Follow-up to this "Oh, #Florida!" item: "The department is currently awaiting results to determine where the rifle… @cmcarrolljr I have not! Did it happen in #Florida? @cfishman and CEO: Boris Badenov., #Florida! Man with VERY recognizable face tries to rob convenience store, gives clerk a message warning her to… @PaulaSimone @maureenjohnson My favorite MCU dad joke. "He carries that big hammer around all day? No wonder he's Thor."#Florida family victimized by porch pirates sets a trap, gets pirate to swipe package containing nothing but 3-day-… day in #Florida, another discovery that a historic African-American cemetery was probably paved over by som… is a good idea. The only place in America with worse mental health funding than #Florida is Puerto Rico.…'s theme park dominance comes at a price. @debjshaw Thanks!According to @Spotify's year-end wrap-up, I am "genre-fluid." I kinda like that word. another reason to #LoveMyNewspaper. the @TB_Times! @GaylaArnold @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus Awww shucks, you're gonna give me a swelled head. Thanks!#Florida Sen. @marcorubio puts hold on confirmation of @realDonaldTrump pick for deputy secretary of @Interior over… @CorbinHiar My understanding is that he quit smoking it, but still uses the edibles.Here comes Season 2 of "Guardians of the Glades," the TV show about #Florida man Dusty "Wildman" Crum, #orchid deal… Prez Full-Time #Florida Man Has Perfect Defense Against #Impeachment. Via @mluckovichajc 2018, #Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 4 allowing ex-felons to get their voting rights back.… @craigtimes The @TBTimesNIE loves the @TB_Times and @craigtimes for all of the support given to young aspiring jour…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanSo much talent at @TB_Times #LoveMyNewspaper
Retweeted by Craig PittmanToday is #LoveMyNewspaper 📰 Day — so thank you to all the local & national journalists working to preserve democrac…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanHere's my #LoveMyNewspaper day thread. Now it's your turn to tell the world why you love YOUR newspaper. And if you… @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus @SueCarltonTimes @susanskate @mareevs @mahoneysthename @MarthaARhine @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus @SueCarltonTimes @susanskate @mareevs @mahoneysthename 6. On this #LoveMyNewspaper @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus @SueCarltonTimes @susanskate @mareevs 5. Because this is #LoveMyNewspaper day, one… @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus @SueCarltonTimes @susanskate 4. Because this is #LoveMyNewspaper day, I want to po… @wilsonti7 They started playing in Daytona, officially formed the band in Jacksonville (there's even a plaque). I'm… @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus @SueCarltonTimes 3. On this #LoveMyNewspaper day, I have to tell you that nobody,… @KevinCate @TB_Times @TroMcManus 2. Another reason why on this #LoveMyNewspaper day I love @TB_Times: This deep-div… is #LoveMyNewspaper day, as proclaimed by @KevinCate, so here are a few reasons why I love @TB_Times,… #LoveMyNewspaper, the @TB_Times!!! Thank you to the journalists, editors, & staff members for uniting our commun…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanPrez Full-Time #Florida Man Who Just Left Europe Early Because He Was Insulted May Want To Consider Going Back @JackPendarvis If it's an Elvis-themed hotel, does that mean every room has a TV that's already been shot out? @wilsonti7 This is good but the Allman Brothers come from Daytona Beach, #Florida, not Macon GA. @ChristieZizo Thanks!Good golly, why is this not a national holiday? The whirling dervish musical genius known as Little Richard (… man rock'n'roll star gets Twitter-dissed. @CHeathWFTV There are no studies whatsoever. In fact, one of the roads has been repeatedly canceled as unneeded by… @CHeathWFTV And don't forget the Skyway, which was paid off years ago.A #Florida #Christmas Story -- coming soon to the @hallmarkchannel!
This thread, involving #Florida Rep. @mattgaetz is really...something. Congresswoman @KathyCastorFL, chair of the House #climate committee, tells Madrid #climate conference that… man, I remember the #Florida tweets from "Zola," aka "The Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted."… veteran prosecutor in the #Florida Keys has admitted to ethics violations related to an attempted murder case tha… @ricktrilsch @AlfredSpellman @ArtBasel I agree!