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Craig Pittman @craigtimes St. Petersburg FL

My book CAT TALE is out NOW. Prior books: Oh, Florida!, The Scent of Scandal, Manatee Insanity & Paving Paradise. Enviro columnist, Florida Phoenix.

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@DiannaHunt @gangrey @TB_Times Doesn't matter. The clerk is a local.This week featuring shout-outs to @FantasyFestKW, @Costco, @FlaDems, @jeffvandermeer, @SarahNumber4, @SoergelMatt,…'s "Oh, #Florida! The Newsletter," roaring into your TL like a Jeep with the life-size head of a T-Rex dinosaur m…
@dctblackwell @brooksbarnesNYT More wonderful @nytimes pix by my friend @Eve_Edelheit, formerly of the @TB_Times. @ichthysaur Tweeting. @TaylorBiehl Aw man.Cambodia bans all trade in wild #orchids, fearing exinction man tries to discredit scientist, shoots self in foot. man completely laser-focused on stopping #coronavirus pandemic that's killed 137,000 Ameri -- oh wait, nev… @dctblackwell @geauxrho Pudge = Carlton Fisk, the Red Sox catcher. The game against the Cincinnati Reds was tied 6-… @jeffkleinman @disneyplus I recommend this 1953 documentary, which I just watched yesterday. Also "The Mandalorian"… @geauxrho Game Six of the 1975 World Series, mostly for Pudge waving his walkoff homer fair.Forensic botanist helps #Florida cops build case in attempted rape, thanks to toxic #algae in pond where it occurre… watched a new trailer for a low budget action film supposedly set in the South. Not a single black character o…
Retweeted by Craig Pittman“I don't wear the mask simply for the fact that after a while I start to feel like I'm suffocating. I get claustrop… @DoLesbiansTip @apantazi The other issue being: How many other #Florida sheriff's depts have had that many employees break the law?#Florida sheriff admits his agency screwed up in not releasing details of accidental shooting of 2 of his employees… @AbhiDhabi5 @gangrey @TB_Times Yeah, but there's no thrown stools.“Some things in life are worth melting in the #Florida sun with a face mask for,” one woman wrote on Instagram, whe…
Retweeted by Craig Pittman#Florida crime: 59 emplyoyees of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have been arrested since Sheriff Williams took o…'s a gracious plenty of #Florida crazy to choose from here, but I think Ben has chosen the most #Florida of th… night Mayor @lennycurry hosted a “thank you” reception with Pence and the RNC host committee. This violates h…
Retweeted by Craig Pittman#Florida's No. 1! #coronavirus. your Sunday #gospel brunch today, a hand-clapping classic from the Staples Singers, featuring a soul-stirring s… @SimplyNess79 @jessica_mohlman @CyrusBaird @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @MyFWC Thanks! @SebringPitCrew Maybe they took turns -- X before Zevon on the 30th, Zevon before X on the 31st. @cratekane @Hanover_Square Thanks for spreading the word!ooo the audiobook of Cat Tale by @craigtimes on @Hanover_Square square is $3.95 today 👀! Florida weirdness, a panth…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanIn addition to bankrolling Rubio's failed 2016 presidential campaign, former Philadelphia Eagles football owner Nor…
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@AmericanXMom idea
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @beerismymantra That's my recollection too regarding X, but my hazy memory is that Zevon was playing outdoors as well. I could be wrong.#Florida man aces common sense test (finally). @dctblackwell Never saw Little Feat, darn it, but I've seen Bonnie 2x. The first was the best -- just her and her s… hairstyle seen all over Wauchula.
Retweeted by Craig PittmanJust started Cat Tale by @craigtimes. Only one chapter in, but I can tale this is gonna be a good book.
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @vladeb Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. @JimmyGeurts Truly one of the best concerts I've ever attended. Was (Not Was) opening for the Neville Brothers at J…"I was listening to the different doctors. They were talking about how the virus can stay airborne and I’m like, 'D… @mikeyd_47 It was the night before Halloween so of course his final song was "Werewolves of London." @LauraHarrisonM2 Story says his organs were shutting down.Warren Zevon (with X as the opening act) at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Oct. 30, 1987 @doug_christy @Disney Yup. We signed up to watch #Hamilton and then in looking over what else was available I spott… @LoiszLois @collhistgarden In the words of the immortal Maynard G. Krebs: #Florida @GovRonDeSantis insists Dr. Fauci is wrong and the state did not reopen too soon.… just watched a 1953 @Disney documentary about #Florida #alligators called "Prowlers of the #Everglades." I partic… man totally laser-focused on stopping #coronavirus pandemic that has so far killed 136,000 Ameri -- oh wai… book!
Retweeted by Craig Pittman#Florida man indicted for bilking PPP loan program out of $22K, also defrauding Medicare via @jayhweaver#Florida county commissioner who voted against requiring people to wear masks now hospitalized with #coronavirus evidence from 1999 #Florida slaying leads cops to arrest former detective and his ex-wife. via @WJXTFrancine#Florida city faces fines for repeated water #pollution problems. via @AmySWFL @SquareBooks Holy smokes, @aceatkins AND @JackPendarvis ?!!! remember when #Florida was known for its Govt in the Sunshine? FIsh swim in ocean. "So many Floridians have now tested positive for #COVID19 that almost everyone knows somebody who’s gotten… if you can spot which ones are most at risk to get #coronavirus @nyssabiflora Thanks so much!Great book! Definitely recommend checking it out ---and it is a great sale right now, too!
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @leafwarbler @audible_com Thanks for spreading the word!Oh hey, nice deal on audio version of @craigtimes’s new book “Cat Tale” from @audible_com today. Grab it If you hav…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanCops say four victims of robbery by 2 NFL players recanted after being paid a total of $55,000 in cash — at the off… @KentJill @WaltDisneyWorld That's #Florida's Official State Slogan.Here's the link btw: @LeChatNoire4 I didn't have the link. Now I do. adds 10,360 #coronavirus cases for 3rd-highest daily increase, and 95 new deaths oh and @WaltDisneyWorld i… case you’re wondering, nothing on Twitter about this from Florida’s 2 senators,@marcorubio & @SenRickScott
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @ecowriterohio @lizskalka I believe in #Florida that word is actually pronounced "mojito." @cfishman Dragonflies are helpful too. My grandmother used to call 'em 'skeeter hawks.".@FLPhoenixNews #Climatechange is exposing flaws of #Florida’s century-long binge of rapid & sloppy growth. Finger…
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @CathyinSFL @BradleyWhitford Not according to Dr. Beach. you've been waiting for a price cut to buy the audio version of my #Florida #panther book CAT TALE, today's your… @BradleyWhitford Nice try, but #Florida continues to be waaaay more #Florida than the rest of the country. I mean,… phenom Suzanne Vega (@suzyv) turns 61 today. She's come to set a twisted thing straight. man @realDonaldTrump commutes prison sentence of #Florida man Roger J. Stone @mattwaite @Unl_CoJMC In this photo you are definitely giving off a real @GroovyBruce vibe.
@ChuziChips @Ksurana6 That's what I'd like to know. Sounds like he filed a false police report about people throwing rocks.#Florida judge rejects local GOP official's challenge to county #coronavirus mask ordinance. When anti-masker tried… to this story as another example of why we need better police training and why we need body cameras.
Retweeted by Craig Pittman @Ksurana6 Perhaps the two guys who were videotaping the girls in the pool & told them they didn't belong there shou… @haltman Especially since that movie was on cable just a couple fo days ago. @haltman First thing I thought of too. @MerickLewin @Ksurana6 "Unless a police officer has 'probable cause' to make an arrest, 'reasonable suspicion' to c… @jacobogles, people say dead people voting is a made up problem, but here's a dead guy, right here in Florida, trying to c…
Retweeted by Craig Pittman#Florida cops mishandle bogus trespassing complaint, arrest 3 Black girls & 1 Hispanic girl because they wouldn't t… man who is not dead is declared dead by DMV, as a result can't get unemployment benefits, #Florida! Man who performs with #alligators reads to them, sings to them during #coronavirus pandemic so they'r… @ElDon78 It's like drinking for 4 or 5 firehoses all at once.IG report confirms that Commerce Dept leaders buckled under pressure from the White House to side with… @CathySalustri @minniecactustt @FLPhoenixNews Unless of course you're basically paying with "eat-free" coupons to the Habana Cafe. @minniecactustt Doing fine at @FLPhoenixNews but thanks anyway.This marks the second iguana-related traffic accident in the #Florida Keys this week. The first was a 3-car pileup.… you listened to the excellent podcast from @ChaddScott and @craigtimes yet? This week they spoke to one of the…
Retweeted by Craig PittmanThat’s why there were never Lincoln Day dinners till this year.
Retweeted by Craig PittmanBlack #Florida ex-cop sues Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, saying he suffered racial discrimination and retal… #endangered North Atlantic right whale, which calves off the #Florida coast every year, is now “one step from e… to invest $1M to track how Lake Okeechobee muck fuels harmful #algae blooms via @AdriBras