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Malte Ubl @cramforce San Francisco

AMP TSC. JavaScript infrastructure at Google. Curator of @JSConfEU. RT/Like no endorsement. he/him

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@dalmaer @SashaLaundy @gesa Really? Going to the only touristy enclave on the island? I guess I do the opposite. Es… @SashaLaundy @dalmaer @gesa Turns out February is the month with the least rainy days It i…📢 starting January I'll be looking for new opportunities! do you know any good *remote-first* company looking for s…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @dalmaer @gesa Flying to Big Island for the first time tomorrow. But already booked to go back to Kauai for spring break 😊 @gesa Kuai'i makes all the other islands (who are super chill) feel like busy airports. If you drive a bit you can…
@anildash @mathias It seems to be flaky 😿Thank you @anildash for fixing!
Retweeted by Malte Ubl🔥 What’s new in V8 v7.9? Faster API getters, number representation transitions and repeated on-stack replacements (…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @mikeal What kind of money?
Nice overview of how the Supreme Court’s decision in Oracle v. Google might affect the future of innovation:
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @benthompson The Web Bluetooth API is very much a thing. It is just unevenly implemented T… @r_ima Are you hidden on the right?
"average Googler writes 3 distributed storage systems a year" factoid actually just statistical error. average Goog…
Retweeted by Malte UblSuper cool bug and write-up. It was never exploitable due to CSP defense-in-depth. @justinschuh I was just wondering whether this strategy would work. Thanks for the data point! 🙏
Leveraged that bait pretty mellow. Fuck, I don't actually know how VCs speak @luvalawa No, much better: my neighbor didMy investment thesis: 🦀Who needs some venture capital?🚨 I've identified a new Californianism: "Do your kids have a short way to school?" is Californian for: 1. "Are you… @SaraJChipps Normal is now 6 months @polotek I'd buy it for the "regular smartphone" price. $1.5K? Not really.
I LOVE this story, and I’m going to use this trick from now on!
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @muditameta @rauchg There is, but I don't have a link handy. Will ask around. @muditameta @rauchg Yes, it is a very locked down version of AMP with no support for external JS (also all uses of iframes are disabled). @muditameta @rauchg What I meant is that the email author cannot write their own JavaScript and the entirety of the… @muditameta @rauchg Yep, attack surface definitely expands. On the upside, you can audit 100% of the JavaScript.Intent to Explain: Demystifying the Blink Shipping Process, by ⁦@yoavweiss⁩: 🧑‍🔬
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @luvalawa It's great on the XL AFAIK @muditameta @rauchg It isn't inherently mutable (although email already is. Lots of promo emails are just images lo… @BhashkarSharma @rauchg Outlook and Yahoo are both working. Outlook already has a developer preview out.Positively in love with Pixel 4 industrial design much as I love @igalia's chromium work, I have to agree that their WebKit work is more important for the web! Gr…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @HenriHelvetica @rauchg @github Well, clients need a web view for rendering. But it isn't limited to browser based email. @AkashaThorne @rauchg @github Nothing is risk free. At least Gmail only allows it for high trust senders. Similar t… @rauchg @github When I first used it this summer I was like 🤯 "holy shit, I built an Enterprise application platform by accident". @rauchg The new GSuite comments notifications are literally the best thing. They save me sooo much time. I wish… January 2019 ~~ Google: plz review this Fed Cir decision SCOTUS: [cert denied] ~~ November 2019 ~~ Google: sudo…
Retweeted by Malte UblAMP helped Vikas establish a regular audience during the rise of mobile usage📱in India. Faster loading speed was ju…
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Get fucked.
Retweeted by Malte UblMikeal had a great insight here and I also really appreciated the value @mikesherov's reply added to the conversati… @espadrine Well, what she meant is someone who has a full-time role to guide technical design without distraction b…
It’s finally happening: Google is rolling out RCS for all Android users in the US. Here are all the details on ho…
Retweeted by Malte UblMy boss: We need a *real* principal engineer on the team. Me: … Me: I guess, I guess you are exactly right. @seldo Would be cool if it came with a Symbian (or whatever they used) emulatorSo when you format a floppy disk you can pick between full and quick format, and I think I only really understood t…
Retweeted by Malte UblI dont know exactly why but I want this're working with @Google to decrease mobile web page loading times using a technology called Portal. Learn more i…
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Wow. Wowwowiewowwow. This is the language Apple is using to combat Chromebooks? Kids who use Macbooks (which are…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl“The main thread is overworked & underpaid” I talk about: ➡️What off-main-architecture is ➡️why we need to start…
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@dalmaer Screenshots or it didn't happenCool throw-back post from 1999 when folks still got excited about JavaScript adding basic string manipulation funct… @robwormald @Rich_Harris @daslaf @amacarthur Yeah, that is just the declarative event delegation layer. Something l… long FMP👋, say hello to LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). FMP was still such a useful invention that we had no rep…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @daslaf @robwormald @Rich_Harris @amacarthur Not in particular because of angular. I didn't realize at the time tha… @robwormald @Rich_Harris @amacarthur By the power of serializing state dependencies to the DOM and querySelectorAll 👊
@auchenberg I've never been inside, but it is on my list and I work next door, so should eventually manage to go :)I love these buildings so much wish this was a contrived way of saying that I'm going snowboardingDue to a multi-summit-conflict ⛰👊🏽🆚👊🏽⛰ I can't attend Chrome Dev Summit this week. Hope y'all have a great time!!every SF startup
Retweeted by Malte Ubl7 most common mistakes
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@bgalbs @operaqueenie @ArtheosNL I think the missing piece is that money "doesn't go into government". Unless you u… to @madebygoogle for auto-pairing two years-apart pre-wedding-celebration dress-up mirror glamour shots where… @seldo One of the most surprising things when I joined Google 9 years ago while everyone was super into Hadoop: Goo… @nucleusrick69 Yep, cause it opened the border to the South and made those countries powerful allies instead of bre…
The path to zeroing in on the mysterious Ballmer peak is through the much wider "Ballmer saddle" for reading children's books aloud.Nesting gestures of a given type is the hardest problem in computer science @name51932321 Ok Boomer @name51932321 I live in the US, so they are wooden walls, and hence extremely temporary!A good day to remember that walls are temporary structures @g33konaut The nicest touch is how they clean the bathroom after every use. Or so I hear 😚 Better set those CO2 of… @g33konaut Holy 🤯 @bitandbang I'm really looking forward for my son to get through the "walls" @luvalawa Happy birthday!! @rektide @kriskowal Similar to separation of concerns of promise API. Has my blessing 😋 @MikeIsaac I often think about how much more effective our English lessons in Germany would have been if we had jus… @kriskowal I meant Java-style getX/setX methods. Overriding property access is fineFun fact! Baby elephants are born weighing ~250 pounds, making them the world’s biggest babies, right next to the p…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @elibelly @rem @Julieanne @simonleggsays @mattbee @paulcuth @rem looks like his good looking younger brotherThe whole idea of getter and setter methods was just cargo culted
@cramforce Yes, please! Moving myself to BCC.
Retweeted by Malte UblI wish there was a way to reply-all to email in a way where subsequent reply-alls do not include you. @timneutkens @marvinhagemeist @shubhie I'm actually now convinced that the framework is female, so it is "Die Frame… @jpp123 The Internet clearly belongs to us Xennials. We died in dysentery for it.Related: Google Search Console started breaking out Google Discover traffic from Search traffic earlier this year. @marvinhagemeist @shubhie - "Der Framework" @shubhie - Meta framework (as you know) I hate because it is wrong 😛 - Full stack framework is also wrong (no backe… @simonw @ade_oshineye Didn't @jack tweet the other day he wanted to make good with developers again? 🤔 @DasSurma I'm just happy I won't be in the room 🙈 @DasSurma Good tweet. Now is the time to deinstall all Chrome builds from your laptop except for Stable! @Vaeshkar Yep @hblank Guten Morgen! @troutgirl It was pretty legitIskender Kebab in San Francisco 🙀 @JeffDean @geoffreyhinton @neurips Awesome to hear! I've been through this so many times for Schengen visas for… googles "Does Arizona have good snowboarding?"Naturally I was just projecting and really talking about myself. Holy shit, I need to move to Arizona