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Malte Ubl @cramforce San Francisco

Technically a Software Engineer at Google. AMP TSC. JavaScript infrastructure. Curator of @JSConfEU. RT/Like no endorsement. he/him

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@AndyDavies @AMPhtml Oh, yeah, it'll be a while for AVIF to resolve this. But the team who would have to do the wor… @vambenepe School district wide emails parents to remind them to wear clothing when appearing on their child's zoom calls which seems like a… @AndyDavies @AMPhtml I basically have a recurring reminder to yell at the team about this. It is somewhat resolved with AVIF, however.We're so excited about the new AVIF image format. It is now landing in browsers, but the tooling landscape still ne…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @lovell @DasSurma Just saw your request for funding and sent $2K from @AMPhtml's account to @pootlepress This is amazing!We grew up here
Retweeted by Malte UblOne time I took a swim in the Nile. I swam the whole way, I didn’t turn around. Man, I swear. It made me relax…
Retweeted by Malte UblAh, kids and their innocence. 6yo showed me how he can get around macOS’ Screen Time limits for Minecraft. What he…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @torturecrush I only know about this word because there are comments like "Wow, she is hot, I wonder why there are…
The Google Chrome team wrote a RFC for integrating eslint with Next.js: ◆ Aims to improve performance through con…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @TatianaTMac @veernacular Oh the irony that the original wasn't ironicalTrait of a senior frontend engineer #2: Respond to unlikely bug report with request to disable browser extensions. calculating the WMI (website mass index) for the entire web. sum(sizes of resources) / document.body.offsetHeig… @johnwilander We've been in monitoring mode for a while. All major life decisions are delayed until mid November.Yesterday I enthusiastically emailed the Google Home product manager that it would be nice if the device could be u… @rakyll Same. Donating to an organization like felt pretty good as a substitute for me. Whi… @brianleroux Do you still have seconds of downtime? @sambreed What is it now?
@pbakaus Congratulations!!! @nainar92 One unit of value and 5 micro units of value then!Looking to take your #WebStories to the next level? @pbakaus showcases 10 compelling best-in-class Web Stories fr…
Retweeted by Malte UblLast year today: bring your child to work day. This year: bring your work to your child yearWhatever this chart says, but I get my own micro generation so I approve @sauloveronesi I don't tweeted this for boring stuff like major launches 😛Added some value todayHere is the September edition. The schedule changed a bit to about 2 weeks later in the month.'s finally out, the MDN Browser Compatibility Report: (PDF, 1.9MB) A large part of 2020…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @simevidas Not sure about desktop. But not abandoning Firefox for Android at a time when the Android browser sucked… the algorithm decide
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @acdlite Wow
@dym_sh @wongmjane @laurieontech No, I do use them occasionally. I think 2x per year is roughly the average. Are t… @wongmjane @laurieontech In hindsight it was nice to finally learn them the weekend beforeShe is alive! (And apparently incredibly well)'s been talked about for years now, but we might get to the point where browsers disable HTTP/2 push support, bec…
Retweeted by Malte UblThe code, product specs, research, etc. is all open source here. The editor itself is written in React and at least… @senthil_hi I'm sponsoring this initiative and spending a lot of time on Web Stories which is related to this.Launching today: Google's @WordPress plugin for making Web Stories More info on @WebCreators summary of what the idea is in this thread: We have Developer Relations, but why don't we have Creator Relatio… I was like "u know what, if there's Developer Relations, why is there no Creator Relations?", and yes, y not,…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl🆕 We're doing something new and exciting! @WebCreators It's just the start of a renewed foc… @kristoferbaxter @ken_wheeler Holy shit!In 2018 Florida voters restored voting rights to returning citizens, but now, payment of court fines is required fo…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @tweetbez I know, but I couldn't let the meta irony go untweeted (as you know) 😊New favorite screensaver: chrome://discards/graph 🤯
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @misprintedtype OMG, congratulations!Shit day back at preschool for my daughter (she loved it!!!). In the morning every kid/parent had to answer questi…
@bgalbs 😘 @bgalbs I genuinely got better at my job across most dimensions since then. Also managed to trick the committee int… @pbakaus MPL is more similar to LGPL? So, still copyleft, but no virality into embedding context, right? @0ndras Self assessment and peer feedback for evaluation by a committee to getting promoted.I frequently get imposter syndrome looking at other people's promotion packets. Today I looked at my own packet for… @glenngabe Got some work to do 😛 be the biggest crossover of my professional career by @glenngabe A Web Story (my work project #1) about page… would really help if Youtube comment review had auto-translation built-in. With the current state I need to dele… the most exciting release from my personal point of view, but awesome to see Microsoft stepping up to deliver a… @SeraAndroid It was labelled lamb/beef Have you ever bought pre-cut frozen Döner meat at the supermarket? That. @roessler @johnwilander It's literally the one thing I crave after being away from Europe for too long @troutgirl The problem that restaurants have here is that they don't sell enough of them. So, they can't have the m…, while this one wasn't good and really just an overall demonstration of the American Döner Problem it was labele…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @akivaw @therourke @DJSnM You can also use saliency if you'd like it to sound more scientific 😋 @JeffDean This video by @skdh helped me understand some of the underlying mechanics of the "I can't know anything"… @akivaw @therourke @DJSnM No, the algorithm is trying to determine interestingness. The thing it loves most is the… @akivaw @therourke @DJSnM They do not. It's a saliency based algorithm. Ethically it's really interesting what that… might have been a little bit sad but now I watched episode 1 of The Last Dance and I'm happy again #90skid
@RickByers Actually, it might have been the same year. I get confused because my age only is $currentYear - 1980 for a couple monthsSurvivorship bias Full disclosure: a previous version of this tweet said "inverse survivorship bias" but I realize… @RickByers Nice! I was one year earlier. Bought an all-in-one 603e PowerPC Mac with built-in TV tuner. I sat throu… @notwaldorf @__apf__ Oh no @janl Reminded me of that one time the @jsconfeu auto-cropping algorithm decided the skeleton was more interesting… be a long night Reopening after a longer summer break in Europe
Trying a horrible experiment... Which will the Twitter algorithm pick: Mitch McConnell or Barack Obama?
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @bgalbs Apparently it has been 7 years but many old time users never switched @bgalbs Are you familiar that consumer Gmail now had the default notion of N email imboxds sorted by type instead o… @bgalbs If it is in the Gmail Promotion tab does it actually exist? @mekkaokereke "Why can't you reconcile direct-person-votes with representative democracy by doing a little rule of 3 math?"Who had Sharknado for September on their bingo card?
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @bengoodger Swiss. All stereotypes support your impression @_developit @buildsghost Permanent residents can @rakyll It super confused me the first time I went to Google IO. 101 is more universally used, but that 201 is like…"Please note, however, that you must remove your protective mask if the yellow oxygen masks are ejected in mid flig… and "state of the union" talks. @chachingco @tailwindcss Should work. There is just a single CSS file and it really matters quite little what you put in there.For legal reasons this is a joke
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @mehulmpt Basically the situation where this helps is: You have some work to do, but it is relatively low priority.… @mehulmpt You need some form of scheduler and times when you are interruptible to take advantage of this. Modern react does. @banter_years @AstroKatie A person died and she is mourning. Keep your politics tone policing to yourself.RIP RBG
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💔 @AMPhtml @iAlbMedina The production quality is incredible! What are you using for the animations? @seldo That makes a lot of sense (when applying the logic following from the axioms under which it makes sense that… @seldo I knew some of this but not to this detail. Thanks! What I don't find in your thread: why are these made in… @richardgingras One take was killed by recording editor's internet connection dropping and the "Person left this me… my promotion self assessment @groby @janl The ScrollableDraggableResizableContentView is obviously super prevalent in traditional UI models. Tex… relevant tiny web-feature: Make it visible to JS if there is user input pending and that is may thus want to…