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Malte Ubl @cramforce San Francisco

Technically a Software Engineer at Google. AMP TSC. JavaScript infrastructure. Curator of @JSConfEU. RT/Like no endorsement. he/him

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just because you use a loud keyboard doesn't mean your code is strongly typed
Retweeted by Malte UblYes, it is true! 😌 I’m looking for my next awesome DevRel opportunity! Things I love: ✅ Building and managing de…
Retweeted by Malte Ublfuck it brutalist fancam
Retweeted by Malte Ubl3 launches this week. Only one of them is watching @SpaceX get humans into space 🚀Breakfasting @tweetbez urgent alert @shanselman @a_bahraminezhad A not-great workaround is to buy a 5Ghz to Ethernet dongle. 2.4GHz WiFi is just the worst. @kpk @cassidoo Glad that I'm not the only one reporting issues to you 😇 @mattsmcnulty I'm not on nextdoor @kpk @ericlaw I actually went swimming there for the first time. Across the channel is a real beach. If you haven'… to figure out if the new neighbors are a hot gay couple who sometimes have their parents over or the two COV… @horse_js This is literally what my kind read when I saw the original post @sarahcpr I was just like "If they can do that, they can shoot a new season"Maximum viable product @eduardolundgren Getting takeout 😇 @AkashaThorne Yep!
@troutgirl Ha, me too. But me more like 2008.Building a react app against message bus backend (mqtt in my case) is really quite magical. @JFSIII @kosamari @DasSurma Yes. Homemade from scratch. @kosamari @DasSurma TBH the best Leberkäse I've ever had was at a restaurant in Oakland @kosamari @DasSurma Holy shit. I'd give my liver for this @AndyDavies @addyosmani @vikerman Yeah, we contracted @igalia to implement it. There are some interesting ideas how…🌅⛱️🏊🏝️ @vikerman @addyosmani There is no working solution for prefetch. Certainly not for cross origin. @_vigneshh Throwing out ideas isn't quite enough. There are a lot of reasonable things that do not work :) @MightyBoosh_ - prevent accidental seeks when other gestures are performed - support picture in picture on Android… @addyosmani @vikerman Are you sure that works in Safari? It strictly separates caches by resource type and certain… @camelburrito Phone. Not really looking for apps. Since the content and apps are typically linked. So, no choice. @camelburrito I don't use a TV @carlcolglazier I haven't used it in a while. @ohhoe They are all differently bad - accidental seeks - no ability to zoom Stuff like that. It's like micro aggressions piling up. @ohhoe Like Netflix and Prime VideoIs there a TV/movie app that has a good video player? I hate them all. @acdlite OMG, just imagine the world timeline if this would have gone the other way. President Clinton, no COVID, a…
@tweetbez You'd think. But instead sites will just download all of npm just in case @oif_vet My condolences and fuck cancerThis looks promising've been better since. Same place but an extra 3k. @gustavobini Apparently, it is off by default for new profiles. @bengoodger Maybe it was on at some point and my profiles are very old?Life hack: Chrome allows disabling the "home" button. It wasn't really all that annoying but I also haven't pressed… @joemccann "It isn’t just Uber that is suffering."'S DEBATE: Has Boris Johnson set men in politics back decades?
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @jlongster web was way more chill for the 12 weeks during which Chrome broke bold for system fonts on Mac @polly Reported internallyMove fast and break things started officially calling it “crewed spaceflight” (rather than “manned”) before the iPhone was invented; if y…
Retweeted by Malte UblNot one person who went for a job interview in 2015 got the answer right to, "So where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @rauchg It's just so fascinating given how good it is, how much h265 was able to improve in terms of lower bitrate… @groby @dan_abramov Is that a thing in Chrome? I'm not in a FYI org 🤪 @jaffathecake This is exactly what I implemented for the @jsconfeu site.When a site meets the Core Web Vitals thresholds, users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads:…
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Got to contribute to this blog post that's out today: Interesting finding: "We found that…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @dan_abramov Very hard lower bound @groby Yeah, it seems obvious in hindsight @potch Super sorry for ya! And sad for the awesome product that could have beenTIL about intersectional traditional-architecture & Nazis Twitter. @bengoodger @laparisa @kpk My main use case: can display webp. It's super valid. But I think the accidental case c… hatched yesterday and it's awesome! @laparisa @kpk @kpk can you file? This has definitely happened to me as well. E.g. if a page has a drop target and… @kpk This is a really good point. CC @laparisa There should probably be a warning for this at least.It's funny because it isn't actually that much more expensive than living in the Bay Area and it also comes with free food"Users are 24% less likely to abandon page loads" (if you hit the core web vitals thresholds)
Retweeted by Malte UblFirst time off Alameda islands since beginning of the work-from-home phase. Took our car to inspection and now taki… @janl I feel a bit bullied, so I guess it worked. @janl I didn't mean to bully you. I apologize for that. Please reflect on keeping to shift the goal post in this d… @DasSurma Go for the man bun! @janl You're wrong here, Jan. There are aspects in this debate that one can reasonably disagree on. This just isn't one of them. @janl Well, me too. I'd strongly prefer open platforms in which it isn't 2 big companies pissing it out with phony… @janl Safari has better energy usage than chrome. The question is: if the chrome team would change strategy, priori… @janl In the end it doesn't matter. It's all about platform control. @janl Faster (in this case) roughly equals lower energy usage since this is basically single core performance and s… you can see JSC Jitted @webkit , has a Geometric mean of 2.03, where v8 JITTED has a Geometric score of 3.22.…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @quinnirill I only have issues with encoding video from a HDMI capture card. Built-in+webcam is fine.Calculating my cost-of-living-adjusted salary for working from the International Space Station.Great write-up from @bryanmcquade (of PageSpeed fame) on the background for the core web vitals perf targets, grou…
Retweeted by Malte Ubl @seldo I guess you don't put them together, you subtract them @seldo Put both together and you get the perfect drink (with a dash of passion fruit juice) @seldo It is. But why mix it with all that other stuff?Writing blog posts together software together
@craigfrancis Unfortunately, I'm already on the right port :) @ericsfeed 2 other people replied that the newer thermals are worse :) @jpp123 1080p. It is being downsampled to 720p and encoded as VP9 @jpp123 It's super chill with the built-in webcam and my Logitech. But encoding the stream from my HDMI capture card uses a lot of CPU. @HenriHelvetica Don't know the core count. But the video encoding is only using one core at about 50-60% @hmans Definitely an option. But I'd imagine they'd have to perform even more at the high-end of their capability.How much faster would a 2020 16" MacBook core i9 be over a 2018 15" MacBook core i9? Let's say my current laptop i… @__apf__ OMG, I never wear hoodies. You monster! 🙏 @__apf__ Technically a Software Engineer at Google6 1:1s in a row #management
@paularmstrong All of the above @Myles_Younger Notable this isn'e 12% of creatives, but rather 12% of impressions @Myles_Younger I don't have a lot of details. But, yeah, to get to this scale, you need to have lots of auto-gened… @Myles_Younger Actually, this post from a year ago has a number. 12% of ads served by Google in Feb 2019 @Myles_Younger Nothing public. I'd characterize it as "very large yet not quite sufficient". Because most resource… @bitandbang @AMPhtml @sebabenz Absolutely. Not necessarily packaged for reuse 😅