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third year biomed student πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

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Ok, think it's time to delete the app. Enjoyed these cursed images, friends! (cc: @Lin_Manuel)The wildcards celebs in New York? on, man! off - the Keanu Krew. carried away and... Here's a thread... good night from me and the greatest thing @debbie_jewell @debbie_jewell Gradient Photo πŸ˜‚ @mirandaburgin @dbirdsoprano Do it! It's hilarious πŸ˜‚ @dbirdsoprano me squinting to see it πŸ˜‚ what is this app after making one (1) good point @ldinuz RIGHT?! πŸ˜‚ @hamilbizz I honestly don't think it could have produced a better one if it tried πŸ˜‚ @DMBHealer's official. I'm dropping out of Uni to be a professional Keanu Reeves lookalike.*X-Files theme plays in distance* @marthawright06 That is a whole bop tho @mirandaburgin @ed_solomon hi! If you can't get Keanu for Bill and Ted 4, you know where I am. @jaskxur @wrightmywayout I refreshed it a few times to see what weird things I'd get and I WAS NOT EXPECTING THISthe third picture is sending mei don't even have any words @SonYAsbookshelf Thank you β™₯️ @bohemiandani β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ @badbuddhist01 Thank you β™₯️72/100 for my group project. Not bad at all for the first grade of the year! πŸ˜„ @mirandaburgin I love it feeling the anxiety today πŸ˜… downstairs for a cuppa to relieve my stress and came back in my room to Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" playing. man says what do we do with all this mess. just give up HAHAHAHAHA
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True story: Left eye’s hair stylist was running late and she had to perform before the stylist actually got there.…
Retweeted by CaitlinQ. How did the chicken lose her hat. A. Becase of an accident. B. Becase the goverment stole it. Answer: B
Retweeted by CaitlinGood night - I hope this weather keeps up. Cold and sunny is my favourite πŸ₯° oh ... :-( :-( Sean Paul: bda bang bang Me: :-) @dbirdsoprano @K_bowes @hamilbizz Peaches, the floor is yours on the plus side it made me run faster in anger. Ok, back to work. @K_bowes It just makes me ANGRY. I know Justin should have known better but he was in love! She didn't need to play… @Lin_Manuel Me as a king facetiming the Grouchy King at my house (my dog Marley) was on my run and 21 Chump Street's "What The Heck I Gotta Do" came on and all I can say is naΓ―ve Justin deserved BETTERNO.
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@Lin_Manuel don't know what I want to do in the future and the future is very soon @Lin_Manuel @hamlllton @jonnysun me @ all of u guys @fjghtforlove literally 😭 @fjghtforlove I just put some Quorn nuggets in. I'm full from my dinner, I'm just stress eating 😭 third year is already killing me off @mirandaburgin It's ridiculously easy to make to be completely honest πŸ˜‚I've made lemon and courgette couscous with salmon and basically I'm a chef @Lin_Manuel Who's Lin lmao my dad can relate @Lin_Manuel 18 days πŸ€“ don't really have the free time to run @gmorninggnights anymore as I'm in my last year of uni now - but I'd just… my dudes
Retweeted by Caitlin @chrisrankin Safe travels to you both! 😊 @Lin_Manuel Morning! @jaskxur thank you β™₯️ @lin_VINEuel Thank you 😍To say the last time I ran was in May - this isn't half bad πŸ˜‚
@fjghtforlove 😍😍😍 her voice is phenomenal 😍 @fjghtforlove So late to this but I didn't realise Danielle was in it?! I adored her in BOOH! @Lin_Manuel Speaking of, you got anyone more of them Tobi pics for a homesick student who misses her dogs πŸ‘€πŸ•I used to buy salt and vinegar popcorn and haven't seen any for years 😣 if anyone sees any in the UK let me know! @Lin_Manuel I relate to Gaga @Lin_Manuel He could be singing anything and I'd listen. What a voice. Don't even get me started on Jas' voice order didn't have to go that hard on blue monday
Retweeted by Caitlin @Liamski98 Deffo trying this tomorrow, thank you! @CarryOnLikeDean Thank you! β™₯️ @bohemiandani The hot shower is sounding amazing right now, thank you! @Lin_Manuel Take a pic of you looking happy and pretending to be posing with people in front of a blank wall and le… relief ideas please? Saying deadlines aloud has got to me πŸ˜…due to personal reasons i’ll be in my bedroom making no noise and pretending that i don’t exist
Retweeted by Caitlin @mirandaburgin It's such a bop πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚At the point where I feel like I could be on my strange addictions with the amount I listen to Kiss From A Rose...… @polmoose83 This really made my day! Thank you so much, lovely! β™₯️ @Lin_Manuel How do you always know what I need to hear??? @Sararosepls they offer discounts on Broadway shows πŸ‘€ is that enough to sway me? πŸ˜‚$23.5k?! fun as Biomedical Informatics in America sounds, I think I'll have to pass.Found a master's course I was interested in then saw the price... Safe to say I am no longer interested! πŸ˜…My flatmate has just earned a PhD in palindromes. She'll now be known as Dr Awkward.
Retweeted by CaitlinHis Dark Materials starts on a deadline and it's a big motivator to get my work done πŸ˜‚ @Lin_Manuel @DerrenBrown @DerrenBrownBway @ifeveristray_ @longquietnight !!!!! refuse to believe it's too early. πŸŽ…
there is freedom in loving ourselves, still through all our storms.
Retweeted by Caitlinwho said mamma mia isn’t a relatable film
Retweeted by Caitlin @Lin_Manuel @freestylelove @VAMNit Ice cream to remember someone saying you weren't ready... Look at you now! Happy dateaversary, guys!if you are tired, rest if you are tight, stretch if you are hurt, feel if you are stressed, breathe if you are hurt…
Retweeted by CaitlinColm Wilkinson singing Bring Him Home makes me so, so, so emotional. @Lin_Manuel And then you won't feeeeeeeel soooooooo baaaaaaaaaadthe answer is YES WE CAN. its gonna be a twitter party! tweet all your kind words, book pictures, gifs, and more wi…
Retweeted by CaitlinPhoebe Waller-Bridge said her writing process is "fear, fear, hope," and I felt that.