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Nebula⚡️World Fantasy⚡️Locus Award-winning SFF writer. I write for @Blizzard_Ent, @Marvel, @starwars, & myself. Filthy casual. All opinions are my own.

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@anhdangerous I................ I wanna visit @anhdangerous ANH!!!!!!!! ANH @xasymptote Ah!!! This is so lovely, thank you! I'll take her on a picnic & there will be NO sand anywhere!
@xasymptote 👀👀👀 @_foolhart they bullyI only write mean ladies now @kuangrf tell him to watch out for tall places and wildebeests @kuangrf I’m screaming I love himThis whole “It’s okay to pirate books now because of the pandemic” thing got me tempted to fight strangers via quot…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @Trungles God me tooWe're in the hellish Venn Diagram Vortex of Bad Things For Your Income: - Taxed higher (we have to pay employer tax…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫My take on this is pretty brief and to-the-point: we're in the middle of a global crisis that is exposing how abysm…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫So if you are outside publishing and seeing a lot of talk about book piracy but aren't sure why (aka my mother), it…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫the truth is that it's nearly impossible to make a living wage from writing income alone these days. almost every w…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫Also: my books are work. It took me time to write them. Publishing is work too. Lots of hard work went into those b…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @jyneonyang Moose makes me nervous! @yoshisquared I love her!! Her build in FE: Heroes is hilarious—she gets a huge stat bonus if she’s several spaces… @heyjenbartel I totally had a fake ring so I could flash it & go “sorry I’m taken byeeeee” if I felt people were crossing the line 😬 @jyneonyang u peach #peachlookbook
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @jyneonyang You!! DID IT!! @jeffvandermeer I wanna touch the lil tongue @katedollarhyde I can’t wait for you to meet them (and I can’t wait to mee yours)! @katedollarhyde YEAHHHH GLORY 🔥🔥 @Rain_Surname @victoriaying Ah! Thank you for the info! @katedollarhyde Turns out this was the answer all along (but we’ll see how things lie at the end) @redscribe I WANT ALL THE HUGS FROM YOU EMMA <333 thank you dude ahhhhh 😭😭😭💖💖💖[acnh] the nook household
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫tom nook parenting 😔😭💕 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @_foolhart Uhuhuhuhu @Rain_Surname @victoriaying Oh! I don’t know what that is—I’ll check it out! @JesWrites IT'S ON, JESI hope I'll get the chance to share this one with y'all sometime in the future! It's weird & flashy & full of extre… @victoriaying I'd use it for comics work--being able to write directly on documents & compare pages to several sets… day I write, I get a little closer to figuring this story out. And I'm finally, finally having fun. ✨
@anhdangerous 😰 @seananmcguire OH NO @yoshisquared 🔥✨🔥✨🔥 @jeffvandermeer Neo, please @anhdangerous ....Anh....... what are you up to 👀 @thelanglassiter ✨👌🏼 @thefisher_queen Meee too! @JennRavenna an angel, a yelling angel @katedollarhyde @JennRavenna omg that cat is so round! @katedollarhyde come talk to me about your pilot!!!! spill the beans!!!!! @Trungles I'm just imagining that water as like, a swirling tornado of chickens @Trungles chicken summoner @shaunduke me too!!! @AScalzi98 That’s so pretty?!I can’t believe it took me this long to get in the fucking robot @katedollarhyde Kate I’m so hyped, SO HYPED @redscribe Awww Emma! Let me tell you something I adore about YOU—you are always so kind & full of love. Your hugs… am neck-deep in mecha worldbuilding & experiencing something akin to religious ecstasy @katedollarhyde I’m going feral🚨🚨🚨 For self-employed/1099 creatives who have lost employment due to covid-19: everyone is fixated on the one-time…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @raecarson Oh my god @visyap Hell yeah! @redscribe I love 🥞 @jyneonyang BB NO @PiperJDrake Yes I would love that! Thank you, Corbin! @madilynjoy Ahhh!! 💖💖 What a cutie. Miss you too! 😭
@JustinGroot3 😭😭😭 @anhdangerous @Meguin32 @Vegione @pixeltheory Wait what the hell, swimming pool ducks?! This is so magical @FinCoe Awwww @KSekouM Let me see if I can successfully make them first! But if all goes well, why not! @Vegione @pixeltheory @anhdangerous @Meguin32 an angel!! @pixeltheory @Vegione @anhdangerous @Meguin32 YES!! I LOVE HER!! I LOVE THEM ALLMy mom has a bunch of really great recipes, but they all take ~3 hours to cook. I never had the chance to make them before, but now... 👀I have several office dog-finding friends, but special shoutouts to MVPs @Vegione @pixeltheory @anhdangerous“I did not want to write a white teenage boy whose experiences I had basically culled from American media. I knew I…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫It is a Big Fucking Tragedy that the day we all transitioned to WFH, I was supposed to see a particularly rare offi… @vital_pixel They're so beautiful!!! OMG I WANNA PET THEM @justicar I love. I love Barkley. I love him. IMy coworkers occasionally send me pictures of their pets & babies, & honestly they are bright shining lights in these dark times @NotLikeFreddy @ohcararara YEAH @kuangrf Baby..... @NotLikeFreddy Really! I wouldn’t have expected that but I’m so pleased to hear itOh to be a sheet cake floating on the ocean in the sunshine
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @yoshisquared AHHHHHHHHH 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hey news outlets/publications: Now would be a really great time to hire an editorial illustrator to do a non-racist…
Retweeted by Alyssa Wong 🌈💫 @AScalzi98 oh NO I hate it @MsFeatherWeight @Trungles holy shit, I got so, SO stoked looking at these @SirFancylad I might... ask you for help..... @themayaworld That’s very kind of you, thank you! If you have any hot Pinterest tips, I would love to hear them! @LA_Knight89 Yeah, like, probably?? I can only assume @Irenealing Omg I want it!! 💖 @katedollarhyde OooohHH @Jody_Houser That's great too! I love that. I should look into it as well...Me: Ask me anything! Ask me how they walk into a room, how their presence makes people feel. Ask me the way their s… @Jody_Houser I envy your skill & confidence! I feel mine waning with every click 😭I've been tasked with putting together a pinterest board for an RPG character's aesthetic, & let me tell you, I hav… @Fancymancer Ahhh I love this! 💖
Within the past week, I've gone from one TTRPG game to three, & I can't imagine why @dongwon @sblackmoore Congratulations!!! @Trungles I think of it like building an ecosystem for the characters to live in: what do they need to survive & th… @djolder Thank you!! I can't wait to read your Project Luminous stuff! 💫 @djolder You feel me!Alyssa said everyone support your local queer Asian space archaeologist
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