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🌸✨ / watching The Flash S5. I’m not mad at Barry anymore.

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Retweeted by Purply Panda✨guys i saw donald trump vent vote him out
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Heal yourself first. Love yourself first. Put yourself first.
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨bitches will play among us all day but got 6 missing assignments 🤨 mf u worried abt the wrong task 🤣🙏
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @jordanlynde_ My husbando stopped doing that when I was facing him 😂😂😂def one of the coolest collabs I’ve been a part of 👸🏾 @Disney x @INHHair
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨I forgot to show off the cakes I made for my bday. I made a cake with the number 27 so I could remember how old I a…'m glad i put my age in my bio bc i literally blanked out for 5 minutes trying to remember how old i am.......
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @prettygraves_ I need to do this, I stopped remembering my age after I turned 22 because no one asks how old you ar… cute app my coworker just told me about. It’s called “Novel Effect.” It has a bunch of popular children’s bo…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Quiero gastar mi dinero que no tengo 😭😭 @laleafia BELLE I WANNA PLAY WITH YOU!!!bisoulovely but make it fashion 💁✨
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @bisoulovely I commissioned my friend to make my OC! The one with the fancy dress I won her raffle so she drew her…
I've Always Liked You ♥
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Retweeted by Purply Panda✨the perfect cookies don't exis—
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Ima need y’all to stop sexualizing “among us” 🗣
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨That feeling you get when you see your package finally arrived 😁🙌📦♥️
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Heart & Arrow sky cakes 🌙✨
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Some y’all need to see this. Stop stealing art.
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @thenameseloisa It does! 😂 but remember I’m innocent 😂
@thenameseloisa 😱 who me?Magical girl earrings✨ Choose your fighter!🌟
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨I’m an innocent Purple Grape💕🥺 de boba tea 🥤🥤🥤💜💜💜
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Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @amongustruggles Emergency meeting called 5 seconds after game started
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨✏️ I spent an embarrassing amount of time doodling these icons >_< What icons do you think I should add?…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨dating someone who has the same anime taste as you >>>>>>>>
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨saw a Tiktok that said, what would you do if there were no men on earth for 24 hours.. here was the comment section…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ios 14 got mfers on facetime like “ can you still see me “ 😂😂
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨here’s some memes with the #animefilter
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Okay, so this isn’t gonna be the completed layout, but this is what I’ve come up with and I’m okay with it for now.…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @RheaMorris_ I love it!First day of Fall🍂 & it’s my BDAY🎂 I’m Fall Baby🍂 @BragonOfBojima @mevalemensa XD I’m showing off my Lock Screen too I do miss MySpace. I prefer Imeem over MySpace though
@LaurenzSide If it hadn’t been for you playing it I would have never played. I thought it was some spooky game.
this woman should literally be paid one million dollars a year
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Here are some of my favorite kdramas available on Netflix!
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Sometimes I’m kept awake thinking about how Americans call the liquid they put into their cars gas
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・ 。 🕊∴。 *  ・゚*。🕊・   ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚🕊。    🕊・。°*. ゚ *  ゚。·*・。 ゚*    ゚ *.。🕊。🕊 ・   * 🕊 。・゚*.。     * 🕊 ゚・。 * 。…
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@fruitsocks_ 😭 I never saw them as a kid but my parents are divorced. 😂😭When Naomi Osaka puts on these masks with the names of Black folks murdered by US police, it forces the Japanese ne…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday and she loves Naruto. So she’s having a Naruto birthday party!!! She loves eati…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @partywitkai @sydlyn4 Having seen the movie, I don’t think it’s entirely inaccurate to how pre-teen girls are navig…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨The 2nd grade teacher's screen froze. The kids all told her that happened. No one could hear her. And then she disa…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨this is the first time i heard my bf talk to his guy friends on zoom and i realized he talks to me on like 300% softness setting omg
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨loving how these pics turned out 🥺
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨RT if you made it through high school without murdering
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨I read this completely wrong😭
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @AlonzoCruzV @saritapalafox Also, before widespread American slavery, Mexico was home to many Africans enslaved and…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @JAMAICANSONYA That’s why I dislike some Mexicans. Especially the ones with the nopal BUT they feel like they are w… “Whats the nickname they give Ed? But ppl always think it’s Al. Iron something??” Husband:” Fullmetal Alchemi… tired and sleepy the whole day and can't wait till I hit the bed Night time...... Me: can't sleep 😐😖😩😤😭
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Follow me everywhere... ❤️YouTube: 👾Twitch: 📷Instagram:…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @chribbyy I’m confused what is she doing?
Me: I’m not spending any more money than I have to. Also me: *tips the Starbucks barista $10 because there was a h…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨tom was helping me decide on if i should get a light pink bag or a light blue bag & he was like “ you’re a cotton…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @bisoubree Mew mew style. Mew mew grace. Mew mew these hands in their fucking face. Who we fighting?
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @dangelno Wait... it’s not? I have not watched it but I really thought it would be an eye-opening movie for parents… @Daysi14073712 A 5yr old does what??
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @Jardaite I’m sorry I probably use it wrong. I use it for chismes @JasonLe11036251 I’m still learning how to feel confident, “should I dress sexy or should I dress comfortably cute?… @tsukinnit @Daysi14073712 👀 this is not something a child should be doing at all. This reminds me of when some girl… mom is watching a drama and called me to come over because she thought the art on the wall looked like my style…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @jennyishungry No please don’t ever think that. Unfortunately we live in a place that tends to believe like those a… it’s just me but I honestly hate spray tans and all that because when a white girl does it , “oh it looks so…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨One time at Olive Garden the waitress asked, “soup or salad?” And I said, “What’s a super salad?” 💀
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @jordanlynde_ ME TOO 😂😂😂
Teacher: So giraffes live in Africa and-- Me, yelling from the other room: Ask what country! My kid: *unmutes se…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @RavenclawSoc23 I don't teach young children, but if a student asks me a question and I don't know the answer, I sa…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @Mg_flores82 Yep that’s south Texas... they always on their freaking phone while driving 🙄 like plz place the phone… @jennyishungry It’s probably the makeup with the tan, that’s why the tan looks a little unnatural. No lie when I se… Blast sheep, have you any wool?
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very pleasing to the eye // @bisoulovely
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Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @b_e_ll_ee @bisoulovely ITS CUTE!!!💕💕💕
I’ve uploaded high-res wallpapers onto ko-fi of these 3 for ko-fi supporters! Link in thread ☺️
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Cody didn’t deserve Sierra. PERIODT. #TotalDramaIsland #TotalDrama
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See this is the good shit on TikTok
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨TEEN TITANS: BEAST BOY by me & @_gabrielpicolo hits stores in 1 week! I’m so excited about this book & there’s a pr…
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @mylorome @motherjuniper And the thing I hate is when people ask “are you sure you aren’t mixed?” Or when my mil be… Writers reading other reading their people's work own work
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨mentally i am here
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @FreeRoamRae Only OGs remember...
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨I hate that there is a mandatory evacuation and we can’t evacuate due to not enough funds. Yeah I’m stressing out,… watch no horror movies... but I’ll read tf out of the plot on Wikipedia😂😂😂
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @jennyishungry Thank you so much!! ☺️💕Them cartoon network games on the computer was sooooooooo gas
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨Ooop not she just cleared her like that
Retweeted by Purply Panda✨ @LeahRoseYT Please don’t ask for drama!!! 😭😭😭 wh did your brain do that?? 😂Teenager me used to say “99.99% of boys/men suck” I’m sad teenager me was correct 🥺😕