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Nerdy, dirty, inked, and curvy SLE & Fibro queen

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I just kissed the top of my dog's head, and he shook to get it off. So, yeah....I'm pretty good at relationships.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteMe. 1/10 do not recommend.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteIt’s all fun and games until it’s not just a phone anymore
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteOk, I’m here. What are you’re other two wishes?
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteif she doesn't have one hand in her panties, step up that good morning message.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutePeople aren't hard to replace, but the give they give you is. @JohnSaw76388707 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️My zodiac sign is just the stars calling me a piece of shit
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI wanna be the one who is with you when you do all the things you always dreamed of.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @JohnSaw76388707 I'm an idiot 😂“She’s beautiful and broken and filled with hidden pain I want to kiss away her hurt and hold her once again But…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteTwitter is for my wits and sass Onlyfans is for my tits and assThe whimpers, grunts and moans when he finishes are everything.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteCum against the wall, I wanna hear it go splat
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteDont say words you dont fucking mean Dont make promises you wont fucking keep Just dont. Ever.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @JohnSaw76388707 Anywhere.Just breathe...
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteForever wishing I lived in a town where you could ride your horse to the store if you wanted to.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteIt's wonderful feeling how a simple text or a phone call from the right person can have you feeling a certain way all day.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteAnd then I was like, "whatever bitches" And the bitches whatevered.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteyou should be touching me right now
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute#Cancers are the sour patch kids.. They act out, do bad things but they are so sweet you just cant stay mad
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutelet your beard tickle my thighs long before your tongue strokes wreck me
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI'm not a navy seal but I've been mistaken for an actual seal when I was laying on the beach. I scared the shit ou…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI feel like no one truly sees me. Like take a second and look at my eyes. Really look. Do they look happy? Do they…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteLose yourself and seduce me
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @UntouchableOne6 Well thank you ❤️Do you want to know what really, truly bothers a narcissist? Leave, and never look back.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteWhen you can't stop thinking about them... That
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteThis is me. Broken, beautiful, and raw. Take me or leave meFind the one you crave 24/7 and never let them go ... until they file charges of kidnapping.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @CameronPaton ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I'm gonna try to sleep. Maybe if I just picture him and try to remember his voice....
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteDrunk me and horny me are the same person but at different volumes
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteHappy birthday @CameronPaton!!!! Love you long time friendThe attention you seek is beautiful...
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI decided my vibe..
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteJust make me cum and nobody gets hurt!
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteThe most powerful weapons in the world is your words!
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteLet's go somewhere and never be found
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteThe hardest thing ever is walking away from someone you love because you know they aren’t what you need.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI want your body pressed against mine, in the way it’s meant to be
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteTrust and respect are so hard to develop and so easily erased.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteDon't know how to be anything other than me
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutebetween where we were and where we are is silence.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI take back my like on account of the blatant typo.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutei want to fall into that beautiful life... into the soft spaces. into the glow. where there's moonlight. where ther…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteYou may not be able to control the thoughts that enter your mind, but you can control whether or not you give them your energy.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutebut those fucking eyes
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteThere is no wrong hole if she’s really into you
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutebrave women ,don't need to waste their love on a coward .
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @CallSignSiren Love you ❤️The people who are most upset by your boundaries are the ones who benefit from you having none.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteNight hits those wounds a bit differently.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteHer moans create music that I love to hear every night as my fingertips play with the constellation between her thighs.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI am a habit difficult to quit. Trust me I am trying for so many years.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteBreathe me in, I want to come back to life'The night is young, s̶o̶ a̶m̶ I̶ .' ~ 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓘 𝓽𝓮𝓵𝓵 𝓶𝔂𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓯
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @theseeker484 @JO7533 I love her laugh 😂😂😂Less talk, more butt plug stuff.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteThere are two kinds of people on twitter. Those who use “the Office” reaction gifs and those who use “Schitt’s Creek” reaction gifs.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @JO7533 😂😂😂😂I’m watching Ridiculousness. Not the TV show..... TWITTER
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutehand towels? what are we, sultans?
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI hope I will always have courage not to lose my grace and kindness, to keep my heart tender. I hope I will never know any other way.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteStop missing people who don’t miss you.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteme to me: you stress me out.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteIf they want you around, you’ll know.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteit doesn't just hurt us. our insecurities hurt our relationships. our demons and vices hurt our relationships. o…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteChildhood trauma means never knowing if it’s intuition or insecurity.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteLemme slip into these fuzzy socks and we'll get the weekend started
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteWe all have fantasies. Some come true, and some just marry others.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteDon't say it's not me it literally has to be meMaybe somewhere there’s a version of me who doesn’t ruin everything
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteSome people are craving attention today. I crave shadows.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutebeing selfless ... sometimes rips your fucking chest open and that’s a wound that won’t ever heal
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteLies dressed up as pretty words
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteWhen he wants everything to do with you, that.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteYou know what's incredibly sexy? Leaving me the fuck alone.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteWhen he dims the lights and pulls her close, his darkness feels the safest.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteSometimes I wonder if pulling away is the best.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI'm definitely a “I think you're lying to me but okay" kind of person.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteIf you are not willing to learn no one can help you. If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI refuse to feel unwanted; big sea, many fish.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI just made my son grab the remote for me so he’d know what it was like to grow up in the 80’s
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteWhen he sees something really fucked up and thinks of you. -That.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute*whispering so quietly sound barely leaves my breath* Come back to me.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI need to love you a little better a little more a little forever
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutepanic at the disco? grow up and panic everywhere like the rest of us.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI didn't burn that bridge so much as I nuked it, since I'd rather deal with the fallout than cross over to that toxic island ever again.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteRolls eyes, acknowledging the hypocrisy of it all, infinity.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCutei hope this email finds you not mad at me
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteI have a list of those of you I'd like to have sex with. I have another list of those that I just find brilliant th…
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteMy god, I’m funny. ~ me, every time I’m getting ignored.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteevery time I open my spice cupboard I’m like “my god, in 1350 I’d be an emperor”
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCuteMy night became dark. And all the flowers bloomed in your heart.
Retweeted by CrazyAF💎ButCute @JohnSaw76388707 I'm actually a grumpy old ugly troll @JohnSaw76388707 It's an optical illusion @sisterstrust Yasss girl yassss