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Mother sets a bad example for her kid lands on man 😳 man sees colors for the first time in his life and his reaction is priceless
Retweeted by Crazy ClipsFlorida woman gives birth in parking lot 😳 physically intimidates women to get out of public transit seat in Sweden
Retweeted by Crazy Clips
Woman snaps on waitress for smacking her butt man sees colors for the first time in his life and his reaction is priceless causes a massive crash during race$500,000 in luxury items stolen in seconds gets into a hit and run and survives catches 3-year-old from burning balcony 😳πŸ€” bear casually joins a family picnic
Spanish officers try to break open a steel reinforced door during a raid smokes meth while cutting a kid's hair stolen KIA rear ends a school bus while it is letting children off captain goes down with the sinking ship 😳
Homeowner shoves away an armed robber posing as a delivery person 😳 attacks alligator and pays the price attempts to steal a phone through bus window confronts two guys for dumping debris on beach in Puerto Rico did I just watch 😳 are dangerous 😳 in Pakistan 😳 owner follows thief all the way home on public bus
The suspect is still at large… women freak out and attack airline workers because their flight got delayed guy pushes woman into a pond destroying her expensive camera lizard terrorizes supermarket in Indonesia stuck under moving train escapes between its rails 😳 - According to local media, the inmates took advantage of the strong rainstorms and flash floods that ha… in Ecuador sealed up and flooded prison yard with tap water so theyβ€˜d have their own swimming pool
McDonald's worker serves up a McAssBeat 😳 mob damage a woman's car for interfering with their "street takeover" confronts boys that threw eggs at his car getting bullied gets saved by neighborhood crips 😳 employee turns into an offensive lineman could have prepared me for this
Milk Crate Challenge gone horribly wrong 😳 jaywalking gets hit by truck 😳 shoots man after getting punched at the gas station runner misses jump and falls off high rise roof, catches himself on electric wires pushes drunk guy into oncoming traffic 😳 defends himself after being attacked by girl have no words
During the 2018 wildfires in California, this man captured his drive to work in the morning treat little boy like a grown man for allegedly stealing a bag of chips Gets Caught With A Stolen Gun After Shoulder Checking A Police Officer In Atlanta gets brutally attacked leaving gas station in Texas records himself driving 115 mph on the highway before crashing and getting stopped by police punishment for loud exhaust 😳
Little girl runs into street without looking 😳 protects his friend from a bully guard breaks skateboarder's shoulder 😳 pulls out a bow and arrow on protestors before getting mobbed by them jumps onto a barbed wire trampoline
Dude uses a lighter in a car full of laughing gas 😳 shoots rival gang member inside IHOP driver tries to cut through traffic 😳 attacks teacher in the middle of class 😳
Woman releases her pet duck into the wild... what could go wrong? 😳 families fighting over who gets to take a picture in front of the Disney Garden first
Dude jumps off 2nd floor trying to get away after robbing Apple store 😬
Wtf did I just watch 😳 of three girls who were raped by Olympics coach lunges at their abuser in court violently pushes Priest off stage during mass live broadcast
Mercedes Benz driver backs into group of people during altercation 😳
A kid gets trampled by The Queen's Guard
Dude uses his pet snake as a weapon during street fight in Toronto 😳 working son buys his dad a new car and his reaction is priceless
Dude catches a guy stealing his package and doesn't let him off easy rider gets into heated argument with Jeep driver that cut him off @ahmet_tetiik πŸ”₯
12-Year-Old Robs Gas Station At Gun Point in wheelchair shakes painter's ladder because it is 'blocking the pavement' causing him to fall 30ft to the gro… driving student goes off on trainer wonder what creates traffic? Mexican policeman prevents a suicide attempt, on a bridge, with no safety equipment.
A bunch of drivers think that the hard shoulder is the exit lane and start piling up behind a truck SNAPS on two fellow students after hitting the teacher during fight 😳 followed the blood trail, which led them to a nearby subway station, where they located the wounded robbery… you've ever wondered what road rage in Australia looks like dude gets insta karma for harassing skateboarders Shoots Robber Inside Family's Pizzeria 😳 lighting a boring bonfire for a school event arrives home to find a guy watching his wife through the back window 😳
Forklift causes warehouse to collapse 😬 robbery attempt in Chile accidentally pulls out pin from grenade while in a car 😳
Kid tries fighting store employee Mob in Pakistan steal from a kid selling bananas on his donkey cart 😳 dude gets confronted and attacked for saying the N-word 😳
Man throws a cigarette down sewer and causes an explosion 😳 beats husband immediately after he gets home rage incident between car and bikers 😬 attacks and stops an active shooter at a substance abuse treatment facility
Security guard prevents hippo from escaping into public area at zoo
Retweeted by Crazy ClipsDog suffers from psycho-motor seizures but his friend helps calm him down